You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-12-10 01:45:28 No. 29034604
Inventory & Spells:

Previous Thread...

>Emerald and Co. take on the zebra slavers.
>They are taken out, but a giant gas cloud overtakes the area during the fight, knocking out nearly everyone and covering Dejen's escape.
>After finding a gas mask, Emerald rescues Ruby and Nishan, and then gets the attention of Bunsen.
>Joyride is found, and then promptly passes out after seeing the coast is clear.
>A ledger containing possible evidence is found.
>Bunsen, the kidnapped ponies, and Emerald's party all leave for the Marjani Temple for safety.
>Emerald decodes the ledger, implicating a powerful zebra diplomat's son.
>Joyride awakes, and Emerald decides to follow her as she goes to Nishan and Loupe's place to get the honey from the Jungle Wasps.
>They stop at a coffee shop, and Joyride says she is going to get a present for a pony.

Continued in the next post...

2016-12-10 02:01:10 No. 29034693

As Emerald and Ruby look around for a present, the colt asks who the pony is they are purchasing a present for.

"Goes by the name of Vee. I don't want to say more than that though." Joyride says.

"Why not?" Ruby asks as she glances at a cup that reads 'keep calm and drink coffee'.

"Because she... Unique. I don't want to ruin the surprise." Joyride says, giving a big grin to the filly.

Emerald decides on a deck of cards with various coffee trivia. Emerald was not aware that coffee was the first food to be freeze-dried!

Ruby decides on some caffeinated coffee flavored candies.

As they walk up to the counter they hear Joyride exclaim,

"Chocolate banana flavored coffee? Ha! I want that. That sounds hilarious!"

After the shopkeeper takes down the largest bag of chocolate banana flavored beans she has, she asks, "And how about some coffee for yourself, ma'am?"

"Booze is my coffee." Joyride answer.

"How about some Irish coffee then?" the shopkeeper follows up.

Joyride purchases said coffee, as well as a few breakfast pastries for herself and the two foals.

A few moments later the trio is out the door, and they walk for a little while longer before hitting an unassuming building, no different than any of the other ones around it.

"Well, here it is. Wanna come in or are you going to wait out here?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-10 03:10:29 No. 29035120

Emerald scarfs down a pastry and says he wants to come. The colt asks how long Joyride has known Vee.

"Few years now. It's not like we are bosom buddies or anything, but we are friends. Now quit it. I said I wouldn't say anything about her."

Emerald asks if they can stop by a potion shop before they leave.

"I guess. Why, what did you need?" Joyride says with an eyeroll.

Emerald thinks for a second, and then shrugs. Joyride gives an annoyed sound.

Joyride then turns to a door nearby and knocks on it. Loupe gives a rather nervous greeting and asks them to come in. Emerald can see the influence of both mares on the room. Mixed together are maps, notes, weapons, various potions, bottles full of bugs and other creatures, books, camping supplies, and ceremonial masks.

Sitting at a table is Nishan, and Emerald finds the look on her face quite frightful. Seemingly not noticing this Joyride walks up to the otherside of the table and says, "Heyyy... Just came by to drop off the other half of the payment and collect the royal jelly. We are thinking of leaving soon and-"

"Why didn't you tell us what else you hid in that honey, Joyride." Nishan says, slamming a hoof on the table.

"N-Nishan... Let's take this-" Loupe says consolingly.

Joyride interrupts with, "Hey it was a little bonus for me. How could I turn down the opportunity?"

"Bonus nothing. That's why you really wanted to get inside the hive wasn't it?" Nishan says, her voice going louder, "You could have gotten us all killed, and now we could get arrested!"

"Okay, look. You want some extra money for your trouble? I can-"

"You could have gotten us all killed!" Nishan repeats with another slam on the table, "Killed!"

The arguing continues between the two, with Loupe trying to calm down the whole situation.

Emerald looks around for Ruby, and sees her edging slowly towards the door to the apartment/office.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-10 04:45:03 No. 29035845

Emerald slowly follows Ruby outside the door. And though Emerald can't understand the words, he can hear the raised, accusatory voices.

