You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-03-05 04:25:44 No. 29616228
Inventory & Spells:
CQ Wiki:

>Larimar fights the halbred wielding zombie.
>The gem seems to power his weapon, and slices through the zombie easily.
>He then finds a big hall, and through one door are barricaded zombies and zebras, while a second one has a room with some sort of tentacle monster.
>The final room contains Uictoria, Bellator, and Praelia. Apparently Larimar knows them.
>Emerald and Ruby then decide to head to Sushi's restaurant.
>They go to say goodbye to Joyride, but she isn't home.
>They find Sushi, and tell her about Cherry's death.
>They eat and drink to her honor, and then they get to talking.

Continued in the next post...

2017-03-05 04:33:31 No. 29616284

Emerald thinks about his connections that might be able to get him in the castle. Sensoria is an important pony for the defense department, and in a way he knows Papilion. He is sure that Joyride could find a way to get him in as well, and let's not forget that Hope's family is pretty important for the war effort.

Emerald explains these to Sushi, but does his best not to reveal the names of any particular pony just in case.

"Hmm... Well do you even have a plan at all to get the gem out of the storehouses? To get in? Or out?" Sushi says, sitting up a little straighter, but still skeptical.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-05 07:36:46 No. 29617333

Emerald stirs in his head for ways he could get the gem. Ruby and her roommates broke into one of them on accident and it turned out alright for them... Besides the whole getting caught later part.

If they just take the gem and nothing else though it might be okay. From the story, it sounded like the gen couldn't be enchanted with a tracking spell. All they have to worry about is traps and wandering guards. Emerald asks if there is a way to figure out patrol routes or blueprints for the building.

Emerald then remembers that the gem is being transported between safehouses, and that maybe it could be stolen while being transported.

"Hmm... Well that is possible I suppose, but for those kind of secret shuffling of items most guards don't know where it is going until right before they have to move it. It makes it very hard to plan an intercept route. You'd have to find a good several ideal place for an ambush, and be able to get to them in a timely manner." Sushi says conversationally.

Emerald asks if she'll help him figure out a plan.

"Hmm... Okay, I want in. But I want money. Five thousand bits, half now, half later." Sushi says pointedly.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-06 03:29:25 No. 29621964

That's quite a large amount of money! Emerald asks how she expects him to get that kind of money.

"Well you claim to have a ton of connections, and you imply that acquiring this gem is a necessity. If it's that important you'll find a way." She says with a grin, "I won't do it for a bit less!"

Emerald looks to Ruby, who simply shrugs in a 'what can you do?' sort of manner. The colt asks if he can be alone with Sushi for a second. Ruby raises an eyebrow, but agrees. She walks over to the door and steps outside.

Emerald slowly cozies up to Sushi, and putting a hoof lightly on the mare's, he asks in his most seductive voice if there is a way that maybe the price can be lowered.

For the first time in the conversation she looks surprised. She pulls her hoof away and says, "No, 5000 bits and not one less."

Emerald does notice however, that there is a slight pink flush in her face.

This argument about the price continues back and forth for a few minutes, and Ruby eventually comes back in annoyed. Realizing that they are still talking about the same thing she blurts out,

"Hey, we have some files and junk that the Royal Guards were holding onto. Would that be a good trade?

"Files? How'd you get your hooves on some of the Order of the Monarch's files?" She asks.

"We took them from a warehouse on the pier. I guess they owned it or something? We were looking for the gem." Ruby responds.

"Wait, that was you guys? No way." Sushi says with a laugh. She then stares at the colt with a determined look for a second before saying, "Okay. I'll accept the files in lieu of payment. There, see? I knew you'd come up with something. Either money or files. Up to you."

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-06 05:34:42 No. 29622626

Emerald asks how she knows about the heist.

"Well, I am a spy after all. We thought it was some spymaster or an inside job of some kind since they don't have any clues who did it. I can't believe it was foals. That's hilarious." She says snickering.

Emerald says that they are very capable and shouldn't be underestimated, and that he's been on all sorts of adventures. Emerald then says he'll bring some of the files to show that his promise is good, and the rest when they are all finished. He asks when she gets off work, and if he should bring them by. He lies and says it'll take him a day or two to get them since they are hidden. In reality he wants to make duplicates.

They decide that Emerald should come about an hour after closing, and the colt makes sure he is to come alone. He makes sure to raise and lower his eyebrows at the mare, and then he and Ruby leave.

The day is still young, and now that they've completed their one task Emerald decides that he'll check out the Promenade a bit.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-06 08:50:53 No. 29623733

(I was with you when you said avocados, but kiwis? Nah mang.)


Emerald asks Ruby what she wants to do.

