You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-11-28 03:08:04 No. 28961264
Inventory & Spells:

Previous Thread...

>The party goes to the Red Stripe Bar
>Loupe is sent in to try and attract the kidnappers.
>Loupe leaves the bar and is followed by some ruffians.
>Nishan, Emerald, and Ruby converge on Loupe, but she has already handled things by the time they get there by freezing them in place with some sort of foam bomb.
>The group interrogates the kidnappers, and finds out where they took Joyride and the other ponies.
>The party stakes out the hideout, and eventually breaks in by distracting the only guard there.
>Once inside, the group finds what appears to be a fight going on between the kidnapper zebras and what the others assume is Joyride and the other ponies.

Continued in the next post...

2016-11-28 03:16:14 No. 28961306

Emerald pulls out some of his potions, and seeing this Loupe does the same. Nishan takes out one of what Emerald thinks is her collapsable spears, but when it extends it's just a staff. Ruby unsheathes her knife, and begins to look at the enemy zebras wearily.

Emerald calls for the attack, and he and Loupe begin to start lobbing there potions out. Emearld tosses what sticky potions he has, and manages to strike a group of two zebra. The other potions shatters near the box, and the last one goes high and smashes into the wall. Loupe has just about as much luck. She aims for a nearest zebra and incases him full in foam.

Emerald and the rest charge in, but by this point the other zebras, including Dejen, see the attackers. Suddenly there is a smash and the room is filled high with smoke.

Emerald can't see anything, but does spot the flashes of spells or potions, and the din of combat.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-28 04:36:49 No. 28961664

A while, and yeah I probably should be better.


Emerald wonders if this is the potion that Dejen mentioned, and quickly covers his snout.

Probably just in time too, as he begins to feel woozy and coughs.

>Perception check, 15
>Boosted, 2/3 boosts left
>Rolled 5,1,1
>5+1+1+3 = 10, Failed

Emerald spies about the thick smoke, and though he can see shapes moving about he can't really tell who is who or what is what.

There appears to be a few hazy figures fighting nearby. He says that because the foal can hear the grunts and see a lot of movement.

One vague shape is shuffling around behind him the way he came, but other than that he can't see what the blob is doing.

The last one is on the floor, not really moving. This one Emerald guesses is Ruby, because the shape is quite a bit smaller than the other blobs.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-28 06:07:12 No. 28962161

Emerald pulls out his focus and begins by trying to push the smoke out of the way. It works, but the smoke quickly fills back up the spot that was displaced by his magical energies.

Emerald does a push spell near the floor to find the small form, and once the smoke clears it is indeed Ruby. Emerald uses all his strength to drag Ruby back up the stairs. All at the same time he is also doing his best not to breath in the fumes, though he isn't having too much success at that.

Luckily the smoke seems to be much denser than the air around it, as they emerge from it some way up the stairs, and it doesn't seem to be making any attempt to follow them.

After gulping several lung fulls of fresh air Emerald checks on Ruby.

She is unconscious, but doesn't seem hurt. In fact, to Emerald it doesn't seem to him like she is anything other than asleep. A hypothesis helped by the fact that she let's out a loud snore.

Emerald still feels a little woozy from the gas, but stares upwards to see if maybe Loupe was the blob near the entrance way. There doesn't seem to be anywhere nearby however.

Emerald listens back down the stairs, and the fighting seems to still be going on.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-28 07:18:10 No. 28962577

Emerald shakes Ruby, hoping to wake her up, but she lies there sleeping all the same. The colt gets a fleeting urge to kiss her like in all those fairy tales he has read, but now is not the time for such things... Is it?

Emerald turns back to the smoke cloud and yells out that he is okay and waiting on the stairs, but no one seems to answer. Emerald then turns and carefully creeps over to the top of the stairs. There is still no one there, but Emerald can see over to the doorway to the warehouse.

It appears someone is trying to shake the guard awake out there. A second later Emerald realizes it's Dejen, and he is trying to slap the guard awake. He unbound the guard, but he seems far too high to be of any use.

