You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-01-22 03:29:17 No. 29319359
Inventory & Spells:

Previous Thread...

>Ruby decides to go dumpster diving, and after returning finds that none of her roommates are home.
>After a brief stop at the Hotel that Barber works at Ruby returns home to find guards stationed outside her apartment building.
>Ruby sneaks in through a window and hides in an abandoned apartment for the night.
>The next day Ruby goes up to her apartment and finds her roommates there, but Rat rather aggressively berates and attacks her, taking the gem from her earring in the process. This is ultimately what causes Ruby to leave her roommates behind.
>Emerald and Ruby decide to go to find Rat in the present day.
>Pip manages to tag along.
>They get to the apartment where they come to learn that Guards employed by Papillion may have taken the gem, and that Rat delivered the gem to warehouse 52 on the docks.

Continued in the next post...

2017-01-22 03:43:52 No. 29319457

The trio bid the mare goodbye, and decide to head over to Warehouse 52.

Considering all he's heard of the warehouse district he expected it to be a much rougher place. It's mostly just boats tied firmly to the wooden docks, crates and bouys laying beside them on dry land, and the very occasional worker on his way hauling boxes or tying knots.

The three get to warehouse 52 without any hassle. Which warehouse it is is very obvious, as there is a bright yellow 52 painted on the outside of it near the big double doors meant for carriages and carts.

Ruby and Emerald begin to try and plan a way in, but just as they ask Pip if their plan is okay they turn to see she isn't there. Instead she is walking into the building through the double doors.

"Are you crazy?" Ruby whispers harshly to the demon as they both scramble to the warehouse, which is mercifully empty.

"Hmm?" Pip says, who had been looking around the place.

"What if there was someone in here?" Ruby says.

"But there wasn't! I couldn't sense any souls or anything." Pip says giggling, "And even if there was I would just burn them all away! They are the bad guys right?"

Emerald and Ruby sigh, and look around. The warehouse contains a single cart near the door, as well as crates and shelving units stacked all around. Curiously, everything on the shelves looks rather old, unused, and on some occasions, rusty.

The only other thing they see is a room across from them on the other corner is what looks like an office, but the door is closed and the windows have drapes covering them from inside. Ruby and Emerald walk over to investigate, and as they do Pip says,

"Hey, how come I get yelled at when you think I might have barged into a room with ponies when you are going to just walk into that room?"

"You said there wasn't anyone in here!" Ruby says.

"There isn't, but if you go in there some people will come. It's got some sort of magical alarm surrounding it." Pip replies.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-22 04:38:29 No. 29319766

Emerald thanks her for this information, and asks if there is anything she can do to disable it.

"Oh, I dunno." Pip says with a shrug and a giggle, "Never did care much for pony magic. Not my thing. Except for the giant fireballs, those are neat! And the walls of fire. And the fire tornadoes, and-"

"So there isn't anything you can do?" Ruby says, cutting through the chatter.

"Nope! I can torch anyone who comes to investigate though! We could even burn down the whole building. That would probably break the enchantment! Or..." Pip starts to say frowning and looking sideways, "I suppose if you are fast enough you could just go in, look around, and then scram before anyone gets here. I'd assume it'd take them a few minutes. Or not. Who knows?"

Pip then giggles again.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-22 05:24:01 No. 29320003

The trio try to get as much information about the room as they can before attempting anything with it.

Emerald attempts to look through the heavy brown drapes covering the windows but doesn't see much. Maybe he might see something if he presses face right up against the window, but Pip warned him that getting too close to the room might even set off the enchantment.

She further explains that it seems to be focused on the piece of ground the room sits, so simply not using the door or windows to get in won't change anything.

The trio does a once about around the room, and there only appears to be the one door, two windows. The colt asks Pip to fly up a little bit and see if there is anything atop the office, but there only appears to be a ventilation shaft up there.

Emerald asks if it cane be opened, and the demon replies,

"Uh, I dunno. Do you want to come up and see yourself? The spell doesn't effect the roof of the office."

