You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-05-12 05:39:46 No. 30071265
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> Emerald goes with Aldehyde to her room.
>There they speak about Aldehyde's past, as well as her present ambitions and a lot about how she thinks.
>Eventually Kirlian and Olam appear, as the stallion was afraid his sister was going to kill the colt.
>Emerald goes to bed, and then the next day goes up to Olam's office where he has some "fun".
>Olam decides to have Emerald meet the other apprentices.

Continued in the next post...

2017-05-12 05:57:57 No. 30071397

Emerald humbly introduces himself, and the large stallion zebra named Dage approaches him and says,

"Well, what you in for?"

Emerald asks what he is talking about, and the zebra mare titters and says,

"We are all misfits under the protection of Olam, dear. We just assumed the same was true for you."

Emerald asks if that's true, with some astonishment. Is every single apprentice here under house arrest? He is pretty sure Kirlian said something about that, but he didn't think he really meant it to this extent.

"Yes." Nef says elegantly, "I myself am a spy, or former spy I suppose I should say."

The mare clears her throat and then jabs Dage, who replies,

"Oh! I sold potions. Like, the bad kind of potions. The addictive ones, ya know?" He says, chuckling and scratching the back of his head.

"And Tsabo-" The mare starts to say before she is interrupted.

"Professor Tsabo." The zebra says, putting emphasis on the title.

"-Is a war criminal!" the mare finishes surprisingly sweetly, "So come on, no need to be shy here."

Emerald feels like the Professor is eyeing him suspiciously, though he isn't sure if he should bring it up. What's more, he isn't sure exactly how much he should say about his past.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-12 06:41:33 No. 30071621

Emerald purses his lips slightly. With a spy, a serial killer, a drug dealer, and a war criminal, he wonders if maybe someone could be recording their actions and what they say.

Emerald feels that it probably isn't the best time to mention his past. He instead goes as vague as possible, saying that he would have become sort of sex slave if he had stayed at home and so ended up here.

There is silence for a second, and then the mare speaks again and says, "O-oh, well I can't say I was expecting anything like that, though for someone your age I suppose you couldn't have done anything really awful. You poor thing."

She then tuts and gives him a hug. She smells nice. Emerald looks around to see Kirlian and Aldehyde ignoring each other, but looking concerned at Emerald. As the colt looks around, he notices the only person without that same look is Professor Tsabo, who is still eyeing him suspiciously.

"I see, that is quite a shame to hear, son." The older zebra says, still glaring at the colt, "So why did Olam bring you in? What has he tasked you with?"

"Don't mind him, dear." The mare says releasing him, "He's just a bit jealous of our patron."

"Jealous of that-" He says, quickly stopping himself, "He isn't as great as you think he is you know, why, when he was MY apprentice he-"

"Yeah, yeah..." Dage says rolling his eyes, "Anyway, you two get over here. You can't tell me you aren't excited there is another pony!"

The larger stallion motions towards Kirlian and Aldehyde. Kirlian reluctantly approaches, followed soon after by Hydey.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-13 08:03:23 No. 30074954

>Dexterity Check, 15
>Rolled 3,6,6
>3+6+6+2= 17

Emerald yells and then spins rapidly, thrusting out with his hoof, booping everyone in the vicinity before they can figure out what was happening.

There is silence in the room as everyone stares at Emerald confused, but it's broken when someone appears from the stairway and clears his throat.

"Good. It seems you have all met." Olam says, walking towards the group, "I had intended to teach you more, but Joyride wants you back later."

"Oh! He gets to leave?" The huge zebra says. He then rubs Emerald hard on the top of the head and says, "Well lucky you!"

"...Are you sure it's wise to let him out freely? By himself?" Tsabo asks, raising an eyebrow and looking at Emerald.

"It's probably for the best anyway. This way I can think of a proper curriculum for you when you return." He then starts to walk up the stairs, only stopping to say, "Alright, meeting over. Back to your projects. Emerald, why don't you accompany one of the apprentices while they work?"

