You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-02-01 10:32:51 No. 29386414
Inventory & Spells:

Previous Thread...

>The trio go to Warehouse 52 and look around, Pip noting that there is a spell in a nearby office.
>After searching the grounds for a bit, they enter the room through the ceiling, as the spell's effects only take place when there is a person near the floor.
>It appears to be an interrogation room.
>Pip "accidentally" drops Emerald, sounding off a magical alarm. Luckily they escape with a bunch of files before they can be caught.
>They decide to hide nearby and watch the people who come in.
>They are guards, and they stay for a little while. When they start to leave the party decides to follow them to see where they go.
>After a while Emerald decides to stop following the guards, afraid that maybe it's a ploy to catch them out.
>They return to Emerald's flat and go through the boxes.
>A ton of shit happens that it would probably just be better to read. To give a quick synopsis, they find a file related to the dogtags they found in the cave with the mushrooms for Joyride's potion, there is a new demon in play called the Spatiumdaemon, and Emerald speaks with the Chronodaemon in his amulet.
>Also, Emerald boops the amulet.

Continued in the next post...

2017-02-01 10:36:18 No. 29386433

(I'm not actually sure what people wanted to do next. There wasn't much of a consensus.)

(It sounded like maybe people wanted to practice some magic with Pip? Maybe interact with Ruby for a bit? Or maybe check out what could possibly be Cherry Chiffon's skull? I think even a few wanted to just head to bed straight away so they could go see Sensoria.)

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-01 01:00:47 No. 29387108

Emerald and the group decide to clean up their dinner, and then get to some learning. Ruby sits down with a simple book, and Emerald attempts to learn some magic from Pip.

The demon however, seems to not be able to teach Emerald too much. Demon magic seems a lot different from pony, and she can't seem to accurately explain how to use it. That and the fact she starts summoning fireballs in the flat tells him that they should attempt this in a more open area.

Eventually Emerald just calls it a night.


Emerald wakes the next day to find himself joined on the bed by Ruby and Pip, who is currently inside her book. Emerald watches as gentle snores emanate from the book, causing the cover to lift slightly and the pages to ruffle.

Emerald sits up, and being careful not to wake anyone walks over to the door and exits. He then turns around and gives a knock, asking for Joyride. As he waits for her to open the door he scrawls out a quick letter to Sensoria, telling her that he is coming sometime later today.

He just finishes and sends it off as the door creaks open and reveals Joyride.

"Hey lil' perv. Didn't I say to leave me alone for the day?" Joyride says with a grin.

Emerald comments that he has. It's the next day.

"Wow, really? Well anyway, what'd you want?" Joyride says, leaning on the door frame.

He asks if she still has that skull from their trip to the cave with the mushrooms.

"Yeah sure. Why?" Joyride says, stretching.

Emerald says that he'll explain later, and then asks if she has ever heard of the Spatiumdaemon, and that his amulet started to speak with him.

"Hmm... I was afraid of this." Joyride says, rubbing her chin in thought, "Spatiumdaemon... Never heard of it... Hmm..."

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-01 02:59:10 No. 29387687

Emerald says that he thinks the Spatiumdaemon is in a gem like his, and being hidden in a royal safehouse some where in the city.

"Great. I wonder what those idiots plan to use that for." Joyride says with a sigh, "Maybe we can call the Order on them or something. They'll probably tear the place apart looking for that gem."

Emerald asks if Joyride has heard of the Medeisdaemon as well, since that was the other one mentioned.

"No, I haven't heard of that one either... Dang it, of all the times to- well... Hmm..." Joyride says, clearly lost in thought.

Emerald says he is going to go see Sensoria today.

"Well I hope she is paying for the privilege. You know what they say lil' perv. If you do something well don't do it for free." Joyride says with a wink.

The colt then asks if there is anything she has that can help him change his looks.

"Jeez. Can't you look up that potion? I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to make for you. Or I dunno, maybe it is." Joyride says dismissively, waving a hoof.

Emerald asks what her plan for the next ingredient for her potion is.

"Not too sure yet. I don't know how the heck I'm going to get my hands on white deer horn. The hair of a true succubus I have an idea, but i need to look into it more. For the moment though I have my hooves full with this." She says, pointing backwards.

Emerald glances behind Joyride into the dark hall and asks what she is doing in there.

"Nunnya business." She says, "Anyway, is there anything else you wanted to tell me?"

