You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-11-17 03:22:02 No. 28894509
Inventory & Spells:

Previous Thread...

>Emerald speaks with Bunsen and learns a bit more about Marjani.
>Bunsen has to work, so Emerald and Ruby decide to hit up the local market.
>Emerald tries to get Ruby to buy a knife, but instead gets her current knife repaired.
>Emerald tries to get Ruby to buy a dress, and after a confession about what she thinks of her looks she decides to some day find a dress.
>Emerald and Ruby walk back to the hotel, but are accosted by a zebra who attacks them.
>Emerald and Ruby get out of that sticky situation, and are escorted home by some guards.
>The guard wonders if Joyride has been kidnapped, and after looking through Joyride's things and taken a few potions, they go to the guard station and get some sleep.
>Emerald wakes up to find a letter he sent the day before brought Nishan and Loupe to them.
>They go to the hospital and speak with the cook of the Millet Cafe, who's wife was probably captured by the same group of kidnappers.

Continued in the next post...

2016-11-17 03:29:04 No. 28894544

"Let's go check out the Red Stripe. Maybe we'll get some ideas." Nishan says, pointing them in the direction of the bar.

The group walks some ways over to the bar. The outside seems nice enough. It's a tall, white and blue square building, though it's clear that the bar is only in the basement section of it because of a neon sign pointing down a staircase that reads 'Red Stripe'. There are no windows on the establishment, at least that Emerald can see into.

"S-so we are going to be using me as bait right? You said there is no way that Emerald would get inside." Loupe says, turning to Nishan, who is staring at the door.

Emerald says that he could just loiter somewhere outside the building, or perhaps across the street.

"Hmm... You know if you really want to do this, I suppose we could age you up with a potion..." Nishan says, rubbing her chin, "But that also limits the time you can be out. I think most of those potions only last a few hours."

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-17 04:28:02 No. 28894870

"Huh? Oh." Nishan says, looking down at Emerald, "I just assumed that maybe you could make one. I don't know too much about alchemy myself. Never liked to rely on potions if I could help it."

Emerald scratches the back of his head and says that it might be too advanced for him, and that he doesn't know the recipe anyway.

"Maybe we could buy one?" Ruby says, piping up.

"We could, though it may be a bit expensive." Nishan says with a shrug.

Emerald thinks on what they would need if they were going to go through this plan. He'd certainly need some clothes. He is pretty sure his cutie mark wouldn't appear just because he took an aging potion. It would give him away.

"I don't know. Should we go try to find one?" Nishan says to the group at large, "Maybe we should just send Loupe in. Best not to complicate this too much."

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-17 05:16:12 No. 28895177

Emerald asks what Loupe would do if things got hostile.

"I won't let it come to that. If they start getting violent I'll run out here. I mean, I'm not completely defenseless either..." Loupe says.

She takes out a few potions, and says they are gas potions, and even a freezing potion.

"Plus you'll be out here just in case, right?" Loupe says to Nishan, who nods.

"So we have no way of contacting you once you go inside?" Ruby says, concerned.

"I suppose I could go in a little after she does and watch from the inside. That might work." Nishan says, rubbing her chin again.

Emerald fiddles with the idea of maybe giving Loupe one of her potions, if she decides to go in.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-17 06:25:20 No. 28895680

I actually had a hard time not giving her a cigar.


Emerald says that sending in Loupe probably is the best idea, but he comments that Nishan should go in first, just so the mare has some cover right from the beginning.

They then start to make plans. Emerald says that maybe they should ask around for Joyride, but Nishan vetoes that.

"We don't want that kind of suspicious on her. We want her kidnapped, not killed for knowing too much."

It's then decided that Loupe should disguise herself. Nishan and Loupe leave briefly and returns with a rather outrageous looking outfit. Tight, small, multi-colored, and pretty slutty looking.

"I still don't know about this..." Loupe says, attempting to pull her short skirt down more "It feels too tight... It makes me feel a little heavy."

"Relax, zebras like a ponies with a little more chunk."

Loupe doesn't seemt to react to the implication of being slightly overweight, instead it seems to give her courage. As Nishan walks towards the Red Stripe Ruby let's out with a whisper,

"What should Emerald and I do?"

"Hide for now and watch. If you see Loupe leave follow her carefully. If a fight breaks out for some reason and it isn't a huge group of zebras, come join in. I'm sure they won't expect children to jump into a fray."

