You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-01-10 11:17:35 No. 29238636
Inventory & Spells:

Previous Thread...

>Ruby and her roommates have dinner, and then Ruby goes to sleep.
>Rat and Ruby go to fence their goods, and get a good 2k bits for their trouble.
>Rat goes off with his share and leaves Ruby behind, telling her that her share is in the gem she put in her earring.
>Ruby goes and does some pickpocketing, and then buys ingredients for a soup which she makes.
>She then goes to the warehouses by the docks and sees Sleepy those doesn't interact with him.
>Instead she goes and steals some medicine from the warehouses.
>She then returns "home" to find Barber. After a short conversation Sleepy returns, and it seems Rat is nowhere to be found.
>Sleepy goes to track down Rat.

Continued in the next post...

2017-01-10 11:23:01 No. 29238656

Ruby decides to do one last task for the night and heads over to the dumpster behind the grocers.

Even the idea of dumpster diving seems a bit repulsive to her, the filly has heard that you can find a fair amount of food if you don't mind food that is slightly past it's prime.

Ruby rounds the side of the alley and spies the dumpster as well as some trashcans and a few racks.

She hops atop the dumpster and looks inside. All she sees is trashbags.

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-10 12:27:34 No. 29238941

Ruby looks around carefully to make sure that there aren't any homeless people around who might want a piece of this dumpster, and then hops in. She looks for a nearby bag and gives it a small cut.

Ruby wretches slightly as a smelly, watery odor exudes from the bag. She drops it, and then grabs for another. This one contains what looks to be broken down boxes and cans.

Reaching for another she finds some scrap wood.

Ruby sighs and then looks around the area again. Other than the large dumpster there are the trashcans and racks she spotted earlier, as well as a the backdoor to the grocer. Ruby watches it wearily as she knows the grocer both lives and works in the shop, and she isn't sure how the owner would feel about her scrounging in their garbage.

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-10 01:41:10 No. 29239267

Ruby gathers up the cans and the scrap wood.

She thinks she has heard of places you can take the cans and get money for them. She'll have to ask Barber about it. As for the wood it might make nice fuel for the fireplace or the stove. They might even be able to make something out of it, if they are so inclined.

While constantly looking up at the backdoor to ensure no one is coming, Ruby empties out one of the cleaner trashbags and begins to pile her loot into it. She then quietly sneaks off back to her "home".

She walks in and announces her presence, dropping off the bag of cans and wood at the door.

No one answers, and after briefly walking around the apartment it seems she is alone. Huh, that's odd. Rat and Sleepy on occasion will go out at night, but Barber usually stays in. She can't even remember the last time she saw her leave at night.

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-10 07:58:26 No. 29241580

Ruby decides to look for her roommates. After thinking for a second, she decides to head over to the hotel first. After all, she knows that Barber works there, and that Rat likes to visit. Seems like a good place to start.

She makes the small walk over the hotel, and then stops outside. Even at this time of night the place is brightly lit, and she can hear the raucous commotion from inside.

She sheepishly steps up to the door and enters, only to be stopped by a gruff, huge stallion who steps in front of her.

The stallion rolls his eyes and says, "I know you are probably curious kiddo, but wait until you are a stallion before you come in here again, alright?"

"I'm a filly." Ruby says, puffing up her cheeks and giving the stallion a stare down.

"Well sorry, we don't higher girlies who are so young. Now scram." The stallion says, motioning towards the door.

Ruby says that she is just looking for Barber, Rat, or Sleepy.

"I don't know any Barber or Sleepy, but Rat ain't been here today."

"Come on now Stonewall, be nice." A honeyed voice comes from behind the stallion. It is coming from a mare wearing an odd costume. It looks like a black swimsuit with fishnets and some bunny ears.

"Did you say Barber, dearie? What are you, her kid? She already left for the night. Sorry." The mare says.

