You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-09-30 01:14:30 No. 31045005
This is a thread to celebrate Coltquest's second year running steady and most of the time consistently too. these last 2 years of questing were a lot of fun, and here's for more to come!

We are going to celebrate this together by presenting a spin-off story of CQ that we fans organized together for Fic. This is going to be non-canon and only based on CQ. So don't worry about consequences and just have fun.

Created by a team of writters and artists, we present: Pip on The Loose.
Any volunteer artists who want to participate in this project are free to do so. Just say the word on the Discord server and you'll get to participate in the separate organization group.
And this is if you have never seen Coltquest before. -->

Any fan art is more than welcome to be posted in this thread. Feel free to do so too, if you want to!

Ever wondered what would happen if Pipadaexkor one day found herself free again out in the overworld? In this "what if" story, you'll play as the playful fire daemon in a conveniently specific setting. How long will luck be by her side?

The title card is courtesy of Vee Ness*

And to Fic, our best wishes. Happy CQ anniversary to all!

2017-09-30 01:51:25 No. 31045296
post image courtesy of AltoOrbita*

It had been quite some time since Emerald had started pestering Joyride about demons, now. He was curious about any kind of knowledge that Joyride could tell him about. This was all because of the one demon in his amulet that made him anxious about his future. After prying long enough, the colt got her to talk about one thing in particular. Demon seals.

She told him that not any kind of object can be used to seal a demon. For a common object to be used as confinement for them, they need to firstly be infused with a high concentration of magic. A certain spell has to be used for it to happen, but it has been too long for her to remember exactly what it was.

Emerald also got to know about a way to undo this from her.

"But yeah... Since those things had a lot of energy into them, it's useful to have it siphoned out when you don't need the seal anymore. I have a rod in my room that sucks out magic and stores it. Of course, if it touches a sealed object long enough it will make it useless as an item. But it's great to use it as an endurance test on myself. And I'm not talking just about magic, lil' perv." She waggled her eyebrows for a moment before she cut the conversation short.

Joyride said that that was all he was going to get out of her right now. She had an event outside of town that she wanted to attend that would last about 2 days.

Emerald still wanted more, but there was nothing he could do about it. Joy was about to leave. The colt just stood there thinking about what he had heard; But little did the two had realized that Pip was listening to the whole thing from inside the book. It was just about on earshot distance from the two. And maybe she had something to say about all this.

Emerald left and the room to train and the place is quiet now. There is only the sound of Ruby in the distance. Maybe she can call out to her in some way.

2017-09-30 05:35:05 No. 31046983
This image is a curtesy of Wookiee*

With the book locked shut, Pip couldn't really move it around by herself. After wiggling the book around in the table it was in, she heard Ruby entering the house.

Ruby's breath was rather rugged. It looked like the last errand she got to do independently for one of Joyride's contacts didn't go so well.
She used Joy's name as a referal to get a quick coin with this delivery service since she got to talk with Joy's acquaintances. Ruby got to the place she was supposed to take the client's parcel to. But after analyzing the surrounding area, she could tell there was an ambush ahead for whatever it was she was carrying.

The filly had a rough time to get out of there. Seeing no other option than to ditch the package for her safety. Now that she had lost some pursuers on the way back, the only thing Ruby is thinking about now is taking a bath and laying low.

Pip heard the filly getting closer to her and decided to holla at her. Even though the closed book had muffled her voice, from this distance, she could still be heard.

"Hey! Is that you, Ruby? I can sense you around me. Could you open up the book for me or something?"

Ruby looked around the room for where Pip's voice was coming from while wiping up some of her sweat.
Ultimately spotting the fire daemon's book in the corner on top of a table there, she fiddled with the strap locking the book and then sat down in front of the table. Taking the opportunity to breathe more slowly now.

Pip partially materializes out of the book and takes a quick glance around.
She is alone with Ruby and has the chance to convince her to take her to Joyride's room without anyone interfering with it.