Eventually Joyride bolts out of the door and says,

"Glad we came to an agreement, see ya guys later! Come on you two!"

She then starts to briskly walk down the stairs. Loupe appears from the doorway and says,

"She doesn't hate you Joyride! She just said that in the heat of the moment!"

Emerald follows Joyride out of the building and behind it, where the cart that they were dragging along sits against the wall.

"So what sort of illegal thing did you get, Joyride?" Ruby asks, giving Joyride a look and raising and lowering her eyebrows.

"None of your business. Now, we had to go and meet what's her face that we rescued from the slaver ring, right?"

Emerald forestalls this line of talk by asking if it's really okay that they left Nishan in that state.

"It'll be fine. I paid them extra before leaving and you heard Loupe right? She doesn't hate me. She's just feeling a bit emotional at the moment. Anyway let's go!"

The trio walks for a while before Emerald asks if they can stop at a nearby potion shop.

"Ergh... I had hoped you had forgotten about that. Okay, let's find one. What were you looking for anyway?"

As Emerald thinks on this, Joyride leads them to an apothecary on their walking route.

"I'll stay here. Go buy whatever it is you wanted so badly."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-11 05:04:55 No. 29042769

As Emerald walks through the door he thinks about what could want. Certainly alchemy ingredients for goat magic, as well as ingredients for some more slippery and sticky potions. Maybe he'll be lucky and he can find some more powerful potions, like ones for fireball or invisibility.

"Welcome to Alche-mart!" A zebra says from behind a counter, startling Emerald, "For all your alchemy needs! Can I help you find anything?"

Emerald asks if he has the ingredients for slippery and sticky potions.

"Of course! Would you like all the ingredients, or were you looking for only some of them?"

After discussing a bit, Emerald finds that between the zebrananas and a large jug of olive oil it'll be about 30 rand per slippery potion.

As for the sticky potion, the vials of baobab pine tar and a bucket of sausage tree gum cost the same.

Emerald nods, and as he thinks on how many potions he wants he asks if he could get ingredients for goat magic.

"Hmm... I'm not entirely clear on what you need for goat magic. Do you have a list or anything?" the zebra clerk says.

Emerald explains some of the things he needs, and the shopkeeper seems a bit confused. "Feather", "Stone", "Root", and the like seem a bit to vague of terms for him.

"I mean, we have all sorts of roots, all sorts of acorns, all sorts of vinegars and oils... Will any kind do? I don't quite understand."

Emerald shrugs, and decides to come back to it later. Instead he asks if he has any fireball potions, or invisibility potions or the like.

"That'd be a big no on the fireball potion. I can sell the ingredients but not the potion itself. It's illegal to do so, you see. We do have invisibility potions though. 540 rand a pop." The shopkeeper says with a smile.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-11 06:30:47 No. 29043434

Emerald asks if he has any potions that can affect his body, such as changing his looks, making him stronger, making his butt bigger, etc...

"Yes we do indeed!" The shopkeeper says with a plastic smile, "Though I can't sell those to children. Is your mommy with you anywhere? I should also point out that those kind of potions only have temporary effects."

Emerald contemplates calling on Joyride, and at the same time looks at the ingredients for his goat spell list:

>Rock prison: [3 Small Stones, Iron]
>Crystallize: [3 Crystals]
>Stone Helper: [Limestone, Brimstone, Clay, Ash]
>Stone Spikes: [Small Stone, Crystal]

Emerald asks how much a small amount of the cheapest Iron, Crystals, clay, ash, limestone, and brimstone would cost.

"Hmm, not very much I suppose. Those are all rather common ingredients. Maybe... 30 Rand for a bit of each?" The shopkeeper says, contemplating.

Emerald asks how much the reagents for the fireball potion would be.

"That would be... Spectre peppers, Bottled Lava, and Sunlantern Abdomen Tips... A potions worth is 300 Rand." The shopkeeper says, adding it all up in his head.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-11 08:23:12 No. 29044252

Emerald asks for a potion that might let him see through smoke, darkness, or bad weather.

"Yeah, we have those as well! True Sight Potion. 70 rand for one!" The shopkeeper says with a nod.