Emerald wonders if he should go confront Dejen. On the other hoof the fighting downstairs isn't done, and maybe he should assist in that. Emerald has an inkling that he may be able to wander among the gas with his shield spell. At least hopefully he will.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-29 08:35:36 No. 28965876

Emerald turns away from Dejen and pulls out his focus. He can't cast the shield spell on himself, but he can cast it on things around him. Targeting his bandanna, he casts the spell, causing a small ball of magical energy to cover him.

He carefully makes his way downstairs, creeping carefully towards the group of fighters. The colt can make out three blobs fighting, but he doesn't know who is who.

Emerald steadies himself, and then drops his shield and casts a push spell.

Two unfamiliar zebras wearing small gas masks are revealed, as is a slightly haggard looking Nishan covering her face with a piece of torn material. The rushing gas and sudden clearness of the area surprises all three, and Emerald takes the opportunity to unload some magical missiles into one of the ponies before quickly shielding himself again. Before the gas refills the space he sees one of the zebras go down, and Nishan leveling a heavy blow into the other.

It goes quiet, and after a few seconds of shuffling Nishan accidentally walks right into the shielded Emerald. She is now wearing one of the face masks.

"Come, I need to get out of the gas. I'm about to pass out."

Emerald leads Nishan back towards the stairs and next to Ruby. Nishan looks around and then says,

"Did you manage to find Loupe?"

Emerald shakes his head, and then looks worriedly back down at the smoke. It's starting to dissipate, but it's still pretty thick.

"Don't worry about her. This concentration of gas isn't lethal, at least not adults but..." Nishan says, slumping down slightly, "It will knock us out. Here take the mask and go see if you can find Joyride and the others."

Nishan unhooks her mask and then finally passes out, nearly dropping the breathing mask into the gas below. Emerald picks it up and puts it on and ties the bandanna back around his neck.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-29 09:48:23 No. 28966166

Emerald glances down back at the smoke. He could go get Joyride right now, but something tells him that he should go look for Dejen.

Emerald bursts up the stairs as fast as he can and carefully makes his way to the door so that he isn't taken by surprise. Glancing out he sees the guard on the floor, unbound, but still blacked out.

Emerald Glances around the building, and then walks to the sidewalk and looks around. Dejen doesn't seem to be anywhere nearby that he can see.

He thinks he might have missed his chance when he went and helped Nishan down below.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-29 08:15:39 No. 28969325

Emerald quickly goes back to the building and closes the door behind him. There is a lock and a deadbolt on the door, and the colt closes both.

For now that should prevent anyone from coming in, but he is sure it wouldn't hold very well, especially since the windows are barely boarded up and the large door doesn't seem to have a lock on it at all, at least from this side.

Emerald rushes back to the staircase in hopes of finding Joyride and Loupe among the smoke, but just as he is about to go down the stairs he bumps into something, causing him to fall backwards.

"Oh, there you are lil' perv." Joyride says, grinning down at the pony before her and swaying slightly, "Saw Nishan and Ruby, so I figured you'd be somewhere nearby."

Emerald quickly gets up and hugs her tightly. Trembling slightly, he says that he wasn't sure he'd ever see her again.

"Hey, hey now. I'm fine, see? Thanks for the help by the way, I'm assuming that was you guys." Joyride says, pointing down at the smoky room below.

Emerald, slight tears in his eyes, says that it was, except for the gas bomb. He isn't sure who did that.

"Well, it looks like you have everything handled. All the kidnapped ponies are downstairs if you need them. Now, If you'll excuse me." Joyride says before suddenly falling snout first into the floor.

She starts snoring loudly, and appears to have passed out. Emerald gives her a few hard pokes on the flank, but it doesn't seem to rouse her at all.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-30 09:11:18 No. 28971762

Emerald drags Joyride down with Nishan and Ruby. Giving her a quick pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek, the colt descends back into the gas.

