You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-08-21 09:01:55 No. 28228603

(I've been trying to start a damn thread for two days now, but something has always come up. So you know what? Startin' this thread. Doing one update, and then more tomorrow hopefully.)

>Emerald steps in and tries to delay the pair of Order ponies.
>Joyride appears and a fight breaks out when the ponies recognize her.
>Emerald manages to distract the female pony for a while by flinging spells, but is eventually knocked out.
>Emerald awakes in Joyride's house.
>Joyride appears eventually, and they realize Ruby isn't there.
>Emerald goes out to find her.
>Emerald sends a letter to her telling her to meet him near the river where he bathed.
>Ruby was there, but so was another Order pony.
>Emerald alerts Joyride of the circumstances.

Continued in the next post...

2016-08-21 09:04:06 No. 28228629

(I am kind of unclear about what you guys wanted to do next. I passed out last thread when it started to auto-sage, and it looked like it segued into a different conversation. So we'll start the thread with suggestions.)

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-22 03:52:43 No. 28234664

Emerald moves away from his current position and over to a small, lone baobab tree nearly out of sight of Ruby and the mysterious mare. If it was lighter he could go a bit farther away, but even with the weird globe marking their position.

Emerald waits for a letter from Joyride, and a few minutes pass before he sees some ash coalesce out of the air and into a letter.

The colt looks cautiously over to where Ruby is. The letter appearing created another bright flash of light, and he is worried that the Order member saw it. She definitely looks his direction, but then looks away again. It looks like she is saying something to Ruby, maybe. It's kind of hard to tell because he can't see her face exactly. There certainly isn't anyone else there she could be speaking too.

He focuses his attention on the letter, and unravels it.


Dear Emerald,

Now I remember Uictoria! That's that style biting bitch! Where are you? I want to have some words with her.

Oh, and get Ruby back too I suppose.



What does Emerald do?

2016-08-22 04:19:42 No. 28234889

Joyride certainly sounds fired up.

Emerald brings out his quill and parchment again, writing Joyride to calm down, and telling her where he is. He gets halfway through his letter before he finds himself suddenly in the air, still gripping his quill and parchment.

Emerald kicks desperately trying to get away, but whatever has him seems to be grabbing him from underneath his forelegs. The colt looks around wildly, but he can't seem to spot anything.

Emerald is levitated helplessly towards the mare and Ruby, and when he gets near her the mare speaks.

"That's fine there." The mare says, staring at Emerald.

"He's got some spells, ma'am." Emearld hears someone say. That's Praelia's voice, but looking around Emerald doesn't see her.

"Take his focus." The mare says, still looking at Emerald in the eye.

Emerald suddenly feels something groping at him, and a second later his book seemingly floats out of his possession and to the mare, who takes it.

The colt is then unceremoniously dropped at the mare's hooves. He quickly scrambles back up and before he can say anything she says,

"Who wrote that letter?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-22 05:14:23 No. 28235314

Emerald looks to Ruby really quick. She looks scared, but otherwise unharmed.

Emerald says indignantly that he was the one that wrote the letter that Ruby gave to them.

"Bull!" Emerald hears a stallion yell from no where.

"Ow! Damnit Bellator that was right in my ear." Praelia says.

Emerald sees who he assumes Uictoria roll her eyes and then alight her horn. There is a flash, and then the two giant ponies appear off to her side near Ruby, with Praelia indeed standing right in front Bellator's mouth.

"It is not 'bull', as you put it Bellator. Do you not recognize this pony?"

Bellator looks confused and glances at his sister. She shrugs, and then Uioctoria says,

"His hair is a bit longer, but this is clearly the child from the wanted posters. This is the Jewel family heir."

The two shuffle uncomfortably, but Uictoria smiles with an amused sigh and says, "That explains a lot. Now, remove that bandanna from your neck."

Emerald hesitates uncertainly. Sensing this Uictoria says,

"Remove it or I will remove it for you."

Emerald sheepishly slips the bandanna off his neck, revealing his amulet. The unicorn stares at it for a while and then says,

"Did your step parents give you that as well?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-22 06:09:44 No. 28235669

Emerald glares daggers at Praelia, who just glares right back. Emerald notices that both of them look worse for the wear. They aren't injured, but their clothes are a bit more tattered from when he saw them last. Perhaps Joyride got a few shots in while he was knocked out?

