You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-11-06 04:13:26 No. 28823614
Inventory & Spells:

Previous Thread...

>Emerald and Ruby finish up there dinner and return to the Inn.
>Emerald attempts to get some "Alone time", but is interrupted, and instead goes back to the room and goes to sleep.
>Emerald and Ruby wake up the next morning.
>There is a curious absence of Joyride.
>The two decide to hit up the temple of Marjani
>They go to the library and school store, where Emerald buys a bunch of stuff.
>They then go over to the temple next.
>They speak with Bunsen, the head Alchemist for a while.

Continued in the next post...

2016-11-06 04:22:43 No. 28823693

Emerald asks about Marjani's origins.

"There isn't much known about the three god's early life, other than they were all powerful zebras. They weren't gods originally, but grew to power until the ascended into being deities. The three walked the lands some one thousand or so years ago, acting as teachers to the scattered zebra tribes, eventually uniting most of them much like your Celestia did." Bunsen says with a nod.

Emerald listens, realizing how unfortunately close they are getting to his office door.

"Marjani in particular spent her whole life as a teacher. Like the other two gods, she lost her life in the great war and from her bravery was raised to the height of a god. As a follower one must be passionate about pursuing knowledge of any form, though Marjani herself was much interested in alchemy it doesn't necessarily have to be for that. Lore, secrets, and other types of magic please her just as much."

Bunsen has one hoof on the handle of his office door. Maybe time for one more question.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-06 05:12:05 No. 28824118

Emerald asks if Bunsen knows any good places to get Goat items, or any goat or pony magic.

"Hmm? Unfortunately no on both of those. Goat items can get kind of expensive since they have to be shipped from so far away, and I was never one for magic from other races."

Bunsen gives Emerald and Ruby a warm goodbye, which they return. Emerald thanks him for his time, and Bunsen smiles then enters his office.

After a brief moment of silence Emerald asks what Ruby wants to do.

"Let's go find a marketplace or something, or just wander around the streets. I want to get to know this city a bit better!" Ruby says, a bit antsy.

As they walk out the door of the temple he thinks of which one of those sounds good to him. It's getting on to mid-day, and the colt's stomach is rumbling slightly. Maybe some food at the marketplace would be nice? He supposes they might find food just wandering the streets as well...

To pass the time as they walk, Emerald asks what Ruby thinks her visions meant.

"I dunno. Maybe I'll run into a bunch of mares in a field of butterflies, and we'll all go to a big city in the sky?" Ruby says with a shrug.

Emerald says that visions aren't usually that clear cut, and that they probably represent something.

"I'm not much for that kind of thing. What do you think it means?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-06 06:01:19 No. 28824555

Emerald says that maybe the butterflies represent her want to change, and to be a prettier, beautiful, more delicate mare. Maybe they should go shopping! Get her some pretty filly clothes!

"Uh... M-maybe?" Ruby says, clearly weirded out by Emerald's excited and sudden reaction, "Anyway, what does the city in the sky mean then?"

Emerald ponders this for a moment. There are some pegasus cities in the sky. Plus Emerald has read about how non-pegasi can fly up to those cities using something like Butterfly wings, so maybe that's what that means? No, that can't be right... Ruby has never made any indication that she'd want, or even know, about any sort of floating city. Just in case Emerald asks if she maybe wants to visit one.

"I guess that sounds kinda cool." Ruby says with a shrug.

Well she doesn't sound that interested in it. Maybe the city was supposed to be Whiterwater? Does she want to go back? Emerald asks.

"Maybe eventually. As many problems as I have had with it, and it with me, it's still my home. Traveling with you guys is way more fun than what I was doing there. Maybe if I'm lucky we'll find some pirate treasure or something, and I can return rich and set for life. You know, like those people in the nice houses surrounding the castle!" Ruby says with a smile.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-06 06:50:53 No. 28825036

(Might be last for the night. Either this one or the next one.)

Emerald says that when they take his step-parent's house she can come live with him.

Ruby gives a big grin, and then says, "I'll hold you too that! Come on, I'm hungry."

