You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-03-14 03:46:15 No. 29668282
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>Emerald tells Sushi about some connections she might have that would help him get the gem from the Whitherwater Safehouses.
>Sushi agrees to help, and after talking her down into having the files for payment, they leave and go explore the promenade for a bit.
>Emerald and Ruby go to a very odd store, and Emerald buys some Tarot cards from it.
>Emerald and Ruby decide to go swimming, and afterwards Emerald buys a towel.
>While searching for food, Emerald and Ruby come across Praline selling pecans.
>They talk, and after a while Giles shows up.
>Giles wishes to speak to Emerald, and takes him to an alley.

Continued in the next post...

2017-03-14 03:52:52 No. 29668328

Emerald follows Giles into the alley, and after walking a ways in Giles takes Emerald and pushes him between two trashcans.

"So I see you have one of my bandannas. I've been looking for that you know." Giles says, standing in front of the smaller colt and looking down at him.

Emerald splutters and tries to explain why he took it, but Giles interrupts him and says,

"You little thief... Maybe I should punish you." He says, leaning closer.

Emerald is feeling a little nervous. He could probably escape if he tried hard enough. He did do it once before with Giles after all. But...

Maybe he doesn't want to escape?

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-15 06:01:51 No. 29675835
Stepping back, both of them breathe heavily from exhaustion.

Emerald wobbles back to his hooves, and then looks over to the younger stallion.

He scratches the back of his neck, and then turns to Emerald and says nervously, "You can keep the bandanna."

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-16 05:02:57 No. 29682074

Do the X-ray pic next!


Emerald asks if he is feeling better now. Giles grumbles that he is.

The colt approaches the young stallion from the front and gives him a kiss on the lips.

Giles pushes Emerald away and steps back saying, "Eww, come on man... Don't make this g-gay."

Emerald wipes his mouth and then looks up annoyed at Giles.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-16 06:07:50 No. 29682519

Emerald says he's too late if he didn't want it to sound gay. He has a few dresses to wear if that's a problem though.

"Come on, you are making this weird." Giles says, nervously looking away.

Emerald comments that he says his porn stash, so he knows what he is into.

"You did wha- That stuff wasn't- Uh... W-we should probably be getting back to the girls! They are probably wondering where we are." Giles says, quickly.

Giles briskly walks towards the alleyway entrance and follows the young farmer back to his table. There he sees a rather funny sight.

"I'm pretty sure pigtails aren't supposed to be up front like this." Ruby says.

"Well your mane like, points forward. How does it even do that?" Praline giggles.

It seems Praline convinced Ruby to let her fix up her hair.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-17 05:18:05 No. 29688657

Emerald says that they can stop by later if they want to hang out.

"Sounds fun, but we can't... Sorry, but we gotta head back with the others before dark." Praline says.

"With the others?" Ruby asks, tapping her new pigtails.

"Yes. We travel up here with a few of the other farmers in our area. It's good to travel in numbers." Giles says, nodding solemnly.

Emerald decides to stick around longer, and gets roped into having his hair braided. While this is happening he asks how her reading is going.

"Good! Grandma helps me practice." She says, tugging on his hair a bit, "She can't do a lot around the house anymore, so she is enjoying it."

She finishes, and Emerald looks around for something he can see his reflection in.

Hmm... It doesn't look half bad!

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-17 07:27:09 No. 29689526

Emerald compares his braids with Ruby's and then seeing Gile staring at him leans over and asks him how he looks.

Giles doesn't say anything, but clears his throat and looks away, not saying anything.

The colt asks if the bandits ever gave them any trouble.

"No. They don't generally attack groups of people. Bandits are cowardly by nature, after all." Giles says, "Despite that though, we know what we'd do if bandits attack right?"

The young stallion looks at the filly. Praline excitedly sits up straight and recites, "Give them what the want. Our lives are worth more than our product!!

Emerald says that they should write each other, and everyone happily exchanges addresses.

2017-03-18 05:58:17 No. 29696365

Emerald asks about the bandits, and why the Whiterwater guard hasn't taken care of them yet.

Giles shrugs and says, "Do I look like a guard? I don't know. Maybe they are having trouble catching them?"

Emerald wonders if he could make money as a bounty hunter. He has certainly read a lot of fiction on the subject and it seemed pretty cool. He wonders if he is letting some romanticism get the better of him though.

Emerald tries to coax an answer on how he looks from Giles, but he continues to not answer. Ruby and Emerald decide to get going, and feeling a little playful Emerald gives Giles a smack on the rump with his tail, shocking the stallion and causing him to sputter confusedly.

As they walk, Emerald asks Ruby where Olam's place is, and wonders if they could get to it.

"Huh? Oh, sure. I think I remember how to get over there." Ruby says.

Emerald suddenly remembers hew as going to meet up with Sushi later today. He wonders if he could possibly get to both.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-18 08:50:28 No. 29697483

Emerald decides that maybe he can go and copy the files and just give them to Sushi, and then head over to Olam's. The question though is how long it'll take to copy the files. There are quite a few of them after all.