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-22 06:27:08 No. 29320354

Pip lifts the two foals and places them on the roof. Emerald goes over to the vent and attempts to pull it up, but it's too heavy for him. Ruby then takes several moments attempting to pull the ventilation tube, grunting and straining at the effort. Ruby then steps aside to let Pip try. Reaching down she easily pries the vent open, bringing along a bit of the roof that it was connected too.

Emerald looks down the hole. The room is pretty dark, but Pip offers a small bit of fire as light.

The most prominent thing is a chair with straps sitting right in the middle of the room. Facing it are two other chairs nearby. The only other things in the room are a few tables. One of them has a few toolboxes, a coffeemaker, and cleaning supplies. There are also two metal cabinets next to each other in the corner of the room.

Emerald really wishes he could get down there to look. Maybe they can find something to use as rope from the piles of junk around them? He supposes he could just ask Pip to do it as well since she herself can fly. Or maybe Ruby should do it? She is the sneakiest of all of them after all.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-22 07:42:31 No. 29320824

Emerald asks if maybe Pip can burn a piece of the ground to make the spell go away. For instance, if there is a rune on the floor or anything.

"Oh uh... I don't think so?" Pip says looking down into the hole, "I suppose i could set the whole ground on fire in there, but that's not really what you want right?"

Emerald asks Pip if she can go down there and look around since she can fly and see the magical barrier.

"Oh sure." Pip says, rolling her eyes and swishing a hoof, "What did you want me to do exactly? Just go down there and look at stuff? Are we looking for the gem in here? Because if the gem is here then it definitely doesn't have a demon in it. I'd be able to sense it from here."

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-23 05:01:27 No. 29326667

Emerald tells her to check the toolboxes and the cabinet, or anything else for any clues.

The demon slowly floats down, staying about a yard or so above the floor. She does a floating circuit around the room, and then opens the toolbox, shuts it, and then goes over to the cabinet and repeats the process.

She then floats back up and says, "I dunno. Didn't see anything worthwhile."

"Well what DID you see?" Ruby says, who was keeping watch while the demon searched.

"Uh... Tools, and stuff? I dunno. Pony things." Pip says with a shrug.

Emerald sighs, and then asks the demon if it would be possible to carry him down and let him search. Pip says it should be no problem, and they both descend.

Opening the toolbox he sees a bunch of tools just like Pip said. However what she didn't mention was that most of them were rather clean, and smelled heavily of disinfectant. Emerald could still see some blood on the handles of the tools though.

He next asks Pip to take him over to the cabinets, and inside they find what appear to be dossiers on what Emerald assumes are the ponies that have been here. He's a bout to go through them, and leans forward.

At that moment Emerald feels the hooves supporting him let go, and the colt lands cat-like on all fours. He then looks up at the demon angrily.

"Whoops! Sorry, I got butterhooves really bad! But don't worry, I'll defend you from anyone who comes!" Pip says giggling and puffing her chest.

"...And take the souls of anyone you kill?" Ruby says, her face popping in from the hole above.

"Well... I mean, it's better than them going to waste right?" Pip says with a grin up at the foal.

"You know, we might still be able to get away. We might even be able to hide and follow them once they give up and track them." Ruby says.

"What! We can't do that!" Pip says suddenly.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-23 06:34:45 No. 29327282

Emerald asks if there are people on the way, or if the spell even went off. He didn't really feel anything when he hit the ground, and there wasn't any flashes of light or sounds or anything.

"Well of course it didn't make any noise or anything when it went off! It would have scared most robbers away, wouldn't it?" Pip says with a giggle.

Emerald takes a stack of the folders out of the cabinet and pushes them towards Pip, who just looks down at them curiously.

Emerald explains that it's her fault they are in trouble, so she needs to take as many of these as she can.

"Well if I can float, I can take all of them!" Pip says.

Emerald grits his teeth and just tells her to take what she can while still appearing to walk. They are going to try and escape and he wants as many as he can take.

"Why are you in such a rush? I told ya, I can whip'em!" Pip says confidently.

Emerald says he doesn't want to hurt anyone if he can avoid it. The colt can only fit a box in each of Pip's saddlebags, and one in his own backpack. He starts to run towards to door, but sees she isn't following.