Emerald excuses himself for a second, and then heads for the door and pokes his head out. He sees Joyride sitting beside the cart, and asks if she can be present so he is allowed to purchase some potions.

Joyride sighs, and then leans her head in the door and says,

"Hey, shopkeeper! I'm this kids guardian. Whatever this foal wants to buy he can, alright?"

The shopkeeper just shrugs and nods.

Emerald has to decide what exactly he wants to buy, and how much of each (I'm going to try to reach the best consensus on this I can, since I'm sure no two people will agree).

He feels like maybe he'd be able to haggle the price down a bit as well. Or he'll at least try.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-12 04:37:34 No. 29049436
Emerald decides to purchase...

>3 potions worth of Stick Potion Ingredients = 90Rand
>3 potions worth of Slippery Potion Ingredients = 90Rand
>2 True Sight Potions = 140 Rand
>2 Invisibility Potions = 1080 Rand
>2 Strength Potions = 160 Rand
>1 Bigger Butt Potion = 80 Rand
>1 Potions worth of Fireball Ingredients = 300 Rand

Totaling 1940 Rand.

>Perception Check, 15, BOOSTED
>Rolled 6,4,4
>Definitely passed without having to add all the numbers together so fuck it.

Emerald gives a sideways glance to the shopkeeper, and then speaking to Ruby mentions that this is really the only place that they have stopped to check for alchemy ingredients, and that maybe they should go look around first.

"Yeah." Ruby says, catching on quickly, "You know, we should probably go check the Witch's Cure before we commit to such a large payment you know.

The shopkeeper looks a bit nervous about this, and after a little bit more talking he offers a 5% discount on the items, causing the total to become 1843 Rand.

Emerald stuffs everything into his bag. It's getting quite full. When he gets back to Whitherwater he'll have to remember to organize it a bit better. The pair then calmly walk out of the store, breaking out into giggling laughter once they reached the safety of the street.

Emerald asks what the heck the "Witch's Cure" is.

"Some alchemy place I saw yesterday when we were walking around. Had to look like we knew what we were doing." Ruby says with a grin.

"Aww, look at this!" Joyride says, walking over to the two and ruffling their manes, "Got a couple of shrew shoppers here! Now let's get going already."

As they walk Emerald looks down at his severely smaller bag that he was holding his bits in. Catching him doing this, Joyride gives a grin of her own and says,

"Went on a bit of a spending spree, did you? Well you know, I could always find you more clients when we get back."

Joyride raises and lowers her eyebrows several times.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-12 05:49:56 No. 29049859

Emerald gives her a wink, which she returns. He whispers that he's a bit jealous that she had some fun with zebras. Maybe she could get Olam, the Alchemist again? Maybe even Damia the Griffon from before?

"I'll see what I can do, lil' perv." Joyride says with a grin.

A short while later the group enters the hospital where Sugar Cane's husband is staying, and Emerald knocks on the door to his room.

Sugar Cane's voice comes from within, asking them to come in.

Her husband looks much the same as before, but he is clearly much happier with his wife in the room. The mare has pulled up a chair directly next to him near the bed, and she has her left hoof on his heavily bound and plastered right.

"Thank ya'll for comin'. We just wanted to thank yew again." Sugar Cane says with a beam, "Shame we couldn't spend more time together. If yew are ever in these parts again come by the diner. Hopefully we'll have it up and runnin' by then!"

"Wow. Messed him up pretty bad huh?" Joyride says, walking over to the stallion.

She lights up her horn, and waves it over his body slowly, stopping in some places briefly before continuing on.

"There, how does that feel?" Joyride says, finishing up, "I'm not the greatest healer, but I do have some good talent in it."

"Definitely less pain. Much less." The stallion says, giving the unicorn the best nod that he can with a neck brace on.

"Oh yew. Done so much for me already and still doin' more." Sugar Cane says, tears coming to her eyes.

"Aww, it's nothing." Joyride says, trying to look humble though clearly enjoying the praise.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-13 01:04:26 No. 29054979

Emerald approaches Sugar Cane and gives her a hug, saying that she shouldn't praise her too much or her head will get so big it'll explode.