The two other ponies in the room quickly pipe up, but Olam cuts through them and says, "...One of my apprentices who isn't Kirlian or Aldehyde."

The ponies leave grumbling, and Emerald asks what everyone is working on.

"A drug with all of the fun and none of the side effects!" Dage says grinning. Emerald has to admit that he is surprised how many teeth one person can show in a smile, "Something like that isn't really feasible, but I'm doing my best to get as close as possible!"

"And I am working on a seduction potion." Nef says, "They do of course exist, but I'm trying to perfect the process. One that is odorless, tasteless, clear, doesn't require a large dose, and is subtle."

Emerald turns to Professor Tsabo. He frowns a bit angrily and then says vaguely, "I'm developing a new type of battlefield poison."

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-13 06:56:06 No. 30080452

Emerald decides to go with the mare and hear about her seduction potion.

Everyone parts ways. Kirlian went towards the R&D department, and Aldehyde went up the stairs when she left before. Professor Tsabo heads downstairs as well, while Dage, Nef, and Emerald all head up.

Emerald and Nef part ways with Dage at the first floor of the lab as he continues upwards.

The zebra mare heads to a table and pulls a key out of her pocket. She then goes to a locker and opens it. The inside contains many, many different vials, along with several notebooks. The mechanical hum from the locker tells Emerald that the whole thing is probably refrigerated.

Nef then begins by pulling out a rack with vials full of a clear liquid labeled "#1" and setting it on the counter. Afterwards she pulls out a pill bottle and opens it, revealing some reddish powder.

She takes out what looks like a small pair of tongs with small spoons on the end and takes up a tiny bit of the powder.

She drops a bit into each vial, and writes the results. Emerald doesn't quite get what's happening. Nothing seems to have happened.

She then replaces the rack and pulls out "#2" and repeats the process. This time the all turn a transparent purple color. She smiles and nods, and then records this in her notebooks.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-13 08:48:50 No. 30081271

Emerald watches as Nef continues to go through her racks full of vials. Some of the vials turn the same color purple, and others a much darker one. Most of the time however they simply do nothing.

The colt waits until she finishes and asks what she was doing.

"These vials contain hormones related to attraction combined with various test mixtures for my potion." She then holds up the small pill bottle with the powder in it and continues, "This is a marker that indicates the activity of the hormones. I want something that turns it a sort of transparent purple. That's roughly the right amount and I can perfect it from there."

Emerald says that he is surprised she has gotten that far into actually testing the potion out.

"Oh, it's nothing like that." She titters, "This is just one small part of the potion. I'm still very far from a fully completed potion. Most of us are. The only one who isn't is Tsabo, and he came here with a few years of research already brought with him."

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-14 08:56:24 No. 30084283

Emerald asks how long she's been here.

"Pretty much since he started taking on apprentices. Technically Tsabo is his first." She says.

Emerald asks what made Olam bring her in.

"My expertise in the spy field was the honeypot. Do you know what this is? Well anyway, I already had my own brand of seduction potion. Compared to what I had now it's comparable to a love potion crudely combined with a truth potion." She says, taking different beakers out of her fridge, "Olam is often contracted by the guards as a forensic scientist, and after he was brought the evidence of my case he petitioned to take me in."

Emerald asks if she got caught doing spy things.

"Yes, I am, or was, a spy with Zebraland." She nods with a smile.

Emerald asks how she was caught.

"Long story short? I managed to get in with one of the barons as... Mmm... Let's say a 'concubine'. Soon I was one of his favorites, and he would discuss matters of state with me. Unbeknownst to us the guards caught on and started feeding false information to various people to weed out the spy. Eventually they tracked it down to my baron, and then to me." She says with a sigh, "I miss it sometimes you know? Livin' the life of luxury... Then I realize that I basically live that life here, except that Olam wants my brains instead of my... Well, you know."

Emerald asks if the place is bugged.

"Yes, I think so. He rents lab space out occasionally, and we've had instances where people have been masquerading as students or alchemists. Sometimes they are trying to steal alchemy secrets, and still others are just reporting Olam's actions. I think he's even had an assassination attempt or two." She says.