Emerald and Ruby find a guard patrolling, and ask him where the market is, and then also ask him about possible sellers of goat items and the like. He comments that a goat item will pop up every now and then in various stores, but they are pretty rare and usually pretty expensive. He says that the market may be a good place to find things like that as well. He tells them that the market is near the Hiwot temple, and points them in the direction of it.

The day is in full swing now, and zebras and the occasional pony or griffon go about their day. The pair know they are getting close when they spot the temple of Hiwot, and then a road so full of people nearby that it's difficult to even walk around.

Emerald's stomach rumbles again, and looking around he sees a stall for food. With two bits he purchases a half-dozen triangular pastries the Zebra called "Samosas". They are pretty good. Almost like a hand-held pie filled with mashed potatoes, onions, lentils, peas, and spices.

"My god, I think I've gone colorblind." Ruby says as she stares at the sea of zebras before them.

Emerald chuckles at this, and then wonders what they should do first. Emerald certainly wants to try to find a place that might have goat gear, and also a new knife for Ruby. Some smoke bombs might be good as well. Emerald still does want to find her that dress too.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-07 04:06:48 No. 28830183

Emerald decides to go look for a new knife for Ruby first. He doesn't have to go too far in when he spots a stall with some knives on display.

Emerald says that they should go look, and Ruby says,

"That might be fun! Once I save up the money I'm going to get myself a proper one!" Ruby then takes her badly worn out of it's sheath for a second. After looking it over she puts it back in and they continue to the stall.

"Hey there kiddos. Those disappearances got you worried? Looking for a little protection? I got plenty of stabby bits to keep ya safe!" The shopkeeper says smirking, "If'n you have the Rand I can make you something custom, though it'd be a bit more expensive."

Emerald asks if maybe he can do repairs. After all, maybe Ruby will just want her knife repaired.

"Of course. What kind of knife-maker would I be if I didn't?" He says with a laugh.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-07 04:55:54 No. 28830604

Emerald asks if the shopkeep will take bits. Also, he asks if he is really okay with selling knives to children

"Mmm I have a use for bits, yes." The shopkeeper says unconcerned, "And I was much younger than you when I got my first knife. Heck, my ma said I was born with one in me hoof!"

He then laughs again, and Emerald asks what he meant by custom knives.

"Give me an idea of what you want and I can tell you how much it would be to make it. Might take a bit though so I would suggest leaving me a place you want it mailed too. Custom stuff is always a bit costly too. Sure your allowance can handle it, lil' cutie?" He says, giving Emerald a grin.

Emerald asks Ruby which one she thinks is the best.

"You are NOT buying me a new knife." Ruby says, puffing out her cheeks and staring at Emerald.

"Oh, what's this then? A lover's spat?" The shopkeeper says looking from one to the other.

Emerald ignores the shopkeeper and says that she needs a new knife, and that she will need to pay him back when she has the chance.

Ruby teeters back and forth on her hooves, looking at the knives. It's clear she wants them, but that her pride is keeping her from agreeing.

"I don't care. It's not like I know much about knives anyway." Ruby says, looking away from the stall.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-07 06:21:25 No. 28831385

Emerald says that he'll pay for the repair on her current knife then, and that he won't take no for an answer.

Ruby sheepishly pulls out her knife and hands it to the shopkeep.

"What is this, a kitchen knife or something?" He says, scrunching his nose at Ruby's weapon, "What's he been doin' with this thing? Smacking it into a rock? You sure you don't want something better?"

"What did he say?" Ruby says angrily. Even though she can't understand Zebra she could probably read his tone of voice and body language.

Emerald gives a worried laugh towards Ruby, and tells the shopkeep that he just wants the knife fixed.

"Fine, fine... That'll be three bits then. Feh..." He says, disappointed.

Emerald pays, and then turns back towards Ruby.

"T-thanks..." She says, looking anywhere else but at him, "Anyway, what now?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-08 08:07:58 No. 28835168

Emerald asks when the knife will be ready.

"Thing is in pretty sour shape." The zebra says, giving it a very professional looking once over, "Gimme an hour or two."

Emerald and Ruby then wander around the market place a little more, looking at the various stalls. There are plenty of produce dealers here. Stalls full of multi-colored fruits and vegetables that Emerald couldn't even guess the name of.

They run into many artists as well. Statue makers, painters, and a memorable time spent among a mask maker where they tried on plenty of his funny looking wears.