Emerald isn't sure how to respond to Uictoria. He doesn't want to saw where he actually got it, so he just says that no, his step parents didn't give it to him.

"Was it Joyride then? Seems like something she would do. I know you've been traveling with her." Uictoria says.

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-22 07:03:21 No. 28236022

(Last for the night.)

Emerald says that no, Joyride actually wanted to get rid of the thing, and lies saying that he has had it for as long as he has known and that he doesn't know where it came from. He then asks questions about why that matters, how she knows Joyride, and points out that Praelia pointed a crossbow at Ruby, clearly trying to harm or kill her.

Uictoria ignores all the extra things Emerald says, and turning to her two subordinates says,

"Praelia, get the dragonfire lantern. Tell HQ about what has happened here. Tell them we have probable cause to search the Jewel family residence, and that we have their child in custody. Bellator, take this boy back to the tent. i want to... Question him further."

Emerald isn't sure why, but that last bit makes a chill run down his spine, especially after the look she gives him. He can't quite explain it, but he doesn't like it. Luckily, right after she finishes this sentence Emerald hears a yell behind him

"Not so fast, you style stealing slut!"

Emerald whips around to see Joyride standing some distance away. She is lit quite dramatically, and Emerald can see some sort of spell back lighting her as she gives a pose.

Uictoria squints and says, "These are standard issue Order garments, Joyride. Not that I expect you to understand rules and regulations."

"Yeah, sure they are." Joyride replies with a roll of her eyes as she walks closer to the group of ponies, "Nice eye patch. That's new. And just so you know, I've been wearing these colors since your grandpa came inside that whore you call your grandma."

Uictoria squints more angrily and says, "That's rich. You calling anyone else a whore, you harlot."

"Hey, I didn't say it was an insult did I? Wanna fight about it?" Joyride says, going up on two legs and doing her best impression of a boxer.

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-24 06:31:58 No. 28251626

My god, it's full of stars...




As Uictoria and Joyride bicker more, Emerald slowly inches closer to Ruby, hoping to be able to set her free and make their escape.

As the colt approaches however, he sees a rather large pony saunter over beside Ruby and say,

"Where you going there, little buddy?"

Caught, Emerald says that they have nothing to do with this and that they should let Ruby and himself go.

"Yeah, that ain't happening." Bellator says with a grin.

Emerald argues the point further, so much so that Joyride and Uictoria go quiet for a second.

"Let the red one go." Uictoria says without turning to look at them.


"That foal is nothing to us. She has done nothing wrong except trust the words of a young boy seduced by this harlot before me."

Bellator grimaces, but then turns and unbuckles Ruby. With a yell of scram, the two ponies try to take off, but Emerald is forestalled by a heavy hoof on his shoulder.

"She said to let her go, not you."

Ruby looks back at Emerald worried, but he mouths to go to Joyride's house, and she hesitantly takes off.

"Now then Joyride. I have no desire to fight you. We both know it'd probably level everything in a half-mile radius. Surrender yourself. This boy means something to you does he not?" Uictoria says staring at Joyride.

Emerald feels the hoof of Bellator squeeze on his shoulder, and though Joyride is giving her usual grin she is being rather silent.

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-24 08:59:02 No. 28252786

(ate too many edibles.)

Emerald looks to Joyride for guidance. He isn't sure how he could be helpful in this situation. He checks how far in front of him Uictoria and his focus are. They are certainly with in dashing distance of him. But he isn't sure if he could escape without a distraction.

>Perception Check
>Rolled 5, Failed

"Sounds like the Order's problem, not mine." Joyride says with a shrug.

"I know you care for this child. Comply with our request, now." Uictoria threatens.

Joyride sighs and says, "Taking children hostage? That greater good thing working out for you then?"

It's clear to him that Joyride is trying to buy time. Emerald wonders if he should try to get away. He reaches slowly down for his knife, and then quickly swings it back up and into the hoof of Bellator.

More than anything Bellator probably pulled his foreleg away from shock. His knife barely managed to pierce a few centimeters because of the large pony's thick glove and chainmail.