Luckily as he approaches #304 Coursewalk he sees Joyride walk out the door.

"Oh hey there lil' perv." Joyride says, seeing them and raising a hoof.

Emerald greets her and asks if she is going out.

"Just had a bit of a breakthrough. Gonna go get lit up." Joyride says, pumping a hoof in the air.

"Lit up?" Ruby asks, confused.

"You know. Blasted, blitzed, cockeyed, fried, gassed, hammered, inebriated, intoxicated, plastered, potted, ripped, sloshed, smashed, sozzled, squiffed, stewed, tanked, tipsy, wasted, wiped out... Whatever you want to call it." Joyride says, shrugging, "What are you little folks up too?"

Emerald says that he is going to make some copies of some files. He laments how long it might take, and how it might make him miss going to see Olam today.

"Well, why don't you just copy them with magic? Heck, I'm in a good mood, I'll do it for you if you want." Joyride says with a grin.

Emerald happily agrees, and he goes inside quickly to grab the box of files. Returning, she quickly makes a copy of all the files in the box. Emerald kind of wishes she had copied the box too as well.

"So what'd you need copies of classified files for anyway, lil' perv?" Joyride asks, catching the copies out of the air and looking them over.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-19 05:13:05 No. 29702558

Emerald thinks about lying, but then thinks better on it. It might pay to be honest about this. The colt says that he is giving the copies to the spy that Cherry mentioned during the seance. He says that he's going to get information and help trying to steal the gem back from Whiterwater.

"Hmm... Well, sounds rather foolish to me, but you do you, lil' perv." Joyride says with a shrug, "Just be careful alright? Spies are sort of shady and untrustworthy by the nature of their jobs, ya know?"

Emerald nods, and then asks if maybe Joyride can teach him that copy spell.

"Some other time." She says waving a hoof, "I really want to go get my drink on."

Emerald considers that an easy way to get some white deer horn might be to go to another dimension where it is plentiful. He explains this to Joyride, and asks if it's possible.

"Nah, I already checked the dimension where deers are the more numerous species. Even there White deer are rare and protected." Joyride says with a sigh.

Emerald asks if there is a dimension where everyone is a white deer. You know, infinite dimensions and all.

"Well that would be true if there were an infinite amount of them. There are a lot, and I mean a LOT, but not infinite. It's actually a point of discussion among..." Joyride says, but then stops herself, "Anyway, I gotta get going."

Emerald stops her one last time and asks her what she thinks of his hairstyle.

As if looking at him for the first time, Joyride blinks twice and then laughs out loud.

"Going with a new style, eh? Got some nice fuckhandles going there, lil' perv!"

She laughs all the way as she walks. Emerald swears he can still hear her even after she leaves his sight.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-19 09:29:29 No. 29704129

>Willpower Check 10

Emerald gets the urge to turn to Ruby and asks if they would make good fuckhandles. This thought quickly passes through his mind however, and he gives his head a shake.

Emerald opens his flat, and looking around quickly spies a cardboard box and puts the copied files inside.

Emerald decides to write Bo and Hope. He figures that Hope is probably safe for now considering The three Order members have moved on, so it's probably okay to write.

Emerald quickly scrawls a letter asking how each of them are, and what's going on with them. He then sends the letters.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-20 04:34:09 No. 29708879

Emerald remembers he was only supposed to give her half the files, and so takes some of them out of the box. He then checks the time. He had wanted to get some reading done in, but if he heads over to Sushi's now he may be able to get to Olam's sooner.

Emerald asks if Ruby wants to stay behind, but she says, "Nah, it'd just be boring here. I want to see this alchemist guy. He must be really smart or a really good alchemist for how hard you are trying to find him."

Emerald chuckles nervously. S-sure, that must be the reason right?

They make their way to Sushi's restaurant.

"Want me to come in too? The way you guys were talking it sounds like you wanted to meet alone." Ruby says.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-20 07:34:43 No. 29710191

Emerald says that Joyride recommended him as a great alchemist. He says that he'll go drop off the boxes, and she can come inside if she wants. He is already kind of hoping she doesn't want to though.

"Eh, more exciting then standing out here I guess." Ruby says, approaching the door along with the colt.

They restaurant isn't quite closed yet, but it appears to be between meal rushes. Emerald can hear running water and the clanging of plates being washed in the back. Out in the front is a worker bussing dishes and wiping off tables. One of them greets the two foals, and when Emerald says that he is looking for Sushi he is pointed to a back office. As they go in they see Sushi standing near a desk, looking up out of a window, perhaps at the sun?

She is wearing an odd garb. Emerald thinks he recognizes it as something from the far east, but the name escapes his tongue. She looks quite nice in it.

"Ah, it's you two again. You have my files then?" She asks, turning from the window.

What does Emerald do?
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