There is music as well. Emerald knows that drums are the traditional instrument of the Zebras, but there are very few of them here. Most of them are string instruments, or small bands of people. This is in fact the only time where Emerald sees a heterogeneous group. There are bands with mixes of pony, zebra, griffin... The colt even swears he spotted a deer playing some sort of harp-like instrument!

Emerald then passes by a stall with tons of clothes. They are hanging all along the ceiling of the stall, folded on the stall's table, and some are even on display on mannequins just outside it. They appear to be all dresses as well. Maybe this is a good time to help Ruby find her more feminine side.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-08 10:46:40 No. 28835673

Emerald drags Ruby over to the dress shop, and tries to convince her to try something on. For her part she actually seems to want to do it, but as she goes through the dresses she finds excuses not to wear them.

"It's too small!"

"That color won't look good on me!"

"That's a dress? It's so short! Are you sure it's not a shirt?"

Emerald finally convinces her to try on a simple black dress by telling her he'll try it on too. That way she'll feel less ridiculous.

Emerald has to admit she looks quite good in it, though it's obvious she doesn't think so.

"Hmph... It looks better on you." She says, not looking at the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-08 12:45:29 No. 28836197

Emerald has to admit that he kinda likes the dress. Maybe he'll buy it? He looked around for a mantle here, but he didn't spot one. Perhaps another stall will have something like that. He turns to see an uncomfortable Ruby, and asks why she is so afraid of trying any of these clothes on.

"Come on... I know what I look like. Always being mistaken for a boy and all. I just feel like everyone is starin', ya know?" Ruby says, looking away again.

Emerald is quick to reassure her that she is very pretty.

"I mean, doesn't it bug you? Getting confused for a girl all the time? Doesn't it feel weird at all wearing that dress?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-08 06:44:02 No. 28838250

Emerald says that at first he didn't really like it, but he came to terms with it. It was especially useful when he wanted to hide, since when he was being hunted everyone was looking for a colt.

Emerald says that she shouldn't worry about what everyone else thinks. If she wants to wear dresses she should.

"Hmph, well I still think that's weird. And that you are weird." Ruby says, smirking and rolling her eyes. She then looks at herself in a full-length mirror attached to the stall and continues, "Still, maybe I'll get some girly clothes. For now though I'm okay with my shirt."

Emerald decides to buy the dress for himself, and pays 30 bits for it. Ruby wants to look around more, but Emerald looks up at the sky. It's getting later in the day. He wanted to visit the Hiwot temple too, but they'll have to do it tomorrow.

"Ah come on, just a bit longer?" Ruby says, looking at all the stalls they still haven't passed by.

Well, maybe just a little longer wouldn't hurt...

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-08 08:38:34 No. 28838886

(Last for the night.)

Emerald decides to look at a few more stalls. There is a zebra selling blank, bound books, and Emerald briefly plays with the idea of buying another one for a focus, but he's already got two so he probably doesn't need another. They then pass by a few more produce stalls and one selling wine before Emerald decides it's time to turn in.

"Yeah... Sounds good." Ruby says, looking up at the darkening sky, "I don't really feel like getting kidnapped tonight."

The two then return to the knife stall and pick up Ruby's knife.

"Hey! This isn't my knife!" Ruby says, looking at the weapon.

Emerald looks at it as well. The handle is the same, but the blade is slightly different. For one it's sharper and less chipped, but it's much more pointed and thinner. Emerald asks what happened to her blade.

"It was beyond repair, so I took one of my old, dull, kitchen knives that I can't sell and put that dinky handle on it. Even sharpened it up for ya. You should be happy. I only charged you 3 bits for it."

Emerald explains this to Ruby, and she says, "Yeah whatever... It's fine. it's at least better than it was right?"

The pair then make their way back towards the Inn near the northern side of town. On the way Emerald hears a sound from an alleyway near him.

"Hey... Hey kid. I lost my dog, have you seen him? Maybe you could help me look for him?" A robed zebra says from the alley.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-09 08:57:55 No. 28841602

>Perception Check
>Rolled 8.

Emerald doesn't notice anyone else nearby hiding, but is sure to keep an eye out. The colt slowly starts to back away, asking what sort of dog it is.