What does Pip do?

2017-10-01 03:18:58 No. 31052549

Pip stretched out her demonic limbs feeling more energetic than usual. She fumbled with her hooves as she tried to come up with a classic devil's deal kind of scheme. The thought of earning her freedom after all these years, and having Ruby alone, made her feel tantalizingly close to her goal.

All this excitement was starting to get to her and it was a little hard to keep a cool head. After going through a quick plan over in her head, she decided to speak to Ruby in the most cute and friendly way she could muster. The fire daemon grinned excitedly at Ruby, swirling around in the air and imagining how much fun she could have after getting free from the book's seal.

"Hihihi! Ruby, you look tired! What happened with you, today?... Maybe you could tell me all about it over in joyride's room?"

The filly shot a puzzled gaze towards Pip. Why would she want to go to Joy's room out of nowhere?

"Uhh... It's fine to let you get some fresh air out of the book, but I don't know if I should take you there for no reason..."

Pip didn't really think this one through... And now she was starting to feel like she could fail if she wasn't careful. Ruby wants a reason to take Pip there, so she couldn't bear messing this up.

(Introducing the Indulgence Meter. If you remember Emerald's frustration meter, it has a similar principle but a different catch.
Pip is excitable and reckless. The higher the indulgence meter is, the more satisfied and open to reason she is. But if it gets too low from her frustrations, it's more likely that she ignores reason and acts recklessly on impulse, independently of the players inputs.)

(Doubt about her success: -5)

(Indulgence meter: 45/99)

2017-10-01 07:33:58 No. 31054331

This image is a courtesy from Minus*

Pip stammers for a brief moment looking side to side. It was then that she waved with her hooves out like she was a little desperate to find the right words to answer Ruby properly.

"O-oh, uhm... I-I just said that because I heard that Joy had cast a spell there that made it super comfy, heheh. I just thought we could just lay down and chat about your day while you get a load off- I mean, take a load off. Y'know... all comfy in bed and stuff. How does that sound?"

As she finishes pitching her offer to the filly, she floats closer to Ruby's face raising one of her eyebrows up at her.

The filly looked down considering the situation. Pip did seem a bit odd, but she was tired anyways and could use some rest. She looked up back at the fire daemon smiling.

"Yeah. That does sound like a good time. Let's do it!"

The filly doesn't have to look around too much to find the keys Joyride left just laying around. She trotted towards the door holding up Pip's book.

Before she could put the key in the lock, Pip interrupted the filly by taking the key and smiled courteously. "Allow me. Hihi~" The fire daemon twisted the key on the lock and signaled, like a smooth talking gentlemare, for Ruby to enter before herself.

After getting inside, she went ahead and plopped herself on Joyride's bed before Ruby had the chance to do so. Ruby sat down on the side of the bed and let her shoulders slump. Slowly getting relaxed around Pip.

What does Pip do?

2017-10-02 05:01:38 No. 31060011

(There was some problems making things slower today. We will try to be more active with the updates.)

This image was a courtesy from Lofis*

Now that the two were in Joyride's room, Pip thought she could distract Ruby with some small talk. She lowered her head and offered Ruby to pet her fluffy mane. And in response Ruby gestured tapping twice on her lap for Pip to lay on.

The cute fire daemon rubbed her face on Ruby's lap making herself comfy in there before making small talk. She asked about her day and why she looked so worn out.

Ruby told only half of the story to the demoness, and as it was getting to the good part, the filly cut herself short saying she was getting too sleepy to continue. She laid down slightly above Pip. Slowly feeling her eyes get heavier while holding on to the fire daemon's mane.

"I... I just need to get a quick nap in. You weren't lying when you said this bed was comfy, Pip... Heheh..."

Pip waited for Ruby to start snoring without even batting an eye. When she was sure that Ruby was sound asleep, Pip giggled quietly with herself and slowly crawled out of the filly's grasp. She gently covered the filly with some sheets and looked around the room for Joyride's magic siphon rod.

