You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-03-24 04:24:16 No. 29735068
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>Emerald has some fun with Giles.
>They return to Ruby and Praline.
>Emerald gets a new hairdo.
>They leave the pecans and return to #304 Coursewalk.
>They meet Joyride as she leaves the house, and she seems quite happy, claiming to have had a "breakthrough".
>Joyride copies the files for Emerald.
>The foals go to Sushi's restaurant and find Sushi in her office.

Continued in the next post...

2017-03-24 04:28:02 No. 29735097

Emerald quickly checks if he has anyone's file that he might know, particularly Ruby's. Seeing that the coast is clear he hands over the files to the mare.

She plops them on the table, and then leans against it seductively.

"So little stallion... What exactly is it that you... Wanted?" She asks, looking in a sultry manner at the colt, "Just tell me, and I'll see if I can... Help."

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-24 05:42:18 No. 29735594

Emerald knows exactly what he wants from the mare, and he is quite sure he can get it. The only problem is that Ruby is here.

He turns to the filly, but is unsure of how to get her to leave exactly. He doesn't want to be rude, she is a good friend after all.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-24 07:09:31 No. 29736114

Emerald tries to think of an excuse to get Ruby out of the room. He tries to concoct some sort of errand that will get her out of the room for some time, but he figures being honest with her might be the best option. He tells her that he wants to spend some time alone with Sushi, and that maybe she can look around the boardwalk or something.

"If you like, you can watch the chef's work. They might even give you some samples if you ask nicely." Sushi says, still sitting at the desk.

Ruby's ears seem to perk up at this, and Emerald manages to get her out the door.

At this point he notices that Sushi has approached him from the side, and as they gaze at each other she says,

"So... What exactly did you have in mind?"

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-24 08:59:44 No. 29736727

Emerald comments that he is curious about her kimono.

"Oh...? Perhaps you'd like to take a look at it?" Sushi says as she slowly starts to unwrap it off herself.

The colt has a sudden feeling that something seems a bit fishy...

>willpower check, 10
>rolled 6,2
>6+2+0 = 8, failed

...But the kimono striptease soon wipes it from his mind. The clothing falls to the floor. Not that it's particularly strange for a mare to not wear clothes, but this is the first time Emerald has seen Sushi naked, and she is quite pretty.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-25 05:13:11 No. 29741478

Emerald stammers out something about silk, trying his best to keep his cool as the mare strips down. Oddly, he notices that she has some sort of bindings around her. He asks if she can take those off as well.

She giggles, and then does the unbindings.

What does Emerald do?

Also, "Flash the fatty tuna". I need to find a place to use that in real life.

2017-03-26 05:19:33 No. 29747415
After finishing Emerald collapses backwards weakly onto the floor with a sigh.

"You silly boys. Always blowing your loads from just my tits." Sushi says with a chuckle as she gets up off the floor, "You'd be surprised how often I can get information out of people with just these things."

Emerald sits up, a silly smile still plastered on his face. He's been so pent up, and running into Giles earlier certainly didn't help.

"Anyway, shall we talk business? Have you thought up anything on your robbery of the Whitherwater warehouse?"

Emerald, caught by surprise in the change of subject and still enjoying the afterglow just stares blankly for the moment.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-26 07:32:55 No. 29748438

Emerald asks if she is okay with stopping here.

"Well... Just like your files, half now, half later, okay?" Sushi says with a wink.

Emerald asks if she knows anything else on where the jewel is located.

"No, you have more information on that subject than I do currently. I haven't had a chance to ask around yet. I'm sure I'll be able to get my hands on a floor plan." Sushi says with a nod, I can try to find out what sort of enchantments might be on the house as well."

Emerald asks if he can get patrol routes, or knowledge of when the gem is moved.

"I'll see what I can do, but that'll be harder. When were you planning on doing this?"

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-28 03:28:07 No. 29758348

Emerald says that he isn't quite sure when exactly he wants to do this, but it'd be nice to do it before the gem moves. He asks her if it's possible to find out how well it's defended along with everything else. She agrees to try.

Emerald gives her a hug, and thanks her for being so nice.

"So nice? Have I been? I've barely done anything at all." the spy says, "My goodness, you must not run with some less than savory characters."

Emerald's mind goes immediately to Joyride, and has to admit that as much as he likes her, that comment Sushi made is probably true.

Emerald asks for one last thing before he goes. He'd like some hair buns like she has. She gives a giggle and consent. She shows the colt how it's done, and then rather quickly gets Emerald's mane and tail into separate buns, holding them in place with some spare chopsticks she had.

Emerald bids her a farewell, and then prances out the door and goes to find Ruby. he finds her in the kitchen sitting on a bench, one of her forelegs being wrapped in a bandage.

Emerald quickly approaches and asks what happened.

"She got a little... Excited while trying to chop some veggies." The chef says, trying to disguise a grin.

Ruby gives a hmph and sticking out her lip says, "It was just a sharper knife than I'm used to using."

"Understandable. It requires a very sharp blade to make sushi. Or perhaps I should say, to make sushi well." The chef says, finishing up the wrapping.