He sprints for Uictoria and with a jump wrenches his focus out of the unicorn's grasp. He let's himself tumble and land prone near a small shrub. Casting his shield spell on it, he gets a brief glimpse of a shocked Bellator and Praelia, Joyride casting some sort of large purple bolt. Oddly enough, Uicotria isn't looking at Joyride, but instead giving him a piteous, dour look.

Soil and dust is thrown into the air. It's so thick that Emerald can't even see anything out of his shield.

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-25 09:09:53 No. 28255546

(One update before I leave!)

Emerald, while still maintaining the shield against the dust, attempts a push spell. He gives a dizzy wobble, but then the earthern cloud clears for a few short seconds.

In that time, Emerald sees Joyride and Uictoria firing dozens of spells at each other, causing multiple flashes of light, most of which miss their target by centimeters. The few that impact seem to have no more effect than knocking the receiver back a few paces and causing their spell to fly slightly more off mark. Emerald also sees Bellator charging straight at Joyride with his hammer, and Praelia going wide around the fight, possibly getting into some sort of advantageous position.

He doubts there is anything helpful he could do for Joyride. The Order's attention not on him, Emerald runs away from the battle and after the dust cloud dissipates he gets his bearings and runs north along the wall of the camp.

When he reaches the house he wrenches the door open, darts inside, and slams the door shut, slightly breathless.

Looking into the room he sees are the surprised faces of the two guides, Hope, and Ruby. Good, she made it back.

"Are you alone? Where is Joyride?" Hope asks looking at Emerald, but giving a slightly depressed looking Ruby a reassuring hoof on her shoulder.

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-25 06:09:53 No. 28258394

Emerald says that Joyride is fighting all three of the Order members at once. He then approaches both Hope and Ruby, giving them hugs and asking them if they are okay. They need to vacate the Ponycare camp when Joyride returns.

Emerald and Ruby start gathering up their things, and the colt notices that none of the adults have started moving. Emerald looks to Hope, and she gives him a sad look and says,

"I can't come with you Emerald... The people here, they need me."

Emerald says that The Order will probably capture her, and then what will she do? She can't stay. She can't!

Hope just shakes her head and says, "I appreciate your concern Emerald, but I've made my decision. If the Order interrogates me, then so be it. I'll stay long enough to make sure Joyride returns, then I should probably get back to my camp."

There is a silence in the room, and after a moment Emerald turns around to see the guides still sitting at the table. For some reason this infuriates the colt, and he asks why they aren't getting ready, or why they didn't go out to help Joyride.

"For one, she is not much of a fighter." The zebra says, pointing to her companion, "For another, whatever problem Joyride has with this 'Order' is not my concern. She paid us well, but not nearly well enough for that. And lastly, we are already packed. We have been since we arrived here."

Emerald is about to say something else when the door swings wide open and then shuts quickly. Emerald turns thinking that Hope may have returned, but it's just Joyride.

Emerald worriedly asks what they are going to do now.

Joyride calmly heals her wounds magically, and then says, "Nothing."

She then abruptly face plants into the floor. Emerald approaches worried and confused, but then loud snores start coming from the unicorn.

The colt turns to look at the others, and the confusion is reflected in their faces.

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-25 07:23:10 No. 28258920

Emerald asks if the guides can get Joyride to her bed, or at least a couch. The two nod and both get a forearm over their shoulders and drag her to a couch. Emerald looks at his teacher. It's all his fault she ended up passing out, and he's lucky that's all that happened. He'll have to remember to make it up to Joyride sometime.

Emerald sighs and says that they probably should get to sleep for the night. Joyride might want to leave first thing.

The other ponies in the room agree, and begin shuffling off to their respective beds. He notices that the two guides go to a door that was almost certainly not there before. The filly looks to the couch that Joyride was on. That was supposed to be her sleeping place. She then glances up the ladder and then cries,

"I call the bed!"

She then rushes up the stepladder and out of sight.

This just leaves Hope and Emerald still on the ground floor, with the only noise being Joyride's snoring.

"Um..." Hope says, "I guess I'll get going then..."

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-25 08:50:53 No. 28259729

(Last for the night.)

Emerald gives Hope a hug. He asks if she'll at least stay the night if she can't come with them.

Hope smiles down at the colt, and after a few seconds of hesitation says,

"Of course I can do that, dear."

Emerald looks at the couch besides Joyride, and he isn't sure if they can both rest there, and after deciding that they probably couldn't heads over to the ladder and peaks over the side.