With a quick glance she could spot some places around the room it could be in. A couple shelves and drawers. It could even be under the bed!

2017-10-02 09:26:41 No. 31062411
Image is a courtesy from Minus*

Part 1/2

Pip first squint her eyes and pursed her lips making a cute "hnnng!" sound. She tried to single out a magic rod shaped object, but there were just too many glowy dots spread around Joyride's bedroom for this radar to catch. So she did it the old fashioned way and started looking around.

She looked in the shelves and found nothing there. She had to use a bit of a hot hoof tip to melt open the drawer locks in silence, but there was also nothing there that caught Pip's eye.

She tried feeling under the bed. Not much to her surprise, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. There were multiple funny looking rods with different shapes to them scattered around in there. All of them with some different enchantment in them.

Pip touched them one by one, inspecting them with her curious hooves. It was then that she felt a weak draining sensation on her magical essence from touching one rod in particular. It looked like some kind of ancient mechanism and it kinda smelled a bit weird. She couldn't exactly tell why, though. So she just let this detail slide.

Her heart started beating fast. Pip now had the key to her freedom in her hooves and it felt good. She could hardly wait for it. Having a hard time to stifle her excited giggling, she quickly used some guess-work to figure out how to magically control the object.

With the idea of living free, she wondered what would be the first thing she could do after getting her freedom... Pip turned her head and looked at Ruby snoring on Joy's bed. She looked so pure and fragile, without a care in the world.

Pip felt like she had to put that thought to rest until she freed herself properly, at least.

With her hooves trembling, the fire daemon gulped down a large bump on her throat and finally placed the the narrower end there.
A brimstone red aura shined around her horn while the mechanism whirred to life.

2017-10-02 09:29:46 No. 31062436

Part 2/2

A quiet hum rang out from the siphon rod as a faint white glow emanated from it. Pip could feel the link connecting her body to the seal getting weaker. After less than a full minute, all the magic infused in the book's sealing spell had been sucked out. She was about to pull her tail out of the opened pages when she heard Ruby mumble something she couldn't quite hear. The fire daemon was aborbed in the task at hand.

Pip blinked her eyes multiple times looking at Ruby sitting up on the bed and rubbing her eyes. She quickly closed the book on her tail, but this didn't force her to lose her physical form this time. This confirmed that she was indeed free from the book's seal. Now it was only the question of whether or not Ruby was aware of her newly earned independence.

(Pip is nervous and feels like she was caught red handed before she had any chance to have fun. -15)

(Indulgence meter: 30/99)

What does Pip do now?

2017-10-03 06:23:31 No. 31069553
(Way ahead of ya )

(I'll put you back on the shelf and have some reading denial play with you, Fic. <3)


Pip tried to stay calm. Taking a few short breaths, she started trotting towards the bed Ruby was sitting on. Without her realizing it, she had finished fully materializing herself and had a full ponylike body.

The fire daemon stopped and looked at her full physical form and then back at Ruby. She grinned awkwardly like she had done something by accident. The filly however just kept staring blankly at Pip and how the book was closed and away from the fire daemon but she still was out in front of her.

The both of them just stood looking at each other with this awkward silence in the air.
That was, until Pip spoke up from it and said with an eerily cheerful tone.

"Go to sleep! ...'Cause, you know... You're just dreaming right now! I guess I should be flattered you're dreaming about me, but-"

Before Pip could finish her sentence, Ruby extended her hoof out signaling her to stop and shook her head.

"You can stop this, Pip. You know better than trying to make me believe some crazy lie like that... Just tell me, is that some other ability you learned or...?"

Pip didn't really expect Ruby to see through her lie so easily, but she now had another chance to explain the situation. For now, she just picked up the book with her mouth and posed dramatically. Desperately trying not to show her inner struggle to find a way out of this situation.