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-11 09:00:24 No. 29244689

Ruby considers claiming that she is Barber's kid, or perhaps a relative. However if Barber hasn't mentioned her to any of her co-workers it's probably best that she not do so. Instead Ruby says that she is Barber's friend and asks if she knew where she went, and if she was looking for anything.

"Hmm? Not that I know of. 'Barber' has a habit of keeping things close to the vest." The bunny pony says.

Ruby asks when the last time she saw Barber was.

"When she got off work hours ago." The mare says, "Is this an emergency? I can go ask around to see if she came back, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't."

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-11 01:21:44 No. 29245910

Ruby says there is no emergency, but she does want to find her. She then attempts to discuss matters further with the bunny mare, but as she does a dapper looking gentleman enters the hotel and looks around nervously.

"Sorry sugar, I have to get back to work. Hope Barber turns up." The mare says with a wink. She then walks up to the other pony and begins speaking with him, which seems to put the gentleman at ease.

Ruby is then shooed out the door by the bouncer.

Well, at least she knows they aren't there.

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-11 06:40:54 No. 29248004

>Perception check, 7
>Rolled a 3,2,6
>Obvious pass

Rub decides to head back to the apartment and go to sleep. She doesn't have the slightest clue where to look next, and besides the point she is tired. It also helps that Ruby doesn't even know for sure that they are in any danger whatsoever.

As Ruby approaches the apartment something odd catches her eye, and she hides in a small alleyway nearby to watch.

Sitting at the door are two stallions. One in a shirt and vest, and the other with a full sized cloak. They are nonchalantly chatting, with the vested stallion leaning against the wall near the door while the cloaked one stands nearby.

None of what she has said so far is particularly out of the ordinary for this area. What is very slightly odd are those ponies themselves.

They are both physical strong looking, which Ruby can even tell through the cloak. However it isn't the right kind of strong. The powerful ponies in the area have a rugged strength that has come from the days they spend working at their physically demanding jobs. These two ponies have a sculpted, efficient look that comes from a strict training regiment.

The filly has seen plenty of these bodies before. They are the bodies of soldiers and guards.

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-12 04:40:14 No. 29253350

Ruby decides to sneak up to the guards. Ruby also gets an urge to hide her earring for some reason, and places it into a small hidden pocket Barber sewed into her shirt.

>Dexterity Check, 8, BOOSTED
>Rolled 1,1,1
>Wow. Quite the fail.

Ruby keeps her eyes on the disguised ponies, sneaking ever closer as she listens in on their inane conversation. Their conversation is in no way suspicious, which in Ruby's mind makes it very suspicious. It's mostly small talk with a few segues into sports or other non-derisive subjects.

However as Ruby moves she steps onto something furry and warm, and as she jumps away a cat hisses loudly. Her jump backwards also causes her to land clumsily into a trashcan, causing a loud clamour.

>Dexterity Check, 8
>Rolled 1,4
>1+4+4 = 9, Passed

As she struggles to her hooves she hears the robed guardt near the door ask who is there, quickly followed by the vested one saying that it's a filly and immediately giving chase.

Ruby runs directly away from the apartment, ducking down alleyways and sidestreets and taking shortcuts that only a foal her size could squeeze through. She constantly looks back to see if she's lost him, and when she is sure she has she makes her way back to the apartment.

The only unlocked way in is through the front door. There is a back door, but it leads to an old kitchen from when the apartment was an Inn, and is currently part of the landlord's domicile. This doesn't deter Ruby however, as she knows of a window on the side of the apartment with a broken lock. The window leads to an apartment that is currently unoccupied, and Ruby easily climbs in, shutting the window behind her.

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-13 05:01:37 No. 29259788

Ruby decides it's probably best not to go anywhere else tonight. She'll sleep in the abandoned apartment, and hopefully the guards will be gone by morning.

Ruby looks around the apartment. The whole place is barren and dusty, and the room she is currently in only has a chair and a broken table. The rest of the apartment is also sparsely furnished, but in one room she finds an old mattress pushed against a wall.