"Ah heck, let me have a little fun won't you? I just spent the last day or so without food or sleep firing spell constantly." Joyride says.

The guilt trip works, and Emerald says that it was pretty amazing. He then turns back to Sugar Cane and says that they are glad they could help.

This continues for an hour or so, and Sugar Cane pulls out a tin of sweets that she had with her. She says that they are called makroudh. Emerald has to admit that they remind him of a fig roll, but with a different texture and filled with dates, which Sugar Cane explains is because they are made of semolina.

As it starts to become mid-day, Joyride looks out the window and says,

"Alrighty. We should probably be heading back now."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-13 07:17:41 No. 29057490

They bid Sugar Cane and her husband farewell, and then make their way outside and to an alley near the hospital.

Joyride lights her horn a crimson red, and then brings it down like she was swinging a knife. The very air seems to open up like a peeled orange, and on the other side Emerald can see a door. The two foals step in, followed by Joyride who pulls the cart through.

"Where are we?" Ruby says, looking around.

The room is rather bare except for a pedestal holding a purple stone that seems to be radiating a dark, purple light. On the stone glows what appears to be a white "M".

There is also a door in front of them, with a larger sliding door to the side.

"In my house." Joyride says, grabbing both sides of the air and closing it like it was a curtain.

"What, just like that?" Ruby says.

"No not 'just like that'. It actually takes quite a bit of set-up to get travel that is that simple. Anyway you guys go do something." Joyride says, opening the sliding doors beside them, revealing a larger room full of crates.

"Like what?" Ruby asks.

"I dunno. Play? Whatever it is foals do when not being supervised." Joyride says as she drags the cart into the room that looks like storage.

Emerald asks how long they are going to be in Whiterwater.

"For as long as it takes to find a new lead on the potion ingredients as well as do a few errands I need to complete." Joyride answers.

Emerald says that he thought they were going to go meet this "Vee" character.

"Oh right. Do me a favor and open the door." Joyride says, peaking out of the sideroom.

Emerald does, and on the doorstep there are a mountain of letters. Taking one of these up Emerald sees it's to him. Ruby approaches and helps go through the pile, and they come to find that they are all for him.

"Ah, she hasn't been here yet." Joyride says.

"How can you tell?" Ruby responds.

"You'll know." Joyride remarks.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-13 08:50:14 No. 29058108

Emerald and Ruby walk out of the door and shut it tight. Emerald then pulls out the key to the flat that Joyride lent him and opens it up.

Emerald asks Ruby to help him push all the letters inside, which they do. The colt then sighs, and says that he'll catch up with her later, since he has to read all these.

Ruby shrugs and takes out one of the books she is practicing reading, and sits on the nearby bed while Emerald grabs for the first letter.

He opens it, and finds it to be from Sensoria. Getting a hunch, he grabs another letter and opens it. It's also from Sensoria.

Going through the lot, he finds that every single one is from the blind unicorn, and they all pretty much say the same thing.

The letters all comment about her love for him, ask when she will see him next, hoping that he is okay, and asking when he is going to come down to learn magic from her.

After relaying only the last part of that to Ruby, she says,

"Well, why not? She's a guard or something, right? She probably knows some pretty cool magic."

Emerald shrugs, and then asks if she would want to come if he went.

"Ugh... I'd rather not get that close to those guys, if I'm going to be honest."

Emerald says that she may not mind it so much if they aren't trying to pick on her, and that she should give it a shot.

The filly sighs, and says she's willing to go just to prove him wrong.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-14 11:10:50 No. 29061650

Emerald writes her a letter saying that he is back in town, and can come whenever she is free next to learn some magic. After sending it off, Emerald realizes that she doesn't have the same access to a dragon fire lamp as he does, so it might take her a day or two to return with a response.

Emerald and Ruby decide to hit up the library, and after exiting the door to the flat he pulls out the key to the library and they enter.

While Ruby reads, Emerald decides to study some of his magic. He's been slacking a bit on some of his spells because of recent events. Maybe he could even do some potion making later.