Ruby is sprawled comfortably under the sheets, looking very comfortable.

Emerald gets her attention and asks if he and Hope can share the bed with her. The filly's ears perk up at this and she says,

"Hope is going to sleep over? Of course she can!"

Emerald invites Hope up a few seconds later, and Ruby makes the mare take the center of the bed. Both of foals curl up to her, taking one side each. This causes her to giggle, and she puts one arm around Ruby and pets Emerald with the other.

"Hey, Hope? You said you weren't coming with us right?" Ruby whispers after a few seconds of them trying to get to sleep.

"Yes. I'm sorry." Hope says quietly to Ruby.

"Oh." Ruby says disappointed, "Okay."

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-26 10:47:02 No. 28263114

Emerald thanks Hope for staying, and apologizes for everything that's happened. She strokes Emerald's hair a few times in response. He gives her a peck on the cheek, and then snuggles back in.

Emerald finds himself unable to get to sleep however, despite how tired and comfortable he is. He can't help but think of Joyride down below, alone, and perhaps unprotected. Would the Order be able to find them?

Emerald looks to his bed mates, and determining that they are well asleep, shimmies out of bed and down the ladder.

Joyride is there just the same as she was when he left her. He looks around to see if he can find another blanket for her, and spots one on the other couch.

He drapes it over her, and after examining her for a few seconds decides to sit against the couch and guard her.


Emerald didn't even realize he fell asleep until he started to smell something delicious cooking nearby. Smells like pancakes. Pancakes and apples.

Emerald groggily gets to his hooves and looks at the couch. Joyride seems to be gone, and he calls out for her.

"In here, lil' Perv." She says.

Emerald follows the voice to the table and chairs, and sees Joyride sitting there eating some pancakes, along with the two guards.

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-26 12:21:19 No. 28263573

Probably the last for a while. Got errands to run.


Emerald gives Joyride a hug, and says that he is sorry for everything he put her through last night.

"S'okay! Just don't make a habit of it alright." She says with a laugh, shoveling more pancakes down her throat.

Emerald takes a seat and tries some of the food. Cinnamon apple pancakes with plenty of syrup.

The colt looks around the table and asks where Ruby and Hope are.

"Ruby is still sleeping upstairs. You missed out on Hope though, she already left.

Emerald looks sadly at Joyride, and then at his plate of food.

"Hey now. I made her leave. I didn't want to hear you arguing about trying to make her stay with us like I knew you would." Joyride says pointing her spoon.

Emerald wants to retort something back to her, but he feels like after getting her injured isn't the best time to argue with her.

Emerald sighs. He really feels like he needs to make it up to Joyride some how. He says that if he wants to punish him it'd be okay. He made a mistake and he should pay for it.

Joyride raises an eyebrow at him, and then grins.

"Oh...? You want to repay me, do you?"

Joyride then gets up beside Emerald, and still grinning hands him a familiar white potion.

"Then I'll make you work extra hard!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-26 09:28:20 No. 28267401

(One before I go to sleep.)

Emerald sighs and takes the potion. He gulps it down and then asks if there is any way they can do this privately.

"Unless you want someone to be watching I ain't going to force you to have anyone else there." Joyride says with a wink.

Emerald says that he has something else to tell her, and asks her to lean in close. When she does he juts both of his hooves forward in an attempt to get a double boop in.

However Joyride pulls back just in time. She grins and Emerald and with a pointing hoof says,

"Hey, fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you."

Emerald puffs his cheeks out at her, and then asks if he could have gotten with Uictoria if he played his cards right. She wanted to "interrogate" him privately before she butted in.

"Yeah probably. Uictoria has a rather unique form of interrogation. We just don't look alike, me and her." Joyride says, her grin deepening as she looks at Emerald.

There is a polite cough from the other side of the table, and Emerald and Joy turn to see disgusted confusion on the Zebra's face, and an embarrassed concern on the pony.

Emerald quickly changes the subject and asks if Hope will be okay on the way back to camp.

"Maybe? Who knows? She's a bit silly but when she puts her hoof down she follows through. She has her family's backing as well I'm sure. It's not as big of a deal with the Order, but it might get her some leeway." Joyride says with a shrug.

