You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-09-28 02:47:55 No. 28523895
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>Emerald gets Pip to agree to answer a question for a large amount of meat.
>Emerald gets Nishan to take him and Ruby out on a hunt, in which they find a rather large boar.
>A fight ensues, and the two foals manage to distract the creature long enough for Nishan to come and slay it.
>The boar is brought back by Joyride, and after pitching camp they give it to Pip.
>Emerald asks what the name of the demon in his amulet is, and Pip says she doesn't know, but it goes by a few names, such as "Chronodaemon".
>Emerald makes the potions he gathered the ingredients for, and then heads to bed.
>Emerald wakes up the next day and eats breakfast while casting a glamour spell on Ruby.
>Emerald goes outside to speak with Nishan.

Story continued in next post...

2016-09-28 02:55:21 No. 28523964

Emerald asks Nishan what she is packing for the hunt at the Hive.

"Some smoke bombs, as well as some flash bombs." Nishan says, holding up the small, cloudy glass orbs, "I have some gas masks in here as well for everyone. Hopefully Ruby isn't too small for one. I only have to worry about carrying supplies for the actual fight. Apparently Joyride has a container for the Royal Jelly ready."

Emerald asks what the strange segmented rod she is putting in her pack is.

"Oh, these are collapsible spears. They aren't the most durable things in the world, but when you mostly hunt alone and in cramped, jungle spaces they are pretty useful." Nishan says, holding one of the spears up.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-28 03:43:28 No. 28524317

Emerald asks where she got those as he looks into the bag. There are quite a few spears in there. He also asks if the wasps are pretty tough.

"You can purchase spears like these in any decently sized town in the Zebralands. As for the wasps toughness... Alone they are decently tough I suppose, an equine probably couldn't take one down unarmed, but you have to remember we are dealing with a whole hive of them."

Emerald asks if she is sure Ruby will be safe in there.

"She's a tough one. She'll probably do fine as long as she listens to anything Joyride or I say. I'm more worried about Loupe. Her head isn't in the game, and we need her to help us get to the queen's chambers." Nishan says glancing back at the door to the house.

Emerald asks how she is doing, and why she needs her to find the Queen's nest.

"She is better than she was yesterday, but she clearly has something on her mind. Anyway, we need her because of her expertise on the flora and fauna of the area. I've been to a nest once before, but I wasn't a guide then, just a hired hoof. I wouldn't be able to lead us anywhere."

Emerald asks what sort of prayer a follower of Ekwueme would do right about now.

"We pray for a good harvest, and commit our souls to the eternal hunt that is the afterlife should we perish." Nishan says, fastening her bag back together.

Emerald asks how the sacrifice went last night.

"It went well." Nishan says, slinging her bag on her back, "We are going to move soon I imagine. Are you ready?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-28 04:48:37 No. 28524834

Emerald is about to answer that he is ready, but then he remembers Loupe, and decides to go check up on her. He excuses himself from the zebra and heads inside.

Emerald first turns towards the kitchen and asks if Loupe has eaten yet, when Joyride says no with a shake of the head he takes some food for her and heads to her door.

He knocks, and when she answers he opens the door.

Loupe is sitting on her bed. It appears to him that she just put her backpack on, and that she was probably ready to head out.

"Oh! Emerald..." Loupe says, looking away for a second and then looking back, "Good morning."

She looks nervous.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-29 10:54:52 No. 28529949

Emerald sits beside her in her bed and says that something is clearly bothering her, and that she isn't doing a very good job of hiding it. Even Nishan has noticed and she says it might affect her performance during the hunt today. If something is bothering her she should really come out of it and say something.

Loupe gets off her bed and paces the room slightly, and then checking that the door is closed says,

"It's just... What we did back there was illegal and... What if someone finds out, I mean someone other than Joyride? What would Nishan think of me? I just... Gave into the moment and I mean..." Loupe says, her mouth attempting to run as fast as her mind.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-29 12:53:54 No. 28530522

Emerald makes it clear he won't let anyone know, and that she shouldn't feel bad. It was completely consentual for both sides, and he hopes that they both enjoyed themselves.

Loupe gives a small smile and says,

I... Guess... Still... Well, thanks Emerald. We should probably get going."

Loupe takes a few pieces of fruit and heads out the door, chewing on an apple.