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-01 04:14:16 No. 29388111

Emerald tells Joyride what happened with Pip yesterday, and how she almost got them caught. The colt asks if there is anything he can do to control her better.

"Not really, no. Do you see why demons are annoying to deal with now? Heck, Pip is one of the better behaved ones I've met." Joyride says with a sigh.

Emerald says that he is really curious about what is going on there, commenting how mad Loupe and Nishan were. It's more than royal jelly isn't it?

"Yes, it is." Joyride says, and after waiting for her to say something she just sort of stares at Emerald and asks, "You don't bugging me yet?"

She then snickers to herself for some reason again like she did before with the beeswax joke.

Emerald asks what she knows about the Order of the Monarch.

"They are the royal guards, and they are pretty tough. They pretty much deal with threats against Whiterwater and the royal family. Try not to mess with them lil' perv, they are well trained and even better equipped." Joyride remarks.

The colt asks if there is anyway we could find out who's skull that is that they found in the cave.

"I guess we could ask it." Joyride says with a shrug.

Emerald tilts his head at her, and she replies, "Necromancy is a pretty useful skill sometimes, lil' perv. If you want to we can do it later in the day I guess."

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-01 06:44:00 No. 29388898

Emerald says that he'll talk to the skull later, thanks Joyride for her time, and apologizes for bugging her. She then closes the door, and Emerald decides to go to the library.

Emerald walks purposefully among the bookcases, and after looking around for a second he clears his throat. He has to think about how to ask this carefully so he doesn't get buried in an avalanche of books.

He asks specifically for a book that has a recipe for changing the color of a pony's fur or mane. Three books come flying to him, and after examining the potions within them picks out a book and begins to copy down the recipe for the potion.

1 Half-Gallon colored berry juice
1 Quart distilled water
1 Quart Acai Vinegar
1 Cup Seapony Salt

Emerald then hears a knock at the door, and walking over he opens it to see Ruby carrying Pip, who is inside her book, closed, at the filly's side.

"Hey. So what's the plan for today?"

Emerald says he is going to go see Sensoria, and that Ruby should come.

"Hmm... That's at the castle though right? I don't know if I feel right about going there." Ruby says, frowning.

Emerald says that it'll be fine, and that no one is going to bug her. Ruby eventually agrees to come, and after dropping off a disappointed Pip with Joyride they make their way to the castle.

By the time they get to the castle from #304 Coursewalk it's only late morning, but even now it's crawling with ponies, carts, and merchants.

As they approach the large front gate of the castle Emerald realizes he doesn't know how to find Sensoria once they actually get in. The colt spots a nearby guard standing near a door and nervously asks if he knows where he can find Sensoria. Or if he even knows who that is.

He's pointed into the main gate and several doors to the left of the main one. Emerald walks up only to find Ruby standing some space away.

"Hey, you sure this is alright? You sure she is on the level?" Ruby asks.

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-02 04:58:57 No. 29394511

Emerald purses his lips. He isn't sure how "on the level" Sensoria is really. She certainly is odd. Odd but harmless, would be his experiences with her so far. A little needy perhaps, and perverted, but kind. Emerald wonders if Sensoria knows who Ruby is. She did used to hang out around the showers, and he isn't sure how far away Sensoria can "see".

The colt doesn't say this of course, and instead mentions that he'll introduce her as his friend, and says that she'll be fine. She could stay here of course, where guards might pass by and ask what she is doing.

"Okay okay, fine, let's get this over with." Ruby says with a sigh.

Emerald approaches the door and gives it a loud knock.

A few seconds later a mare appears at the door. She smiles down at the colt and says,

"Oh! Uh, hey there. How can I help you lil' missy?"

Emerald says that he is looking for Sensoria, and that he is in fact, a colt.

The mare stares for a second, and then her smile starts to falter a little bit.

"You wouldn't... Happen to be Emerald would you?" the mare asks.

Emerald says that he is, and she replies,

"I see. Would you excuse me for a second?"

She then slams the door, and despite the big wooden obstacle between them he can hear the voices within.

"Sensoria!" The mare's muffled voice calls out.

A few seconds later a voice replies, and still yelling the mare calls out,

"You didn't say he was a foal!"

"Age is just a number!" Sensoria yells out frantically.

"You didn't just... Okay, look." the mare's voice replies surprised.

