You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-04-18 08:21:03 No. 29897809
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>Emerald and Joyride walk around Forest's End for a bit and talk about Sunshine.
>When he returns, Emerald and Ruby decide to practice a bit. Ruby swings around her knife, and Emerald casts some spells.
>Emerald decides to go to Olam's.
>There he asks to become an apprentice, and Olam tests him.
>He creates a fireball potion, and Olam decides to talk to Joyride.
>In the meantime, Olam has Hydey, another apprentice, show him around the place.
>Emerald gets an idea of the layout, and the pair end up in the break room of the house.

Continued in the next post...

2017-04-18 08:29:14 No. 29897835

Emerald asks what the mare's cutiemark is.

"The chemical structure for aldehyde!" Hydey says happily, "I knew from a pretty young age that I liked alchemy a lot. Kind of made me a weirdo among my friends... Especially since I'm a unicorn and I can just cast a lot of the spells I make potions for!"

Hydey laughs nervously at this, and Emerald gives a sort of sheepish smile.

"I got new friends now. Better friends who are interested in the same thing as me! Plus I work under someone as impressive as Olam. Haha..." Hydey says. It almost seems to Emerald that she is actually asking him, but maybe he is just imagining it.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-18 09:59:31 No. 29898104

Emerald says he is pretty interested in alchemy as well, though he leaves out the part where he is also interested in pretty much all other kinds of magic as well. He says they can be friends.

"That'd be fun! There aren't too many other ponies here. The only other apprentice that is a pony is a weirdo. You'll see." She says, frowning.

Emerald asks what she does outside of the sciency alchemy stuff.

"U-uh... You know, this and that." She says with a cough, laughing nervously again.

They sit there for a second in an awkward pause, and then Emerald asks what she thought of the colt's fireball potion.

"For a first attempt it was quite good! Most first attempts just end up producing a black sort of slightly flammable sludge." She says, clasping her hooves together and looking excitedly at the colt, "With some practice you'll be churning out potions no problem!"

Emerald asks how she met Olam.

"Oh! Uh, well... He recruited me." She says.

He waits for more of an answer than that, but not getting one he asks why.

"Erm, because of some of my previous work he wanted help with." Hydey says, and then waving her forelegs says, "B-but that's boring. Let's talk about something else!"

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-18 11:20:42 No. 29898433

Emerald asks if he can see the R&D department.

"Yeah sure! There is some fun stuff there. Let's go!" She says, getting up off the comfy couch and leading the way.

As they walk, Emerald asks if it's mostly zebras since there seems to be only one other pony.

"Yup! Though you'll see some other ponies pass by. Those ones that I mentioned before remember? The ones that contracted the labs?"

Emerald remembers her mentioning that. Emerald then ask if she wants to hang out next time she has time off. She seems like maybe she's a bit lonely.

"O-oh uh... Well, I like to spend my free time by myself usually." She says, chuckling nervously again.

Emerald asks if she learned her alchemy herself before coming here. As in outside of University.

"Um, yeah, a little." She answers evasively.

The colt then asks if she's learned a lot since coming here.

"Oh yes!" She says excitedly, turning to the colt, "It's so great being on the cutting edge of alchemical knowledge!"

Emerald asks what's in the restricted section.

"Dangerous things. Chemicals, ingredients, specimens, potions, etc. etc." She says quickly, and then they enter a room much like the labs above, except there are plants everywhere, "And here we are! This is where we research the growth, effects, strength, and other physical characteristics of potion ingredients! A lot of the stuff here was grown in carefully controlled conditions above us in the green house."

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-19 07:17:09 No. 29904828

(I don't know anything about Landfall. I don't read any other CYOAs except Pumpkin's. I just sort of drew Swirly glasses on a stereotypical sciency pony, and then decided to give it the curly hair of a certain American president.)


Emerald admits that he is quite curious as to what the mare is hiding. Maybe if he walks around with her a bit more he can figure it out? The colt asks what sort of properties these plants have, and why they are being researched.

