You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-09-16 08:27:56 No. 28428369
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>Emerald sexes the Loupe.
>The colt is interrupted during said sex by Joyride, who forces him into the milking machine for his "punishment".
>Emerald wakes up the next day and has some pancakes, as well as deciding to brew some potions later in the day.
>Emerald goes to check up on Loupe.
>She seems sad, and just wants to be left alone, which the colt obliges.
>Emerald asks Joyride some questions about his amulet and diabolism.
>Joyride pushes Pip's book onto him in order to avoid the conversation, and scoots him out the door.
>Emerald talks to Pip, trying to get her to reveal things about his amulet.
>Pip wants Nishan's soul in exchange for the information.

Continued in the next post...

2016-09-16 08:34:26 No. 28428396

Emerald says that she can't have Nishan's soul. She is a companion and their guide.

"Aww come on! First I can't have that filly's soul, then Joyride said I couldn't have any at that camp place, and now I can't have hers?" Pip says a bit angrily.

Emerald says no souls, and threatens to close the book on her.

"Hmph! No answers to your questions then!" Pip says, looking away in a huff and crossing her forelegs.

There is a bit of a silence in which both of them watch Nishan continue on her patrol. When she gets out of sight Pip asks,

"So you are gonig to go fight the bees or whatever right? I can just torch the whole thing ya know. That'd probably solve most of your problems. It'd certainly cause a distraction."

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-16 09:30:55 No. 28428677

(I was trying to think of something, but I don't know what I could possibly do. I'm open for ideas I guess.)


Emerald tells her that Joyride says they can't mess with the hive, and that it is important to the ecosystem of the area. Plus, all the smoke would probably just drive the bees deeper into the hive.

Pip floats away slightly, giving a bit pout.

Emerald grins slightly. Despite being a rather soul hungry monster she is kind of cute, and remarks so to the demon.

Pip squeezes her cheeks together with a smile and says, "I know!"

Emerald attempts to barter her down, and the two spend the next few minutes arguing. Emerald finally just asks if there is anything else she wants other than souls for the moment.

Pip thinks on this a little bit. Her mouth starts to drool and she says, "Meat! I want some meat. No, I mean I want lot's of meat! It's not the same, but since you are being Mr. Stingy-Soul-Saver I guess if you can get me a suitable pile of protein I could answer a question or two."

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-16 12:34:44 No. 28429524
(Time for errands, bbl.)


(I could do a small quest on a side character I suppose.

Not sure about a crossover, unless it was with a character who wasn't mine and the other person was okay with it.

An art request day might not be so bad either, but if I were doing that I couldn't update the story that day.)


Emerald asks if the protein has to be in meat form. Because he certainly has some protein that she can take from a different sort of "meat".

"What, are you talking about that soy stuff?" Pip asks sticking out her tongue, "That stuff isn't meat!"

She obviously didn't get his meaning, so Emerald doesn't push the suggestions. Instead he asks her how much she wants.

"A lot!" Pip says, and thinking on it a second further spreads her arms and repeats, "A lot!"

Emerald nods, and says that he is going to go ask Nishan for help, and says he has to put her away since he isn't sure how she'll react to a literal demon.

Emerald closes the book and latches it back up, and then approaches the Zebra, who is looking out at a bit of forest.

The colt approaches and asks if she can help him get a lot of meat from some animal.

"I could do that, but not for free." Nishan says, turning to look at Emerald after a moment, "What could you possibly need meat for?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-16 06:30:49 No. 28431966

Emerald lies and says that Joyride needs it, for potions or to eat or something. He isn't sure how much she needs, but it's a lot.

Nishan rolls her eyes and says, "Well, the price will depend on what we can find. If she really wants to get down to brass tacks we can figure it out, but she is probably loaded enough that she doesn't care. I'll just write up a bill later."

Thinking on hunting, Emerald asks what sort of preparations she'll make on the hunt with the wasps.

"Ekwueme blesses those who are prepared for their hunts. I'll make sure all my supplies are ready, and then offer a prayer to him. Once the hunt is finished, I'll offer part of the hunt to a fire."