Emerald still doesn't feel like she is 100%, but he isn't sure what more he can do for her. Perhaps it's time to go.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-29 01:47:15 No. 28530815

(Errands time.)

Emerald rushes out the door after her and gives her a hug, saying that it'll be okay. Loupe gives a small smirk and a nod at this, and then continues out the door.

Emerald then turns back to the kitchen to see what is going on.

Breakfast has been mostly cleaned up, and Ruby and Joyride are sitting at the table while Joyride levitates some things into the kitchen sink.

"Hmm? Something on your mind Emerald? Well hurry it up, I want to get going." Joyride says, levitating a box nearby the kitchen sink and dumping a large portion of what looks like soap into it.

What does Emerald do?

2016-09-30 12:26:57 No. 28537106

I'll do more of these when I come back from errands. Don't worry, I won't be gone as long today as yesterday.

Didn't get back until like, 11:00pm.

Mind you, I usually go to bed around 6-7pm.

2016-09-30 07:40:46 No. 28539881

Hmm... I imagine Joyride would be more like this...

Anyway, sorry for coming so late fellas. I'll extend the requests into tomorrow because it's already almost my bed time. I'll get a few more of these out tonight though hopefully.

2016-10-02 04:14:47 No. 28557182

Emerald, shocked at Joyride calling him by his name, asks where the real Joyride is.

"What, prefer the name lil' perv do we? Well, I guess that just proves what a deviant you are doesn't it." Joyride says, finishing up tossing dishes into the sink, which begin to clean themselves.

Emerald asks if there is anything they need to do before setting out for the wasps nest.

"Yeah, get out of the house so I can pack it up." Joyride replies.

Emerald and Ruby leave the house and Joyride packs it up. They then start to get on their way. About an hour or two on their walk they come across a deep canyon. On the bottom of which the forest seemingly continues uninterrupted except for a big, gray cone-like spire almost sticking out of the top of the crevice.

"There it is. It's bigger than the one I went into before." Nishan says, looking over the edge of the cliff.

"Wait." Ruby says shocked, "That thing right there? That's a wasp nest?"

"Giant jungle wasp, yes." Joyride says with a grin as Ruby stares in awe.

Ruby looks around and says, "I thought they'd be flying all over the place once we got close."

"This time of day most of the workers are probably out gathering pollen and semen." Loupe says looking around, "We may see a scout or two, but until we actually get close to the nest we won't see a big group."

Emerald looks over the side of the cliff and asks how they are going to get down.

"We'll float." Joyride says pointing to her horn, "You'll have to ride in the cart since I can't target you though."

Emerald looks over the side of the cliff.

They are closing in on their destination...

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-02 05:17:18 No. 28557813

Emerald hops in the cart, and Joyride surrounds them all with a purplish bubble. The bubble begins to levitate a foot or two off the ground, and then slowly makes it's way to the edge, where it starts to descend slowly.

Emerald checks on his supply of potions. He really wish he had somewhere to put them that was easier to grab. The best he can do is remove his bandanna and tie a few to his leg.

"W-whoa! Losing control!" Emerald hears Joyride say. He is about to look up at her but then the cart rocks violently. Emerald holds on for dear life, but then sees the grinning look on Joyride's face.

"Heh. Got ya."

He puffs his cheeks out the unicorn, Joyride gives a snicker of laughter, and Ruby rolls her eyes. The guides seem to just take it in their stride though.

They reach the bottom, and Nishan tells them to be as quiet as they can and do their best to stay under the cover of the canopy as they approach. When they get close enough Joyride puts a hoof on Emerald and says,

"I'll take him this way a bit for his distraction. When I get back we'll go in."

Emerald and Joyride creep a few minutes away. Joyride puts a hoof in front of Emerald to stop him, and then the colt feels something warm ooze onto his head. He puts a hoof up to it.

it's sticky and white.

He glares at the unicorn again.

"Hey, it could help wiht the distraction you know. They might be able to smell the seed on you. Maybe. Do wasps have noses?"

Emerald asks exactly what the plan is supposed to be.

"You gotta pull as many wasps as you can away from the hive. I don't care what you do just go and do it. Loupe tells me that at most there will be 500 wasps in a hive like that, and a lot of them will be out gathering. So if you get a solid group of them it'll help." Joyride then pulls out a familiar looking ring from her mantle and says, "And hey, if you want to distract a little longer, you can always use this baby."