"Oh... Not to big. Fluffy, and white." The robed Zebra says, approaching the pair as fast as they walk away.

Emerald says that maybe he can find some guards to help him search.

"Guards? There aren't any guards around here right now... It's quite important that i find him soon. After all, it can be kind of dangerous around here at night..." The zebra says, not ceasing his walk forward.

Emerald looks around, and indeed there are very few people on the streets at the moment.

"Tell him to go away!" Ruby says, reaching for her knife and baring her teeth at the zebra.

Emerald is about to say something, but then the zebra lunges at him. He quickly throws up a shield just in time to stop some wild slashes from the hooded person.

Ruby dashes low between Emerald and the zebra and swings her knife. She hits him in the upper leg, and though the robe takes most of the swing the zebra winces in pain. Emerald takes the opportunity to drop the shield and throw a magic missile straight into his face.

The spell knocks him clean backwards, and the pair of foals start to run away, screaming at the top of their lungs. Emerald looks back and sees the enraged zebra still chasing after him, his nose bloodied by the spell to his snout.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-09 01:00:19 No. 28842521

(As far as boosting goes. Let's say that you can do some swift actions all at once and boost them, or boost them one at a time. However if you choose to boost them all at once then the roll is much more difficult.)

>Dexterity Check, 16
>Rolled 3,1,1 (+2)
>7, failed

Emerald drops a smoke cloud behind him, and in the zebras confusion attempts to drop a vial of the sticky potion at his hooves. However Emerald miscalculated how far away the zebra was, resulting in the zebra slashing at the vial and smashing it, covering them both.

Luckily Emerald is stuck with just his back hooves on the ground. The zebra's back and one of his front hooves, as well as his cloak stick clumsily to the floor.

He still has his hoof with the knife in it out though, so Emerald lobs another magic missile into his face.

The zebra is knocked out by the blow, and lands body first into the glue. Surprisingly Emerald feels a bit of empathy for the zebra and wonders if he can still breath, but luckily the zebra didn't land face first into the goo.

Emerald pulls experimentally at his hooves, but they are stuck tight.

"Uh..." Ruby says, walking around the mess trying to figure out what to do. She gives Emerald a few fruitless pulls, and then sits back on her haunches.

"So... What now?"

Emerald looks down at the passed out zebra. Who knows when he'll wake up. He notices the knife sitting atop the robes, and wonders if the zebra may be able to dislodge himself from the sticky potion by simply pulling himself out of the cloak. Emerald asks if Ruby can reach the knife, but she is unable to do so without stepping into it.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-09 03:49:03 No. 28843251

Emerald uses his focus to shoot a push spell at the knife. It flies away and clinks harmlessly onto the sidewalk near the alleyway. He asks Ruby to keep a look out and start calling for guards.

"Uh... What's the zebra word for guard?" She asks, scratching the back of her head.

Emerald tells her, and then pulls his knife out and attempts to cut himself loose. All the while Ruby is running around them screaming the zebra word for guard.

Unfortunately the knife gets stuck when he attempts this. He tries to think on what he could do. Enough water will dissolve most things, but he is quite sure it would take a lot of water.

Maybe the slippery potion will do something?

Carefully putting his focus away, he pulls out one of his slippery potions and pours it onto his knife first. Like water, the sticky potions flows off the knife, and Emerald shakes the weapon clean and puts it back in his holster.

He then carefully pours some onto his hooves, making sure not to put too much. He remembers last time he got covered in this stuff.

After he frees himself he sees a guard come from around the corner towards the noise. He attempts to speak with Ruby, but Emerald cuts in and informs him what happened.

He nods, and then pulls out a mini-vial from his belt and carefully uncorks, pointing the open end into the air. A small, red flare shoots out of it, and a few moments later guards start appearing one by one. It appears they have some slippery potion of their own, or something like it, as they begin to pull the attacker out of the sticky potion.

"You were very brave tonight, children. But why are you walking around during the night by yourselves? Where are your parents?" The first guard says, gesturing them to follow, "Come, let's walk back towards the station."

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-09 05:05:17 No. 28843785

Emerald asks if that was the zebra that was making all the ponies disappear.