Emerald asks what part is usually offered.

"Nothing large, perhaps a bone or some of the animal's offal. Ekwueme hunts creatures, bigger, fiercer, and deadlier than anything else, and as such has bigger, more impressive trophies than any mortal could hope to compare too. To Ekwueme, it's the thought that counts."

Emerald looks around for Ruby, since he knew she was going to look for her, and not spotting the filly asks if Nishan has seen her.

"Nope. I haven't seen anyone else beside you leave the house though. Not that I've been looking or anything. If you like she can join us on the hunt. She seems like the kind of pony who might be good at it."

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-16 07:32:40 No. 28432374

(That'd be fun, but I don't know how to animoot things, and I doubt I can learn before the 30th.)


Emerald goes and looks for Ruby and finds her still inside, just finishing up her pancakes. He says Nishan wants her to come along on a hunt, and Ruby gets excited.

The pair walk outside to see Nishan standing where he left her, and asks what they are going to hunt for.

"Hmm... A lot of meat huh... Maybe a horned boar? It would have been easier if she asked when we were still on the Savannah, there is plenty of large game there. I guess we'll take what we can find while we walk. Our primary goal is to get to the nest, after all." Nishan says, and after thinking on it a second continues, "Let me ask Loupe. She is better about these things."

Emerald gulps, and is about to tell Nishan that Loupe may be a bit less talkative at the moment, but Ruby interrupts him as the zebra walks away.

"This is so cool! I heard about hunters back when I was at Whiterwater. Sometimes my roommates would help out the local hunters, and they always came back with a ton of bits! Maybe if I learn enough I can become one myself." Ruby says, going slightly starry-eyed.

Emerald and Ruby speculate after what a horned boar might be. The most either of them have seen are pigs, and it's hard for them to imagine the creatures with horns.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-16 08:58:16 No. 28433034

New stat card. I'm going to try and go back to actually rolling, doing the sexual frustration, using the trait, etc. etc.

The rolling is going to be a bit different now, and instead of rolling one die you'll be rolling two dice. Your total roll will be the two dice plus whatever the stat bonus for that particular roll is.

In addition, instead of simply meeting or beating your stat number to succeed, each situation will have a roll to beat.

For instance, people are suggesting Emerald think hard on what he knows about boars. I'll pick a number based on the situation. Since boars are a rather common animal and Emerald is under no pressure, the roll to beat will be 7.

I roll the 2d6 (because you guys can't, right? I know you can in /tg/) and you get a 2 and a 5. To that you add Emerald's intelligence bonus of 4.

2+5+4 = 11.
11 > 7.

Emerald passes the test. and I'll tell you what Emerald knows about boars.

In addition, I'm adding "boosts". You can use a boost during a roll to get an additional dice for that roll, but you can only do one boost per roll. Boosts must be used before a roll is done.

For instance, let's say you really wanted to make sure Emerald passed his boar knowledge check. You guys can declare a boost and I'll roll 3d6. The roll comes out 2,4,4. Add all that together with the intelligence stat boost and you get...

14 > 7.

Emerald not only passes the test, but passes it by a lot. In this case I might give even more information than I might have had you just passed by a narrow margin.

You'll get three boosts per thread. If there is a particularly good bit of roleplay I might replenish your boosts, though you can only have three boosts in total at one time.

Hopefully that explains the changes well.

2016-09-17 06:32:40 No. 28441555

Attempting to distract Nishan, Emerald asks the zebra why she thinks they are being followed.

"A hunch, and some things I noticed. Broken twigs, parted bushes. That kind of thing." Nishan says, still walking towards the door.

Emerald also quickly mentions that Loupe may not be feeling okay.

Nishan nods, and then heads inside the house.

>Int Check, Difficulty 7
>Rolled 7
>7+4 = 11
>(Also I just realized a flaw in my system. You guys can't call for a boost that I initiate, such as a perception check to see something.)