Emerald asks why he let's others in if that happens.

"Olam likes to say that it's to help pay the bills, but Tsabo told me once that it was part of his contract with the Palace to let him practice alchemy here in the first place."

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-14 10:29:52 No. 30084967

Emerald says that her spy life sounds pretty interesting, and asks how she did it. Was it just potions or other means?

"Mostly me. The potions were just for the endgame. If you 'poison' someone like that before you get to close it usually causes problems. Anything from not being able to get more information, to getting caught outright." She says.

Emerald asks what kind of skills are important for spies.

"Well, it depends on what sort of operative the spy is. Some are wetwork specialists and have to be proficient in most types of weaponry. Others infiltrate the bureaucracy and are little more than traitorous white collar workers. For people like them intricate knowledge of law, finance, and business is important." She says with a shrug, "For people like me it's my physical appearance, etiquette, languages, and use of poisons and hidden weaponry. If all goes well on my missions, I shouldn't need to go hoof-to-hoof with anyone."

Emerald asks what she thinks of the others here. He remarks that Professor Tsabo seemed a bit angry.

"Aldehyde is a bit of a weirdo, but I don't think she's dangerous. You've heard she's a serial killer right? Kirlian is pretty cool too. Kind of dumb, and it makes it easier to well... Get him to do stuff. Dage is a pretty good guy...." She says, and then pausing for a moment continues,

"Tsabo is alright. Pretty fun to tease too. He's a bit moody, but he's a genius when it comes to alchemy. He's jealous of Olam for some reason I think. Something to do with their past. Whenever I ask the only thing he'll say about it is that Olam 'betrayed' him."

Emerald asks if she ever tried to use Giant Wasp Honey.

"Hmm... that's a thought. Royal jelly would be too strong though, I'd need just plain honey. Maybe I'll ask Olam about it later. Thanks for the idea, little one." She says, going back to her work.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-14 06:06:11 No. 30089725

Emerald asks what sort of languages he speaks. He's a bit of a language buff himself. They spend a little bit talking, and she knows all the same languages he does. Pony, Zebra, Griffon, Donkey, Deer, Goat... The list goes on!

She chuckles a bit as they speak, and Emerald asks what's so funny.

"Oh, nothing. Your form of speech is just a little odd is all. In everything but pony you speak in a very formal, aged tongue. It makes you sound like you learned to talk from someone who was a grandpa."

Emerald asks to help him a bit with it, and she teaches him about the outdated slang he was using, and some new ones to add to his repertoire.

The colt asks about some easy poisons he could do. He thinks it would be cool to be a spy.

"I'm not sure I would feel comfortable sharing that information with a foal. No offense." She says with a laugh.

Emerald asks what she wants with the seduction potion. He asks if she plans to use it to escape or something.

"Nope. It was a task set to me by Olam. Not that I haven't tried taking that course of action with him of course. I think he may be... You know... I think he and I bat for the same team? You know what I mean?" She says with a wink and a giggle.

Emerald asks if she can teach him how to add modifiers to potions.

"Modifiers? What do you mean?" She asks confused.

Emerald isn't sure what he means, actually.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-15 06:32:06 No. 30097214

Emerald says that he means altering the strength or adding additional effects.

"Hmm... Well, I mean you can replace ingredients sometimes and that can effect the quality. Is that what you mean?" She asks, a bit confused.

Emerald asks if there is a way to possibly delay the effects of a potion.

"Sure, that's pretty easy. Just combine some sort of non-reactive matrix to the potion that breaks down when it's... say... Shaken too much or something. That should work." Nef says with a shrug.

Emerald asks where she was from, and if she was born here or in the Zebralands. He also asks about the Marjani religion, and what she can tell him about it.

"Well, I can't help you with the Marjani part. I worship Hiwot. Dage does too, but Tsabo and Olam worship Marjani. You should probably ask them." She says, "As for where I was born, yes, I was born in the Zebralands."