"Well currently we are trying to grow more hardy versions of various Zebraland plants. Ones that can survive the climate of Whitherwater, or other extremees such as heat, cold, and drought!" She says with a smile, "Oh! Check out this one!"

She then steers him to an odd plant. It's red and bumpy, and sticks out of the ground like a tower with spikes coming out of it. Instead of ending in points however, the tips end in what appear to be eyes.

"The Eyeball plant! Oh don't worry, they aren't actual eyes, just fruit that bears a striking resemblances to them. I wouldn't eat it though, deadly poisonous unless cooked. We have some jam of it in the breakroom. Remind me if we ever had back that direction!" She says pointing to the plant

Emerald is quite sure that he won't ask her about it ever again. Talking about poisons makes him wonder something however, and he asks if they grow any sort of illegal plants that certain illicit substances could be extracted from. Privately he thinks that she certainly could use some to loosen up a little.

"Of course! A lot of those kind of plants have great alchemical properties!" Aldehyde says excitedly, and then crossing her forelegs to make a 'X' says, "Don't go trying to take any for your own personal use though. Absolutely forbidden!"

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-19 05:59:36 No. 29907772

Emerald asks if it's possible to build up a tolerance to poisons.

"Yes, of course. In fact, Olam is quite the fan of doing that. I wouldn't suggest that someone your age do it though. I woudl wait until you are fully grown or you may stunt your growth a little." the sciency unicorn says.

Emerald asks what would happen if he grew his own "substances"

"Err... Well, I mean if it's in your free time I guess there isn't a problem? As long as it doesn't become a problem I'm sure Olam would be alright with it." Hydey says nervously.

Emerald asks again what she does for fun. He says it's alright to say. He's a big pony, he can handle it.

"Ha ha ha... Uh, well I mean..." Hydey says, even more nervously than previously, "I mean if you really want to know um... You can ask Olam?"

Emerald changes subjects, and asks where Hydey is from, and what she thinks of the war.

"Whiterwater, born and raised! As for the war, I don't really think about it too much. Doesn't really affect me, ya know?" Hydey says, tilting her head.

Emerald asks if maybe she could teach him some cool potions to make.

"U-uh... Well, I mean..." Hydey says rubbing the back of her head.

Emerald gives the best puppy dog eyes he can muster, and asks again.

"Oh... Well... I mean... I guess as long as it's not something t-too dangerous I could show you..." Hydey says, relenting slightly.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-19 07:25:39 No. 29908247

Emerald asks what sort of requirements Olam expects out of his apprentices.

"It differs from person to person. For instance I-" She starts. She let's out a various obvious fake cough and then continues, "As for things that are pretty constant between all of his apprentices, he notices something worthwhile in nurturing, and gives them tasks to complete."

Emerald sees the obvious distress at her words involving what she does for Olam and backs off for the moment. Insteah the colt asks if she knows a pretty good potion for healing.

"Huh? Well, I mean I know quite a few." Hydey says, a little taken a back, "Uh, let's see..."

The mare quickly looks around the room and then says, "Oh! Wait right here."

Hydey runs around the room, grabbing leaves from various plants, some liquid out of a refrigerator as well as something that is clearly a different potion altogether.

After putting all these on a table she finds a cauldron and starts pouring alll the ingredients into it. She pulls a giant spoon towards her with magic, and begins stirring the concotion, lighting a bunsen burner beneath the pot to heat it.

"This potion will heal most diseases, poisons, and venoms, as well as facilitating the regrowth of limbs and otherwise injured areas." Hydey says with a nod."

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-20 08:42:01 No. 29911950

Emerald has to admit that this sounds like a vary useful potion, and asks about the ingredients.

Holding up the flask of water she says, "Water steeped in blue salt crystals."

She holds up the potion she grabbed and continues, "a potion of healing, though you can use alchemy wood ash instead if you want a greater effect."