Ruby brushes off a layer of dust and then plops down on it. She isn't sure if she quite likes the mattress. It's soft and comfortable she supposes, but perhaps a bit too soft.

She kinda wishes she had a blanket as well. It's not like she hasn't fallen asleep without one before, but she's kinda gotten used to having one.

Eventually though, Ruby manages to slip into a slumber.


The filly wakes up the next day with a shiver. Sitting up, she peers out the nearby cracked window to see a bit of sunlight poking over the top of the buildings.

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-13 06:28:50 No. 29260449

Ruby slowly creeps to the window she crawled in before and takes a glance outside. There aren't any guards in the alleyway, so she crawls out and peeks around the corner nearest to the front entrance.

The guards are gone, but not wanting to take chances she heads back through the broken window and up to her apartment.

Inside she sees her three roommates sitting around the table and discussing something.

"You!" Rat says, jumping up from the table and pounding over to the filly, "You!"

"Me!" Ruby says, not backing down.

"Where is your earring? Give me it here." Rat says, holding out his hoof.

"I lost it." Ruby retorts angrily.

"Liar! Turn out your pockets!" Rat says.

He doesn't wait for Ruby to do so, and pounces on the the filly in an attempt to wrest it from her. Through the struggle Ruby can hear Sleepy and Barber shout in alarm, and a few seconds later he feels the earring pulled from her pocket.

Rat then kicks the filly off of him and stands up. The stallion then pulls the gem out of the earring and tosses the accessory towards the ground near Ruby, who dives for it and catches it. She stands up to see Rat still breathing hard, and Sleepy and Barber standing at the table nearby, their chairs knocked away.

"Do you know what we had to go through last night?" Rat says, waving the hoof holding the gem at her.

Ruby is seething. Indignant. And can still feel some of the blows from the short wrestling match they had. She almost sputters in anger.

What does Ruby do?

2017-01-14 05:13:03 No. 29266906

Ruby curses at Rat, and asks how the heck she should know what's going on, and berates him for taking the jewel from her. She also asks where the heck everyone else was last night.

Rat ignores Ruby, and walks briskly out the door. The filly turns angrily to the other two ponies for an answer, asking why the guards were after them.

"Guards? They were just a bunch of thugs." Sleepy says.

"How is it that a filly has a shrewder eye than you, Sleepy? They were guards, or at the very least military. Though I wonder..." Barber says, tapping her chin in thought. Sleepy and Ruby wait for her to speak again and she says, "Anyway, they wanted that gem. They got all three of us and threatened us with all sorts of harm if we didn't return it."

"Why didn't you tell us you took something from the stash, Ruby?" Sleepy asks pointedly.

Ruby responds that she didn't think it was that big of a deal, and that she thought everyone knew since Rat seemed to figure it out pretty quick.


Emerald asks what happened next, and Ruby says,

"We had a fight and... And I ran out. I haven't actually been back since. Sort of met you shortly afterwards, actually."

Emerald thinks on this story. Maybe they could go and find this 'Rat' character and get the gem back. Perhaps it's better if they just left it alone maybe? What if that gem is just like his. Would Ruby be better off with it?

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-14 07:02:30 No. 29267632

Emerald asks if Ruby if she thinks that at least Barber would be happy to see her.

"Oh, maybe? I'm not sure. I never quite understood her to be honest." Ruby says, putting her forelegs behind her head and starting at the ceiling.

Emerald says that maybe they should go try to find Rat and get that jewel back. For all they know it could be like his gem.

"Hmm... Possibly? Didn't you say something about it always coming back to you if it goes too far away though? That never happened with me." Ruby explains.

Emerald thinks on this. That is a difference from his. Maybe it's just a plain jewel that the guards wanted back for some reason? Who knows, only way to find out is to recover it.

Emerald gives Ruby a good night, and then closes his eyes and attempts to fall asleep.


Emerald wakes up the next day snuggling much closer to Ruby than he remembers being. He sits up, which wakes up Ruby as well.