What does Pip do?

2017-10-05 11:03:53 No. 31081154

It's yo purple gurl Vee back at it again with the thread image*

Ruby jumped out of the bed and walked up to Pip. The fire daemon stumbled upon her words at first, but she managed to answer Ruby with more than just 'yep' this time.

"Yeah, you don't need to think too much about it. It's something that takes a lotta effort, but I can control my physical form like this now!"

Pip was starting to care less and less about Ruby keeping her from her fun. She was free and there wasn't really a lot that a filly could do about it anyways.

"But now that I am like this, I really feel like going out to stretch my legs, y'know?" Pip looked over her shoulder at Ruby and then continued.
"Maybe I could take you with me since you're not going to sleep now! Hihihi~"

Ruby had more than one reason to protest. Why was Pip talking about leaving for no reason? This all seemed odd to her.

She opened her mouth to protest. Going on about how Joyride wasn't around and she shouldn't act like that when she was out of the book. But before the filly even got to the point of her feeling physically tired, Pipadaexkor cut her off saying out of her cheeky demonic smug.

"Ruby, I said I want to go out, so this is what's going to happen. I'm just thinking what I should do about you! Uhihi!"

Pip feels like she is not indulging herself enough. Something inside her now starts to snap. Ruby has never seen the fire daemon act that way before so she was at a loss for words at the moment.

The playful demoness now sounded a bit threatening. But was still unsure if she would take Ruby with her, try to possess her soul (dice rolling) or just talk it out with her and assert her ground.

Pip was tired of staying indoors and there was nothing that would stop her.

So how will she do this?

2017-10-05 05:46:38 No. 31083945
(This is me super tired still questioning how this thing is going to go. Let's see if we have a clear answer tomorrow.)

(And also I'm really sorry for just one update today too. I'm just really tired because my day started really early. Like... before dawn early.)

2017-10-06 05:12:14 No. 31088048

(Spooky coffee fueled 6:00 AM update to set the halloween mood)

This fine spook is a courtesy from Alto*

Part 1/2

Ruby knew that something was up. She thought that it probably had to do with why Pip was fully materialized so she decided to question the fire daemon about it.

"Ok, Pip. I don't know what this is about, but you're acting a little too strange today. What is up with that?" The red filly said while pointing a hoof defiantly at Pipadaexkor who just sat there with an eerily calm expression staring back.

"...Alright, I see how it is." Ruby saw no way of getting Pip to say anything unless she played along. "If you're going out, what are you gonna do outside today, Pip?"

As Pipadaexkor raised her body from the sitting position she had gotten in, she looked down at Ruby's smaller figure.

"Ruby, I'm so glad you asked! Let's just say that... I have a lot of things planned for us to do together today!~"

As she finished saying this, the fire daemon stepped menacingly towards the red filly. A toothy grin slowly starts to show on her face.
Joyride's room now felt like a cage keeping Ruby from running away. The lights had become dim out of seemingly nowhere and standing in front of Pip felt like facing a heavy invisible aura that pushed objects away from it.

Ruby instinctively stepped away from Pip slowly approaching her. She looked distraught at all of this going on. She was in denial about what was happening around her.

"P-Pip, I'm serious... What is this? What are you doing to Joy's room? This is not funny if that's a joke!"

As the room felt darker and darker, some shadowy shapes took form coming from behind the demoness. It was Like she was preparing something that was about to be unleashed.

"C'mon Ruby. I thought you were expecting this as much as I did. You understand me, remember?"
"You and me will get along just fine~"

>Rolled d20 for Ruby to resist the possession. Pass 14, result = 6

2017-10-06 05:14:16 No. 31088055

Part 2/2

Ruby blinked multiple times as she looked to her sides for a way out of there. Tears started to well up in her eyes as this got to her in a deeper level. She couldn’t even think about how tired she still was because now there was only a primal fear coming from Pip’s threatening presence.