Emerald and Ruby hide in an alley behind a trashcan and a cardboard box. They can see the entrance to the bar, but can't see into it. Nishan leaves for the bar first, and after about ten minutes Loupe goes in after her.

The pair of foals watch the door carefully, but don't see anyone particularly more or less shady enter or leave, neither do they see big groups of zebras do the same.

An hour passes.

"How long is this going to take...?" Ruby says, sighing into the cardboard box.

Emerald doesn't know. How long does it take to get kidnapped? How long does one usually spend in a bar? These things are beyond him.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-17 07:40:16 No. 28896030

(Might be the last for the night.)

Every time he loses concentration for a second the slutty outfit Loupe was wearing cross through his mind. Emerald toys with the idea of catching up on some reading while they wait, but this is too important of a time to get distracted. He needs to make sure he catches everything that may or may not happen.

Emerald then glances behind him. All that's there is a chain link fence and a few scraps of garbage. Looking up Emerald sees laundry lines criss-crossing the two buildings, and an emergency escape staircase hiding them from above. The colt is glad they picked this alleyway. At least he knows no one will be able to sneak up behind them.

Emerald is getting a bit too antsy though. Perhaps he should go up and try to look into one of the windows. Or maybe they should just wait a bit longer. Maybe another 30-45 minutes?

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-18 04:02:18 No. 28900738

Emerald decides to wait it out.

Feeling a bit exposed, Emerald asks if he can borrow Ruby's knife to cut a whole in the box. As he says it though, he remembers his knife of subtlety.

"Oh hey yeah, that's a great idea!" Ruby says before he can grab his knife, "Lemme do it though, I want to test this thing out."

Ruby takes her knife out and slides it along the box like it was passing through butter.

"Whoa, I never realized how important it was to sharpen your knives like this..." Ruby says after she carves a sizeable spying hole out of the cardboard container.

The two of them huddle inside the box and continue to watch the entrance to the Red Stripe. About another half an hour later Loupe walks up the stairs out of the bar, and continues down the street.

Nishan doesn't appear, but at the same time Loupe doesn't seem to be in any sort of distress.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-18 05:20:37 No. 28901165

Emerald and Ruby follow Loupe carefully, making sure to drop onto the ground whenever someone passes into eyesight.

They don't want to break their box disguise.

After a few minutes of following the mare they notice that there is a sizeable amount of zebras doing the same, though a bit more expertly.

It doesn't even look like Loupe knows that the zebras are there.

Emerald looks around for Nishan, but he doesn't see her.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-19 05:22:34 No. 28907113

Emerald decides to stay hidden the best they can while following Loupe.

>Perception Check, 14
>Rolled 4, 5
>4+5+3 = 12

Emerald and Ruby extricate themselves from the box and follow far behind. Loupe doesn't seem to be going any place in particular, only stopping occasionally to look into a shop window or attempt to pull her skirt down to a more resonable level.

For their part the zebras keep their distance from Loupe as well, and as they walk Emerald spies on them.

There is four of them, all stallions, and all around young adult age. None of them really stand apart apart from their clothing except for the one in front wearing a thick jacket. Emerald can tell the other three pay deference to him from their observations.

None of them appear to be armed with anything, though that doesn't mean they aren't carrying weapons.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-19 06:33:59 No. 28907577

Emerald and Ruby continue to follow the zebras tailing Loupe.

Eventually Loupe gets to a street that is a little less occupied than the ones she was on previously, and the zebras swoop in.

Emerald is too far away to hear what they are saying, but the four of them have surrounded Loupe. They don't grab her or anything, but they start to steer her forward, and end up goading her towards an alley.

Emearld doesn't think he can peer through the alley without being spotted by the crowd of zebras, but he can't leave Loupe behind. Where is Nishan?

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-19 07:31:54 No. 28907967

Until it ends or I kill myself.


Emerald and Ruby close in on the alleyway. He draws his book and he can hear Ruby unsheathe her knife from beside him.

They creep closer to hear the conversation going on, but just as they do Loupe lets out a high pitched scream and there is a rush of voices.

Emerald and Ruby jump out into the entrance of the alleyway, but as they do the mare collides with them, knocking them into a pile on the sidewalk.

Emerald untangles himself as quickly as he can, but Ruby is up before him.

"Huh...?" Ruby says, looking down the sidestreet.

Emerald looks as well, and he sees that all four of the assailants are stuck to the floor or walls by some sort of hard, gray foam. It's almost looks like thick cotton candy mixed with cement.

"A-ah ha... You guys were following me too? I suspect Nishan will be somewhere nearby as well." Loupe says.