"Unlikely. I don't mean to scare you, children, but we believe it may be a group of zebras. All the more reason for you to not be out during the night." The zebra says as the walk back towards the Inn.

Emerald explains that they are just traveling through the area with their guardian, and that they went out for some shopping that took them a bit longer than the meant it too.

"Ah, understandable. I'll get you back to your Inn and then we can chat with your guardian about the dangers present in the city at the moment. Plus I'll need to get a statement from you both if you don't mind." The zebra says with a nod, "Especially if you wish to press charges."

The walk back is mostly silent, and when they enter the Inn the guard strides right for the barkeep and asks him to fetch Joyride from their room. They then take a seat at one of the tables, and the guard is nice enough to order them some dinner.

Ruby and Emerald begin to explain what happened when the Innkeeper returns, stating that she isn't in their room, and that he isn't sure that he's seen Joyride since last night.

"Since last night...?" The zebra says, turning towards the Innkeeper. He then looks at him for a few seconds before turning back towards the foals and saying, "When was the last time you saw your guardian?"

Emerald explains everything he remembers from yesterday night.

"Hmm..." The zebra says, leaning back in his chair.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-09 06:40:10 No. 28844282

Emerald asks if Joyride has gone missing. It is kind of in her personality to just disappear after all. As Emerald thinks on it she hasn't done it yet without telling him where she was going or if she'd be gone for long.

"I don't mean to scare you little one, but it is possible." The zebra says, sitting back in his chair.

Emerald explains what the guard said to Ruby, and they exchange worried glances.

The zebra looks at each one of them in turn. He then walks over and puts a tender hoof on both of their shoulders and says, "Grab your things. We'll keep you up at the station for now until we can locate Joyride. I'm sure she is fine."

"Y-yeah. I'm sure she is just playing a trick on us." Ruby says as Emerald does his best to act as translator between the two, "Thanks Mr...?"

"Detective Dejen." He says with a smile.

As the two make their way to the staircase they pass by the innkeeper. It's the same one as last night. Emerald asks if she left with some zebras last night, and where they went.

"Yes, a smart question." Dejen says, approaching Emerald from the side.

"Yeah, she left with the group of them. Five or six stallions, I think. All big and burly. They didn't say where they were going that I can remember. I think it was another bar they knew about or something." The innkeeper replies.

"Thank you. I'm going to need you to remember anything and everything about these stallions you can." He says, pulling a notepad from a pocket and handing it to the innkeeper, "Also the contact information for any of the staff that was here that night."

Emerald wants to stick around to listen to more, but he is shooed upstairs by the detective. Ruby is waiting for him with all three of their bags... And then Emerald gets an idea. Maybe he should look through Joyride's things before the cops do. There might be something useful there.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-10 05:09:14 No. 28849724

Before going through the bag Emerald grabs his Dragonfire Lamp and sends Joyride a short letter asking where she is, and if she's okay. With that done the colt looks through his mentor's bag, hoping to find something that might be useful for him.

The bag is mostly full of mundane things. Emerald wonders if this satchel is some sort of decoy of some sort. A lot of these items don't look like they've been touched for a while... Twine, a tinderbox, a small knife, a few bits, a threadbare blanket, candles, some dried fruit and some bread... And then Emerald finds some interesting items.

"Toys", as well as various lubricants and condoms. He also finds a few unlabeled potions. He also finds a blindfold, though he isn't actually sure if it's supposed to be a sleeping mask or something a it kinkier.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-10 06:14:50 No. 28850120

Emerald decides to take the potions.

>Acquired Puce Potion
>Acquired Murky Potion

Emerald then takes up his and Joyride's bag and they walk back downstairs. Dejen is still questioning the Innkeeper when the return.

"Yes, they all knew each other from what i could tell." The Innkeeper says tapping his chin, "Come to think of it they all came in at once as well."

"Thanks. That'll be all for now." The detective says, spotting Ruby and Emerald, "Alright. Ready to go?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-10 07:13:51 No. 28850572

Emerald thinks on what the potions could be.

>INT Check, 8
>Rolled 4,1 (+4)
>9, passed

He figures that since he found them among objects related to sexual relations, that they probably have some sort of use with those. Perhaps an aphrodisiac? Or maybe potions to make her bedfellow appear certain ways?