Emerald asks if it's pretty common for zebras to "bat for the other team". He feels like he has ran into a lot of zebras that do, honestly.

"Hmm... Well you have to realize that zebra sexuality is a bit different from the way most ponies see it. Instead of straight, gay, etc. it's more dominant and submissive. Penetrator and penetrated. That, and a rather archaic form of pederasty still exists in the Zebralands. It's seen as a sort of machismo, male bonding thing. I dunno. I don't get it." She says with a shrug.

Emerald asks if she can teach him any sort of easy love potions.

"No such thing as an easy love potion. I can teach you a potion that makes people infatuated with you for half a day or so. Might be nice to take a break for a little while." She says tittering.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-15 08:20:49 No. 30097788

Emerald asks how it would work, and ask if he would spray it on like perfume.

"Nah, it's nothing like that. It has to be ingested. You could mix it into a drink, turn it into a baste, mix it into the filling of a cream puff... It's quite versatile." She says raising a hoof.

Emerald raises and lowers his eyebrow and asks if he can test it on her.

"Oh you~" She says laughing and giving Emerald a playful push.

She pulls a piece of paper from on of her memo pads and writes down the recipe. Emerald tucks it into his book. He'll write it down later.

Infatuation Potion - 100ml Jungle Wasp Honey, 200ml Musk of Minotaur, and 400ml 70% (At least) chocolate.

Emerald thanks her, and starts to ask about some spy stories, however he is interrupted when Olam enters through the door nearby and calls his name.

"Joyride is here. Come." He says, indicating with his head.

Emerald thanks the former spy for her time, and she says,

"See you again soon, Emerald." She says, waving him off with a sulty look in his eyes.

Emerald leaves through the lab entrance and sees Ruby and Joyride standing there.

:"Hey lil' perv. How was your first day at school?" The unicorn says with a wink.

"Come on man, tell me before you spend the night somewhere else. I got bored and played board games with Pip. She's terrible at them and she keeps trying to get me to bet my soul on the outcomes." Ruby says.

Emerald gives Ruby an apologetic look, and then ask Joyride why she had him come back already.

"Hey, you are the one who wanted to meet a Changeling 'client'. Why you complaining now?" Joyride says.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-16 09:34:40 No. 30100887

Emerald asks if they are going to go meet the Changeling now.

"Yeah, we are going to walk down that way. We gotta stop by the west gate first. Gotta find this one's foalsitter." She says grinning and looking down at Ruby.

"Foalsitter? Aww come on! I want to see the Changeling too!" She says.

"Nah, this is a me and Emerald thing. I need you to do something else anyway. She may be your foalsitter, but this is her first time to town. I need you to show her around some of the markets. She's a bit of a merchant herself." Joyride says as they walk.

"Hmph." Ruby says, pouting.

Emerald says they can all go out for ice cream when they were done. He wants mint chocolate chip.

"I'll get some daquiri ice." She says.

"Hmph!" Ruby responds, and despite puffing out her cheeks in anger Ruby's ears flick up.

Emerald asks how the DNA test is going.

"...I haven't gone and done it. Remember I said I'd take you along? Well someone hasn't been around the house for a day or two." She says, nudging him.

Emearld then asks what Joyride has been up too, and how the Changeling was found on such short notice. He said he thought it'd take longer.

"Well luckily it didn't. I thought she would have moved or hid herself since the last time I saw her, but I found the Changeling pretty easy." Joyride says, "As for what I've been doing. Mostly handling our little queenie in the basement and looking into some other things involving my potion's ingredients.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-16 11:18:50 No. 30101346

Emerald asks what he found about in her research for her potions.

"Deer are coming from the north to discuss some diplomatic matters with Whiterwater. Maybe they'll bring a white one along." Joyride says, rubbing her hooves together.

Emerald ask how Bug Joyride is doing.

"Fine. She certainly likes that she knows more people now. Even asked where you were. Such a cutie." Joyride says laughing.

Emerald asks how long this going to take. He told Sushi that he was working on a jewel heist after all, and he has done fairly little to prepare for that.