He practices casting the glamour spell on Ruby, and though he still hasn't gotten it down, the odd facial effects are much less prevalent now.

He decides to take a break, and pulls out the Alchemy book he bought from the student store in the Zebralands.

Many of these potions are above his league, and often have very difficult process to complete them. Some can only be done in the sunlight. Others require the temperature of a potion not exceed or fall below a certain range and for very long or very short amounts of time. Still others require a certain amount of stirs, or that the ingredients be mixed in a very precise manner.

Emerald does find one he thinks he might be able to pull off now though. It's a potion that wakes people up from sleep whether it be natural or magical.

>Potion of Awakening
>One whole Mandragora, pulled the day of.
>100g of coffee beans
>Two striped apples

From behind him Ruby sits up and stretches, giving a yawn, and then lays back down. Emerald looks around the room. He really wishes there was a clock in here. He didn't notice it at first, but he is a little hungry. When he relays this to Ruby she says,

"Sure, I guess I could eat."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-14 04:44:32 No. 29063267

Emerald jots down the recipes he's learned so far, and then gets up. He takes the theology book with him, as well as the potion one. Perhaps there are potions in here you can eat? Would that be considered cooking or alchemy?

As they walk out the door Emerald notices something on the doorsteps that wasn't there before. Purple feathers, and lots of them.

"What the heck?" Ruby says, picking up one and looking it over.

The two foals look around for whatever these came from, and not seeing any purple birds missing feathers, decide to continue on to some food.

Ruby leads them to a nice little bakery nearby. Emerald always forgets how well she knows this city. Hey, maybe she can help him find a gun.

"A gun, huh?" Ruby says as they look at the shelves of breads and pastries, "That's the things goats carry around right? I don't know if I've ever seen one for sale before. Not that I've looked or anything though."

Emerald asks if she can think of a place that might sell such things, or any area of the city that has a sizable goat population.

"Hmm... The goats tend to hang around near the northwest side of the town when not at the market, kind of between the docks and the north gate. We can check it out sometime." Ruby says.

They finish there lunches rather quickly, and head back towards Joyride's House. Much to their surprise, the feathers haven't blown away. In fact, it almost seems like there are more of them.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-14 06:38:25 No. 29063958

Emerald looks around, and then straight up to see if he can find the source of the purple feathers. Not seeing anything, Emerald knocks on the door to ask Joyride if she knows the source of the feathers.

A few knocks and the door opens to reveal Joyride and a pony that Emerald has never seen before.

It's a purple pegasus mare and she is wearing a pointed black hat with an orange trim. The pegasus has a rather angry look on her face, as well as a lantern tied to her tail.

"There you guys are. Get in here and say hi to Vee." Joyride says, waving her forearm towards the room.

Emerald and Ruby approach the mysterious mare, and sheepishly say hello.

"Ah, hey there small fry, oh, and small soda too." The pegasus says in a surprisingly chipper voice despite her looks. She then waves her wing in a hello.

Emerald is a bit perplexed by this, as is Ruby, but then Vee says, "You shall now be wing-petted."

Vee then spreads her wings and pats the pair of foals on the head a few times.

"With all three of you, that makes a whole combo meal!"

"Yes, yes." Joyride says, clearly enjoying the reactions, "Anyway, we got you some presents from the Zebralands. Wait here a second and I'll grab them for you."

Joyride then heads into an adjacent room, leaving the foals with the pegasus.

She just stares at the pair, going from one to the other with her eyes. Emerald can't help but notice that she moves her wings around much more often that he has seen a pegasus do before.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-15 04:21:45 No. 29068821

Emerald says that she has a very nice hat.

"Thanks small fry, you have a very nice bandanna." Vee says in return.

Emerald asks how she is able to do that with her wings.

"Because I have the purplest and preenest of all wings." Vee says.

Emerald isn't sure what she means by this, but she then starts to preen her wings. Well, that explains where all the purple feathers came from.

Emerald asks what is with the lantern tied to her tail.

"Ah, my butt lantern? Why, it's the coolest of fashion for all the witches and warlocks around! Plus it's pretty useful for night time reading."