The two of them share a breakfast, and Ruby hesitantly agrees to bring him to her former abode.

As they walk out the door Emerald finds a letter laying on the ground. He picks it up and begins reading.

"Dear my beloved Emerald,

Anytime this week would be great to come by. I can teach you a few things about magic, and maybe you can teach me a few things about love? Just send me another one of those Dragonfire letters to let me know when you are coming.

Your love,

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-15 04:53:27 No. 29274042

Emerald decides to go after Rat for the moment, and quickly scrawls out a letter to Sensoria, telling her that he'll come over the next day if he can.

Emerald then stops to contemplate if the gem is also a demon. He wonders if this is a smart idea.

The colt hesitates for a second, and then turns around and knocks on the door and yells Joyride's name. A few moments later Joyride opens the door.

"Hmm? What's up lil' perv." Joyride responds.

"What are you doing...?" Ruby says, glancing past the mare. The room the door is currently opening into is just a long corridor that disappears into darkness.

"None of your beeswax." Joyride says, at which point she suddenly chuckles to herself, "Anyway why are you guys bugging me?"

Emerald says that they may have found a gem like the one in his amulet.

"Oh fantastic. We have two demons in our life. Why not a third? That can only lead to good things right?" Joyride says with a grin.

"Yeah! Ooo Ooo! Can I come!" A voice from beside Joyride says. The trio turn to see Pip coming from the corridor, pulling her book along behind her.

"Well maybe. I mean, that gem didn't grant me any extra powers or anything. Maybe the person just really wanted it back and had connections to the guards or something." Ruby says, rubbing the back of her head while she watches the demon approach.

"Aww come on! I could probably help you! Talk to the gem, demon-to-demon!" Pip says excitedly.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-15 06:42:06 No. 29274845

"I doubt you'd be of any help in actually searching Rat out." Ruby says, with pursed lips.

"But I can be! I can sense demons when I get close enough! If there is one in the gem that you were talking about then I would be able to tell! We'd have to get sort of close though... Too much interference in the city!" Pip says, throwing her forehooves up and sighing.

Emerald asks what she means by interference.

"You know, other demons and stuff! Lot's of'em!" Pip says happily.

"There are lot's of you guys around?" Ruby says, pointing with wide eyes.

"Less common than you would think, more common than you would want. It doesn't help that this city is huge and has lot's of ponies full of ambition and lust for power." Joyride says, shrugging in the same manner as Pip, "If you go you have to promise to be good, alright?"

"Alright!" Pip says with a toothy smile.

"W-wait!" Ruby says, throwing a hoof up, "This wouldn't work. We'd look too suspicious with a pony floating out of a book."

"I got that covered!" Pip says. She then suddenly engulfs herself in bright blue flames, and when they die down there sits a pony. Or at least something that sort of looks like one.

"Well, what do you think? I've been practicing!" Pip says with a pose.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-16 06:46:31 No. 29282110

Emerald asks Joyride if she has any clothes that Pip could use to cover them up.

Joyride sighs and then exitting out of the room turns around, shuts the door, pulls out a key, and opens the door again. It leads into what looks to be a massive closet.

"You guys promise you'll take all day on this and leave me alone?" Joyride says, standing aside to let the ponies and the demon enter.

Emerald watches Pip as she walks. She is moving much faster than her steps would indicate, and the colt asks how she is walking like that.

"I'm not actually walking!" Pip says proudly, "I'm floating just centimeters off the ground."

As Emerald tries to coach the demon on how to look while walking Joyride and Ruby go around gathering clothes for her.

"Ooo! I like this one!" Pip says, grabbing a large, colorful brimmed hat and placing it on her head. Emerald remembers that the hat is of Donkey origin, and believes it is called a 'sombrero'.

"It suits you." Joyride says, walking up and handing her a feathered cap, "But the point is to not bring attention to yourself, and that had is a bit too flashy."