"The act? Not very long, but you'll probably be out for the night and probably some of the next day, depending on how much she takes." Joyride says with a shrug, "Don't worry, I'll be there watching."

The colt notices that Ruby is still pouting, and getting even more annoyed that no one is paying attention to her. Emerald tells her that he is sure it'll be fun. He then asks what the foalsitter's name is.

"Borba. And she is a GODDESS." Joyride says, licking her lips.

"What like... Seriously?" Ruby says, forgetting to pout.

"Of course not seriously. You'll see."

As they approach the west gate Emerald spots something standing far taller than anyone else, and given a wide berth by the other pedestrians. The creature looks to have the body of a pony, but with a very, very long neck. It's colored sort of like a ripe banana, yellow with orange spots. It's also sporting a bag with harnesses and a sword and a keg around it's back legs.

"Hey there, long time no see." Joyride says, waving up at the foalsitter.

Borba nods her head, but doesn't say a word.

Ruby approaches her, mouth agape. After a second she says, "A giant?! I didn't think giants actually existed! This is so cool!"

"Borba prefers Giraffe, Ruby." She says with a laugh.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-16 06:38:43 No. 30103811

Emerald asks the Giraffe where she is from.

The Giraffe reaches down to her saddlebag, and opens her mouth. A grayish purple tongue comes out and deftly unlatches the bag and opens it, pulling out a sheet of paper. She holds it down to the Colt and he reads it.

It's a permit to buy and sell goods in Whitherwater. Past the legal jargon is Borba's name, her race, height, weight, and birthplace, which is recorded as "Zebralands".

"Giraffe don't talk much, lil' perv." Joyride says with a grin, "They can, they just barely do. At least most of the ones I've met don't. Surprised you don't know that"

before the Giraffe can lift her head back up, Emerald quickly boops her on the snout. She looks confused at this, but simply stands straight up again.

Emerald asks what languages she can speak.

Joyride answer, "Zebra, Pony, and Giraffe I believe. At the very least I know she can understand them."

Borba nods in approval at this.

Emerald asks if she has ever foalsat before.

She shakes her head, amused.

"That's okay! I'm a good kid!" Ruby says, still looking up in awe at her.

Joyride chuckles.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-17 06:51:46 No. 30107093

Emerald tells Borba that she's really pretty.

The giant smiles happily down at the colt.

"Hey Um..." Ruby says, suddenly a little embarrassed.

The giraffe looks down at her warmly, and Ruby looks up and she gives a nervous smile.

"Can I um... Can I get on your back?" Ruby says.

The giraffe smiles kindly and gives a bemused snort, then bends her long neck down. Using her teeth Borba grabs the filly by the clothes and puts the foal on her back.

Ruby looks quite ecstatic.

Emerald rocks from his two left hooves to his right. He wants to get on her back too...

"Hey now." Joyride says, seeing the colt, "You invited a girl to dinner, it's not nice to keep her waiting. She'll be around for a day or two, so you'll get your chance."

They say their goodbyes, and as they walk away Emerald comments that Joyride that Borba is indeed a 'goddess'.

"Glad you understood." Joyride says with a nod.

Emerald asks if the giraffe could be a 'client'.

Joyride laughs. Really loud.

"I'll run it past her." Joyride says, looking proudly down at Emerald, "Come on, let's go."

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-17 06:55:48 No. 30109493

Emerald asks why she chose Borba to foalsit for Ruby.

"Because I knew I had to show you to our client's place tonight, and that she was also coming in. Ruby knows this town like the back of her hoof. It's a mutually beneficial relationship to put those two together." Joyride says as they walk.

Emearld asks about the Changeling he'll be servicing tonight.

"Her name is Mandibella. You'll probably like her. She kinda reminds me of Hope, to be honest." Joyride says with a grin.

Emerald asks how Pip is doing.

"Fine? I guess? I havent' heard her complain or anything. I left her in your room. I told her not to go anywhere, so she is probably doing some weird demon thing to pass the time. I dunno." She says, unconcerned.