After Nishan leaves, Emerald wracks his brain for his knowledge on horned boars, and let's Ruby know what he remembers.

He knows that unlike regular boars, Horned Boars are specific to the Zebra Lands as well as the southern edges of Haunchhock. They prefer areas of heavy brush that have rivers for drinking and bathing.

He also knows that they are ominvores, and eat just about anything including roots, tubers, nuts, berries, insects, small animals, carrion, and even garbage from settlements.

"Wow." Ruby says, with an impressed nod, "How do you remember all this stuff?"

Emerald shrugs and says he just does, and that he is sure she'll be just as smart once she starts reading lot's of books as well.

Ruby grins.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-17 08:11:23 No. 28442300

(Last for the night. Sorry about the lack of updates. Got lazy today.)

Emerald asks if Ruby has been practicing with her knife.

Ruby whips out her old weapon from it's sheathe, and after slashing the air a few times puts it back.

"Yup! Gotta stay sharp. Heh, see what I did there?" Ruby says, nudging Emerald to make sure he got the pun.

Emerald rolls his eyes, but then thinks on her weapon. It's certainly in need of repair. He thinks about offering his own knife, but thinks better on it. Maybe when he gets the chance he can find her a better one.

Emerald then makes it clear that hunting is hard work and that she should be ready. She nods, and then the three mares come out of the house.

Joyride immediately turns on the spot and begins to fold up the house while Nishan and Loupe wander slightly farther ahead. Emerald notices that Loupe doesn't really make eye contact with anyone except Nishan, and even then just barely.

They continue on their journey towards the wasp nests. Nishan, Loupe, and Ruby walk ahead of the cart. Ruby asks for pointers, and Nishan obliges. Loupe isn't saying much of anything at all. Emerald is walking slightly behind them, looking for any traces of animals, and Joyride isn't doing much of anything at all.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-18 02:38:36 No. 28447288

(Not sure if I'm going to get more than one of these out today. We'll see.)

Emerald coughs to get Joyride's attention, and they let the rest of the group go ahead slightly so they can talk.

Emerald explains his deal with Nishan, and says that he can repay her.

"You bet you can repay me." Joyride says, licking her lips and raising and lowering her eyebrows.

Emerald says that he meant with bits. He even says that they made a deal where he could make potions to make some money if needed.

"Oh." Joyride says, "That's fine too. Maybe I'll teach you some more useful potions you can mass produce. The stupid stuff that people will buy. You know, ointments and face creams and that boring stuff. You could earn it back the easier way though, you know."

Emerald says that he's good on stuff for a little bit. In fact he's surprised his butt didn't swell up from the pounding. He asks when she even had time to upgrade the machine.

"Well I didn't upgrade it myself. I had someone else do it." Joyride says, "And as for bigger butts, they have potions for that you know. Spells too, but they wouldn't do you any good would they."

Emerald sighs and changes the subject.

Emerald asks if she can cast that spell that let's her sense life forms nearby. Maybe that will find whoever is following them.

"Ah." Joyride says, looking down at Emerald in surprise, "That's a good idea. You know sometimes I forget the easiest solutions can be the best."

She asks for everyone to stop for a second, and they all look around at her, but halt in place. Joyride concentrates with her eyes closed and casts the spell. A few seconds later she says,

"Nothing but a few birds and some critters around us. At least that I can sense."

"That you can sense?" Nishan asks.

"Yeah, well, I mean it's not hard to mask that sort of thing, especially if you are someone like the Order." Joyride says with a shrug.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-19 05:55:43 No. 28456221

They continue on their way, and as Ruby starts questioning Nishan further. Emerald takes the chance to speak with Joyride alone further.

Emerald asks what she does with all his sperm.

"For now? I'm storing it. I'll sell it once we get back to Whitherwater." Joyride says with a wink and a nudge.

Emerald asks what he should do about the Order knowing his looks. Will they still be looking for him?

"Probably? Do you really care that much? I mean, you are already a wanted pony. Heck, I'm a wanted pony. Just stick with me kid, and you'll be fine." Joyride says confidently.