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-02 05:42:21 No. 28558093

Emerald can't say he has too many pleasant memories of that ring. He asks if it's possible to get it off again considering they don't know the passcode.

"You reset the safety word every time you use it. Just pick one you won't forget." Joyride says, holding the ring closer.

Emerald says it probably wouldn't help much anyway, considering how many bees might be following him.

"Well I wouldn't worry then because they are going to be trying to pleasure you, not the other way around." Joyride continues, holding it even closer to Emerald.

Emerald tries changing the subject and asks if this is his cum on him.

"What? Of course not. You think I'd waste foal cum like that?" Joyride says, almost poking him in the face with the ring.

Looks like she isn't going to let up.

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-02 07:36:38 No. 28559048

(Last for the night.)

Emerald agrees to "banana" and asks how this works exactly.

"Just speak the word to it and then slip it on." Joyride says, glancing around.

Emerald does so, and as he slips it over his balls he feels it tighten ever so slightly over them. He knows however that it can get tighter than that.

"Okay, good. I'm going to go back now. Make a good distraction!" Joyride says, starting to sneak away.

Emerald asks what he should do again, and says that maybe he shouldn't go into the hive. Or maybe he should?

"Probably shouldn't, no. If you stick to the outside it'll be easier to find you. Unless the wasps really like you they won't take you into the hive. Probably." Joyride says, darting away between the trees.

Emerald looks worriedly up at the hive before him.

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-03 04:03:17 No. 28564436

Emerald decides to look around a bit to see if he can find any wasps. He circles around the outside of the nest, and as he does so he starts to feel... Kind of funny.

>Frustration raises to 25%!

Emerald suddenly remembers the pheromones that he was told about, and gives his head a shake. He can't let them get the better of him.

As he continues on he starts to hear something like humming, or singing, and he spots one of the wasps seemingly patching up a hole in the side of the hive with what looks to be paper.

The thing is as odd looking as Joyride says. It's larger than he thought it would be, but doesn't look nearly how it thought it would.

It's adult pony sized, but seems to be bipedal, as it's sitting on two legs and using it's other four arms to help it fashion the paper-like material into shape. It's covered in shiny yellow and black chitonous shell except for around it's neck where it appears to have a puffy white fuzz.

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-03 04:37:33 No. 28564753

Staying back a little, Emerald calls out to the wasp.

The wasp looks up wide-eyed, and then spotting Emerald jumps to her feet(?) and says,

"Well hey there stranger! How can I help you?"

Unsure of what to say, Emerald claims he is lost.

"Aww, you poor thing!" She says, her face and antennae dropping sadly, "Lost out here, all alone in this dangerous forest... Come, take a rest inside!"

She then gestures to the large gray hive before her. Emerald says that he is good, and that maybe she could just give him directions.

"Oh come now, no need to be bashful! There is plenty of room. Plenty of great food too!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-03 05:45:49 No. 28565276

Emerald asks what kind of food.

"Honey! We make it ourselves. It's really good!"

Emerald quickly changes the subject and says that he is surprised that she can speak pony so well.

The wasp titters, flutters her eyelashes, and then says, "Oh, well we've had a few pony visitors before."

Emerald sort of wishes that Joyride... Or really anyone had told him that the bees were going to be this sapient. Emerald wonders if he could just ask for some royal jelly. While thinking on this, Emerald asks the wasp it's name.

"Annie the 3,782!" She says, giving a curtsy.

Emerald says that's a pretty name befitting a pretty wasp like herself.

She giggles and puts her hands to her cheeks. Giving Emerald a sultry look she says, "Oh you charmer you. If you like the way I look you'll probably like my sisters as well. We are all almost twins! Should I... Give them a call?"

She says this last part with another fluttering of eyelashes.

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-05 04:33:52 No. 28579628

Emerald says that he would like to meet her sisters.

The wasp claps her chitinous hands and says, "Great! Wait right here, let me get them!"

She then takes off, and darts into the hole in the hives she was trying to patch. A few moments later Emerald stumbles back slightly as there is a crash of bodies against the sides of the hole and bodies begins to press themselves against it. It seems that several of Annie's sisters attempted to go through the hole at once and got stuck. They are making quite the racket.