Much to Emerald's surprise, Loupe looks high in the air after these words. Emerald looks himself and sees Nishan poke her head from up atop the buildings. Was she following from up there the whole time?

"What is this stuff?" Ruby says, poking at Loupe.

It's just then that Emerald realizes she has some of the odd cement stuff on her as well.

"I got a bit... Overzealous with the potions I bought. Got myself a little bit. But it's okay. It's not quite as heavy as it looks." Loupe says, with a nervous chuckle, "It's Quick-dry Zipfoam, just like the guards use!"

"Neat. Hey Emerald you should learn how to make some of this!" Ruby says, excitedly.

Emerald says that maybe he will, if he knew the recipe. He asks Loupe, but she doesn't know either.

"Anyway, concentrate on the questions you want out of these criminals. We'll start once Nishan gets down from the buildings, which should be pretty soon." Loupe says looking upward again.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-20 04:47:50 No. 28913408

Emerald barely has time to think up some questions before Nishan drops down and lands on all fours next to them.

"Whoa!" Ruby says startled and looking up at the rooftop, "How did you do that?"

"It's something called 'Par-Core', or at least that's what it sounded like the deer said to me." Nishan says, walking around the corner and looking at all the gang members, "Seemed useful, and she taught me a bit."

"Think you can teach me?" Ruby says, stars in her eyes.

"I'm still an amateur. I wouldn't feel right teaching you. You can really hurt yourself doing it." She says, and then walks forward and gestures to the punks, "See what you can get out of them."

As Nishan walks to someone near the back, Emerald walks up to the one closest to them. It's hard to tell since he is covered from head to hoof in foam, but he thinks it's the leader. He grabs at the foam, but it's as hard as rock. Feeling safe, Emerald asks why they were following Loupe.

The leader smirks down at him, clearly not taking the foal seriously, "Hey now, we were just taking her to get some cotton candy, ya know?"

"Yeah, I bet that's exactly what you meant by 'giving me a good time', right?" Loupe says with a frown.

"Exactly, sweet cheeks. Prove that we weren't."

Emerald is a little hesitant of asking them if they were part of the ring of kidnappers. Maybe they are just a bunch of punks? On the other hoof, maybe it's better to go all out and accuse them right away.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-21 05:19:59 No. 28920002

(Guest update by Saria the Frostmage, or Snowball, or Pumpkin... Not sure what she wants to go by []. Also not sure how much updating I'll do up until Thanksgiving. Busy time for my work.)

Emerald gives the biggest puppy dog eyes he can, and asks what they were really planning on doing with Loupe. Four stallions and a mare don't go walking into an alley for no reason.

"I told you what happened. Honest truth. Don't believe me? Go get the guards and we'll all have a little chat." He says with a grin.

Emerald isn't sure he wants to do that, considering what Nishan said. He glances over to the zebra and sees that she seems to be having more success with her suspect that he is. She is giving him a stare down, and aggressively whispering to him, and the zebra looks quite scared.

Copying this, Emerald then gives the best intimidating face he can, and threatens to launch a magic missile straight into his face if he doesn't talk.

"I ain't scared." The Zebra says, calling his bluff.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-21 07:10:32 No. 28920672

I don't think Emerald has the sculpture.


Emerald raises his focus with one hoof, and points his hoof square on the Zebra's snout. He fires a magic missile, and he thinks he hears a soft crack, sees some blood being drawn.

"Agck! My nose! Why you little-" The zebra then starts hurling all sorts of insults told Emerald. The colt doesn't really understand some of them, but tries to remember them for later. He raises a hoof to the snout of the zebra again, which makes him stop yelling.

Emerald asks where they took Joyride and the other ponies.

"We drop them off at the west gate, and a wagon takes them somewhere. I don't know where!"

"Funny." Nishan says, walking up from the side and startling both the colt and the stallion, "That's not what that guy told me. Seems like someone is lying here. Emerald, let's beat on these thugs until both our stories match."

The zebra then hands Emerald a trash can lid.

"Whoa hey!" Ruby says, snatching it up from the colt, "This one I can do!"

"Okay, okay!" The leader zebra says as Ruby positions herself with the trash can lid, "The warehouse on 23rd and Lifter!"

Emerald demands to know why they are being taken there.

"T-they use them as sex slaves!" The leader says, struggling beneath his foam prison.

"Damn it." The zebra says, hitting the floor with her hoof, "Of all the things to cause this much suspicion and paranoia over. And why kill some of them?"