Lastly she holds up the leaves and says, "leaves from various plants. I'll write them all down for you later if you really want to know. If you can get your hooves on Giant Kalanchoe however that'd be the better option."

She then explains how the potion is made, and Emerald is quick to write down everything.

Emerald asks if this mixture is quick to cause potion sickness.

"Oh most certainly yes. This potion should be taken in isolation, and shouldn't be drank except under the more dire circumstances. You'd be better off taking a battery of different, lesser healing potions over time for a safer recovery process." Hydey says, pushing up her glasses as she stirs the mixture.

Emerald asks if she can speak any zebra.

"I've learned a little bit while working here and on my own, but I am in no way fluent. I've always wanted to visit Zebraland. Maybe someday Olam and I can go but... Considering the war and-" She says suddenly stopping, "Well, it's not in the cards at the moment."

Emerald asks what is expected of him as an apprentice.

"I don't wish to speak for Olam, but everyone here has at least some training or schooling for alchemy, so since you don't I imagine he'll spend some time trying to catch you up at first." The mare says thoughtfully, putting the spoon down and letting the mixture simmer.

Emerald then asks point blank if she and Olam are in some sort of relationship. Hinting heavily at it being very sexual.

"W-what? Foals these days are so forward, jeez! It's nothing like that." Hydey says, waving her hooves.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-20 11:09:09 No. 29912356

Emerald asks what kind of relationship it is then?

"Master and apprentice, of course!" She says confidently.

Emerald says he doesn't mean to be rude, but there is SOMETHING going on, right?

"Ah ha... Well, maybe one day Olam will tell you." She says, once again rather confidently.

Emerald is about to ask about the potion, but at that moment she removes the pot from the burner, and begins to pour the contents into several bottles. She then applies labels to each. They include her name, the date it was made, as well as the name of the potion, which seems to be "Emergency Health Potion".

Emerald then says he traveled to the Zebralands recently. It was an... Okay place.

"Did you get to see the temple of Marjani? I heard it's got all sorts of alchemy stuff in there!" The unicorn says excitedly, "You know, Olam is a marjani worshipper. He has a little temple in his office and everything!"

Emerald says that he has been to the temple, and then asks about Olam. He says he really doesn't know too much about him.

"Not too much really. Olam likes to keep things close to the vest." She says with a shrug, "Speaking of which, where is he? Seems like he should be back by now. I guess your master is doing some pretty intense negotiations. Anyway, want to check out the greenhouse? It's pretty neat!"

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-20 01:32:01 No. 29913052

Emerald decides that looking at the greenhouse would be fun!

They leave the R&D area through a spiral staircase near the door they came in at, and it opens up into a room that is almost completely glass paneling. There are rows of potted plants around the outside of the room, and a big area where various crops are being grown directly in the ground. The room seems much smaller than it appeared on the outside, and Hydey tells Emerald that the greenhouse is separated into four different areas and that each one has it's temperature and humidity controlled to allow certain plants to grow.

Emerald looks up and sees that the spiral staircase they were on continues up onto a catwalk, effectively letting there be a small second floor for each room as well.

Emerald thanks her for showing him around, and asks if she lives in the area.

"I live here in one of the break rooms. I'm actually one of the few permanent residences, heh..." She says, shuffling slightly.

"A-anyway, check out this guy! We've done some... Cross-pollination and created this beauty!" She says, approaching a plant so large that it reaches up to the second floor. The thing looks like a mish-mash of various extant plants, including some pitcher plants, giant venus flytraps, corpse flowers, and still more.

Emerald starts to approach it, but the smell of the thing causes him to stop and admire it from a distance. He asks what it's called.

"I don't think it has one yet really... 'Monochrome Bear' is the codename Olam gave him though." Hydey says.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-20 04:24:32 No. 29914137

Emerald asks why they would ever make a plant like that, and if it was made using alchemy.

"Mmm... I'd say it was more... Accelerated to this point using alchemy." Aldehyde responds thoughtfully, "As for why we made it... Well, you'd have to ask Olam about that. It's quite a remarkable plant though! Incredibly hardy, and is quite a nice trash disposal. It'll breakdown and eat just about anything!"