The pair begin to whisper loudly, and Emerald can't understand what they are saying. The pitch of the voices gets higher though, and the speech more rapid.

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-02 06:13:01 No. 29395004

Emerald knocks hard on the door, asking if everything is okay.

The mare reappears, looking much more frustrated than she did before.

Emerald comments that he is in fact a stallion in disguise, and that his name is... Is Vincent. Vincent Adultstallion!

"Ha! Well nice to meet you, Mr. Adultstallion. Listen, it's not a great time so I don't suppose you could-"

"Emerald! Hello! Come in! Please, please!" Sensoria says, pushing aside the mare and pulling him inside.

The room is almost completely barren. It's basically a hard wood floor and stone walls, with the only furniture being a large red carpet on the floor. The carpet has golden yellow trim around the edge, but that's the most detail anything in this room has. Other than the one he came in, there are two more exits.

"Emerald!" Sensoria says, rushing over and hugging him deeply, and not letting go, "It's been so long... How are you?"

"I'm sure it hasn't been that long." The mare says, cutting between the two and separating them.

"Oh uh... This is Sweetie Candy." Sensoria says, a little put out.

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-02 07:22:53 No. 29395430

Emerald says that she shouldn't worry, since it was him who initiated things with Sensoria (sort of).

Candy only gives you an alarmed look at this, and instead he clears his throat and says that it's ncie to meet her, and apologizes for causing any trouble.

"And who's your friend?" Sweetie Candy asks, and then suddenly looking hopeful says, "Your boyfriend?"

"My name is Ruby, and I'm a filly." Ruby says, glaring at the mare. Emerald jumps slightly. He actually forgot she was there.

Emerald interrupts this and says that he came here to learn magic today with Sensoria..

"Yes, yes! And I have just the spell that I want to teach you! Err, Candy, you can leave for now if you want, I'm just gonna-" Sensoria starts.

"Leave? Wouldn't dream of it!. I could always brush up on my magical training, and who better to learn from then you, right?" Sweetie Candy says disdainfully, crossing her forelegs.

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-03 04:58:41 No. 29400520

Emerald turns to Ruby, and asks if maybe she would like to learn some magic as well.

"Huh? Oh uh..." Ruby says, clearly not wanting to get in on this conversation. She shrugs and continues, "Well, if everyone else is learning magic I guess I could join in... I don't have one of those 'focus' things though."

"Oh, well Sweetie can show you where in the barracks we keep our practice focuses! I'll just take Emerald over to the training and-" Sensoria starts excitedly, but is interrupted by Sweetie.

"We are not doing anything of the sort! You are lucky I don't report you, for all the good it'd do." the mare says, wagging a disapproving hoof in Sensoria's direction, who looks ashamed.

"Y-you wouldn't! the blind mare begs.

"I won't as long as you behave. Now we will all go and get this little filly a focus and we will begin." Sweetie announces with an annoyed finality.

As t hey walk, Emerald asks what kind of spell Sensoria is going to teach them.

"That's a surprise!" She says, giving a giggle afterwards.

Emerald mentions to Sensoria all the spells that he's learned, and Sweetie asks,

"That's actually quite impressive for someone your age. Now, you said you know how to shape bones? Who'd you learn that from?"

"Hey, I don't suppose you could teach me any magic that would make my weapon all cool. Like surround it in light or fire or something?" Ruby says, cutting across that uncomfortable question quite nicely and unintentionally.

"It is something we could teach, but that is very difficult magic for someone just beginning!" Sensoria says, not letting Sweetie go back to the question, possibly suspecting that Emerald learned it from Joyride, and that she didn't want to implicate her.

They eventually reach a locked room with a barred window counter beside it. Sweetie is forced to fill out the paperwork, so the others sit by and wait.

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-03 07:08:49 No. 29401340

Emerald apologizes for getting Sensoria in trouble.

"I-it's okay. I didn't think that Sweetie would act that way..." Sensoria says sadly.

Emerald asks if there is any other way they could keep in contact. He is pretty sure that writing letters isn't going to stay private considering Sensoria needs someone to read them to her.

"There are spells that can send audible messages... They are all sort of advanced spells though. We can try to do those sometime, but I had a different spell in mind." The unicorn says.

Finishing the acquisition forms, Sweetie returns with a focus that she hands to Ruby. It's a wooden wand with two metal bands near the edge of one end, and she swings it around for a second before looking at everyone else and asking what to do next.