"Because the killer wasn't us! Not most of the time." Despite the situation he is in, the zebra gives himself a small chuckle, "We ain't the ones that started the scare, but our boss is the one who could see the profit in it."

"I don't know, alright? We go to the warehouse. We give them the ponies and a guy gives us the money. We spend a lot of it at the warehouse. I have never contacted my boss directly. Hell, I don't even know his name!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-21 09:23:44 No. 28921479

Emerald has a little chuckle at the thought of Joyride not enjoying being a sex slave. He tells Ruby to smack him straight on the nose if he doesn't answer truthfully.

He asks how many guards are at the warehouse, and if they just distribute slaves or is it a brothel. He also asks when it is most active and how armed they are.

"I don't know man, It's not like I sat down and counted all the guards. More than a couple, I guess? They usually are pretty heavily armed. Spears, and shields and stuff. Probably potions as well. As far as I know the place is just a brothel. I'm not very high up on the chain, see? Also, it's probably the busiest at night." The leader zebra says.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-22 07:10:25 No. 28926826

Emerald says that they are worse than scum, and that they better tell them the whole truth. He then holds a hoof up again and the zebra says,

"I've told you everything you little shit! Now let me go!"

He then attempts to struggle under his foamy bonds as Nishan walks up and says, "I like the enthusiasm Emerald, but I think we got everything out of him. Only question now is what we should do with them."

"Maybe we should call the guards?" Loupe responds, "If we are going down there it might be nice to get some help...

"Nah, forget that. Aren't they in on it? Or at least some of them? Could we trust the guards?" Ruby says, piping up, "Plus it'll waste time. Who knows what is going on in that warehouse!"

Emerald looks up at the sky. It's around mid-day at the moment, or perhaps an hour or two past. Still some time before night.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-22 08:38:44 No. 28927384

"Hey! Where are you going? Get us out of here!" The leader zebra says as the group walks away. Emerald can hear the zebra throwing curses at him, but they eventually fade away as they round the corner out of the alley.

The party decides to go check on the warehouse on 23rd and lifter. Not surprisingly it isn't far from the Red Stripe only about two or so blocks.

This whole area seems to be nothing but industry and warehouses, and there are very few people coming or going. Worrying they might be standing out, the party heads to another alley across the road from the warehouse to hide and scope the place out.

There is very little to distinguish this warehouse from the others surrounding it, other than the large windows on the side being either boarded up or covered with cloth.

A lone zebra seems to be guarding the entrance to the warehouse. He looks nervously around, and every so often peers into the door before sitting uneasily beside the door.

"Hmm. Something doesn't feel right. There should be more people around here. If not guards, then patrons at the very least." Nishan says, looking towards the warehouse.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-23 02:05:47 No. 28931050

Emerald says that Ruby, Loupe, and himself can go check around the building if Nishan will distract the guard.

"Yes, I was going to suggest something similar. Make it quick though." Nishan says.

Since Ruby and Emerald have to walk around the side of the wall, the zebra gives them a slight head start before making her way to the front entrance.

They wait for Nishan to start talking before attempting to scale the wall.

It's too high for them to jump on, and slightly too smooth to climb. Loupe stands in front of the wall and mouths out, "I'll give you a boost."

Ruby starts a running leap and easily ends up sitting atop the wall. Emerald attempts to do the same, but ends up almost face planting into it, and has to scramble to get himself over.

All while this is happening Nishan carries out the conversation with the guard. At first she simply tries to walk past him, but the guard stops her.

"Whoa hey, whaddya want." The guard says.

"You know what I want. Why else would I be here." Nishan says sternly.

"We're closed for now. Come back later." The guard says, nervously glancing inside again.

"What? Why?" Nishan replies with a glare.

"Because we are, now beat it." The guard says, turning back to her with a glare of his own.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-23 04:32:35 No. 28931733

Emerald struggles to hoist himself up, but with the help of Ruby and a push from behind from Loupe he manages to get atop the wall.

The windows are too well covered with boards and cloth to view anything from this side, and looking down below just reveals a small pathway filled with shrubs, weeds, and the occasional bit of garbage.

"Out of here now, or I'll make you leave." The zebra talking to Nishan says, approaching her.

She suddenly points at Ruby and Emerald sitting upon the wall and says, "Oh? I wasn't aware we could request foals."

The zebra turns to look, and seeing Ruby and Emerald starts to yell out, but is cut short when Nishan pulls out a rod of some kind and smacks him in the back of the head, knocking him out.