At this point Joyride re-enters the room laden with the three gifts you all got for her. Joyride presents her with the candies, the cards, and the beans.

"Coffee befit for a god." She says, breaking her angry look and smiling. In fact, it almost looks like she is going to cry with happiness.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-16 04:33:17 No. 29074682

(Guest drawing by S.nowball!)

Emerald says he is glad she likes the presents, and that she has very good control of her wings. He also introduces himself and Ruby.

"Thanks." Vee says proudly, flourishing her wings.

Emerald asks where Vee is from, and how she knows Joyride.

"I'm from Vanhoover. It's way to the east." Vee says, pointing with her wings, "And I met Joyride when she was drunk."

Emerald and Ruby turn their heads toward Joyride, who grins and says, "She made me something that helped with my hangover."

"Now I make potions for her." Vee says with a nod.

"I thought you could do Alchemy." Ruby says to Joyride.

"Well, Vee is slightly better than me. Slightly." Joyride says, holding her hoofs up to indicate a very small distance, "She'll probably be making the potion we are gathering ingredients for."

Emerald asks if Vee is a witch. Considering her talent with potions, her hat, and her "butt lantern" it isn't exactly hard for him to guess.

"Yup." Is all Vee says, even though Emerald waits for her to say more. Ruby beats him to the next question though, and asks,

"So you use that lantern to read? Doesn't it burn you or anything?"

"Well I take it off my tail before I light it, small soda." She says, looking at Ruby.

Emerald asks if the lantern is her focus.

"Nope. Don't need one." Vee says. This requires enough of an explanation that he was hoping she'd go on, but once again all there is is silence until Joyride asks,

"I have something else for you!"

She then hands Vee an ebony notebook, to which the pegasus asks,

"Oh? A scary little black book. Does it have all your 'friends' numbers in it, or is it evil?"

"A mix of both really. You said something about looking for a necromancer right? Hopefully that'll help you find one. I know there is at least one guy in there who lives near Vanhoover."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-16 05:43:20 No. 29075098

Emerald asks what Vanhoover is like.

"Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a land where it never rained. This was east of Vanhoover. Vanhoover isn't anything like that at all. It has a big clock, very big clock, right in the middle! A very cosy place indeed.

Emerald asks what kind of special magic a witch does as opposed to a mage or wizard, and if witches deal with demons.

"We specialize in non-practical kinds, like soul enchantment and impractical catalysts, along with potions! Why, a talented witch can use anything as a catalyst, though it takes years of practice. Or you get really lucky. Ha! Very lucky indeed, small fry.", Vee says, ruffling the colt's mane with her wing, "And no, witches don't usually hassle demons. What am I, some kinda lawyer? I never went to law school!"

Emerald asks how long Vee has known Joyride.

"I've known Joyride for a while now. I found her sleeping in a ditch! It reminded me that I needed to take a bath, so after I put her to sleep on my sleeping table I took a bath in the local water fountain. Good times."

Emerald asks how long she is staying, and whether she could teach him a thing or two.

"I will not be here long enough to really teach you anything important. Unless you grow wings one day, and want to know how to preen. It's the best. If you want to know how to make an amazing cup of coffee... Well! Good luck, because some potion recipes are sacred. No one shall touch the life giving bean unless it is my own purple hooves!"

Emerald asks if she seen any interesting places or things on her journeys.

"Oh yes, I've seen the world. I've worked in a saltmine. I looked down a big canyon. I've tried the daily special at the local Neight Mart... And lived to tell the tale!"

"Okay, okay..." Joyride says, starting to push the foals towards the door, "What are you, interrogators? Give it a rest! Vee and I have to chat."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-16 06:44:23 No. 29075448

(Gonna post some of Vee's art like the one above. being lazy because I"m in the middle of getting cross-faded.)

Emerald is ready to bow out, and even asks if they want anything like snacks or drinks, but then Vee says with a beckoning wave of her wings,

"No no, it's not like we're going to duel or anything. Just a few neighs, pass around some not-drugs, probably have Joyride slave away over a hot coffee machine to satisfy my cravings."