"Wow, these things sure are heavy..." Pip says, floating slowly towards him, "Not sure how fast I can go with these things weighin' me down!"

Emerald tries tugging Pip from the front, and pushing her from the back, but she continues to plod slowly on.

The door bursts open, giving Emerald a shock before he sees a filly glaring in.

"What the heck are you guys doing? Come on!" Ruby says, disappearing back out to the warehouse proper.

Emerald tries pushing her one more time, but gives up with a grunt of annoyance. There has got to be a way to make her move faster!

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-23 07:38:41 No. 29327694

Emerald starts to slap at her bottom to goad her forward, and then starts to yell how she won't get any meat for this. He also mentions that Joyride won't like how much danger she is putting them in. And that they are going to never take her out of her book again. Ruby returns to the door, and seeing that they haven't made it very far runs over to Pip and pulls the book out of the demon's saddle bag. The filly then holds up the book and says,

"Pick up the pace or I shut you in the book. You miss the possible fight, the bodies, and the souls."

Pip sighs and starts floating at a more acceptable speed for an escape. The pause only a second to see if anyone is outside the large services doors, and seeing no one they dash out.

As they run out Emerald thinks on the current position they are in. If they run now there is a greater chance that they escape. On the other hoof, if they wait around hidden until someone investigates maybe they can track them back to their base of operations.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-24 05:00:26 No. 29333258

Emerald asks Ruby if there are any good places to spy from that she can spot.

Ruby stops and looks all around quickly, and then points to some boxes and debris beside the warehouse marked 48. The trio make a sprint over to them, and hide.

Just moments after they start peaking over the side of the containers they spot a group of five larger stallions sneaking towards the warehouse they were just inside. Two earth ponies, a pegasus, and two unicorns.

They breach the side door and the main doors in complete unison, and then rush inside.

"We can take'em!" Pip says, raising slightly off the box and whispering to Emerald.

Emerald says that there will be no fighting if he can avoid it, and that she better get down before he shuts her up in the book.

"Aww... I never get to have any fun..." Pip says, sinking back down.

Several minutes later an armored carriage pulls up, and several more ponies step out. These ponies are much better and obviously equipped than the former force, but it's hard to tell much more than that from here.

A while after that Emerald shifts his weight on his hooves. No one has come in our out in a while. The only thing they've had to look at is the carriage and the two burly military stallions pulling it.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-24 06:07:56 No. 29333810

Emerald says that if she keeps up her ways it may be the only time she sees the town at all, so she better enjoy it while she can.

"Hey come on, don't be like that! I'll be good!' Pip says sticking out her lip, but then giggling.

Emerald turns his attention back to the warehouse and tries his best to take in everything he can. He can't seem to gleam too much though. The only thing he can see at the moment is the carriage and the soldier ponies pulling it. To him they don't look out of the ordinary, other than being a military vehicle.

Emerald asks the other two what they can make out.

"Not much." Ruby says, "I wonder what those other ponies are doing inside though. Maybe still investigating? You took some of those files and stuff right? Maybe they are trying to figure out what they are missing?"

Emerald shrugs and says that sounds plausible. The colt then turns to Pip and asks her what she thinks.

"They are just regular ponies really. They have nice shiny souls though! Souls that shine with purpose, honor, and confidence!" Pip says. She is staring at the warehouse, and she wipes a bit of droll from her mouth.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-24 08:37:37 No. 29334787

Emerald tells Pip that he didn't realize how hard this was for her, but that she still needs to be careful. She is finally starting to be good, and she needs to not ruin it.

Emerald then asks if Pip can see any souls inside of the carriage.

"Hmm... Nope! I don't think there is anyone in there."

Emerald asks Ruby to continue to watch while he looks at one of the dossiers they took.

He pulls one out at random, and it contains the picture of a pony he doesn't recognize. It also contains his physical characteristics like mane and fur color, height, and weight. It also contains their name, place of residence, and perceived crimes against the crown.