Ruby and Emerald quickly hop over to Nishan, who is hog-tying the guard. She then takes out a piece of fabric and crams it in his mouth to gag him. At least he won't be any trouble if he wakes up.

Nishan then glances inside and says, "What the..."

Emerald peers in as well. It's completely empty, but there is a staircase downwards where some commotion can be heard.

"Hmm... Why is there so little security?" Nishan asks to herself.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-23 05:30:00 No. 28932067

Emerald turns an ear toward the stairs.

>Perception Check, 8
>Rolled 5, 3
>5+3+3 = 11, Passed

It sounds like there is some sort of fight going on downstairs, and lot's of arguing. He thinks he can hear some popping explosions as well.

"Stay here for a second, I'm going to search the top floor a little bit." Nishan says, pointing to Emerald and Ruby.

As she enters Emerald spies the unconscious guard. He first searches the guard for any weapons or potions. The guard has a small, red stoppered vial as well as a retractable baton and some sort of curved knife. Emerald confiscates these, and after pulling out his knife, he ungags the zebra and shakes him awake.

"Agh... Huh...?" The guard says shaking his head to clear it.

Emerald points his knife of subtlety at the zebra and says if he doesn't want to be a gelding he'll tell him what is going on inside.

"And no yelling. You yell and that's the end for you!" Ruby says, pulling her own knife out.

"Is this for real?" The zebra asks in an amused confusion, "Two foals giving me the shakedown?"

Ruby gives him a poke in his flank with his knife and says, "Quit stalling, out with it!"

After flinching the guard says, "Quit it! Those things ain't toys kid! Jeez. We are just having some problems with some new merchandise we brought in."

"Merchandise...?" Loupe says, coming around the corner from the wall, "You mean the ponies you kidnapped!"

"Hey, I didn't kidnap no one. I just sit here and make sure people like you don't get through." The guard says, glaring at Loupe, "And nice outfit. Sure you didn't come here to be one of our 'merchandise' yourself?"

Loupe blushes angrily at the guard.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-25 04:00:13 No. 28942532

Emerald swings the baton around. He kind of likes it, though he isn't sure how effective he'll be with it, having never really used anything like it before.

He stows the weapon away and then asks the zebra on the floor what kind of problems they were having with the "merchandise", and if it was a unicorn. He also asks how many people are down there.

"I don't know. All the guys just got called in for help. Sounds like a fight to me but I was told to stay here in case someone came around. And there are uh..." The zebra says, screwing his eyes in concentration, "like, 7 of us? Other than me I mean."

Emerald asks how long the operation has been going on, and who is in charge of this place.

"I dunno man. I get paid to sit here and let people in, and rough people up when I need too. That's all I need to know." the zebra says.

Ruby kicks him in the stomach, and after coughing the guard says, "I'm telling the truth you little shit!"

Emerald asks what the potion does.

"It's my medicine. Ya know, my 'medicine', you get it?" The zebra says to Loupe and Nishan.

Loupe asks to see the potion, and the two mares look at it for a second.

"Medicine?" Ruby asks, trying to get a look as well.

"He means drugs. Nishan says rolling her eyes, just pour it down his throat and let's get down there. Something tells me we should go help.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-25 05:45:56 No. 28942998

Emerald let's him down the vial.

The company sits around for a second to see if the zebra was telling the truth, and after a minute or so his pupils dilate and he gets a sort of glassy stare. Loupe checks his heartbeat really quick, and then everyone starts to make their way towards the stairs and slowly walk down, with Nishan in the lead, the foals behind her, with Loupe flanking them all.

The commotion gets louder and louder, until they see a room open before them with a passageway to the right.

The one in front of them is filled with zebras hiding behind crates, ducking to avoid the occasional blast of magic.

There are two zebras near the back of the room arguing, even as the spells fly by them.

Emerald has to hold back a gasp. He recognizes one of them. It's Dejen!

"-emptied enough gas into that room to knock them all out several times over! How could anyone still be conscious?" the zebra that isn't the guard says to Dejen.

"Then get the undiluted potion and toss it in there." Dejen says through clenched teeth.

"B-but... That'll kill-" The other ones starts before he is interrupted by the kindly guard from before.

"Then so be it. Losing all of one shipment is better than having the whole operation blown. Do you know who you have in there? She isn't very well known around these parts, but let's just say we are lucky she isn't turned this place into a smoking crater yet." Dejen says icily to the other zebra.

What does Emerald do?
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