Emerald starts first by identifying all the bodies in the room where the fight took place in an attempt to find Loupe. He does eventually find her behind some crates. Judging by the fact that there is a unbroken potion bottle nearby it can be assumed she was going to hide herself and lob potions. Emerald takes the potion up and puts it back in her hoof, and then makes his way over to the room that Joyride was in.

It's a long corridor with rooms branching off to the side. Emerald can't see into most of them however, because they've been blocked off by boxes, upturned beds, and other pieces of furniture.

At the end of the hall Emerald finds something that was very likely a lounge. The entrance way to it has been blocked slightly with big, comfy looking sofas turned on their sides with a lot of scorch marks on them, and behind it are piled some 20 or so ponies, many of which seemed to have made attempts to get to the back wall before falling asleep from the gas.

Emerald looks at the sleepers, and eventually spots Sugar Cane among them. He then takes another look around the room and sees a small kitchenette and a bathroom, but now other exits.

On the nearby kitchenette is a book. It's hard to read because of the gas, but it looks to be a ledger.

Emerald ponders on whether he should write Bunsen and ask for his assistance. Would he be able to help? It might be a good idea.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-30 10:29:47 No. 28972021

Emerald grabs the ledger, and then makes his way out to the room that had the fight in it and looks for other gas masks he could use.

The zebras covered in foam and the ones stuck in the sticky potion are out, since they never had time to put their masks on and are probably now well within the goop that covers each respectively.

That only leaves the other zebra that Nishan knocked out.

Emerald removes the gas mask from him and returns upstairs and attaches it to Joyride. Do gas masks help people who have already been effected by gas? Emerald isn't really sure, but he tries anyway.

The colt then pulls out his quill and parchment and writes a letter to Bunsen, explaining everything that has happened and saying he isn't sure who to turn too since he doesn't trust the zebra guard.

Emerald sends the letter off and then heads back downstairs and takes the right down the passage that he hasn't been yet.

It leads down a hallway with a piece of cloth hung to separate the room from the passage. He pulls it aside to see a small sleeping quarters. There are cheap cots pilled around the walls and one large wooden spool with chairs around it acting as a table. Approaching the table through the thick fog Emerald sees that a game of cards was interrupted, probably by the fighting.

Interestingly, Emerald notices that the smoke in this room is slowly filtering towards the back of the room. Emerald walks towards the center of it, and finds a closed door. He opens it and it reveals a grate on the floor with a ladder that leads downwards. From the smell of it, he guesses it's a sewer.

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-30 12:31:48 No. 28972507

Emerald decides it's probablynot the best time to go looking through the sewers, and instead opens the grate and door wide in an attempt to clear the gas out.

It slowly starts to funnel down into the opening, and Emerald helps it along by using his push spell to force it forward. As the smoke starts to clear a bit Emerald checks the sleeping quarters for any sort of incriminating evidence.

There doesn't seem to be too manly personal effects here, but he does find a cabinet filled with unlabeled bottles. Emerald wonders if he should pilfer these, but at the same time he should probably leave them for evidence.

Other than that he finds 20 rand and 2 unopened bottles of booze.

Emerald then walks back towards the the stairs, and when he comes out of the gas cloud he hooves through the ledger.

A lot of it is written in code, but the amounts of money are there, and even in rand it seems to be quite a lot. Maybe someone else will get some use out of it.

Emerald hears a bang from up above, and spying out from the stairs he sees three zebras enter. Two are wearing strange armor and carrying large saddle packs, but Emerald recognizes the third, smaller zebra as he is wearing the same garb that Emerald spotted him in earlier today.

"Hello? Anyone there?" Bunsen asks as if he was walking in on a surprise birthday party.

Emerald calls to him, and the three zebras approach.

"Ah, good to see you well my boy. Didn't you say something about smoke?" Bunsen says with a smile.

Emerald points down the stairs, and everyone goes.

When they get to Nishan, Joyride, and Ruby most of them stop, but one continues onwards straight down into the smoke.