“Cut it out, Pip! I-I won’t bother you if you go outside without Joy knowing, ok?” Ruby said this as her voice cracked. Despite being in this situation, she could hold back the urge to sob from it.

Pipadaexkor didn’t answer the filly. Instead, she kept giggling and giggling. The darkness around her starts to envelop the two of them together as Pip could almost touch Ruby from the distance she was in. Ruby gasped one last time before her fate was sealed.

And then, there was just silence.

2017-10-06 03:16:36 No. 31090902

There is no light to see anything. Only a lingering feeling of tightness in Ruby's the chest. It was but a fleeting moment, but Ruby felt like it took hours to finally feel her lungs filling with air once more.

She gasped having a hard time to access the current situation. Slowly but surely enough, she realized her vision getting unclouded. She was still in Joyride's room and had a weird gut feeling about this.

Pip had disappeared and the room was still the same, untouched. Almost like no one but Ruby had been there before. While she finished calming more of her breathing, she thought that maybe this was a weird dream.

However, this thought was short lived. The filly felt a shiver down her spine as something felt weird as if shifting itself to accomodate inside her. Followed by a familiar chipper voice inside her head.

"So, are we ready to head out? Hihi~"

Ruby was quickly brought back to the reality by that voice. Somehow, Pip had freed herself and was now possessing her body. Even though it was just a voice now, she feared that it might evolve into something worse if she stayed there for too long.

The filly closed her eyes and tried to speak up with the most calm voice she could at the time.

"...So, you're trying to possess me now? Haha... get a grip Pip. You shouldn't do things you know you will regret you know..." She gulped down and then prepared a more intimidating tone before continuing.

"I don't know how you got out of the book, but Joyride won't be happy about this when she finds you out... you can stop this joke while I'm not mad at you!"

This was all a hopeful bluff on Ruby's part, but if it meant getting a message through with Pip, she was taking any chances she could get to assert herself.

"Ruby... really? Do you really think I can't hear your thoughts in the convenient state I'm in right now? Hihi! You're just so silly, Ruby~"

"If you take too long I can just take over and go outside for you, y'know!"

2017-10-06 08:46:26 No. 31093505

(Last one for today)

Pip stopped for a hot second and thought about her situation. She didn't really remember the last time she got to kick back and enjoy possessing somepony. It felt refreshing for her.

Maybe she could take this as an opportunity to use Ruby to make a few pranks! The fire daemon giggled to herself and in the blink of an eye, Ruby lost full control of her body.

The only thing Ruby could do was see whatever Pip was seeing since she had no control of her eyes.

"Heheh, this is nice. How about I see if I can trick Emerald?!"

The fire daemon wanted to make Emerald think that he had let his lewd background be discovered by Ruby for being careless. Just so she could see his desperate expression. And she had the perfect plan for it!

Pip used Ruby's body to first go grab the dragonfire lamp. Then, after searching for Emerald, she grabbed a random blank piece of paper and held out the two items to him, pretending to have received a letter.

When Emerald realized that Ruby was around, Pip took action.

"Oh neat! A letter from Sensoria, is it? Maybe I could just take a- Oh... Uhm..." Pip made Ruby look and act like she had made a mistake and was embarrassed about something she had seen there.

"Uhm, sorry for invading your privacy I didn't know about this... ehrm..." she said.

"Ruby" then ran away from the scene. After going far enough from the colt, she shifted Ruby's possessed body to look like a form that more resembled her pony self and giggle about the deed.

Ruby wanted to protest but ultimately felt like it was a wasted effort in the current state she was in.

Little did she know that Emerald had been looking for Ruby to have a chance to explain himself but ended up catching Pip shapeshifting back.
He was clearly mad for being played like that.

Pranking Emerald made Pip laugh heartily +10

(Indulgence Meter: 40/99)

What does Pip do?

2017-10-08 04:14:28 No. 31107948
(Credit to Lofis for image.)