Emerald asks if it has any use in alchemy.

"Well... We are still trying to figure that out, ha ha..." Hydey says, pushing her glasses up her snout and looking away.

Emerald asks what sort of other plants they have.

They walk around the greenhouses, and Aldehyde explains the various flora that they are growing. They are unlike anything Emerald has seen before. One collects sunlight so efficiently that it darkens the area around it. Another shoots poisonous needles if it is touched. Another is nothing but dark, spiked vines that lash out at any non-plant that passes by. Emerald is even surprised when he sees a rabbit sitting in the greenhouse, only to find that it was a rabbit shaped flower sitting on a plant that looked like a trunk save for the fact it also had dangerous looking spiked tentacles.

"Hmm... Maybe we should go check on Olam... It has been a while." The unicorn says as they finish their trip around the greenhouse.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-21 06:57:35 No. 29918001

Emerald has some questions about these plants, but for now he is more curious about checking on Olam. The pair then leave the greenhouse and walk up to Olam's room and knock on the door.

A small green light blips on above the door and there is the sound of a latch clicking. Hydey pushes the door open and Emerald sees Olam sitting near the back of the room at a counter.

There is dragonfire lantern on the table, as well as a bowl, which the zebra seems to be speaking to.

"How's the chat going, sir? I've shown our little guest all around, was there anything else you wanted me to do?" Aldehyde says.

"Oh! My lil' perv is here?" Joyride's voice says.

Emerald looks around for the unicorn, but he doesn't see her anywhere.

"Over here, child." Olam says, pointing at the bowl.

Emerald walks over and looks into the bowl and sees Joyride's face, complete with it's grin, staring back up at him.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-21 06:23:10 No. 29921388

Emerald quickly looks around the room. It's obviously an office, and from the size of the room Emerald guesses that the door across the room from where he is leads to his living quarters. After all, this whole floor was described to him as being Olam's quarters.

Emerald walks up to the bowl. He isn't sure why, but he feels like booping her reflection. He abstains however, and looking down to his mentor asks how it's going and if Olam told her about his fireball potion. He also asks how the negotiations are going.

"Yeah, he says it wasn't bad, which coming from him, is glowing praise." Joyride says, still holding her grin, "As for the negotiations... Well, we still have a bit to chat about. Mostly because this guy is so stubborn."

"I'm not sure how you expect me to teach him effectively if he is away from the laboratory so much." Olam responds.

"Oh please, you just want to-" She starts, and then pausing for a second Joyride asks, "Hey, anyone else in this room?"

Aldehyde gives a cough in response, and then Joyride says, "Well, we both know you just want to 'train' Emerald long and hard everyday. If you are that worried I can teach him a bit as we go on our little adventures."

"Partly." Olam responds in his stride, "But I also want to make sure he learns the correct procedures. I know you don't have much respect for alchemy, and I'm sure your methods are years out of date."

Emerald feels like this isn't going the right direction, so attempts to waylay them and asks how this bowl thing works.

"A simple potion." Olam responds.

"...That allows speech between two distant people. It's not quite as useful as the dragonfire lanterns, but it's far cheaper. All you need is said potion, a match or other small source of flame, and a bowl!" Joyride responds.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-21 08:24:34 No. 29922149

Emerald asks what makes the bowl of potion an inferior communication device compared to the dragonfire lantern.

"Even though it's cheaper, it has a lot more restrictions." Joyride begins to explain, "For instance you can only contact someone within about ten miles of you. And this isn't any sort of message like the dragonfire lantern, they have to be watching their bowl."

"Also, the bowl has to be on a relatively stable surface. If the potion is disturbed enough it'll break the connection and you'll have to relight the potion." Olam remarks.

Emerald asks what's already been decided as far as negotiations go.

"We've spent most of our time on this subject, actually." Joyride says.