Emerald and Ruby then exit the restaurant.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-28 05:09:58 No. 29758914

Emerald asks Ruby if she wants him to kiss her boo-boo.

"How about you kiss my hoof instead?" Ruby says with a grin, raising her hoof and miming a punch.

Emerald asks if it hurts a lot. He can get a weaker healing potion and probably cure that right up.

"Nah, it's just a scratch. I think I'll live." She says with another smirk.

Emerald primps his hair and asks what she thinks of the new style.

"Oh, looks fine I guess? I kinda liked it better the way you had it before." Ruby says with a shrug.

Emerald asks if she means the pigtails.

"No uh, before that even. Just down, ya know?" Ruby says, correcting herself, "Anyway, we heading over to Olam's now?"

Emerald wonders if he should just save that for tomorrow. He can certainly get there before it gets too late, but he is a bit spent for the day.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-28 09:04:16 No. 29760048

(Sorry, when I started the update the votes were 7-5 in favor of going back to Joyride's.)

Emerald and Ruby decide to head back to Joyride's for the day. The colt decides that he isn't really in any rush to go to Olam's. It's not like the zebra was expecting him or anything, so it can be put off.

As they approach the door to Joyride's it starts to get close to night time, but the figure on the doorstep of #304 Coursewalk is still very visible, and their snores are very audible.

Joyride appears to be passed out on the ground against the door to the house, one hoof clutching a bottle of booze with a dragon's head for a mouth and part of it's neck. In her other hoof she is holding her pair of keys.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-29 05:16:21 No. 29764339

Emerald sighs, and asks Ruby to help move her into her bed. Surprisingly, she manages to get underneath Joyride and lift the unicorn all by herself.

"Don't worry, I got this. Rat would come back to the apartment piss drunk all the time." Ruby says with a grunt, "At least she's lighter than that fatass. Hey, get the door for me?"

Emerald takes the keys out of Joyride's hooves and finds the one he knows to be her bedroom and opens the door. As Ruby carries her away the bottle of alcohol comes from her grip and rolls slightly on the ground before Emerald grabs it.

The label says "Dragon Blood Liquor."

He takes the bottle into the room and puts it on a nearby table as Ruby finishes tucking Joyride into bed. She grabs a nearby trashcan and places it next to the bed as well.

Emerald watches Joyride for a bit to make sure she'll be alright, and from the snores she lets out he assumes that she'll be fine.

"Never heard of this stuff before." Emerald hears from behind him. Ruby is holding the bottle of booze, and she pulls on the cork while saying, "Maybe just a swing to give it-"

She stops there as the top pops off, expelling smoke and a bit of green flame. She drops the bottle coughing and says,

"What the heck? Oh god, that' smells awful. It freakin' burns!"

Emerald scoops up the bottle and corks it. From just the little whiff he got his eyes are starting to water, and he turns to Ruby and asks if she'll be okay.

"Tch, yeah." She says, rubbing her nose. Emerald notices that her eyes are a little red, "Anyway, check this out!"

Emerald turns to her, and Ruby has the keyring, and swings it around her hoof before saying, "I've always wondered how big this place is. Want to explore a little?"

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-29 07:53:01 No. 29765295

Emerald agrees to explore using the keyring, and the two foals leave Joyride's room. Ruby flicks through the keyring and pulls out a key with oddly curved teeth.

Peeking inside, they see a room empty except for numerous chains hanging from the ceiling. Some of the chains in rather sharp looking hooks. The pair decide no to step into this room.

Ruby offers the keyring to Emerald, but he says she can go again. Emerald already knows which door he wants to enter. He is intensely curious about Joyride's past. He plans to spend a bit of time in there though, so he wants Ruby to see a few rooms first so that she doesn't get too antsy.

Ruby picks a key that looks a bit like a tiny broken doorknob, and it opens to a room full of maze-like wires powering lightbulbs of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some glowed steadily, still others blinkered on and off in various intervals, and some seemed to be barely it at all, a small flicker being the only thing to betray their mimicry of a dead bulb.

The effect was quite pretty. Satisfied Ruby hands over the keyring to Emerald again. Emerald decides to do a random key before he gets to the main event, and shakes three keys free.

The first appears to be a small dagger keyring at first, but looking closer the colt can spot teeth along the thin edges of the blade.

The second appears the be a playing card with strange markings on it. If it's a language Emerald has no idea what it is. He does however recognize a picture of Joyride in the upper right corner. On the back of the card is a single black strip.

The third appears to be a simian creature that's tail is... Oh, he gets it. A Mon-key. Very funny Joyride.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-29 10:16:12 No. 29766059

Emerald picks up the keycard and attempts to unlock the door with it. He isn't sure exactly how to stick a card in the keyhole, but he just jams the corner in and twists it.

The door opens into a long, dark corridor. Following the corridor it opens up into a large, round circle set deep into the floor. It's hard to see, Emerald thinks he spots plants all around the outside of the circle, followed by a field of grass, and in the center of it all, a small shack that has a small light in it.