"Hmm... Well there is this odd shop here that I've always wanted to see. It's called the 'Ye Olde Mysterye Shoppe"." She says, grabbing Emerald by the arm and dragging him to the place. As they walk he suddenly notices there are quite a few more griffons around here than he's seen in other parts of town. Emerald thinks he knows why as well. Most of the restaurants he passes by are seafood places, or at the very least have a fish option. There is even one place called the Crab Kettle that seems to be nothing but seafood. From just looking in the window it looks like they simply dump a bucket of shellfish onto your table at let you have at it.

The colt has to turn away from this as he starts to feel sick, but luckily they get to the shop Ruby wanted to see soon after. It's filled with the oddest assortment of things. Cheap, odd jewelry, cards for special occasions. Weird toys. Incense, various 'potions' and 'elixirs', rocks, and other weird things. Furthermore, from the ceiling and against the walls are things that wouldn't be unseen at a carnival sideshow. Withered mummy-like corpses with interesting stories. Stuffed amalgamations of animals. A whole wall displaying origami creations, and other oddities.

Emerald gets the urge to write Hope and Bo suddenly, but he wonders if that is the best idea. Bo is probably okay, but sending Hope a letter right now through dragonfire might arouse more suspicions. In addition, it might clue them in to where Emerald is. He'll have to be careful if he decides to pursue this curse of action.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-07 04:11:13 No. 29627733

(My bad. I meant to include that but it slipped my mind as I was writing the update.)


Emerald asks Ruby what she thinks of this place.

"Pretty creepy right? Definitely worth coming to check out. I mean that mummy thing? The one that got shot by an arrow or whatever? You don't see something like that everyday!" Ruby says.

Emerald asks how old Ruby is.

"Huh? Oh, I dunno. It's not like my parents told me that, or even when my birthday is." Ruby says with a shrug.

Emerald nods, but then realizes that he was never really told how old he was either. He knows his birthday is the 93rd day of spring though. That's when he'd wake up to find a small cupcake on his desk in his room.

Emerald and Ruby look at the various potions, but come to find that most of them are either 'folk remedies' with no real magic in them, or are soft drinks. Most of the stuff here isn't what it claims to be exactly, but there is no dishonesty in it. It's very clear from the way it's advertised that it's just touristy stuff. In fact, Emerald has half a mind to go over to the mummy in the back and try to boneshape it to see if anything happens.

Emerald spots something that he always wanted to try out. In a corner of the shop are divination accessories. Notably tarot cards. He read about them some in his families library. Apparently they tell your future or something.

Emerald always liked the art on some of them as well. He pulls out a card, and it's a rather nice picture of a tower being struck by lightning.

He thinks he'll get this deck.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-07 08:57:42 No. 29629174

Emerald says that he'll buy the tarot card deck. It costs 8 bits, and he pays. He then asks if he would be interested in selling real magical potions.

"Nah, i don't have the license for that sort of thing." He says, with a laugh.

Emerald considers asking this clerk about the white deer horn, but thinks better on it. That sort of thing would be found in back markets. Maybe he can find it if he evers to go and try and get a firearm.

He takes his cards and puts them away, thanking the shopkeeper.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-08 11:36:20 No. 29632005

"So, what were those things you got? The cards?" Ruby asks, pointing to Emerald's backpack, where he just put the cards.

Emerald happily takes the card back out and says that they are used to tell fortunes. He isn't sure how it works yet, but shuffles the deck and asks her to take a card.

Ruby looks at the card stutters. She then says, "What the? Are you trying to make fun of me?"

Ruby holds up the card, and it says 'The Fool'.

Changing the subject, Emerald asks where Olam's house is. He is wondering if maybe he can find some work there.

"Oh, we leaving already? I thought we were going to hang around a bit." Ruby says.

Emerald asks what she wants to do.

"I dunno. What sort of stuff do we not get to do over where we are. An aquarium maybe? Fishing? Swimming? I don't know."

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-08 02:33:27 No. 29632771

Emerald thinks about fishing, but he wonders if Ruby really has the patience for that. He feels like she would wander off soon after starting. Emerald asks if she wants to go check out some guards or something.

"I-I'm good. Besides, that's not something we can really around here." Ruby says curtly.

Emerald says that they should go swimming. They find a signpost that points to beach access and begin walking. As they walk Emerald spies a shop that sells swimsuits. Emerald asks if Ruby has one.

"Nah. What do we need swimsuits for? Why would I put on MORE clothes just to go swimming? Seems silly to me." Ruby exclaims.

As they walk, Emerald thinks why that particular article of clothing got popular. Maybe it makes ponies look better?