"Hey! Your arm is hitting-"

"I was here first!"

"Ouch! You guys are pushing too hard!"

Emerald listens in a little harder, and is sure he can hear a group of wasps behind the first one. How many of her sisters did she bring?

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-05 05:55:57 No. 28580082

Emerald rushes to think of a plan to get the wasps away from the hive. He comes up with a plan to play hide and seek. That should keep them busy, especially if he is the one that is "seeking".

The wasps finally extract themselves from the hole and funnel out of it. Oh jeez, there must be at least twenty of them.

Emerald opens his mouth to suggest playing hide and seek, but he is jostled by the bodies landing all near him.

"It's a pony! We haven't had one of those in a while!"

"Aww, he's adorable!"

"His hair smells nice!"

"Hey, no shoving!"

When Emerald finally extricates himself he finds that he is sitting in front of a stump slightly away from the hive. One of the wasps, who he assumes is Annie, places a drop of some golden looking liquid in front of him on one of the sheets of paper she was making.

"I brought food! Here's your portion!"

He looks up to see the others drinking at some of their own honey happily, commenting with each other, laughing and giggling all the while.

"Here I thought it was going to be boring today, but we found ourselves a cutie!"

"Stuck on repair detail too huh?"

"Any more honey around?"

"Keep eating like that and you'll break out of your shell!"

Emerald looks at the honey placed before him.

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-06 06:51:09 No. 28585049

Emerald says that he isn't hungry at the moment, but that he'll eat it later. This causes the group of wasps to let out noises of sadness.

The colt scoops up the honey and wraps it in the paper and places it in his bag. He then says that perhaps they should play a game, and maybe that'll make him hungrier. He says that he is quite fond of hide and seek. This brings out more chatter from the group of wasps.

"Ooo, sounds fun!"

"I haven't played that since I was a grub!"

"Wah, don't talk you are an old timer, we are the same age!"

Emerald says that he'll be the seeker, and that they can all hide.

"Nah, that's boring!" The wasp that Emerald assumes is Annie says, "How about you hide, and we'll all seek you?"

Emerald let's out a bead of cold sweat and says that he'd really prefer to be the seeker. He doesn't say this out loud, but if he takes a long time to look for them than he can buy the other group more time.

"Okay, let's put it to a vote. I'll even make it easier. If just one person disagrees than you can be seeker! Everyone who thinks Emerald should hide and we should all seek him raise your hand!"

All twenty or so of the wasps raise their hands.

"All opposed raise your hands!"

Emerald raises his hoof.

"See? Everyone agrees!"

Emerald says that he doesn't, and continues to prod his hoof in the air.

"I said everyone raise their 'hands' if they agree." Annie says, sticking her tongue out at the colt and causing the others to giggle, "Now we'll give you until the count of 50 to hide. Better get going!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-06 09:53:43 No. 28585765

Emerald dashes off, and tries to think of some ways to effectively hide. He tries to stay downwind of the wasps so he can't be smelled, and as he passes various plants he tries to rub himself with some of the pollen to mask his own scent.

"Ready or not, here we come~!" Emerald hears from far behind him.

He dashes into a nearby bush and waits. The wasps come by a few moments later, and they are doing a surprisingly efficient job at searching. They are spread in a line and combing the jungle meticulously.

Emerald is sure he is pretty well hidden, but he doubts he'll stay that way for long. He'll need to prepare for when he is caught, because he doubts that the wasps will want to play any more games.

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-06 12:47:58 No. 28586934

(Errands time.)

Emerald attempts to sneak back through an area that was already searched by the wasps.

>Dex Check, 12.
>Rolled 4,4
>4+4+2 = 2

As Emerald attempts to go back he heres a shriek behind him.

"Found him~!"

The colt turns to see wasps jump on his position, surrounding him again, giving him a tag that is more of a caress and grope. Emerald boops one of the wasps back and says that they are it.

"Ah, so we are 'it' are we? Well let me show you how wasps play tag..." One of them says, as the others lean forward towards the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-06 08:21:53 No. 28590156

Emerald quickly pulls out a bottle of the slippery potion from the ones wrapped around his leg and pours it all over himself.

"Got you~!" One of the wasps says, attempting to bear hug the colt.