From the notes in the dossier, it seems this person was some sort of terrorist-in-training, and they attempted to get information about the group he was with, but he ended up dying during the interrogation before they could get anything.

"Hey Emerald!" Ruby whispers sharply.

He looks around to see the armored carriage creak to a start, and then leave. Eventually ponies start coming out of the warehouse, and they all end up walking the same direction in small groups.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-25 02:57:31 No. 29339398

Emerald watches them head south east away from the docks. While he does this, he asks Pip if the magical protections are back in place.

"Yup! And then some!" Pip says.

"And then some...?" Ruby asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Yup! I can't tell from here, but there is definitely more magical energy around the place than before." Pip says nodding thoughtfully.

Emerald looks up at the sky to see if there are any pegasus watching the retreat of their comrades. Luckily the skies are clear. In fact, now that Emerald thinks on it, he hasn't seen too many pegasi in the sky at all. he contemplates why this is, but puts it aside for the moment.

Instead the group follows after one of the earth stallions as he makes his way back. It isn't hard to hide from the pony, as there are still plenty of people walking around the streets. In fact, the stallion seems quite at his ease. The pony never even stops to look behind him, and even flirts on the occasional mare, and buys an apple from a stall on the street after having a short conversation with the seller.

Things don't seem that dangerous now, but perhaps Emerald and company should pull away? They could just go through the folders they have and see if anything good comes from them. Thinking on it further, Emerald realizes that they could also go check out the house that Ruby and her roommates burgled for more clues.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-25 07:15:33 No. 29340756

Emerald is starting to feel nervous about following this stallion. Something just doesn't feel right. The colt asks Pip if she has any sort of demony senses that say anything about the stallions intentions.

"Huh? I can't read minds or anything. You are thinking a Mentisdaemon, silly!" Pip says chuckling.

The trio follow the pony for just a little while longer until the crowd starts to thin out near the castle district, where Ruby mentions that they are walking through residences now. Emerald decides to break it off here just in case, and they head back towards #305 Coursewalk to look through their findings. Emerald pulls out the key for his loft, and the party enters.

It is of course, only Emerald doing any of the search through the dossiers. Ruby doesn't have quite the vocabulary for reading through these sorts of things, and Pip just seems generally uninterested in doing so. Instead the other two decide to go make some food.

For a few seconds Emerald listens as they decide what to make with the food in their fridge, and then he grabs for the biggest file in their collection.

It tells of a unicorn mare by the name of Sandy Shadow (Alias Lunar Love, Cherry Chiffon, and Orchid Gem) was born in the Zebralands and currently lives in Whitherwater.

Emerald reads through the file, and comes along the notes on this mare.





So these were the kind of people they were interrogating at warehouse 52?

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-25 09:08:35 No. 29341316

Emerald continues to read through Sandy Shadow's file. Looking through the "A" notes he finds names of missions that are referenced to other files Emerald doesn't have. The "B" notes are the same, revealing only to the agents code names that could be referenced to another file elsewhere. It's only when Emerald gets to the "C" notes does he find anything of interest.

One of the case files of sensitive information is an event referenced as the "SPATIUMDAEMON GEM THEFT".

Emerald scrambles through the files he has with him, and picking up one in particular his hooves start to shake. It has the same name as the one referenced.




Emerald looks through the notes again, but doesn't find anything about the locations of any safe houses. Seeing that Ruby has a file he decides to look it up. Luckily, he took enough of the files that he managed to get to Ruby's.They don't seem to know Ruby's full name, and besides that there are other mistakes. He almost kind of wants to show it to her just for the reaction. Emerald wonders if they have a file on him here, but it doesn't appear he has any files that start with an "E".

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-26 06:00:52 No. 29347382

Emerald asks Pip what a "Spatiumdaemon" is.

"Ohhh... Remember how I said the Chronodaemon was the only one of his kind that existed and that he was probably the most powerful demon ever? Well that is what the Spatiumdaemon is, except for manipulating space instead of time."

"Well they can't both be the most powerful demon right? Who is stronger?" Ruby asks Pip as she turns on the stovetop and begins boiling some water.