Emerald nods and asks Dejen if they can help find Joyride.

"Now don't worry about that. We'll find her, alright?" The detective says. He has a feeling that he was avoiding his gaze while he said that though.

The colt then asks how long Joyride rented the room for. Before he can answer Dejen comments that the guards will pay for the two days they stayed there.

They then make their way out the door and over to the Northern Guardpost, near the north entrance to the city. Since it's so late, there are very few guards doing actual office work here, and very few people other than the guard receptionist currently on duty.

"Could you pull aside one of the interrogation rooms? These foals need a place to stay for a little while."

A few minutes later Ruby and Emerald are lead into a rather sparse room containing nothing more than cots with pillows and blankets.

Ruby seats herself at one of these and says, "Well, what now?"

Taking out his dragonfire lamp, Emerald sends a letter to Nishan telling them what happened, and asks what they should do, writing down where they are currently staying.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-11 06:42:57 No. 28856443

(Sorry about the late start and probably early finish today. I felt really awful and slept about three hours once I got home from work.)

Emerald takes off his dress and puts it in his bag. He then looks around at Ruby, and seeing the cots decides to push his closer to the foal. No way he is chancing losing two people he cherishes in one night.

Ruby just looks at him the whole time with a slight frown on her face. She is fidgeting a bit and when he finishes she repeats, "So what now?"

Emerald thinks Ruby probably feels the same way he does. He doesn't think he could sleep at the moment. Besides the fact it's still a little to early, he has too many thoughts of what could be happening to Joyride at the moment.

Emerald walks over to the door and tries the knob. It's unlocked, and he peaks outside. He sees Dejen working at a nearby desk, and when the guard catches the foals eye he says,

"Don't go wandering around the police station alright? The bathroom is down the hall if you need it, and there is a small kitchenette there as well. I would suggest using either of them soon. Once I leave I'll probably have to lock you in the room. No offense, just the rules. I'll be back early in the morning so don't worry about it too much."

The colt looks down the hall towards the kitchenette. He can't see into it from here, but he definitely hears voices. Emerald looks to the guard with a smile and a nod and then closes the door. As he walks back towards the center of the room Ruby is still staring at him, and he ponders what to do next.

He could try out that new potion set he got... Or maybe he could go down the hall there and see if he can listen into anything going on. He isn't exactly hungry, but he might be able to grab some food as well.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-11 08:28:16 No. 28856986

Emerald feels like he should just go out and look for Joyride. Right now. His head tells him though, that he has no leads, and that it would be dangerous and probably pretty stupid. He can't just sit around and do nothing though. Emerald stands up and starts pacing, and then he catches Ruby's eye.

She's still looking at him.

Emerald scratches the back of his head, and then tells Ruby what the guard said. He then asks if she wants anything from the kitchenette. Maybe just walking over there will give him some sort of accomplishment.

"Just some water, I guess." Ruby says, plopping down onto the cot.

Emerald walks out the door and over to the kitchenette, but stops just outside the door as he starts to hear the conversation two guards are having.

"-crazy dude they just brought in? Cursing up a storm and resisting like crazy. Says those foals Dejen brought in killed his son and that he demands they be brought to justice." One of the guards say.

"What, does he think those kids were soldiers or something?" Another one says.

The first one replies, "I don't know. Guy is nuts. Though did you hear what they said? The filly can use magic. Had a little book of spells and everything apparently, and some potions too."

Through a mouth of food, the second one says "Ha! Really? Shame more of the ponies around here don't pick that stuff up. Maybe would have helped them. Did you hear? That cute mare from the Millet cafe got kidnapped a little while ago. Whoever it was beat the crap out of the husband left him for dead."

"No way..." The first pony says shocked, "He going to be okay?"

"Yeah. They got him over to Holy Hooves pretty quick. Those doctors there are geniuses I tell ya. He's conscious, but they say it'll be a while before he can leave."

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-12 02:53:01 No. 28862075
(Probably only update for the day. I gotta get something done.)

Emerald decides to stay the night at the guard station. He feels it'd be a bit foolish to go out now and try to find Joyride. Heck, maybe in the morning she'll reappear, and everything will be okay!