The trio ultimately decide to dress her up in a longer cape that covers her lack of a cutie mark. They also let her wear the feathered cap to cover her sharp horn, and give her a saddle bag to hide her book tail in.

"I dunno. Isn't it kind of weird to have her tail in the bag like that?" Ruby says, glancing at it with a frown.

"Nah. It fits her personality doesn't it? Sort of cute and scatterbrained." Joyride says, grinning at the demon.

"Yeah! Anyway, can we go?" Pip says, getting more and more excited at the prospect of leaving.

"Yeah yeah, go out and have fun you three." Joyride says, waving them goodbye as the walk down the steps of the porch.

"So, where do we start?" Pip says, looking around everywhere and soaking the sights in.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-16 08:09:03 No. 29282685

Emerald says to Pip that she looks absolutely adorable.

"Aww, thanks! You look adorable too! I mean, for a pony." Pip says with a giggle and a shrug.

Emerald realizes that he should be disguising himself better now that he is back in Whitherwater, and quickly goes and changes into his Arrow Flynn outfit. He almost forgot that there are still people looking for him. Afterwards, the three make their way towards Ruby's old "Home".

As they walk Pip can't help but to point out everything they come across, and she is constantly looking around, craning her head everywhere. Emerald is afraid that she might walk into the street and get hit by a carriage. He is sure that it probably wouldn't hurt her, but it would definitely hurt the carriage, and that would be suspicious.

It takes Pip suddenly pointing and yelling how a griffon passing by was a "huge bird" for him to take her aside.

He explains that they are trying to keep a low profile, and that all her exclamations and gestures aren't helping.

"Aww come on, don't be like that... Look, I can point out some demons! Over that way! What is that over there. Why are there so many ponies? Is it because of the demons?"

Ruby and Emerald quickly turn to see where she is pointing, and it is at a nearby marketplace. Emerald explains what it is for, and though Pip makes clear motions of wanting to walk that direction the two foals push her along towards Ruby's old apartment.

It's as dingy as Ruby described it, and Emerald starts to walk towards the door when Ruby says, "W-wait! We aren't just going to walk inside are we? I mean, there could be trouble, or something!"

Emerald has a hard time believing that, especially since the episode that Ruby described happened some weeks ago. Maybe she is nervous about seeing her old roommates?

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-16 09:29:30 No. 29283184

Emerald says that he doubts there are any guards around, and asks if she is actually afraid of going up and seeing her roommates.

"Yeah... Well... I mean..." Ruby says, looking down at the sidewalk, "They were pretty mad when I left, and I haven't really talked to them since then..."

Emerald says that he is sure they were probably worried about her disappearance, and that they should be happy to see her safe. And if they aren't... Well, then there opinion shouldn't matter to her. He also mentions that she should could him Sapphire while in town. He doesn't want anyone figuring out who he is.

"Alright, 'Sapphire'." Ruby says, a little distracted.

Emerald pulls Pip inside again. He says that if she has any questions that she should consult him for the answers before asking out loud, and makes sure to say that he should be called Sapphire while in town.

The trio walk through the door and up the stairs. Ruby shows them to the apartment. Emerald is surprised that Ruby simply enters. She doesn't even knock.

Inside Emerald sees a mare with a large scar sitting at a table.

"Ruby? Is that-" Barber starts, but is cut short by Pip.

"Whoa. What happened to your eye?" Pip says, pointing to her own eye and clearly forgetting the conversation that Emerald just had with her.

Barber glares at Pip for a second and then says, "Who even are you?"

"My name is Pipadeaxkor!" the demon says happily, "But you can call me Pip for short!"

"Quite an odd name for a pony." Barber says, icily.

Emerald frowns slightly. Pip's full name is a bit suspicious sounding. Should they have given her a fake one to use, like how he is Sapphire?

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-17 03:42:06 No. 29287076

Emerald quickly introduces himself as Sapphire, pushing away Pip in the process. He then apologizes for her behavior, and says that she is a very silly pony. He then quickly compliments her dress and features.