Ruby appears from the doorway, rubbing her eyes. She clearly just woke up and smelled the food like Emerald. She still has really bad bed head... Or wait, maybe that's how it always is.

Ruby sits down and begins eating. She asks where Hope went, and then pouts slightly when she finds out that the mare has already left.

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-27 06:08:21 No. 28275618

I don't know why, but I really like this.


Emerald goes in like she is going to give Ruby a hug, but then suddenly brings his hooves together and gives her the double boop.

In her sleepiness Ruby doesn't really react very much to it, just making an annoyed noise and slapping away Emerald's hooves. She then folds a whole pancake and begins eating it like a burrito.

Emerald asks how she was captured yesterday.

"Ran from the Order up towards the tents, sort of towards the medical building. Realized I was being an idiot and turned to go back towards Joyride's place. Ran into someone I thought was Joyride. Was not Joyride." Ruby says in a tired, deadpan voice as she chews.

Emerald turns from the sleepy filly and asks Joyride how she got away from the Order yesterday.

"By being awesome." Joyride says with a proud grin, "Long story short. I waited for you to leave and then teleported away. Well, not really teleport per say because they had some sort of illuminated, enchanted ball do-hickey with Earthlocker, but it was pretty similar."

"Earthlocker...?" Ruby says, looking groggily to the Unicorn.

"Yeah. Basically it prevents teleportation spells in and out of an area. I mean it does more than that, but that's basically it's main use. Most rich, private residences and sensitive areas have that sort of enchantment."

Emerald asks the plans for the day.

"We are getting out of here. We'll pack up after breakfast and head towards the Giant Wasp hive." Joyride says.

Emerald suddenly remembers the feeling of uselessness he had yesterday, and asks if she can teach him a new spell. One that will help him offensively. Or anything really. He wants to help her in case she gets in trouble again.

Joyride gives it a moments thought and says,

"Eh. I guess. What sort of spell were you thinking?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-27 07:38:09 No. 28276234



Emerald mentions a few spells he might want to learn. Such as teleportation, a spell for generating a smoke screen (Probably useful against wasps!), a spell to disorient or confuse ponies, or one that could cause a distraction.

"Well teleportation is still way out of your league, lil' perv, but the others should be pretty easy."

Joyride leans back in her chair and continues,

"Making a smoke screen is pretty easy, and if you continue on with it you can do all sorts of mind altering or poisoning effects.

As for confusion spells those can be tricky. It takes quite a bit of willpower to force your thoughts into another creatures mind. In addition, it has no effect on anything without any sort of free will, or lacking a brain altogether.

Lastly, I'm not sure exactly what you mean by a distraction spell. Perhaps one that creates visual and audio illusions? Like a clone that scampers off and makes lot's of noise? A spell like that exists."

What does Emerald do?

2016-08-27 08:34:26 No. 28276639

(Last for the night.)

Emerald says he wants to learn the smoke screen spell.

Joyride nods, but doesn't want to cast it in the house for obvious reasons. They decide to pack up their belongings first and get on the road, where the smoke can dissipate better.

Emerald and Ruby soon grab their things, and everyone exits the house. The sight of Joyride folding up the house is nothing new to the foals, but they do get a kick out of Loupe's gasp and Nishan's bug-eyed response to it.

Once folded up Emerald notices a cart that was sitting behind where the house once was. It's made of rather fragile looking wood, and packed with various supplies and contraptions, some of which Emerald assumes will help them in their bug hunt.

Joyride lights up her horn, and the cart begins to wheel itself along, much to Emerald's surprise.

Just as Emerald wonders how the are going to get out of the compound unseen they approach the wall near them and Joyride blasts a hole in it.

Well, that's certainly one way.

The group sets a path going southwest towards the jungle. Emerald and Ruby are allowed to ride on the self-propelling cart, and Joyride teaches him the spell as they walk.

His first casting of it was quite impressive. A thick cloud of smoke almost instantly shot out of his book and blinded them for a few seconds.

Everyone else except Joyride and Emerald gave out hacking coughs, though it did still inhibit the colt's vision.

As the smoke clears Emerald feels a sharp jab to his foreleg and Ruby says,

"Jeez, warn me next time!"

She then makes Emerald get off the cart and he practices it slightly away and downwind of everyone else. He thinks he has the hang of it, maybe.

What does Emerald do?
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