Emerald tries to pass the time by making the potions in his pack, which is surprisingly easy. It was clearly meant for someone even more amateur than Emerald.

Afterwards EMerald decides it's probably time to try to sleep. Uneasily, he closes his eyes and eventually sleep finds him.


Emerald wakes up the next day when he hears a knocking, and looking over he sees Dejen at the door.

"Someone has come for you. Do you know a 'Nishan' or a 'Loupe'?"

Emerald says happily that he does, and the pair are let inside.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-12 08:01:23 No. 28863897

(One more for the night!)

Emerald runs up and gives Loupe a hug. He says that it's good to see them, and tells them everything that has happened in the town, and what they think happened to Joyride. The colt then asks Nishan if they met up with his mentor recently.

"No. We haven't seen her since we got separated from you all by the wasps. They didn't actually end up chasing us very far for some reason. The wasps seemed more intent on getting Joyride. That was fine for us of course. It made our escape easier." Nishan says with a small smirk.

"Do you think it's linked with all those disappearances...?" Loupe asks the zebra nervously.

"Probably. I doubt Joyride has any enemies down here, though I suppose I wouldn't be surprised if she did." Nishan says with a grimace.

Emerald says that Nishan is a pretty good hunter and tracker, and asks if she knows where Joyride might be.

"Hmm... No, I have no idea. I could ask around, but it would probably take a long time for me to find out if I did at all." Nishan says, pacing the room slightly as she thinks.

"Isn't there anything we could do...?" Loupe says, watching the zebras progress around the room.

"Why don't we lure them out?" Ruby says, hoping off of her cot, "We're ponies after all! As long as we have you guys watching our flanks I'm sure we could-"

"No. Far too dangerous." Nishan says, cutting off Ruby.

"B-but. We know where most of the kidnappings happen, Nishan. They seem to always skim the borders of the pony side of town. That's why Millet's got hit, and I know that hotel Emerald spoke of is nearby." Loupe says, suddenly.

"Are yo suggesting we use these kids as bait?" Nishan says, looking straight at Loupe.

"No but... But you can use me." Loupe says, staring back.

"Absolutely not." Nishan responds, turning away.

The two argue for a bit, and Emerald thinks on what they said. Maybe it's about time he put in his own opinion.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-13 05:11:03 No. 28869397

Emerald says that he'll be bait. He's fought all sorts of creepy crawlies, so he thinks he'd be able to hold off a few zebras for a while if the others had his back.

"I strongly advise against this, but let me guess, you'll do it even if I try to stop you." Nishan says, glaring at Emerald.

Emerald glares back in the most confident way he can, but Nishan has already turned away from him.

"S-should we tell the captain? Maybe he can help." Loupe says, sensing the tension.

"No. He'll definitely try to stop him. Plus..." Nishan says, looking at the other three, "I don't want to make a big deal of this, but I don't trust the guards on this matter. I feel like they should have caught the criminals by now. Something seems fishy to me."

"Yeah, sounds about right." Ruby says, crossing her front legs and nodding with a sour look on her face.

The party makes their way out of the station, stopping only briefly with Dejen. Nishan tells the guard pony that she'll be taking the foals until Joyride can be located, and he is fine with that as long as he can get her information so that they can keep in contact.

"You said the Millet Cafe cook was in Holy Hooves correct?" Nishan says, turning to Emerald. Emerald nods, and then Nishan says, "Good, let's go there first. Maybe we can narrow down the area where the kidnappers are."

Holy Hooves isn't far from the Guard Station, only about three blocks away. The hospital is a good three stories tall. One more than most of the other buildings. It's also much wider, taking up the whole block by itself.

They enter and approach the nurse on duty. After obtaining the cook's whereabouts they head over to his room, stopping just around the corner from it. There are guards stationed in front of it, but the door is open and Emerald can see inside.

"How are we going to get past them?" Ruby asks.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-13 06:36:24 No. 28869983



Emerald wonders if they could just go up and ask to see him. They can just say that the cook is their friend.

"Hmm... You know, you guys might be able to. They aren't going to be too suspicious if ponies approach considering where he worked and his wife." Nishan says, looking down at the pair.

"Plus who can say no to such cute little foals?" Loupe says with a giggle, rubbing both their heads.