They make their way up to the Northwest district of the town. The area with all the docks. Emerald notices the area gets seedier and more run down as the trot, and he gets closer to Joyride for protection. Eventually the pair makes their way under a bridge. Joyride walks to a grate and opens it, motioning for Emerald to get inside. It opens to a pipe which they both start to walk down.

Eventually the pipe opens up to a small room. The room is tiered, with a drain separating the top half from the bottom. On the walls are some red and gold banners hanging from the ceiling, and sitting on a raised plathform between these is a changeling, assumedly Mandibella.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-17 09:03:18 No. 30110236

Emerald introduces himself politely, giving a bow.

"Oh, no need to do that now." Mandibella says.

Emerald's eyes scan the creature intently. He's never seen a changeling before. It's pony shaped, but covered in tough black chitin. Instead of feathers the creature has translucent blue wings. Curiously, Mandibella has many holes on her legs, let they don't seem to be any worse the wear for them.

Emerald asks if she has been in Whiterwater long.

"Yes, actually. Ms. Joyride got me help getting established here." She says, nodding graciously to the unicorn.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-18 10:29:32 No. 30112820

Emerald contemplates what he knows about Changelings.

>Int Check, 14, Boosted
>6+3+3+4 = 16

Emerald remembers hearing that Changelings are a rather recently discovered race. Their first encounter was a group of guard ponies exploring a town that had gone quiet. There they found ponies dead. They were shriveled and desiccated. The guards were attacked by a small group of Changelings, and managed to fend them off.

While researching the bodies Equestrian biologists detemined that they were not demons like first suspected, but a mortal insectoid race that fed on the love of other creatures. They also came to find that the drones they had captured could not breed, suggesting some sort of breeder strain of the species, or perhaps a queen. This was later confirmed with the discovery of Queen Chrysalis.

Emerald asks how Joyride helped her.

"When I ran from my hive I needed a place to stay. Changelings are a race that do much better in swarms than by themselves. Yes we can hide well, but we aren't particularly sturdy relative to the other equine races." Mandibella says, "I quickly got a bounty on my head from feeding. Luckily Joyride found me first, and offered me asylum."

Emerald says that was nice of her, raising her eye suspiciously.

"There's a reason I did it, but I don't want to go into that right now. I came to watch a colt fuck a bug." Joyride says shrugging.

Mandibella laughs, and Emerald blushes and scratches the back of his head. Emerald asks what she would like to do.

"Mmm... The only part I care about is your climax, child. That's when it is the sweetest time to feed. I suppose you could say my preference is whatever your preference is. Remember, I can take the form of any equine creature that is roughly my size. Can't do gryphons though." She says, fluttering her eyes teasing at the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-18 05:12:57 No. 30114860

"You want me... Like this? You are a strange pony aren't you?" She says as Emerald remarks that he likes her the way she is.

"Come, let us go some where a bit more comfortable." Mandibella says.

The Changeling leads Emerald to a stone chamber off to the side. There are candles lighting the room, and in the center is a circular, purple bed.

She lays upon the bed, and she smiles, revealing her sharp teeth. The Changeling licks her lips and says, "Now... What shall we do?"

Emerald suddenly gets a little nervous. He realizes that She has a bounty on her head for feeding on people. Is this really safe?

She looks to Joyride, who entered the room behind him.

"Hey, don't sweat it, lil' perv. I'll be here." Joyride says, catching Emerald's look of concern.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-21 04:32:38 No. 30138197

As he finishes and enjoys the afterglow, he starts to feel a strange sensation. It's a gnawing, flowing apathy, and Emerald opens his eyes.

Mandibella has her mouth open and is sucking some sort of green aura out of him.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-21 07:23:41 No. 30139536

Emerald attempts to give her the love she paid for. After a second or two though the colt starts to feel woozy, and his vision dulls. He puts up his arm to push her away but gropes at nothing but air. His vision gets less hazy and he sees that he is back in his flat.

With some confusion he looks around. On his bedside table he sees a note addressed to him. He opens it and reads it.