Emerald asks if she has any spare knives that Ruby can use. Hers is pretty chipped up and she could use an upgrade, or at the very least a decent weapon.

"Jeez. Always demanding so much of me aren't you? I don't carry around normal weapons, I mean, what fun are those? I have some enchanted ones back in Whitherwater, but I ain't giving those to her. If you are that concerned go find one yourself. You have some bits don't you? Regular daggers aren't that expensive." Joyride says dismissively.

Emerald asks if he can learn that spell she cast.

"What, the life form detection? Sure. I mean, for you it probably wouldn't be that useful. I doubt you'd be able to sense more than a foot or two away from you." Joyride says, haughtily.

Emerald asks how far she can sense.

"Everything in a quarter mile radius." Joyride says.

>Perception Roll, BOOSTED (2 left!)
>6, 6, 4 + 3
>19, Passed

Emerald looks around for some signs of game. His mind set on the Horned Boar that Nishan mentioned. He does spot something that appears to be a trail among the brush, as well as droppings and fur. Emerald asks Joyride to cast her life detection spell again.

Joyride sighs and shakes her head, and then cast the spell, "Yeah, there is something pretty near us. Too big to be a pony. Why do you ask?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-19 07:08:25 No. 28456655

Emerald asks what color Joyride's eye were before whatever happened to make them the way they are now.

Joyride opens her mouth, closes it, taps her chin, and then says, "Huh. You know, I don't even remember."

Emerald then asks something that has been bothering him. Who was in the box with Stargazer when they both escaped.

"Oh. it was me. Kinda." Joyride says.

Emerald opens his mouth to ask what she could possibly mean by that, but Joyride pushes him towards Nishan and says, "Hey, don't you have some meat to get me or something?"

Nishan seems to hear this and looks Emerald square in the eyes. Emerald blushes slightly at the attention and says that there is a horned boar nearby.

"Alright. Then we shall hunt. This will put us behind slightly, but perhaps it's for the best. We probably would have got to the hives at nightfall. This way we'll get there early in the morning and we'll be fresh and awake." Nishan says, pondering it for a moment.

Nishan then has Emerald point out where he saw the trail, and after considering it for a moment points to Ruby and says,

"Alright child, let's put what I have told you into practice. I could probably handle this by myself, but I want you two to attempt to track this animal. If you get the chance do your best to hamstring it and hide."

Loupe and Joyride stand by the cart as the three enter the forest near the hog trail. They follow it for about five minutes before Nishan tells them to stay put and wanders further into the forest.

Emerald and Ruby rest against a mossy rock nearby, and Emerald asks if she is ready.

"Heck yeah! I'm going to give him one of these, and one of those!" She says, taking out her knife and giving the rock they were resting against a poke and a jab.

Emerald hears a noise and feels a rumble. He stands up in shock, only to see Ruby's eyes look behind him in the same fashion. That rock... Wasn't really a rock.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-20 05:21:31 No. 28463694



Emerald yells for Nishan, and then fires magic missiles at the beast.

The beast is so large that it doesn't even seem to faze him, but it certainly got his attention and charges at the pair.

Emerald spots a nearby rock and casts his shield spell on it, causing the boar to crash into it, and while it doesn't cause Emerald any harm the blow to his shield made him feel momentarily woozy.

Emerald looks around to ask Ruby to go stab it, but she doesn't seem to be behind him.

Well, at least she is safe wherever she is.

The boar gores with his tusks and slashes down with horns onto the barrier, and though it is holding Emerald isn't sure how long he can keep it up.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-20 06:35:39 No. 28464211

Emerald keeps the shield up, hoping that Ruby will make an appearance and attempt to hamstring the boar like planned.

Luckily a few moments later she darts out of some bushes behind the boar and dashes for it's back legs.

She leaps at the boar with her knife in her mouth and actually spins her whole body with the swing. The knife buries itself deep. The creature gives a oink of pain and kicks out backwards in surprise.