Much to the surprise of both the wasp and Emerald, the young pony shoots out of the top of her hold and flies several feet before slipping along the jungle floor, coming to a stop when he hooks himself on a tree.

Emerald attempts to get up to flee, but he slips and falls again. It's like every thing he touches is ice.

The wasps laugh and all fly to him. They push him around and watch him slide, making comments.

"Wow! What the heck?"

"What did he pour on himself? Do you think it'll come off?"

"I doubt it'll last forever, hopefully not anyway! I want to have some fun!"

"Well this is kind of fun. We need two baskets or something as goals! We could play a game!"

Emerald has to admit that this strategy seems effective for keeping the wasps from bedding him, but he isn't sure there is much more he can do. He isn't sure how long the slippery potion will last, or even continue to cover him.

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-06 09:28:57 No. 28590615

Emerald attempts to flop around, stand, flow like a snake, or otherwise control his movements. he sort of gets it with the snake motion, but he can't move nearly fast enough to outrun the wasps. He just enjoys the ride as they push him around.

"Okay, so what do we do now? We can't get anything out of him like this!"

"Well, if we keep pushing him around the stuff should come off right? Hopefully?"

"I say we rub ourselves all over him until it all comes off!"

"Then we'll be all slippery, stupid."

As they do this Emerald starts to feel the friction ever so slightly on his belly. He turns onto his back, but it's only a matter of time, and soon the wasps figure that out. When he finally stops slidding he attempts to get to his hooves, but he is pinned down by the group of wasps.

"Alrighty! Now, down to business." the one he thinks is Annie says, licking her lips.

Lewds tomorrow!

2016-10-07 04:38:24 No. 28598135
"Argh, what is wrong with you girls?" The one Emerald believes is Annie says, looking at her tired sisters.

One is rotating her wrist, another is rubbing her jaw, and the last is is resting after bouncing atop the colt for so long.

"This kid ain't cumming! It's not fair!"

"Maybe this kids gay?"

"He's got a boner stupid, he's clearly not!"

"Alright! Shush!" Annie says, holding up her hands, "We'll just do it the easy way. Hold him down, and someone grab me some honey."

Emerald attempts to scramble away again, but he is outnumbered and out-armed. Annie approaches with a thick drop of the honey, but just as she does a bright light flies out of nowhere and pelts her in the cheek, knocking her clean out.

The others look around, and as they do more bolts come flying in, causing them to scatter.

Emerald hears a cry of "Run!" and Joyride and Ruby come shooting through the forest. Emerald gets to his feet and starts after them, the wasps close on their tail.

"Glad to see you are okay, Lil' Perv. Have fun?" Joyride says through heavy breathes.

Emerald asks what happened, and asks where Nishan and Loupe are.

"Later. Right now we have a different problem." Joyride says, indicating the wasps behind them.

What does Emerald do?

2016-10-07 06:36:26 No. 28599086

(Last for thread probably. So what now, fellas?)

Emerald gets the idea of sending a smokescreen back at them, and it seems Joyride gets the same idea. They find a small break in the trees and take the opportunity to turn and fire smoke into the treeline.

There is yells of confusion, but it seems to have stopped their advance. The trio take the opportunity to put some distance between them. They don't stop running until they hit the canyon wall. They quickly spot a crevice in the wall, and duck inside it. The cave goes about twenty feet in, and they huddle near the back.

Ruby points upwards and says, "Why didn't we climb back up?"

"Can't. The wasps are certainly searching for us now. They'd see the glow of my spell easily." Joyride says, catching her breath.

Emerald asks if everything is alright. If Loupe and Nishan got away, and if they got the jelly.

"Yup on both counts. Mission successful. We got separated from the other two from part of the hive caving in. They got the goods so we need to find them again. We said we'd meet at a city to the south." Joyride then turns to Ruby with a grin and says, "Why don't you tell them what you did? You made your own little distraction for us, didn't you?"

"S-shut up!" Ruby says, her face reddening in either anger and embarrassment, or perhaps both.

Emerald gives her a curious look.

The filly then crosses her forelegs and says gruffly,

"T-they thought I was a guy at first."

Joyride chokes back some giggles. But Emerald understands. Emerald understands very well.

"So anyway, we are just gonna hang out for a while until the heat dies down, and then we'll try to sneak our way south." Joyride says changing the subject.

What does Emerald do?
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