The zebra who didn't stop takes his pack off and pulls out a small bottle full of grainy looking rocks and begins shaking it.

"You said something about not wanting to tell the guards because you thought they may be in on this. Are you sure?" Bunsen says

What does Emerald do?

2016-11-30 04:57:27 No. 28973853

Emerald says that he is sure he saw a guard here. He even knows the name of the Guard, and says it too him.

"Hmm... I see..." Bunsen says thoughtfully.

Emerald looks behind him to see the zebra in body armor shaking the bottle from before. The zebra holds it under Ruby's nose, and she fidgets for a second before pushing it away and slowly coming too.

"What the heck..." Ruby says, getting off the zebra with a wobble.

The zebra moves to Nishan next, and then to Joyride.

"Hey quit it, I'm sleepin' here!" Joyride says as the zebra does this, laying back down on the floor and falling asleep again immediately.

Emerald shows Bunsen the ledger. After looking at it for a second he shakes his head and hands it back. He then replies,

"I can't make heads or tails of this. Why don't you hold onto it for now until we figure out what to do."

The smoke from below starts disappearing quite rapidly, and soon enough the party above can see the other zebra standing in the middle of the room holding a jar with green smoke coming out of it.

The party takes turns un-stickifying and un-foaming the knocked out zebras and cuffing them together, and then they go around reviving Loupe and the downed kidnapped ponies.

Emerald stands by Sugar Cane as the zebra wafts the smelling salts under her snout.

She starts, and then gets up slowly, and seeing Emerald says,

"H-hey, it's you... Where's Joyride? What happened?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-01 04:20:04 No. 28979536

(Going in for a root canal today. This might be the only update. Depends how I'm feeling afterwards.)

Emerald takes a nearby blanket up and offers it to Sugar Cane, who takes it obligingly. Emerald asks if she is okay, and if they hurt her.

"Nah, Ah'm okay. Ms. Joyride saw to that. Unfortunate about some of the others..." Sugar Cane says with a frown, looking around.

To keep the conversation off what could have potentially happened, Emerald comments that Joyride was fighting with the slavers while she was knocked out, and is currently passed out up the stairs.

"Oh, Ah know. She wuz quite the trooper she wuz. She barely ate anything, and Ah don't think Ah saw her sleep uh wink the whole time I was here." Sugar Cane says, readjusting the blanket she is covering herself with, "It was quite the battle. Upturne furniture, spell and potion slingin' everywhere... Surprised no one died!"

Emerald suddenly remembers Sugar Cane's husband, and mentions that he is okay.

"Oh! That's wonderful to hear! The last time Ah saw him h-he..." Sugar Cane says, tearing up. She shakes her head and wipes her eyes and then continues, "Well where is he at young'n? Ah gotta go visit him."

Emerald mentions the name of the hospital, and thankfully she knows where it is.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-02 03:29:40 No. 28984733

Emerald wonders if he should say anything to stop her from leaving. Other than those speaking to Joyride or other wise thanking her for help are acting a bit confused, wondering what they should do, and if they should head home. Helpfully Bunsen speaks up at this point near the entrance to the room, flanked by one of his zebra compatriots.

"Hello, everyone. You have all been through so much recently, but we aren't sure what exactly is going on at the moment, or who we can really trust-"

"The guards are in on it!" One of the ponies says.

"Yeah, I... I recognized a few of them!" A different one says.

There is some general muttering around the room at this point, and Bunsen does his best to settle it down before continuing,

"Yes. Yes I want to get this all sorted out. Now I can't make any of you come with me, but until things get a little more sorted out you are all welcome to take sanctuary in the Marjani Chapel. You can get some well deserved rest there, and we can take statements. We'll probably want to get the Hiwot temple involved for an inquiry on the city guards as well. Maybe even some of the papers."

"What about our families?" Sugar Cane says, from beside Emerald.

"We can get word out to them from the temple." Bunsen says with a nod.