"I suppose we can find a way to make it work." Olam says with a sigh, "I'd like it if he could at least stay the night and some of the following day."

"Eh, up to him. I don't have any plans for him tomorrow." Joyride says with a shrug.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-22 06:35:45 No. 29924556

Emerald shrugs and says he's fine with that. He asks Joyride to tell Ruby where he is so she doesn't worry.

"Yeah, I guess I can do that. Hey, speaking of which, if you need anything just tell me and I'll send Ruby over with it." Joyride says.

Emerald considers this for a while. Considering how he met Olam, there is a possibility that he may want to try something "different" as far as clothes go.

"Aldehyde, please show Emerald his room. I need to speak with Joyride a little longer." Olam says. He takes a keyring out of his pocket and gives Emerald a key, and then turns back to the bowl.

"Huh? Oh, yes, of course!" Hydey says, snapping to attention and beckoning the colt over. They walk back down the stairs to the break area and then looking around at the rooms continues, "Okay! So what room key did he give you?"

Emerald holds up the key to her, which has a small tag with a "3" on it.

She nods, and then points out the door to him.

The room is what Emerald sort of expected considering how it looked from the outside and what he's heard of boarding rooms.

It's furnished with a small bookcase, a bed, a desk, a nightstand, and a desk. Other than that it's completely empty. It's certainly the smallest room he's stayed in, but that doesn't matter to him that much.

Hydey explains where the bathroom and showers are and then says, "Alright, I should be getting back to my assignment. It was good to meet you, Emerald! I'll see ya around!"

They wave goodbye to each other, and Emerald stands in the break room wondering what to do. It's still a little early to be going to sleep, and he isn't sure if he should be wandering around by himself. Maybe he should go ask Olam what to do?

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-22 09:08:40 No. 29931550

Emerald enters the room again and takes a closer look at his furnishings.

He sits on the bed and lays his head on the pillow, and then sits on the chair at the desk. They are both comfortable enough for his taste. The colt takes a pencil out and check if it's been sharpened. It has, and he puts it back.

Emerald taps his knees and stares around the room. He checks under the bed, and in the desk. Other than blank sheets of paper he doesn't find anything.

Emerald sighs, and then takes out his focus and casts arcane sight and looks around the room.

There doesn't seem to be anything hidden that he can see. Since the colt can't really cast the other spells he knows here, he keeps up the spell to train his magical endurance.

He stares down at his amulet, but nothing seems to be revealed.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-23 09:16:10 No. 29934217

Emerald tries to use his amulet as a focus, but either because the choronodaemon can't or won't cast the spell, nothing happens.

Emerald sits around and attempts to dual cast spells. He casts his shield and the arcane sight at the same time. He finds it quite tiring and stops quickly.

Emerald the decides to explore a little bit, and goes to find Aldehyde. Maybe he can see her room and get ideas on how to set it up. Plus he is kind of curious if there is a library in this building.

When he first came into the building the colt remembers her coming down from the labs above, so decides to start there. He quickly finds her at a table with various jars and beakers, pouring things onto what appears to be a medium sized animal of some kind.

"Hmm? Hey there buddy. Everything okay?" She asks as Emerald hails her.

Emerald asks about the library, and where her room is and if he can see it.

"I'm in the last room, #10! As for seeing it I uh... Well it's my private quarters and all so... Well anyway, we don't have a library per say, but in the R&D department we have a few bookshelves full of alchemy books. That and Olam has some books himself, though you'll have to ask to borrow some from him." Aldehyde says.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-23 10:36:29 No. 29934504

Emerald asks what she is doing.

"Oh um... You know." Hydey says, pouring something onto the body, causing it to let out a bit of green smoke, "Experimenting!"

Emerald asks what exactly she is doing though.

"W-well, maybe ask Olam? I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to be telling others about my experiments." She says nervously. From the way she said it Emerald feels like she isn't being entirely truthful, but decides not to press the point.

Emerald goes and heads to Olam's room. He knocks on the door and is invited in. Emerald asks if he can maybe borrow a book on alchemy.