Sweetie goads them all towards an exit that leads to an open grass field where ponies are exercising or otherwise training on the various courses. Sensoria and Sweetie start walking towards some targets near one of the castle walls and the two foals follow. Sensoria then steps behind one of the targets and says,

"So, can you guess what kind of spell I'm going to teach you? I'll give you a hint... I'm blind, and yet I see!"

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-04 06:09:43 No. 29407798
Emerald asks if it has something to do with seeing using magic like she does.

Sensoria looks ecstatic and says, "Yes, yes! That's right! The spell is called Arcane Eyes, and it lets you see creatures with souls or creatures that give off magical auras. You said you had a spell that can make a smokescreen right? Why don't you go and cast it."

Emerald does, focusing on the target that Sensoria is standing next too. A few seconds later Sensoria steps out of the smoke in front of Emerald.

The colt asks how she did that since she couldn't see him, and she says,

"I sort of can see you. You are sort of... An area of darkness I can't see. So even though I can't see you directly, I know your general location." Sensoria says with a creepy giggle, "Anyway, let's have you try!"

Sensoria's spell is similar to his smokescreen spell, except that it doesn't make you cough and instead makes the whole area pitch black. Sensoria shoots out some hints and tips about the spell, and eventually Emerald gets it. He finds it easier to cast if he closes his eyes.

The spell isn't quite the same as vision. He can only "see" about forty feet around him, which amounts to Sensoria, Sweetie, and Ruby. However they lack any color other than a sickly green, and Emerald can only see the topography about a foot around them. Everythign else is black. Ruby is flourishing her wand, and Sweetie is trying her best to correct her form and casting ability.

Emerald walks over to Sensoria, and she giggles again and says, "Emerald, is that you? We are still surrounded by the darkness, right?"

Emerald says that they are, and then Sensoria says,

"Kiss me Emerald. Quick! Now! Please?"

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-04 07:18:55 No. 29408242

Emerald goes up on the tips of his hooves to reach Sensoria's cheek, where he plants a quick kiss, which causes her to giggle uncontrollably.

Eventually Sensoria says,

"I-it's been so long since I've felt your lips on me... Do it again?"

Emerald comments that now may not be the best time. Her friend is after all, pretty suspicious of her. He says that he might consider it, if she teaches him a more offensive spell.

"A more offensive spell? Are you up for it? I mean it's-" She starts, but Emerald puts a hoof on her lips to quiet her, which seems to bring a muffled moan out of the mare. With his Arcane Sight still up, he sees that Sweetie has stopped teaching Ruby how to cast spells, and seems to be walking into the darkness straight at them.

"How are things going here? Hey, mind dropping the Dark Shroud spell?" the other mare says.

"Huh? Oh, right." Sensoria comments. Not a fraction of a second later the darkness literally starts to melt away. In a matter of seconds the shining sun shows, causing Emerald to squint. Much to his surprise it's past mid-day. He didn't realize he had been practicing that long. Was he getting stronger...?

"Hey, what's the deal?" Ruby says, walking up to the trio, "I think I almost had that spell down this time, what happened?"

"Sorry Ruby, just wanted to check on my friend here. Things going well?" Sweetie asks suspiciously.

"Y-yeup! It looks like Emerald had the Arcane Sight spell down, so I was thinking about having him learn a-another spell! Something more offensive, ya know?" Sensoria says quickly and somewhat pleadingly.

"Hmm... I dunno... We don't want to make Emerald collapse from exhaustion." Sweetie Candy says worried.

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-05 04:19:07 No. 29413709

Emerald says that he can still practice. He wants to learn more spells!

Sweetie purses her lips at him, but shrugs and goes back to Ruby.

"Okay, how about... Hmm..." Sensoria says, tilting her head, "Something more on your level... How about a ray of frost?"

The blind unicorn then aims at a nearby target and a beam of cold blue light comes from her horn. It strikes it's mark, steadily covering the surface around the bullseye in an icy sheet.

"This spell is a little different than most of the other spells you mentioned. You don't need to target anything specifically. The ray simply comes out of a point of origin, usually horns. For people with focuses it usually comes from one of the eyes. It might take a little used to aiming by sight since you have to focus a lot more on your target, but I'm sure you'll do fine!"