They get down the beach and Emerald scopes the surroundings. It's a stretch of sand that goes around a corner off in the distance. There are ponies here, but it isn't crowded yet. Emerald and Ruby walk into the water, and find it pleasantly cold. Neither know how to swim particularly well, so they just start splashing water on each other.

He has to admit, this is quite fun!

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-08 04:10:41 No. 29633218

Emerald and Ruby play around for a bit longer. The both of them try to figure out how to swim, but the most they can do is doggie paddle.

At this point Ruby tackles Emerald and begins to wrestle with him in the water. The colt is game, but is pretty quickly overpowered... Multiple times.

After that they mostly splash around some more. Emerald takes a deep gulp of air and attempts to float on his back, which he finds quite soothing.

When both of them get tired of the water they start to head back towards the promenade. On the way they spot a vendor selling towels and ice cream, and he buys two of each for them.

I mean, he thinks he's heard that a towel is a useful thing for an adventurer to have! The ice cream was pretty good, but he feels like he could go for some lunch right about now.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-08 06:22:33 No. 29633878

Emerald and Ruby decide to go find some lunch. It'd give Emerald enough time to sit down and right Bo a letter. Blushing slightly, Emerald wonders how he is doing, or even where he is. He can't imagine a pirate stays in one place too long.

Emerald turns to Ruby and asks her if she wants to give herself a birthday, since she doesn't know when hers is.

"Huh? Oh, I suppose I could. What's a good day for a birthday?" She asks.

Emerald shrugs and says that he supposes any day is a good day. Except maybe ones that are on important holidays. Maybe even then it's not so bad, because if it's a holiday that gives presents you might get something extra special.

"Huh... Well, I'll think about it." Ruby says with a shrug.

As they walk down the boardwalk they see lot's of food stands set up in a row. It's still a little before normal lunch times, so it isn't so busy here.

There are plenty of things to choose from! Pastry, breads, corn-on-the-cob, various salads of both the vegetable and fruit variety. Hayburgers and french fries, cinnamon pecans - hey wait a second...

At a booth sits a very familiar looking filly.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-09 04:24:49 No. 29638933

Emerald looks around, and not seeing any other family members he casts his spell to see if there is any sort of obvious magical trap here. Seeing nothing he cautiously approaches and says hi to Praline.

"Whu-!" Praline says, sitting up sharply and grinning broadly, "Long time no see! Oh man, my bro will be so happy to see-"

Praline's eyes suddenly slide over to see Ruby, and her smile falls slightly, "Oh? Who's this? Your um... Your boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend?!" Ruby says angrily and slightly taken a back, "First of all, I'm a filly. Second, we... We aren't like that!"

Emerald notices Ruby is blushing pretty red, though he wonders if it's out of anger.

Emerald interrupts this and asks what she is selling and if she's alone.

"It's just my brother and I! We come down during the tourist season to sell our cinnamon pecans. You should try some!"

Emerald and Ruby take a sample. They are absolutely delicious, and the colt buys a bag for him and Ruby to share for 2 bits.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-09 07:03:26 No. 29639933

Emerald asks what happened after he left.

"I'm not sure! I had to stay in the house. All I saw out my window was the guards walking around for a while. They came inside and talked for a bit then left." Praline says with a smile, "Mom said they gave us... Uh... 'Reh-come-pens' for the damages. We didn't have a barn for a while, but we have one now!"

Emerald asks how the rest of her family is doing. Apparently her grandmother was incredibly angry for a while. Her mom had to work out getting the money from Whitherwater. She says that her brother has been acting kinda weird lately though.

Emerald asks if he is any less grumpy.

"If you really want to know, you can ask him!" She says, pointing behind the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-10 04:21:18 No. 29644705

Emerald reaches back and gives Giles a boop on the nose before he turns around and greets him.

Giles seems unimpressed by the boop, and doesn't do much but stare. Nervously, Emerald looks around and sees Ruby. He introduces her as his special somepony.

"This colt is your... Your boyfriend?" Giles says, looking honestly shocked.

"Agh!" Ruby says, throwing her hooves up, "I'm a filly. A filly! And I'm not dating him!"

Praline just giggles at all of this.

"I need to speak with you. In private." Giles says, continuing to stare at the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-10 05:46:37 No. 29645263

Emerald says a bit apprehensively that he can talk, and the two of them begin to walk away from the stand a bit.

Giles seems to be looking for something as they walk. Emerald wonders if he should apologize about all the stuff he indirectly put his family through. Before he can do this though Giles stops and looks at a nearby alleyway.

He walks down the side street and disappears for a second, before looking back around and saying, "Over here."

Emerald is a bit nervous going where there aren't any ponies around... But he doubts Gile will do anything. At least he hopes he won't. It'll be okay, probably?

What does Emerald do?
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