"These are probably a bit to advanced for you. In fact, let's head down to the lab. I want to go over that fireball potion you made." Olam says, striding towards the door.

Olam gathers the ingredients for the potion again, and step-by-step, he explains everything that Emerald needs to improve on. Olam comments that his knowledge is indeed out of date, and that is likely due to Joyride. It takes a long time, but he manages to get the potion finished. They go and test it, and though it's still not full power it certainly explodes much larger than the previous one did.

"Good. Now rest. See me first thing in the morning." Olam says, slowly walking off.

Emerald looks through a nearby window and sees that it's nearly night time. This'll be the last chance to ask him anything before the day ends probably.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-23 12:21:58 No. 29934974

Emerald asks him about Marjani, explaining that he learned a bit about the god when he went to the Zebralands.

"Just do alchemy and you'll be donig his holy work." Is all Olam says.

The colt asks how long he's known Joyride.

"Quite a while now. Pretty much since I came to Whiterwater. Do you always ask so many questions?" The zebra questions.

Emerald follows after Olam and asks him what sort of things he'll be expected to do while out on journeys.

"I'm not sure exactly. I'll have to think on it. It might be studying certain alchemical ingredients." Olam responds.

Emerald asks about the other kind of "training" that was described, and if he has any suggestions for it.

"Come to my office tomorrow, first thing in the morning." Olam says pointedly.

Emerald then asks what sort of project that Aldehyde is working on.

"A zombification potion the likes that has never been seen before." Olam responds flatly.

Well, Emerald can't say he was expecting that.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-23 05:05:58 No. 29936967

Emerald says that he is intrigued by the idea of a potion that can raise the dead.

"Well you shouldn't be. They exist already. Hers will surpass all of them though. Usually the type of zombification potion you choose has some downsides. Potions that revive and preserve the body for instance, usually leave the zombie without any will of his own and with no intelligence other than the commands his master gives him. There are some that turn the body into a hulking death machine. Extremely powerful with a regenerative body that doesn't decay, but one that attacks everything in it's vicinity like a wild animal. Still others revive the person and keep his sense of self, but do nothing to repair or stop the decay of the body." Olam explains, "Aldehyde is trying to do all that and more. There is a reason she calls that potion she is working on the 'Lich Potion'. Also, If I may say, If there was any a pony who could make a potion like that, it is her."

Emerald apologizes for asking too many questions, and says that he'll go to bed now.

The colt goes back to his room and begins reading the book on Zebra Gods. He is interested to find out that there is suggestions that as well as the normal versions of the pantheon, there is a "negative" or "dark" version that uses different interpretations of zebra scripture to pervert the teachings of the "true" gods. He also learns that there is mythology suggesting that other gods may exist, but faded out as the the three major sects came into power.

Just as he was getting into this though he hears sounds from the hallway outside his room. It sounds a bit like a dragging sort of scrape, as well as someone stomping loudly.

What does Emerald do?

(Also, help a dude out.)

2017-04-23 06:11:39 No. 29937469

Emerald gets up out of bed and cracks the door open.

Peeking out, he looks at the area all around his door. It's too dark to see far, so Emerald grabs his focus and casts arcane sight again.

Down the hall he magically spots a blur just going around the corner. It was pony shaped but... It had an odd aura.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-23 08:01:23 No. 29938434

Emerald grabs his gear and key, making sure to check on the potions he has. He then quickly but silently leaves his room and trots quietly along the wall.

He keeps his eyes fixed on corner ahead, so much so that the appearance of a small shine of light startles him. It's the crack of a door opening, and inside is a pony he doesn't recognize.

"What are you doing? Get in here, quick!" The pony says hurriedly.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-24 07:03:14 No. 29940944

Emerald quickly ducks into the door and closes it behind him.

The room he is in now looks a lot like his room, but the place is covered in loose papers, technical books and... An assortment of other odds and ends.