"Like I said, they both are! Or... Hmm... Let me put it this way. If the Chronodaemon ever asks you who the most powerful demon is, you better say it's him and that the Spatiumdaemon is a pansy. When you are in front of the Chronodaemon, reverse their two names!" Pip says with a laughing snort.

Emerald thinks on this, and realizing he is still holding Ruby's file decides to show it to the filly. She reads it over slowly, spelling out the words under her breath. When she reads over the gender her mouth purses, but she continues on.

"Hey, who is this Knife Benchmade? Known relation? Does that mean like... A parent?" Ruby asks, hesitantly hopeful.

Emerald says that it's a possibility. But considering the guards don't seem to know her real name or her actual gender she wonders how likely it is that this Knife Benchmade is an actual relative. Emerald is pretty sure it's Barber, but that's about it.

Emerald excuses himself and looks back at the files. First he checks who the informant is. Apparently it was the fence that Rat and Ruby took to their stolen goods too. He was interrogated as well and released. The file claims he was find because of a tracking spell on the box they carried it in.

Emerald also looks for any name that he may be under in these files, but he finds nothing. He thought maybe he'd be labeled under "Sapphire", but not even that is here.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-26 07:33:29 No. 29347957

Emerald checks to see if the rest of his family, Hope's family, or Joyride are mentioned. However he doesn't seem to have those kind of files here. They seem to mostly pertain to things they have interrogated at that location or things related to it. There are lot's of references to files stored away in the castle.

Emerald asks Pip if ponies can be possessed.

"Well duh! You are possessed after all. Do you mean like, take over a pony's body and make him do stuff? Yup! Though it isn't something that happens very often. Most ponies don't appreciate when you do that, and it's a good way to scare some delicious soul away." Pip says, licking her lips.

Emerald asks if maybe Pip can speak to the demon in his amulet, or if she can teach him how to do it.

"It's the Chronodaemon... It'll understand you no matter what you speak to it I'm sure! It's just a matter of if it wants to answer you." Pip says with a giggle, "I'd be careful what you ask though."

"Why? Is it going to eat him or something if he accidentally insult it?" Ruby says flatly as she stirs the pot on the stove.

"No. It's just that he may not like the answers he gets." Pip says, pointing at Emerald and laughing.

Emerald gets the urge to do something else... Maybe ask Joyride about the Spatiumdaemon, or ask Joyride about the skull they found in that one cave.

He shakes his head, and then pulls the amulet out from beneath his clothing. He then holds it up to his face, and feeling a little silly for speaking to an accessory asks how the Chronodaemon is, and what he wants.

"Entertain me." A booming voice says, startling him and making him drop the amulet.

Breathing heavily, he looks around at Ruby and Pip, who are looking back at him confused.

"Everything okay there?" Ruby asks, stopping her stirring.

Emerald asks if they heard that.

"Heard what?" Pip asks, floating closer and circling him.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-26 08:17:45 No. 29348240

Emerald asks if he is sure no one heard the amulet speak to him. He says that the Chronodaemon told him to "entertain me".

"Well I didn't hear anything..." Pip says, still circling around him, "...But if it is telling you to do so, I suggest you do it!"

Emerald looks down at the amulet and swallows heavily. He holds the gem close to his lips, and whispering asks how he wants to be entertained.

"Just be yourself. Deal with the hardships put before you. Succeed. Make Mistakes. Triumph. Suffer. And remember to always listen to what we tell you." The amulet responds, still as loud as ever.

Emerald looks to the other two in the room to see if they heard anything, but Ruby has gone back to stirring her pot, and Pip just keeps circling Emerald, staring at him with a little smile.

Emerald finds himself concerned with something the amulet said. He asks what the demon means by "we" in that last response it made.

"Myself, and my friends. Or perhaps a better way to put it would be myself and my audience." The amulet replies.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-27 05:05:43 No. 29353766

Emerald asks why the chornodaemon is bound to him, and why it's in his mother's amulet.

"Because I felt like it." The chronodaemon starts, "And I'm here because I was asked nicely to be here. Seemed interesting enough, so I stayed."