Joyride sighs and lights up her horn. A coffee machine springs up out of the ground near the back of the room. She then goes to make the mare some coffee, which she doesn't seem to be all that happy about. This changes when Vee presents her a bottle out of her hat along with a golden cup. Joyride's eyes light up.

"A rare bottle of Neigh-Sky Waterfalls! Brewed from the Pegasi Capital and served with a golden cup."

"Ha! Now who did you have to sleep with to get your hooves on this?" Joyride says after taking the bottle. She then caresses it like a baby.

"Is it that great?" Ruby asks, watching the unicorn with some confusion.

"It easily costs more bits then you may ever make in your life." Joyride says with a grin.

Emerald asks if it'll get her pretty drunk.

"Well no. Alcohol by itself doesn't really get me buzzed anymore. But I can combine it with some other stuff and it'll get me blitzed just fine." Joyride says, placing the bottle under her mantle.

Emerald turns back to Vee, and says that he's met a Necromancer before.

"Oh ho! We're looking for a necromancer ourselves for reasons, but that isn't something a Small Fry like yourself should be worried about. You should be worried about drawing, and bathing. I saw a water fountain on the way in, and it looked lovely. The freshest water!" Vee says, flapping her wings like she was splashing in a pool

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-17 04:10:45 No. 29080408

(Emerald doesn't have the bone statue, however the goat magic kit he bought does have bone in it. Also, this may be the only update until way later. I have some stuff I have to do today.)

Emerald asks what it was like to work in a salt mine.

"Those...Those are dark days kid." Vee says, and Emerald could swear he could see a Tumble weed blow by and a screech of some sort of hawk or vulture overhead, "...Ain't no pony got time for the mines... but some pony gotta do it. They say you never get the salt out of your wings. "

Vee then chortles and says, "They dun be lying... It just takes far too long FAR TOO LONG. Do you even understand what salt does to your plumage?! DO YOU?! Well to be honest, it actually makes them kinda nice. Saltwater does wonders for your wings. I should sell salt. Good idea! Salted Coffee. What we were talking about again?"

Emerald changes the subject away from this obviously charged topic and pulls out one of the bones from his Goat Magic Pack as well as his focus. He says that the necromancer taught him some things, and begins to slowly morph the bone into a coffee mug.

It's a little lop-sided and the handle is a little crooked, but the pegasus sasys, "Perfect. Im going to drink many a brew from whom ever's bones these were. And Im going to feel as dark as the blend I sip. You did clean this, right? These bones I mean."

Emerald mentions that he got them out of a kit and he isn't sure if they were. In fact, he isn't even sure what kind of bones they are.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-18 04:24:23 No. 29086751

Emerald and Ruby listen to the chat a little while longer.

They basically play catch-up, with Joyride explaining their latest adventure, and mentioning how close they are to having all the ingredients.

Joyride eventually turns back to the foals and says,

"Okay, for real this time. Out."

Vee, who had taken to laying down on the floor and looks like she would be just as comfortable sleeping there as anywhere else, doesn't rise up to defend them this time, and they are soon escorted out the door. She does offer her butt lantern as thanks for the coffee mug however, which Emerald happily takes. It's a bit big to hang on his butt, but he is sure he'll find some use for it.

It's night time now, so Ruby and Emerald turn back to the door and enter Emerald's flat. Ruby pulls up some blankets and lays close to the foal and says,

"So... What did you think of Vee?"

Emerald looks at Ruby, and it's clear from her visage that she has an amused confusion on her face. Emerald says she seemed nice.

"Weird though, right? Weird." Ruby says, staring up at the ceiling.

Emerald says that he supposes the pegasus was weird, but they've met a lot of weird people on their travels. A comicbook writing Necromancer for one, and then of course, Joyride.

Ruby chuckles at this.

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-18 05:21:31 No. 29087087

Emerald suddenly realizes he forgot to get the feathers in front of the door, and rushes outside really quick with a small bag to collect them. Luckily there are still quite a few, and he manages to pick up around thirty of them.

Emerald then takes his loot back into his loft, and plops down next to Ruby.

After a few moments of quiet she hits him in the face with a pillow and says,

"Wanna pillow fight?"