Oddly shaped bone sticks, bits of wheat, coins, stones, and dice lay all over the floor in bunches. He also sees a crystal ball. There is a telescope pushed into the corner with pendulums hanging off of it, and underneath are stacks of different kinds of tarot cards. Opposite the telescope in the other corner is a weird bowl that looks like it holds ashes. Hanging on the walls are petri dishes with dried wax, a poster of a hoof with all sorts of lines and words drawn on it, along with a similar picture with a pony face. On his desk sit a variety of mirrors and countless cups of tea and coffee.

"Seriously, what were you doing out in the hallway? Don't you know that she- Wait, who are you?" The stallion asks suddenly, making Emerald jump. Because of his surroundings He forgot all about the other pony in the room.

The stallion was dressed in a lab coat like Aldehyde's. Looking up at the stallion's face he sees a look of concerned suspicion. There are many bags under his eyes. He has a nice looking goatee, but other than that has a general air of unkemptness. The stallion has some stubble, and his slicked back mane is poking up in many places.

The stallion looks around nervously then coughs. This time he was distracted by the stallion's appearance and quickly answers his question.

"Ah, I see. A new apprentice? Well nice to meet you. I'm Kirlian. Anyway!" He says, going back to the door to make sure it's shut, "Don't go out during the nights alright? You might run into... You might run into HER."

He enunciates the last word loudly.

Emerald asks who.

"Aldehyde. She's crazy! Make sure to stay away from her, alright?" He says.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-24 06:19:44 No. 29944483

Heh. nice.


Emerald says that he spent quite some time with Aldehyde, and that she seemed perfectly fine, if a little nervous.

"W-what? But..." Kirlian says, throwing up his arms defensively in shock, "Maybe it's because your a filly. M-maybe that keeps you safe..."

Emerald asks why he is calling her crazy.

"Because she's crazy! Why else would I say that?" Kirlian says loudly, "Didn't you hear her wandering around outside? She's just looking for... I don't even know. Me? Maybe?"

Emerald is incredibly confused. He asks why she would be looking for him.

"Don't ask me! You can't explain crazy, that's kind of the point!" he yells, "All I know is that serial killer is out there and I'm safe in here."

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-24 08:47:15 No. 29945436

Emerald thanks the strange stallion for the chat, and says that he thinks he'll be going now.

"No! Wait! Seriously, that's a really bad idea. You'll just be another in a long list of victims!" Kirlian pleads.

Emerald says that he doesn't find it very likely that Olam would let a serial killer stay here.

"No! it's precisely because she is a serial killer that he let's her stay here! I mean, didn't you figure it out? Everyone here has a reason they can't be out there in the real world!" The stallion with the goatee says.

Emerald just stares in confusion at him, and he continues, "There is a perfectly good college not far from here with perfectly fine alchemy equipment. Why do you think I and the others work here? It's our second chance, and it let's us pursue potions that would... Err... by general consensus, be frowned upon. Except for me of course! I'm not doing anything suspicious! Aldehyde was caught red-hoofed during an attack, and the only thing keeping her off the executioner's block is Olam's good graces!"

The stallion seems quite proud that he is innocent of any serious crimes, and Emerald asks what he is working on.

"An oracle potion! One that gives 100% accurate divinations!" Kirlian says, spreading his forelegs wide.

Emerald asks why he is stuck here if he is all that he is doing. It seems like that is morally fine.

"Uh, well you see... The thing about fortune telling is that it isn't an exact science. My name was pretty well known in the divination community and I was summoned by a rather wealthy pony. He took a bit too much stock in my reading and lost a lot of money, and now he is blaming me! Can you believe it?" Kirlian says with a sigh.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-25 11:31:08 No. 29948438

Emerald asks him to draw a tarot card.

"Oh! You like tarot?" The scientist says, "For some reason I could sense I woudl get along with you! Here! sit!"

The pony pushes aside stuff on the floor and takes the deck from Emerald's hooves. He asks Emerald to draw a bunch of cards. Emerald can sense that even though he is excited about the tarot, he is clearly using it as an excuse to keep him in the room. He asks if there is a faster way, and the stallion asks him sadly to draw three cards.