Ruby and Emerald roll their eyes, nod, and then approach the guards,

"Um... Can we go in and see him? He's our friend, and we want to make sure he is okay." Ruby says, trying her best to look cute and flutter her eyelashes.

"Hmm..." One of the Zebra Guard says, scratching his head, "I don't know..."

Emerald asks the guard if they can do it 'pwetty pwease?' He also flutters his eyelashes slowly and gives the best puppy dog eyes he can.

"Aww... Well... Jeez..." The zebra guard says, Emerald's cuteness winning him over, "Let me see if he wants visitors. We'll need your name and contact information at the very least."

Emerald and Ruby give the guards fake names and they are let inside after asking the Cook and a nearby passing nurse if it'd be okay.

"Only ten minutes. He is in a lot of pain. He needs his rest, alright?" The nurse says with a smile.

Emerald and Ruby walk up to the bed. He's a bit of a wreck to say the least. The first thing they notice is the nearly full forehoof cast closest to him. However that doesn't appear to be the only cast he has. It's clear by the awkwardly straight bulges raised off his body that much of his torso and both his back legs are set. He also has a neck brace, and top of his head is wrapped entirely in bandages.

The Cook can't turn his head to look at them with the cast, but they see one eye turn towards them, and he says a bit quiet and raspily,

"Oh, you are the kids from the other night. What are you guys doing here?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-14 04:02:26 No. 28875018

Emerald smiles, and says that he wanted to see how he was, and wanted to ask a few questions. Emerald says that he really liked Sugar Cane. They came to this strange city escaping one danger and walking into another, and the Millet Cafe was a nice first stop on their journey, as were the employees there. Just like the cook, Emerald says that someone important to them was taken.

"You are going to go look for your friend? I wouldn't suggest it. This isn't something a pair of foals can do. Don't put yourself in harms way." He says, raspily, but with a firm glare.

Emerald lies and says that they are only gathering information, and that they have a group behind them helping as well. He points down the hall to Nishan and Loupe and says that they are his "bodyguard", but they couldn't come to talk to him without looking suspicious. He couldn't go to the Guard's because he believes they may be in on it somehow.

The colt then asks what the group of zebras looked like, and whether he remembers them saying where they might go next after they left.

"They were just regular zebras, dressed regularly, and acted regularly until you know... They blasted the place open with potions and took my wife. They were... all young adults, all male..." The cook says, and then thinking for a second he says, "I think they were going somewhere to the south of town. I heard one of them mention the Red Stripe. It's a bar down there."

The patient then coughs, making pained noises as he does.

Emerald pulls out a small corked bottle and asks if maybe he wants one of his healing potions to help feel better.

"Ah, a little alchemist as well, are we? Thank you child, but I've already drank and been smothered in all sorts of potions. The nurses say I can't risk anymore for a while without a high chance of getting potion sickness." The zebra says sadly.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-14 05:03:39 No. 28875353

Fuck yeah booze.


Emerald asks what he knows about the Red Stripe.

"Don't know too much about it, but it's a tough crowd." The zebra says solemnly, "Got it's name from some zebra who got so much blood on him that his stripes turned red. I mean I doubt that actually happened, but it's a good story."

Emerald asks if the fact that they used potions mean that they might be young college alchemists.

"Maybe? In all probability they have someone making the potions for them and are just chucking them around. That'd be my guess." The cook says.

Emerald asks how his wife was captured.

"A guard knocked her out. She tried to stop them from throwing the bombs everywhere and she got a hoof to her face as a reward. I ran out to try to save her but... Well, look at me now." He says, gesturing to himself the best that he can in his condition.

Emerald thanks the zebra for his time and wishes him a speedy recovery. The pair then leaves, and when they get back to Loupe and Nishan, Emerald explains everything.

"Oh, I see!" Ruby says. Emerald forgot that she can't speak any Zebra.

"Do you know anything about the Red Stripe, Nishan?" The mare asks her friend.

"It's a dive bar, and like he said, it's a pretty tough crowd. It's not like ponies aren't allowed, but you'd get the stink eye if you went in. I'm also certain that foals like yourself wouldn't even be let anywhere near the door." The zebra says, nodding to Emerald.

What does Emerald do?
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