Reentering the house she sought out her book and grabbed it up. The dumb moldy pages of scribbles were far too familiar for her liking. She hated being in it and still felt anger for it even now. That book and Selpuchers stupid deal kept her away from fun for far too long. She reached for it while noticing her reflection in the mirror.

There stood the body of Ruby but her red coat was gone, her face warped and reshaped, and a pretty little curved horn stuck out from her naturally fluffy mane.
She raised a hoof up and started to feel along the changes she had made to this body after the prank. Rubbing a hoof across the fur of the coat. How it shifted and spread around her flesh and bone frog.

“How do you like your makeover? I like the new you a lot.” She grinned showing a mouth of teeth being reshaped into fangs.

She felt another stirring inside herself. “Well gee did your mom ever kiss you with a mouth like that?” She grinned wider as she felt the stirring stop.

“Now don’t be upset. You and I are going to make a great team together~. Once we get rid of this book. We can go celebrate by burning down a fireworks shop! Steal some souls! Ooo maybe Jaywalk too!”

She cackled at the possibilities as she grabbed the book.


She heard someone in the next room.

What does a demon do?

2017-10-08 07:56:24 No. 31114323

“Would you hurt Ruby to stop me, then? I think you're smart enough to not do that, Emmy! Hihi~" she chortled and grinned, her teeth becoming fangs again as her ears lengthened. Might as well give herself a more exciting look and color. "And if you're thinking about calling Joyride, you're not gonna take this dragonfire lamp from me either.” Pip said this while shaking a hoof dismissively at the colt.

“I...” Emerald hesitated.

“Aw. Chin up buttercup. Ruby is with me now. Just like The Chrono Demon has you.” Her demonic horn lit up and tore a piece of nearby fabric tying it around herself as a cape. “There’s a whole world out there for me to have fun with in a body I can command and control! What more could a pyrodemon ask for? Except lava, can never have enough of that.”

More of the book was burning away now. Page upon page of ancient text turned to ashes and smoke.

Emerald could only watch with dismay as the saddening realization came in that that there was little he could do to stop pip and save Ruby. He lost before it had even begun.

She booped Emerald with her other hoof. “Now be a good little colt and not get in my way. Me and my new favorite soul are going to have a little playdate in town. Toodles~!”

She tossed the burning remains of the book on the floor and briskly trotted to the door. The heat alone setting flame to the priceless carpet on contact.

The fun was just beginning.

Pip destroyed her own prison and put to end a long chapter of bad memories. +30

(indulgence 70/99)

What does the pyrodemon possessing pony do?

2017-10-10 02:17:42 No. 31125376
(art cred to minus)


“You will huh? Alright. Leave your focus here and drop your little shield.” She pointed a hoof towards the now dwindling flame inside the green dome. “I don’t want you to use your magic to spoil things. No potions either.” She waggled her hoof as if scolding a child.

Emerald looked worriedly at pip before reluctantly dropping his focus book on the floor, along with a pair of potions he had brought. He then dropped the shield but this point the fire had died down enough where there was mostly just ashes.

“Good pony. Now let’s go! There so much I want to do and try.”

(Emerald has joined your party.)

After leaving the house Pip quickly made some changes to appear more disappointingly normal than before. A light breeze was blowing through Witherwater, her cape flapping a little, perfect fire starter weather.

Emerald didn’t say much as he followed behind her as she looked all around. So many interesting places. So many souls, nasty and tasty alike. And she was free to do whatever. It was hard to focus on one thing.

“Ooo ooo how about we go over there! No! Over here! No wait I know, over there!” She exclaimed excitedly.

Some of Ruby’s knowledge came to mind as certain roads, buildings, and alleyways became familiar. If she felt like bothering she could probably size some of these places up like any regular street thief. Maybe even pickpocket if she wanted.

They navigated through the crowded streets. Pip eventually slowed down as IT came into view. A fireworks shop!