Emerald does so, and lays them face up in a row in front of him.

"This is a simple version of tarot. It basically represents your past, present, and future. It's vague. What you do with the reading is up to your interpretation." Kirlian says with a nod.

The stallion points to the first card and says, "Hmm, reversed Temperance. In your past, those around you were playing to win. You weren't foolish or self-centered, but you also didn't believe everything you were told either. There was a lot of posturing in the air, but you were kind, and listened to your higher self."

Next, he points to the center card and says, "Gossip is in the air. Be easy-going when you encounter opposition from stubborn people. Postpone ultimatums. Don't except everything as fact. Update your resume and open your mind to new business deals. Thinks about current and future financial needs."

The stallion rubs his goatee and says, "I bet that's referring to Aldehyde. She was probably pretty stubborn about getting you alone so she could get ya, huh?"

Emerald says that he thought he was supposed to interpret these himself.

"Uh, right." the stallion says scratching the back of his head, Anyway, the last card. Ooo, Judgement. Nice! A job well done delivers many rewards: laziness is punished. Make peace - don't nitpick yourself or others too harshly. Patience brings success. Don't be cruel. Health improves, but it'll take some effort on your part.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-25 03:15:29 No. 29949596

Emerald asks what rich pony hired him.

"Oh ah... Ah ha... Some less than savory folk. You know how it is, right?" He says, half pleadingly.

Emerald can't say that he does, and frankly he is a little tired of this pony. He says he thinks he'll be on his way now.

"Wait don't-!" He starts, but Emerald is already out the door. The hallway isn't any more bright, and so he casts the Arcane Sight spell again and begins to make his way down the hall towards the odd aura.

Emerald can hear the noises from before, and sees the odd red aura, and silently rushes towards it. Wait, but isn't that...?

"Hmm? Is someone there? Hello?" Aldehyde says, looking behind her. Luckily Emerald seems to be far enough back that he is cloaked in darkness, but she is lit up bright red with the strange aura.

"Come on, who's there? You are freakin' me out a little." She says with a nervous laugh.

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-25 04:13:53 No. 29950055

Emerald gives her a quick look over. He doesn't see anything suspicious about the way she looks, and yet he can't forget that sound she made as she walked. What the heck was that?

Emerald approaches out of the darkness and says hello.

"Oh! My goodness, you gave me quite the fright." Aldehyde says with a chuckle, "What are you doing out this late? You should really get to bed child."

Emerald says that he will, but he's curious to know why she was out so late.

"Oh I uh... Borrowed some tools from the greenhouse for... Uh..." She pauses for a moment, and then says, "Anyway I was returning it. Turns out it wasn't what I needed."

Emerald says that she doesn't seem to be carrying anything.

"I don't? Ah ha... Well anyway, good night!"

What does Emerald do?

2017-04-26 06:27:18 No. 29954270

Emerald turns off the arcane sight, and instead casts a light spell. It's getting a little hard to look at the aura, it's... Scaring him a little.

"Oh goodness, bright!" She says, flinching at the sudden illumination.

Emerald says that he heard about the zombification potion, and asks if she is working on it right now. The colt even says that he is okay with it. he even dabbles in necromancy himself, sorta!

"Ah! I knew I was going to like you the second I saw you. Two of a kind, are we?" She says happily, "I wondered what reason Olam would have met a foal. What'd you do, try to resurrect your parents and make them zombies, or something?"

Emerald isn't sure how to answer this, but before he can she says, "Don't worry, don't worry. It's probably a painful subject. I won't push."

Emerald says that the potion she is trying to make sounds like it'll change the world.

"Yeah, just imagine the kind of things you can do with that potion." Aldehyde says almost cackling. Emerald isn't entirely comfortable with the way she said that. It was an almost menacing, almost exuberantly spiteful kind of tone.

What does Emerald do?
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