Ruby, who had been attempting to extricate her knife from the boar's powerful hind limb, releases her hold and hops backwards, just barely missing getting her head crushed by the force of hoofed leg.

The boar swings around to see who attacked it and spots Ruby. The monster is clearly going to charge her.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-22 10:18:32 No. 28475086

>Dexterity Check, 15
>Rolled 3,4,6
>3+4+6+2 = 15 (You lucky ducks)

Emerald drops his shield and fires out a magic missile. He can't target the knife specifically, so he targets the injured leg.

Much to Emerald's surprise a second Magic Missile comes out of his hoof as he directs it towards the boar. Not expecting it, the second shot goes wildly off into the trees, but luckily the first one finds it's mark and slams the knife deeper into the boar.

The boar crumples slightly on it's left side and let's out a squeal of pain. It reaches back and bites at the knife with it's massive mouth, pulling the knife out and spitting it away into the bushes.

By the time he looks back around the filly is gone. Knowing the general direction she went, the boar gives a limping charge at the trees, goring and slashing at the nearby trees.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-22 07:15:01 No. 28478322

Oh god, why do you guys know so much about FATAL


Emerald sticks around for a second longer, waiting to see what the Boar does. As he pauses he hears a rustle at his side and sees Ruby gallop up next to him while keeping a wary eye on the beast.

"Okay, what now?" Ruby says, a little out of breath.

Emerald thinks on whether he should cast anymore magical missiles. He is feeling a bit woozy after his spellcasting, and he really doesn't want to pass out while fighting this thing.

The beast finally gives up and turns back towards Emerald, limping and giving enraged snorts. The colt readies his focus and prepares to cast another barrier. A second later Emerald sees something leap from the canopy above, landing square on top of the boar.

It's Nishan, and she has stabbed a spear straight into the beasts back. This doesn't appear to be too effective through the animals wiry fur, it does however make the boar to buck and squeal loudly. The zebra rolls off the side of the monster's thick hide, and let's herself fall beneath the beast. Emerald is surprised to see that Nishan has another spear in her hoof, as the one she used to stab the boar on top is still sticking to it.

As the Boar bucks forward towards the unnoticed Nishan, she thrusts upward, driving the spear into the boar farther in then the one from above. The Boar, shies off slightly, trying to get a fix on the zebra. Nishan leaps to her hooves and jumps slightly away as well. As she does this the zebra yells,

"Good job you two! I can handle this, just get out of here!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-22 08:26:06 No. 28478737

Emerald and Ruby back off from the fight. Emerald glances around to see if he can find Ruby's knife before they escape, but he isn't sure where it went exactly, and he wasn't going to go around searching while the boar was stomping around the area. Emerald asks if Ruby if she picked up her knife on the way back to him.

"No, I didn't really see where it went." Ruby says, sadly.

Emerald and Ruby just go far enough away that they aren't an annoyance, but close enough that they could still observe. Nishan makes pretty short work of the boar after that. Not being able to run away because of it's leg, the boar seems to stick around and fight, swinging his massive head around at the zebra.

Nishan is surprisingly nimble however, and manages to stay beneath the boar's underside. Nishan jabs him with spear after spear, seemingly pulling more from nowhere. It takes a good six or seven of them to finally fell the beast, and even then Emerald and Ruby have the sense not to approach until Nishan said it's clear.

"So... What now?" Ruby asks Nishan.

"We prepare the meat for transport. Good job you two. You took my advice well, Ruby. The boar never saw you coming. And Emerald, I was surprised at your magical strength." Nishan says, pulling out a knife.

"Heh, well..." Ruby says, glowing at the praise, "It was- wait, what do you mean prepare for transport?"

"Well, the boar is far too cumbersome to carry as is. We need to make it more portable, or more importantly, more storable." Nishan says, feeling along the belly of the pig.

"Wait... You don't mean-" Ruby starts, but Nishan stabs the boar, and after dragging long vergical slashes into it traces a line from the center of both wounds and cuts the boar open.