There is a general murmur of agreement from all in the room to follow Bunsen to his temple, and a few moments later Bunsen says,

"I am happy to hear that. I have sent for an escort, so it will only be a short wait and then we'll be on our way."

"Speaking of which, you may want to go wake Joyride." Nishan says from beside Emerald, startling him.

Emerald pops up and walks back up the stairs to his sleeping mentor. Emerald tries a few more times to wake her, but she stays asleep through it all. Emerald shrugs and lays on her.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-02 05:11:26 No. 28985352

Emerald tries to whisper sexy promises in her ear to wake her, and even tries to lift her himself. However he can't get more than her head off the ground. He rests his head under hers and pretends that he has "equipped" her, but then quickly stops.

Not sure of what else to do, he lies next to her.

After a minute or two he hears some clopping behind him and a voice say,

"Uh... What are you doing?"

It's Ruby, and she comes up close and pokes both Emerald and Joyride.

Emerald explains that he is trying to get into Joyride's mind in order to figure out how to move her.

"We could just ask someone to carry her for us."

Emerald doesn't respond to Ruby's remark, and a few seconds later he hears some movement from beside him. Looking sideways he sees that Ruby has joined him on the ground.

A minute or two of this and they both get up and start looking around for anything to loot. Emerald takes the booze and rand he found earlier, but other than that there really isn't much to take. Most of the crates are nailed shut, and the few boxes that are around contain trash or things like nails and screws. Emerald does however remember to take the gas mask off Joyride. Who knows when they could be useful!

Emerald goes back downstairs, and seeing Bunsen walks up to him and tells him about the grate that leads to the sewer. Asking if it should be checked out.

"A secret exit, hmm? Yes, it is probably a good idea to check it out, but let us do it. We'll send someone down once we get our escort." Bunsen says kindly.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-02 06:31:50 No. 28985782

Emerald mentions to Bunsen that Dejen escaped, and asks the zebra if he thinks he'll return. With Joyride knocked out they don't exactly have the fighting force they did before.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry so much about that. With the influence I have in this city someone like Dejen isn't likely going to bring a force of guards against me suddenly. And if he tries to bring some thugs, well... Let's just say I may be old, but I have a bit of fight in me still." Bunsen says, giving some playful jabs to Emerald's shoulder.

Emerald purses his lips. He wants to believe that, but Bunsen is rather small and scrawny looking. Emerald almost wonders if he could take him. Of course he is a great alchemist, perhaps he has a trick up his sleeve? Emerald smiles, and then thanks Bunsen for all he's done and excuses himself.

Emerald takes the last few minutes to search for any "fun" toys or gear, however there doesn't seem to be any in the area. Perhaps you were expected to bring your own if you wanted to use them on the unfortunate ponies.

While he works the colt reflects on how he and Ruby were allowed to take all there things when they left the police station, but had to leave Joyride's stuff behind. He wonders if she'll miss is. There didn't appear to be anything that special in there. Hopefully there wasn't.

Emerald, who had been searching in the large spool in the guard bedroom, hears the trotting of hooves above, and looking down the corridor sees Bunsen and the ponies walk upstairs. Emerald abandons his search and follows, and sees an odd congregation of armored ponies and clergymen. Some of them wearing vestments of both, and about thirty strong. Emerald is sure no one would harass them on the way back to the Marjani Temple. Bunsen is giving this group orders, and when he sees Emerald he turns to him and says,

"We are going to leave soon."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-05 07:59:55 No. 29002520

Emerald mentions that they found some of the slavers near a back alley by the Red Stripe. Finding them is how they found this place.

"I see! I'll have some of my men get them once we return everyone to the temple." Bunsen says with a smile.

Emerald looks to Joyride, and wonders if they are going to be able to wake her up. As if this thought floated out of his head some of the nearby ponies offer to take her, but Nishan scoops her up and puts the unicorn on her back first.

"You've all been through enough for now. I can handle this." Nishan says.

Emerald can't help but notice that some of the mares go dreamy eyed at this, notably Loupe.