Emerald asks why the demon would trap himself in the amulet like that just because he felt like it.

"I am not trapped, foal. I am here because I want to be. If you want to speak to a trapped demon, go find the Spatium or Medeis daemon." The amulet says with a booming laugh.

Emerald asks if the demon knew his parents.


Emerald asks if the Chronodaemon can tell him anything about them.

"No. What fun would that be for me?" The demon laughs mercilessly.

Emerald asks about his soul.

"What about it?" The amulet asks, "I haven't touched it. The most I've done is kept others from doing so. People get a lot less interesting when they don't have souls."

Emerald asks if he can really control time.

"Yes." The demon says simply.

Emerald asks what he meant by audience, and asks just how many demons are there.

"I know not the number of them."

Emerald asks if entertainment is really all he wants and is getting out of this.

"Yes. Why would I want or need anything else? Especially from you? If I wanted something I could go back in time and fix events so that I got it. It is as easy for me as it is for you to put one hoof in front of another. I am in want for nothing but a way to pass my time on this plane of existence." The demon responds.

Emerald wonders if maybe he should go to Joyride about this. On the other hoof this is all very fascinating to him, and he doesn't want to stop asking questions now that he's started.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-27 06:14:53 No. 29354215

Emerald asks how to amulet comes back to him. If it's through time or teleportation or what.

"It returns because I will it too. Going back to what I said before. moving through time is as simple for me as walking is for you." The chronodaemon says.

Emerald asks what it'll do if he dies.

"Depends on how much i'm invested in your story. If you bore me I'll let you rot. If i like where it's going, then maybe i'll bring you back. There will be consequences though."

Emerald asks what sort of consequences, but the amulet decides to stay quiet on this point.

Emerald asks if it was his mother that asked him to be in the amulet. Once again, quiet. He thinks he might have heard a soft snickering though.

Emerald waits for a moment, and then puts the amulet on the ground and boops it on the gem. He's never booped several people once with one boop of his hoof. It must be a record.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-27 07:38:48 No. 29354677

Emerald remarks that Pip said that his soul is very corrupt. Emerald was wondering what it's thoughts were on the subject.

"Yes. I would say that it is, and for all the same reasons that demon did."

Emerald asks the amulet what it thinks of his companions.

"They serve their purpose." is his response.

Not sure how to respond, he asks it some other questions, which he doesn't answer. Figuring that the amulet doesn't want to talk anymore he put's it back around his neck.

Seeing that Pip is still floating above him, Emerald asks what her thoughts were on the amulet speaking to him.

"Seems a bit ominous to me! Though I have heard of some demons who wouldn't mind a direct link to the chronodaemon." Pip says, tapping her chin.

Emerald gets up and trots over to Ruby to see how her food is cooking. Looks to be spaghetti!

After they serve out the food they break into idle chit-chat.

What does Emerald do?

2017-01-28 06:09:14 No. 29361270

Emerald twirls his fork absentmindedly in his spaghetti and asks Ruby what she thinks of him talking to the demon in his amulet.

"Honestly?" Ruby says, rubbing the back of her head, "Freaks me out a little bit. I mean, you got a demon just kinda... There, ya know?"

"Hey, you know he already has a demon hanging around him, right?" Pip says, sticking out her lower lip.

"Yeah, and he is trying to find a third demon. I mean really, that can't be a good omen... Having two or three demons around them ya know?" Ruby says.

Emerald points out that she had a demon very briefly.

"To be fair, I didn't know there was a demon in it, and it really brought peace and prosperity into my life right? Being wanted by Royal Guards is always a good thing.

Emerald asks if any of the leads sound good. They could go to Cherry Chiffon's place... Go look up stuff on Papillion... Ask the fence about what happened to him... Man, they have a lot of stuff to look up!

"It's all good to me." Ruby looks down at her plate and shrugs, "I'm still not sure how I feel about trying to get another super powerful demon into my life, but it's not like I have anything better to do."

"I don't care what we do!" Pip says, butting in and raising a hoof high into the air, "Just make sure to take me along!"

What does Emerald do?
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