"Good job lil' perv. Your cut is down below. Also, Ruby and I couldn't help ourselves."

With the note is 700 bits and some pictures. It's the colt dressed up in funny costumes or with fake mustaches and beards glued to his face. In all the pictures Emerald looks a bit glassy eyed.

The colt yawns, and wonders what time it is.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-21 08:53:47 No. 30140204

Emerald doesn't feel any worse the wear for having his love drained, but checks himself for any bumps or bruises.

Emerald gets up and decides to try and find everyone. He certainly wants to hear what Ruby has to say about the Giraffe.

As he finishes his morning routine there is a knock at the door, and it opens revealing Joyride.

"Hey there lil' perv. How ya feeling?" She says, grinning.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-22 07:21:41 No. 30147113

Is that a Jojo reference?


Emerald waves the pictures and says it looks like they had fun. He asks what happened after he started getting his love sucked out as he seems to have no memory of it.

"Ah well, Mandibella took her fill and then we got paid and left. You might have found yourself a repeat customer, heh. Anyway I had to walk you back here to Ruby and Borba." Joyride drops a paper sack on the counter with 'breakfast' written on it and then continues, "I suggested we do something 'fun' with/to you. Unfortunately Borba and Ruby seemed to get the wrong idea, and started dressing you in weird clothes. It was still fun though, I guess."

Emerald asks where Ruby is now, and how long he was out.

"Well I know it's felt like nothing, but you've been out about... Ten hours, I think? It's the next day. As for Ruby, she and Borba are in the backyard."

Emerald says he never considered she might have a backyard.

"Oh, yeah. I never use it for anything though. I gotta keep it trimmed though or the block captain leaves me notes. Like a lot of them. She really needs to get a life." Joyride says.

Emerald asks if there are any plans for the day.

"Well Borba brings good news about the diplomats coming from the deer country. Apparently there is a white furred one among them under close guard." Joyride says, shaking her hoof excitedly, "So now we gotta think of a good way to get that delicious white deer horn."

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-22 09:49:07 No. 30148070

Emerald takes the breakfast and eats it, then asks if he got any mail why he was out.

"Not that I know of." Joyride says with a shrug.

Emerald asks if she means to get consent for the horn.

"I mean, if that's an option yeah that'd be nice." Joyride says with a shrug, "but you know, let's keep our options open."

Emerald gives Joyride his best serious, deadpan face, and the unicorn responds, "Jeez, It's not like the horn won't grow back."

Emerald frowns slightly, and says he guesses they'll need to find out how the diplomats are coming into town and where they will be staying. He says that if they can get guard patrols or find out where the heavier security is then they'll probably have some clue.

"Go on." Joyride says, motioning for him to continue.

What does Emerald do?

2017-05-23 10:53:36 No. 30150984

Emerald asks where the diplomats are coming from and who they are.

"Well I don't know who they are lil' perv, but if they are diplomats for other races and kingdoms it's probably coming from Uma Allanar. Deer are pretty nomadic, and they really only have one main city, the one around the White Citadel." Joyride says, "It's where they keep the white deer."

Emerald asks if all the guards are going to be deer.

"Almost certainly. They probably wouldn't trust someone from another race to guard a white deer." She says with a chuckle.

Emerald says that maybe they could charm or intoxicate the guards or something.

"That might work. The charm thing anyway. Deer aren't well known for drinking." She says shrugging.

Emerald also asks if deer can do magic.

"Yup. It's a subtler, ritualistic magic for the most part though. They can't just summon fireballs or anything. It's rather dependent on their surroundings, the weather, ectera...

Emerald says that sounds kind of inconvenient.

"It is, but once a deer spell gets going it's almost impossible to stop. You should have seen what they did when deer and pony had first contact. Hail and thunderstorms for days." She says with a laugh, "Deer Anti-magic fields are notorious for their effectiveness, and they will almost certainly have one up near the white deer. Luckily much like most anti-magic fields, potions still seem to work."

Emerald then remembers he was also planning a heist for the final jewel. He wonders if he should focus on that at all.

What does Emerald do?
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