Emerald shrugs. He doesn't much feel like doing anything physical.

"How about wrestle?" Ruby offers.

For the same reason above, he declines.

Emerald asks if she has any interesting stories she wants to share. Ruby lays back down with a sigh and says,

"Interesting like how? Most I've done is all this stuff with you and Joyride."

What does Emerald do?

2016-12-19 03:29:30 No. 29092123

Emerald says that he wants to learn more about her past. He told her a lot about his, it'd be nice to know some of hers. Anything will do really. He asks how she got good at pickpocketing, or about some of the street foals she may have ran into. Or how she survived until now.

Ruby ponders this for a moment before saying, "Well, before I met you I helped some of my roommates with a robbery. Man, you should have SEEN what was in that box I got!"


Ruby dashes into a nearby alleyway, rounding a corner and resting near a doorway with big planks of wood holding it shut. She looks around to make sure that there is no one here, even though she knows that very few people come down this alleyway.

Lacking shops or really any non-boarded up doors there isn't very much of a reason for anyone but bums to come down this alley. Ruby breathes hard, trying to catch her breath. She had been recruited by two of her roommates Rat and Sleepy to help them with a score. The place they had picked was uptown, near the castle and locked up tighter than a safe, except for a small opening above the front door that was used as a vent. The two stallions lifted her into it, and she had unlocked the door from the other side. They had done a pretty good job of ransacking the place, but they apparently were not careful enough.

The guard came by roughly five minutes into their smash and grab, and the three of them had just enough warning to break a window near the back of the home and flee. Luckily Ruby managed to get her hands on some sort of chest, wish now sat cradled between her two front hooves.

What does Ruby do?

2016-12-19 04:15:34 No. 29092301

Ruby looks around again just to make sure no one is around, and then opens the chest.

She gives an impressed whistle as she finds the box full of jewels and golden jewelry. She tries on some... Well, most of the jewelry on. Just for fun. After all, who knows when she'll get to do this next? Hopefully soon.

As Ruby pulls jewelry out of the box she finds a large, perfectly spherical blue gem. Ruby takes the only piece of jewelry on her currently that was actually hers and attempts to fit the jewel into her earring.

It fits! In fact, it fits so well that it surprises her a little bit. She wonders if Barber will let her keep it. Probably not, but she can hope. She knows for a fact Barber is going to chew out Rat and Sleepy for nearly botching the robbery, so Barber probably won't be in a very good mood.

Ruby takes all the jewelry sans the blue gem and puts it back in the box.

What does Ruby do?

2016-12-19 06:43:50 No. 29093075

(Last for the night!)

Ruby shuts the box up tight, and after looking around to make sure she isn't being followed again, carefully creeps through the alleyways.

If only she was near her "home". It's very close to the docks, and there are plenty of hiding places there. On the other hand she is currently in the slums directly next to the rich district, the two of which are separated by the main road, and patrolled heavily by guards.

As she walks Ruby spies a small, cracked dirt patch in a small alcove in the alley. Giving one more nervous glance around she begins to hoof at the dirt until she carves out a box sized hole, which she buries her treasure in.

She then briskly walks back towards her "home", only slowing down when she gets to the staircase up to her door, #206. Her "home" is a nearly derelict hotel/apartment building sitting a two blocks away from the docks. Most of the other tenets she has met are just as bad off as she is, though many of them are quite a bit older, or at least look so.

Ruby approaches the door to #206 and puts her ear to the door.

"-escaped with our lives! The guards must have saw us break in or something. They were there almost immediately!" a voice that Ruby recognizes as Sleepy says.

"So not only did you not bring anything back with you, but you also lost Ruby in the process?" A voice as sharp as a knife says. The one that Ruby knows belongs to Barber.

"I'm sure she is fine. Maybe we'll get lucky. I saw her lugging some sort of jewelry case out of the house." Rat's voice chimes in.

Ruby closes her eyes and grits her teeth. She really wishes Rat hadn't said anything about that. She sighs to herself, and then opens the door.

She is greeted by the sight of her roommates staring hard at her.

What does Ruby do?
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