Emerald gives a heavy and clutches at his mouth, and Ruby looks on in awe. Emerald thinks he is going to vomit.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-22 10:56:53 No. 28479598

(Last of the night.)

"Next, we remove the intestines. For whatever reason, it's the only part of the boar that most of the meat eating civilized races can't eat." Nishan says, letting the guts spill to the floor and making some slice off a thick rope-like membrane and tossing it aside.

Emerald swallows down hard and then grabs Ruby and says hey are going to go look for her knife that they lost during her fight.

"Ah, if you say so. Go get Joyride for me then. She'll help me carry this." Nishan says, slicing further into the beast.

The two search around the bushes in the area they fought, and soon find the knife slightly beside the area that the boar shredded while looking for Ruby.

Ruby looks at the badly chipped knife and then Emerald says they are glad they found it since it's so important to her.

"Important? Well, not really. It's kinda cool because it's the first knife I ever got, but it's nothing special." Ruby says with a shrug, "It's not like my earring or anything."

Ruby sheathes the knife and then hops up onto her hooves, "Did you see my moves though? Pretty sweet right? Nice spell shootin' by the way."

Emerald smiles at her, and congratulates her back.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-23 09:57:33 No. 28481824

Emerald looks at Ruby's earring. Yup, it's still there.

Emerald is quick to point out that he is a good magician because he has a good teacher, and says that they should probably go get her like Nishan asked.

Emerald and Ruby return to the cart and call for Joyride, who takes them over to the kill.

Nishan has pretty much reduced the entire creature to meat, bones and offal at this point.

"I got the pelt and the head saved the best I could. The horns and the teeth are still in good shape as well. We can burn the offal as an offering if you'd like." Nishan says, cleaning her hunting knife.

"Nah, I'll make good on it and use it all." Joyride says with a grin.

"Fine, but I get one piece as an offering." Nishan says, holding up what appears to be an organ of some sort.

Joyride levitates everything back magically. She then pulls out a large box similar to the one she had Stargazer in, and drops all the parts of the pig inside.

The rest of the day is rather uneventful after that. As night starts to fall Nishan and Loupe sit at the fire and Joyride gets the house up. Emerald asks if they can feed Pip now.

"Yeah, sure. I'll set up a spot in the kitchen so we can clean it easy." Joyride says, casting some magic on the house as she does so. Emerald's noise wrinkles as he watches the work go on. He turns to see Nishan offering up the part of the pig, and it's stinking up the whole area.

Eventually they get inside and Joyride dumps all the meat and offal into a pill on the kitchen floor (which is much larger now then he remembers it being) that has had a tarp spread on it.

She opens the book that Pip is in, and as the demon spots the pile and flies around it. She clicks her tongue and says, "Not bad, not bad... I guess this could be worth one question..."

Pip picks up one of the meat-in-bone cuts and breathes on it, turning it an ashy black before biting into it.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-23 11:12:36 No. 28482155

(Errands time. Might pop in once or twice on my phone to see if we can get strawpoll going though.)

Emerald says to tell him everything he knows about the amulet, and about the demon inside. He even says that maybe she should give him the secret to becoming stronger faster so that he could get revenge on his step parents. He even suggests that maybe she doesn't know anythign about the amulet at all.

"Hmm..." Pip says, giving a slightly annoyed looking face while chewing on her meal. Emerald can't help but see the blood stains around her mouth and wretch slightly.

"Gimme an exact question you want answered. That's all, for the most part a bit vague and scattered. For future reference, demons aren't big on that kind of thing, you know, unless we are doing it to you."

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-23 07:47:36 No. 28485274

(Probably the last for the night, but maybe one more.)

Emerald tries to think of a good question to ask her about the demon in his amulet. He finally settles on asking Pip about the amulet demon's name. If he has that then maybe he can do more research himself on the matter.

Pip giggles, and after clearing off a bone she cracks it in two and starts sucking on the marrow. After she does this she smiles and Emerald says, "I don't know it's name, and I don't think there is anyone that does. However the demon in your amulet has a title. Many in fact."