A few moments later they are all out the door. Bunsen leaves one of his cohorts behind, telling him to stick to the shadows in case anyone returns and then to report whatever transpires.

Bunsen takes the lead, along with two other armored zebras. Every few feet or so are another pair of zebras flanking the ponies who are all gathered in the middle, much like a fence surrounds and guards the animals within. The whole group is surprisingly quiet, perhaps because the sight of the escort makes everyone feel like they aren't all quite out of danger yet. Emerald can't help but chuckle a bit as they pass onlookers on the street, most of whom give a confused, curious look. One even has the courage to attempt to hit on one of the ponies within, only to be shot down by a glance from one Bunsen's stallions.

Emerald catches up with the head shaman and asks what sort of tricks he has up his sleeve. He even asks if he has a potion that will make him huge and muscly.

"I do actually have one of those!" Bunsen says with a laugh, "But as for my really secret surprises I'm afraid I don't want to reveal too much. No offense meant, it's just that a surprise attack can be the difference between winning and losing."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-05 10:42:15 No. 29003028

I dunno. Don't remember too much from the last two or three days.


Emerald asks if there are other potions for body modification.

"Yes, there are lot's! Weight loss potions are pretty popular recently, but you have to be careful with those." Bunsen says with a laugh.

Emerald asks what is going to happen with the Red Stripe. There is obviously something going on there.

"I'm not sure yet, lil' buddy. It could be that the Red Stripe is in on the whole thing, or it could be that the slavers simply liked doing business at the bar. There will have to be an investigation." Bunsen says with a frown, thinking.

Emerald thanks the zebra for everything he has down so far, and gives the elderly stallion a hug.

"Ah, you are a good boy, you are." Bunsen says, rubbing Emerald on the head again.

Emerald stays mostly quiet at this point until they reach the temple. At this point it is early in the evening, and the University's gates have been shut up. The party has to wait a few minutes until they can get a guard's attention, and the doors are opened and they are let inside. It didn't occur to Emerald at the time, but the whole complex is very much like a fortress.

Everyone is directed into the worship hall, and blankets are distributed out. Some of the zebras, now minus there armor, come from the back room with a large pot and begin throwing vegetables and water into it, heating it with some sort of fire potion beneath the huge cook wear. This is all fine and good by most of the ponies in attendance, as no one looks ready to sleep save for Joyride, who is knocked out nearby.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-05 11:39:33 No. 29003248

After getting a little soup and consuming it, Emerald finds himself wide awake. He looks over to see Joyride still passed out. He gets out and tucks Joyride in a little better than she was, and then sits back down and spots Ruby.

Ruby looks back, and Emerald asks how she thinks her first fight went.

"What, before passing out? Fine I guess. I really didn't get to do much though." Ruby says with a frown, taking her knife out and looking it over, "It was kind of scary, wasn't it?"

Emerald nods, and then getting an idea whips out the ledger. He'll try to decipher it. It probably is a crucial piece of evidence, if only it can be cracked.

Ruby walks over with her blanket and plops down next to Emerald, and after asking what he is doing responds,

"Looks like gibberish to me, but if there is anyone who can figure it out it's you."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-06 06:34:41 No. 29011560
>INT check, 15
>Rolled 6,4,6
>6+6+4+4 = 20, Passed

Emerald can't claim to be an expert cryptographer, but he finds decoding the book quite a quick process, taking him little over an hour.

It's a simple cipher, it simply replaces a letter of the zebra alphabet with another letter, and then transposes them forward in the zebra alphabet about five places.

It was especially simple when he figured out Dejen's name, and then used it to cross check other names and places on the list.

"Oh hey, neat." Ruby says, when Emerald announces it's completion to her and holds it to her face, "so does that mean we can go arresting people now?"

Emerald ponders this thoughtfully, and then seeing Bunsen appear from the backroom and walk up to the people speaking around the pot gets an idea.

Taking the book and the notes he scrawled down on a piece of parchment, he rushes over to Bunsen and shows the zebra his work.