After a while Emerald manages to get a handle on the spell. The first time he casted it he got so excited he turned towards Sensoria and covered the front of her robes with a thin blanket of snow. Like she said, it did indeed come out of one of his eyes. Luckily it was the left one, since the right currently has a great deal of hair in front of it.

Unfortunately he was a bit more tired than he thought, and after casting the ray of frost multiple times, he suddenly finds the field spinning, and everything goes dark.


Emerald wakes up sometime later in a bed. Sitting up he sees he is in a bedroom of some sort. The sides of the room are near mirror images of the one another, with a closet set against the wall, a bed pushed up near a corner with a nightstand beside it. The only difference is that there are desks on both sides of the room, and while the one he isn't on has a chair pushed into it, the one near him has it's chair by it's bed, with a mare sitting in it.

"Hey, how you feeling?" Sweetie asks.

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-05 06:37:26 No. 29414763

Emerald asks where everyone is, and how long he has been out?

"An hour or two. Ruby's out there. She seemed to know what happened and just said you needed rest." Sweetie says pointing out a nearby window.

It shows onto the training grounds, and Emerald can see the filly sitting among a crowd of guards watching some of the stallions spar with practice swords.

"As for Sensoria, she kind of freaked when you collapsed and went to look for a healer. Haven't seen here since." Sweetie says, frowning slightly.

Emerald asks if passing out is going to hurt him in any way. It has happened to him a few times.

"As long as you rest you'll be fine. It shouldn't cause any lasting damage as long as you don't do it alot in a short period of time." Sweetie says with a kind nod, "It is a bit reckless though. You scared us quite a bit."

Emerald apologizes, and then after a short pause the colt asks if she is really going to tell anyone what about with Sensoria and himself.

"I should." She says pointedly with a glare, "But it won't do any good. She's too important to the defense of Whiterwater. She handles a lot of the magical intelligence gathering, and she is one of the few ponies who can teleport great distances. Nothing short of murder will get her put away."

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-05 07:40:17 No. 29415228



Emerald has to admit to being shocked. He wasn't aware that Sensoria had that kind of pull. He always thought of her as an odd, but friendly mare who worked as or with the guards.

Emerald thanks her again for not telling anyone, even if it wouldn't do anything good. He didn't mean any harm, and he is sure that she didn't either.

"Just be careful, alright? I may be her friend, but I'm also... Mmm... Sensoria's 'handler' if you will. Since she first arrived she has been a bit of an odd case. I have to make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble." Sweetie says giving a depressed sigh.

Emerald wonders how great of an eye she actually keeps. The last time they met Sensoria didn't have anyone else with her. Emerald then recalls that Joyride was involved in that occasion. He shrugs.

What does Emerald do?

2017-02-06 11:02:53 No. 29418942



Emerald looks down and realizes he isn't wearing any clothes. The colt asks if she undressed him.

"Of course. Who else could have done it?" Sweetie says, "I couldn't let you sleep in them. They were damp with sweat."

Emerald ask how long she was here.

"The whole time you were passed out. I needed to talk to you about Sensoria. Or perhaps warn you would be a better word. Which I did." Sweetie says sternly.

Emerald says that Sensoria really isn't a bad person, and that when she comes around she'll see. The colt says he'll just wait for her to come back here.

"If that is the case, I suppose I should go find her." the unicorn says standing up.

She then walks to the door, and opening it steps outside. Through the doorway Emerald sees a guard. Sweetie tells the guard something, and then both nod. She then walks away.

Emerald lays back on his pillow with a sigh, but just as he does he hears a voice.

"Emerald... Emerald, come here!"

Emerald sits up. It's Sensoria's voice. She doesn't appear to be in the room, so he asks the voice if she is sending him some sort of telepathic message.

"H-huh? No, I'm over here!" Sensoria says. Emerald hears a creak, and looking over to the dresser on the other side of the room he sees Sensoria's head peek out.

Emerald gets up astonished, and walks over to her. He asks how she managed to get into that closet.

"Oh, Heh... I've been here since you arrived... I knew that when you collapsed she would take you up to our room, and that she would eventually leave and we'd be alone..." Sensoria says, tittering to herself.

Emerald says that he was asleep for hours though. She was waiting that whole time?

"Yes." Sensoria says simply, "Anyway, come in here and do me. P-please? We should hurry. I don't know when Sweetie will come back!"

What does Emerald do?
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