"Yes, thank you little one." Barber says obligingly. She then turns to the filly says, "Anyway. It is good to see you again, Ruby. We were quite concerned that something might have happened to you."

"Who, you and Sleepy?" Ruby says, crossing her forelegs.

Barber gets up and approaches her saying, "And Rat too, surprisingly."

"Hmph. Speaking of which, have you seen him?" Ruby asks.

"Yes. He left earlier today on one of his little 'errands'. Probably staking out another house in the castle district. Didn't learn his lesson from last time, I suppose." Barber says, the slightest grin going to her lips.

"He wasn't more specific than that?" Ruby asks.

"No, he wasn't. If you really need to talk to him you can-"

"Hey! Someone taped pictures to the wall!" Pip says from the corner of the room.

"-stay here until he returns, if you like." Barber finishes as if she wasn't interrupted. Afterwards she glares at Pip.

What does Emerald do?

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-17 05:07:06 No. 29287617

Emerald asks if Barber wants to know what Ruby has been up to since he met her.

"Come on, she doesn't want to hear that." Ruby says turning to Emerald.

"Who knows? Might be good for a laugh." Barber says, smirking at Ruby, who blushes.

Emerald keeps an eye on Pip, and makes sure to tell her not to interrupt her story. Pip agrees with this, and listens with rapt attention to the filly telling the story.

Ruby keeps trying to downplay her part in a lot of their adventurers, but Emerald will have none of it. He makes sure to explain just how important and pivotal she was to their quests.

"I see. A giant, undead mechanical squid, did you say?" Barber says, clearing not believing too much of their adventure so far.

"Yeah..." Ruby says, scratching the back of her head, "Oh! And check it out, I got a new knife!"

She then unsheathes the blade and presents it to the mare.

Barber holds the blade up to her eye as she turns the blade over and stares at the point. It's so close that Emerald is afraid she is going to cut herself on accident.

"If half the adventures you have partaken are true, I would suggest getting a better blade than this. Or at the very least, find a better blacksmith." Barber says, handing the blade back.

Ruby smiles up at the mare.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-17 05:54:03 No. 29287946

Emerald asks if her implication from her previous comment about getting a better knife means that she thinks Ruby should stick with him.

"If that's what she wants. After all, she'd rather travel to other countries and battle giant undead squids, kidnappers, and giant wasps than be with us, or even tell us where she was going." Barber says calmly.

"I-it wasn't like that!" Ruby says, standing ridged suddenly, "I thought I messed up really bad, and I was also a little angry at you guys..."

There is a moment of silence, which Ruby breaks by asking, "So what happened that night I left?"

Barber opens her mouth to answer, but at this moment the door creaks open and a lanky, buck-toothed stallion walks in.

"I was just on the parade route and I think-" Rat starts, stopping suddenly when he spies all the ponies in the room.

"Hey Rat." Ruby responds flatly.

"Jeez, all this time and that's it? Ain't you got anything else to say to me?" Rat says, smirking and striding over to her.

Ruby thinks a moment, and then says, "Ever consider reconstructive dentistry?"

"Reconstructive dentistry? I'm surprised you know either of those words, much less how to pronounce them." Rat says, rubbing Ruby's hair.

"I know plenty! I've been learning to read and everything! Em-... Err, Sapphire taught me!" Ruby says, pointing to the colt.

Rat's eyes flick over to him for a moment, and then after a few seconds he turns his whole head towards the colt and asks,

"Hmm. You look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?" Rat asks.

2017-01-17 07:09:12 No. 29288335

Emerald comments that he doubts Rat knows him, unless he has been spending lot's of time around Zebra sailors. He then gives the best Joyride grin he can, though he doesn't feel like he gets the effect right. Rat just sort of stares at him nonplussed, and Emerald swears he gets a look from Barber.

"Well, whatever. What do you want?" Rat says turning away from Emerald and staring at Ruby.

"That green gem you took from me. What'd you do with it?" Ruby asks.