"My goodness Emerald. You've already done this much? I must admit myself to be quite-" Bunsen says, stopping suddenly. His eyes are staring at an entry, and he goes back and forth between Emerald's translation and the proper ledger.

Hearing his sudden pause, some of his associates join him, as well as Nishan. A sudden muttering whisper breaks out among them.

Bunsen turns the book back to Emerald and pointing to a name that reads "Adesola" and says, "Are you sure about this one?"

Emerald was sure, but having Bunsen point out something makes him hesitate a little. He nods his head, and the whispering continues.

"Hmm... This is unfortunate..." Bunsen says, "Adesola is, well, quite a powerful politician in these parts. This will require some finesse. Thank you, Emerald. You have been a great help."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-06 07:54:03 No. 29012030

Emerald wonders if he should make some copies of the ledger. Sure, they wouldn't be as legitimate as the real thing, but it'd be nice to have in case the original is lost.

Emerald plays with the idea that maybe Joyride could create copies for him, but the colt doesn't want to wake up the unicorn if he can help it. He supposes he could wait until tomorrow when she is awake.

Emerald asks who Adesola is, and if he is more powerful than Bunsen.

"Mmm... I'd say he carries about the same influence as I do, though in different areas. His father is an ambassador to the pony lands and powerful politically. From what I understood Adesola is set to take up after his father." Bunsen says frowning, "Neither of them will be happy when this surfaces."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-07 07:09:43 No. 29014870

Emerald asks who Adesola's father is.

"His name is Jaheem." Bunsen says.

Emerald doesn't recognize the name at first, but visions of a certain foursome reappear in his mind, and the colt realizes that he was the rude zebra diplomat from back in Whiterwater.

Emerald asks if he could maybe remain anonymous in his report about the whole slaver thing. Between Jaheem and his wanted posters he is sure that it wouldn't be a good idea.

"If you'd like, yes. With the ledger you have given us plenty of evidence to follow up on." Bunsen says with a beam.

Emerald tells Bunsen that there might have been other shipments of slaves.

"Yes... It is unfortunate, but for the moment they may be out of our reach. We need to clean house a bit before we can go chasing after the other unfortunate victims of this whole ordeal...." Bunsen says, nodding with a frown, his eyes closed in anger.

Emerald is about to ask about a connection between Dejen and Adesola, when he let's out a loud yawn.

"Now now, you've helped enough for today, Emerald. Get some sleep, I assure you we will still be working on this in the morning." Bunsen says, patting him on the shoulder.

Even if he was sleepy, Emerald doesn't want to stop talking about the kidnappings. However he recognizes that he is dismissed, and lays down on the carpet and wraps himself up, falling asleep pretty quickly.


Emerald awakes early the next day under a beam of warm sunlight. He looks up to the quiet scene before him, with ponies wrapped snuggly in blankets all around. There is only one other pony who is awake.

"Hey Lil' Perv." Joyride says, giving him a wave.

2016-12-07 10:35:41 No. 29015406

Emerald springs up and gives Joyride a hug, and asks her if her sleep was okay.

"I'm fine. I don't really sleep all that much unless I use too much magic. How long was I even fighting? Something like a full day right?" Joyride says, grinning and obviously trying to sound unconcerned about her feat.

Emerald says it was indeed about that long or longer. He says that Ruby and himself did everything they could to find her. Nishan and Loupe as well. H then asks how she even got kidnapped in the first place.

"Well, I wasn't really kidnapped. You saw those guys at that bar I was with? They asked if I wanted to have a little fun, ya know? We bar hop a few places, and then end up at that warehouse. I thought it was some sort of orgy, but by the time I had my fun and was ready to leave they were gassing the heck out of me. Now I'm pretty resistant to poisons, but spray enough at me and eventually I'll go down." Joyride says with a sigh and a shrug.

Emerald quips that she just couldn't resist the chance to spend some time with a bunch of young zebra studs, could she?