There is a ladder leading down.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-30 09:17:38 No. 29768095

Emerald asks what Ruby thinks about the whole situation.

"Kinda creepy right?" She whispers, looking over the edge cautiously, "Gotta admit though, I want to know what's down there."

Emerald and Ruby climbs slowly down the ladder, making sure not to make much noise. When they get to the bottom, Emerald is hit with a the scent of sweet, blooming flowers.

Looking down from the top he had assumed they were trees, but upon closer inspection the plants are huge, tightly packed growths of flowers resembling trees. That's the only flora in the area either. Beneath these giant flowers are even more, smaller flowers lining the ground beath the trees, completely blocking the area except for a narrow path from the ladder leading to the grassy field.

The two foals creep closer to the building in the center, and appears to be a stone house open to the elements. That is to say, it lacks windows, a door, and a roof. There are some sort of magically burning torches beside the "door" to the house. The torches slightly illuminate the inside, revealing a large, circular object that Emerald doesn't recognize the purpose for.

>Perception Check, 10
>3+4+3 = 10

Emerald and Ruby hit the deck as the hear sounds inside the house. It was very faint, but the colt thinks he heard what sounded like a splash and a giggle.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-30 12:45:55 No. 29768630

Emerald and Ruby crawl slowly closer to the boxish house in the center of the hole. The splashing notices get more noticeable as they approach, and before Emerald can caution Ruby about what they should do if there is something dangerous the filly peaks over the side.

Ruby let's out a yell of surprise, and there is a screech and more splashing from inside the stone circle. Ruby doesn't recoil back too far, so Emerald peers over the side of the thing as well.

It appears to be a giant tub of some kind full of thick, amber orange liquid. near the edge on the opposite side of them is one of those giant jungle wasps they met in the Zebralands. This one looks a bit different however. The forehead fringe is different, and her abdomen is quite a bit larger. That, and she is much smaller than the wasps that Emerald met. Heck, the wasp is about the same size as him.

The only part of the wasp that is sticking out of the goo is the top part of her head, and she glares suspiciously at the two foals.

"Who are you?" She asks, her eyes flickering from the two of them.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-30 02:37:42 No. 29769256

Emerald introduces both of them, and asks the wasp her name.

The wasp pauses for a second, though her eyes do get a little less angry looking. After a moment she says, "My name is Joyride."

"Joyride? What, you mean like, Joyride? Our Joyride?" Ruby says nonplussed, trying to make sense of the situation.

"Oh, you know Joyride?" She says, finally swimming a bit closer in the goo, "So you are that Emerald, and that Ruby?"

Emerald says that they probably are, and asks what Joyride has said about them.

"Ruby the handmaiden." Wasp Joyride says, causing Ruby to make a funny face, "And Emerald Jewel, the future father of this hive."

Emerald asks what she means, caught completely off guard by this.

"The goddess Joyride said that once I grow big and strong enough you will help me sire enough children to fill this entire world." Wasp Joyride says spreading her arms wide to the hole around them.

"Goddess Joyride, huh?" Ruby asks with a disbelieving chuckle.

"Yes, of course. The all seeing. The one that brought me here, protects me, and even let me share her name. She watches over us, even now." The wasp says pointing upward through the roof-less house.

Emerald looks up, and can't help to sigh and feel somewhat annoyed for some reason.

The top of the hole has a crescent shaped moon on it with Joyride's trademark grin.

What does Emerald do?

2017-03-30 05:11:41 No. 29770151

Emerald wonders if the moon is some sort of surveillance device for Joyride. He sighs. Well if it is, she most certainly will have seen him by now, so no real reason to rush out. For all he knows it may only work when she is looking magically or something. That's about the only hope he has now.

Emerald asks what Joyride said about him being the father for her children.

"I don't know. That's all she really said on the matter." The bug says, taking a small sip of the fluid she is sitting in.

Emerald asks when Joyride said she'd be ready to take on her role as queen.

"I've been told a week or two." Wasp Joyride says.

"So wait, have you been here this entire time?" Ruby asks, tilting her head.

"The entire time? As far back as I remember I have been in this pool, yes." She says, sitting on an edge of the tub, "And I have had no reason to leave. I am well fed, and well taken care of."

"Doesn't it get kinda lonely though?" Ruby asks, looking around at the empty fields.

"I have Joyride. She keeps me company. Soon I'll have my own children." She says, swimming among the liquid, "And well... You guys are here as well."

"Sounds kind of nice, I suppose. I'd get bored in here I think though." Ruby says, rubbing her foreleg and looking around.

The Joyride Wasp stops her swimming, and looking to the two foals says, "I suppose there is one thing I'm a bit curious about. Joyride says that outside of here is a place that, should I be found, I would be probably killed. Honestly, I have no desire to enter such a place, but it does make me wonder about it."

The bug swims closer and then says, "I fear asking Joyride about it because I don't want her to think I am unhappy here. I am actually quite grateful that she would take me in. That however doesn't cull my curiosity. Could you tell me a bit about it?"
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