"What do you think I did?" Rat snaps back.

"Well I don't know, which is why I asked." Ruby retorts.

"The reason Rat took the gem in the first place is because we were told to return it. Remember those guards who kidnapped us? The ones stalking around the building after that heist? Yeah, they made it clear how serious they were, and that they were not to be messed with." Barber says, sitting in her arm chair and resting back into it.

"Yeah well, I don't got it anymore. I took it back to them. We met in a warehouse near the docks." Rat says.

"The one Sleepy works at?" Ruby asks hopefully.

"No, way north. Near Goat-Town. Warehouse 51." Rat says shaking his head, "You can go look around I suppose if you want, but I doubt they just left the thing behind."

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-18 09:13:17 No. 29291892

Emerald asks if they've seen any of the guards from that night around.

"Nah." Rat says, "Besides they all look mostly the same anyway."

Emerald asks why they kidnapped and harassed. If the guards knew who they were then couldn't they just have them arrested?

"Yes. I was wondering that myself." Barber says softly from the armchair, "I can only come to the conclusion that the gem was something the owner of the house wasn't supposed to have, or wasn't supposed to reveal they had."

"Who owned that house we robbed?" Ruby asks, tilting her head, "They must have been important if they could call on the guards so quickly to get to you guys. Speaking of which, how did they even find us?"

"I don't know the answer to the second question, but I looked into the owners a little after our kidnapping. I assumed it was some wealthy, relatively powerless merchant by the name of Fritillary." Barber says pulling herself up a bit on the couch, "Afterwards though I delved deeper into the name, and apparently it's a handle used by the royal family."

"Really? H-hey, you don't suppose those guards..." Rat says, nervously to the mare.

"Yeah. I think those guards who kidnapped us were from the Order of the Monarch." Barber says with a frown.

Emerald looks to Ruby questioningly, and she whispers angrily, "The royal guard. Bunch o' idiots who think they are better than anyone else, just like all guards."

"Our little fence friend told us how we were found, by the way." Rat says, attempting to answer the other one of the questions Ruby asked, "I went to him after our kidnapping and saw that he and his shop had been roughed up. I guess he was interrogated until he gave up our names. Said something like one of the things we stole from him had a tracking spell on it or something. I don't really know magic."

"Well jeez, if they could put tracking spells on stuff, why didn't they just put it on the gem? Save us all some time?" Ruby asks.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-18 12:30:35 No. 29292727

>Int check, 8
>Boosted, rolled 6,1,1
>6+1+1+4 = 12

Emerald tries to think of what he knows about the Order of the Monarch, but he can't think of any time they were mentioned. He thinks he remember reading about them in a registry of an old book about military history that his step-father had. They are a very old and distinguished Order. That much he knows.

Emerald wonders if chasing after this gem may be worth it. It might just be a plain gem after all. True there were royal guards chasing after it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a demon infested piece of jewelry. Maybe it's just worth a lot of money to the crown, or perhaps it has great sentimental value.

Emerald asks about the royalty of Whitherwater, and Ruby blinks at Emerald for a few seconds before turning to Barber, who answers in an organized way, like she was reading from a script.

"Whitherwater's goverment is a monarchy led by King Ruddy Daggerwing. His wife is lady Marpesia Petreus. They also have a daughter, Princess Papillion. Their court consists of-" Barber continues talking, however Emerald's stomach drops, and he feels a big lump in his throat.

He knows that name.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-18 04:29:57 No. 29294003

Emerald thinks about the pony he remembered from his time at his step parents.

He isn't sure how he would feel about meeting Papillon again. Would it be different now that he wasn't forced to entertain her? What would she do if she say him? Would she have him captured and sent back to his step parents?

On the other hand, the only lead they have on the gem that Ruby had is a warehouse that some of Papillon's guards were at a few weeks earlier.

Should Emerald go and try to meet with Papillon? Or maybe they should exhaust all the other lead they have first.

What does Emerald do?
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