Emerald waits a second as she grabs another piece of meat and strips it clean. She waves around the previously meaty bone and says, "The Chronodaemon, The Time Fiend, and even Qyet Rysarry."

Emerald recognizes that last one as the old deer language. Unfortunately he doesn't know much about that one.

The colt waits for Pip to say more, but she just goes back to eating the boar.

"We done here?" Joyride says. Emerald notices her face is... Well, it's certainly a satisfied look, but it doesn't look happy, "Wanna get to brewing those potions Emerald? We hit the hive tomorrow!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-24 05:03:02 No. 28494025

Emerald agrees to go make potions and leaves with Ruby and Joyride, leaving Pip to her meat pile.

As they walk away Emerald asks Joyride what she knows about the Chronodaemon.

"Not too much, lil' perv. I'm not to into demonology, but I have heard stories. Very evil, very capricious. I may have to look into it a bit when we get back to Whiterwater. Anyway~!" Joyride says as they reach a table with various beakers, burners, and tubes, "Let's get started."

Emerald looks in awe at the tools before him. Making Hope's starlight thing wasn't nearly this complicated. He gets his book out and gets ready to try and make some potions.

>Int Check
>Want to boost?

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-24 06:08:53 No. 28494764

>Int Check, 12
>Rolled 1,4,5
>1+4+5+4= 14, Passed

Emerald uses his amulet to mix up the potions. He makes some mistakes along the way, but nothing that ruins the potions. It's an enlightening experience.

By the time Emerald finishes all the potions it's well into the night. He gives a yawn and heads to bed...


Emerald wakes up the next day. Emerald remembers that Joyride said they were going to see the wasps today.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-25 05:46:06 No. 28502852

Emerald hops out of bed and gives a big stretch. He then checks his amulet for any sign of change after making the potions.

As far as he can tell it looks the same. He puts the bandanna over to it and looks for Ruby. She is still sleeping, and he sneaks over and gives her a noogie to wake her up.

"Agh! What the heck!" Ruby says, fighting off Emerald, knocking him in the chin, "Okay, I'm up! Jeez..."

The pair head to the breakfast table. It seems the kitchen prepared a fruit platter today, and Emerald grabs a few strawberries and a banana. The colt glances over to the kitchen and sees that luckily the meat pile has been cleaned up. That's good.

Pip's book is sitting on the edge of the table near Joyride.

The unicorn is the only other one awake, and she grins and pushes a familiar white potion towards Emerald.

Emerald takes it with a grimace and asks if Loupe is okay, and where Nishan is.

"Nishan is making final preparations for our 'hunt' as she puts it. Loupe is still in bed, I think." Joyride says with a shrug, eating a slice of cantaloupe.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-25 07:02:39 No. 28503394

Emerald asks how far they are from the nest.

"We are pretty close. Another hour or two and we'll reach it. They've built it in a nearby valley." Joyride replies.

Emerald eats a few slices of an apple and then asks Ruby if he can try a spell on her.

Ruby shrugs and nods, "As long as you aren't gonna turn me into a toad or anything."

Emerald decides to try out his glamour spell. He never really got to practice it after he learned about it. He casts it on Ruby, but he has a feeling he messed up somewhere...

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-25 07:43:03 No. 28503677

It actually took all my willpower not to do it in that pose.


Ruby sees the look on Emerald's face and says, "Uh... What did you do?"

Emerald quickly says he didn't do anything, and then says he is going to recast the spell, which he does.


It still doesn't look quite right, but she does look... Stronger for some reason.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-25 08:24:09 No. 28503980

(Probably last for the night... And the thread.)

Emerald tries one more time... But the results are pretty much the same. He decides to drop the spell for now and try some other time. He doesn't want to use up too much magic before getting to the hive.

He turns to see Joyride trying her best not to laugh at the situation and asks her where Nishan is.

"Outside. I don't know what she's up to. Probably making more spears and stuff."

Emerald goes outside and sees Nishan near the campfire. She is packing a large bag full of what look like small glass spheres and weird wooden cylinders.

What does Emerald do?
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