"Nope." Joyride says, unashamedly.

Emerald asks if she got his letters.

"Possibly? If I did I wasn't paying attention enough to see them. I was kinda busy." Joyride says with a grin and a shrug.

Emerald then mentions that they left her bag at one of the guard stations.

"Ah, that's okay. That ones mostly for show anyway. I think the most valuable thing I had in there were some sex potions, so no big loss." Joyride says with a second shrug.

Emerald smiles, and then asks if maybe she wants to go visit the Hiwot temple or something. Do something fun.

"I'm thinking about finding Loupe and Nishan, getting my honey, and then getting out of here. If you want to stay another day to take in some sights though that's cool too."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-07 02:22:48 No. 29016213

Emerald asks if he could learn telekinesis like the unicorns do.

"You could, though it wouldn't come as naturally or as easily as it would a unicorn. You have to remember that unlike earth or pegasus ponies, unicorns just naturally learn how to levitate things, sort of like how most creatures just naturally learn to walk." Joyride says, brushing off her mantle.

Emerald asks if she can make some copies of the ledger he found in the slaver's basement, and after looking around a bit asks if she saw where Loupe and Nishan went.

"Make copies? I guess I could yeah." Joyride says, taking the book from Emerald, zapping it with some magic, and making five copies fall from out of nowhere, "As for Nishan and Loupe, they went back to their office. You were already asleep when they left I believe."

Emerald asks when Joyride is going to have that compass ready that tells him where she is.

"Oh right." Joyride says, reaching into her mantle and pulling out a compass not unlike the one he had seen Hope with. The only difference is that this one is the color of his mane, "I kept meaning to give it to you but then I would forget. I guess it would have been useful to have considering the recent events, huh?"

The colt remarks that it would indeed have.

Emerald gives her back her potions, and then asks if he could learn the recipe for them sometime.

"Yeah sure. I think I have the book in my library somewhere. You can check when we get back." Joyride replies.

Emerald asks what they are going to do about the slavers, and how they can help.

"Ugh. Just let them handle it. I'm sure Bunsen will handle it fine. Maybe. I dunno. Either way I don't really care to be honest." Joyride says.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-07 05:57:04 No. 29017281

"So, wanna come with me, or should I give you a message when I'm done?" Joyride says, holding out a hoof.

Emerald says that he wants to make sure the slave business ends here.

"If you want to keep up to date about it ask someone here to write you letters." Joyride says, standing up, clearly ready to head out.

Emerald looks around. Perhaps because of the sound of the conversation, the ponies around them have been awakening one by one. Emerald spots Sugar Cane sit up and yawn. After asking for Joyride to wait a moment, Emerald approaches the waitress.

"Hmm? Can Ah help ya, honey?" Sugar Cane says, holding back a yawn.

Emerald says that they are going to be leaving soon, and that he would appreciate it if she could keep him up to date about the investigations on the slavers. She agrees to, and they swap addresses and information to be sure they can keep in touch.

"Ah wish Ah could make yew something nice for dinner before yew left, but mah kitchen is gone... Hey, Ah'm a gonna go visit mah husband today. Come by later and give us a proper goodbye!" Sugar says with a wide smile.

Emerald says he will, and then returns to Joyride. The unicorn prods Ruby until she wakes up, and then they all make off. Joyride leads they way, having been told the address of the destination by Nishan and Loupe.

As they walk, Joyride stops in front of a store selling coffee.

"Hey, how about some breakfast?" Joyride says.

They enter, and Joyride goes straight for the counter and order some breakfast. That's not the end of everything the unicorn wants to buy.

"What sort of beans would you get a pony who never stops drinking coffee." She says.

The shopkeep, who to Emerald's slight surprise is another pony says, "Oh we all have sorts of beans? Do you want a blend or flavored coffee? Perhaps single origin? We sell tea as well."

"Ah jeez. Go find something nice for a pony who likes coffee too much while I figure this out. You'll need a present too."

What does Emerald do?
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