“Oh! We have to go there!” She was about to march towards it when Emerald tried to get her attention.

“Uh um. Pip! How about we go to the shop over there! I’m sure there’s lot of interesting things in there.”He pointed to a bookstore further down.

She also noticed a store sell ammunition next door and a street vendor trying catch passerby's attention for his wares at the street corner.

Where does Pip go?

2017-10-11 02:47:01 No. 31136761

Art cred to Alto

Pip ignored Emerald’s urging and trotted off towards the Fizz Pop Fireworks shop. The colt with reluctance followed behind her.

Da-ding Da-ding!

Pip’s eyes lit up in childlike wonder as before her was a cornucopia of flammable explosive items both big and small. Black Cats, Sparklers, Ground Spinners, Rockets… each one made her more elated than the last.

She excitedly looked over the stacks she heard a voice at the end of the shop. “May I help you?” The Pegasus shopkeeper inquired.

The demon possessed pony stared past him and looked at the massive stockpile behind him. From floor to ceiling. There was enough here to blow up the world! Or so she thought.


“Are you here to buy fireworks for the celebration tomorrow?”

Emerald tensed up in concern as Pip directed Ruby’s body closer and closer to the counter and the massive arsenal.

“I want those. All of them!” She pointed to the large stockpile.

The shopkeeper chuckle and shook his head. “Sorry most of that is too big for a little filly. Besides all this has been reserved by Witherwater for th—“

“But I’m Big and powerful! She’s just small!” She gave an irritated glare.

Ignoring the last part he shook his head. “Sorry but if you want some you’ll have to pick something from the aisle over there.”

“How about I just take y—“

“Pip! I’ll pay for it! Just pick some out!” Emerald spouted hurriedly holding some firecrackers and Poppers from a shelf.

“Well your sister is offering. Is there something you want?”

Pip was denied the big boom. -10

(indulgence 60/99)

What does Pip do?

2017-10-12 02:27:09 No. 31141902

Art Cred Minus

“What I want is REAL fireworks! The big ones that blow things up!” She said crossly.

The shopkeeper shook his head once more. “I’m sorry but I can’t sell those to you. Besides I don’t think you could afford those anyway.”

Emerald motioned towards the door. “Come on Pip, let’s just go. I can always buy one and we can shoot it off later if you must fire one.”

Pip gave a huff and looked again at the firework stacks on the aisle. This stuff was now mere paltry toys compared to the amazing stack behind the shopkeeper. How dare he keep her from trying to get a little fun in this world.

From irritation bore an idea. From an idea brought a smile. A smirk that hid a plan.

“Alrighty dighty~ well ‘sis’ what about some of that from the box over there.” She pointed a hoof towards a box of firecrackers. As Emerald turned and looked she reached up to a large stick on the shelf and with a bit of fire lit the fuse.

“Is that all you w-- Pip no!” Emerald rushed towards the stick and pushed pip aside, trying to put out the fuse. He tried blowing it and stamping it out but it was still going down the fuse. He started to panic.

The shopowner walked over to see what was going on and saw the burning fuse along with Emerald’s panicked cries and attempts to put it out. Giving a tired sigh he walked back to the counter and pulled out a bucket with water in it.


2017-10-12 02:30:20 No. 31141920
As the commotion was going on Pip with a slight of hoof carefully slipped some explosives under her cape for later use. Taking one more she smiled to herself and lit it up as well, rolling it towards the large stockpile. She’ll have a fireworks show no matter what.

She congratulated herself as it rolled out of sight between two of the large heaps and boxes.

The shopkeeper yanked the burning explosive out of Emerald’s shaking hooves and plopped it inside the water bucket putting it out. With an irritated grimace he stared at emerald before turning his attention to the filly.

“Alright children I think it’s time for both of you to leave. Out. Out with both of you before I decide to call for a guard.” He said calmly, pointing a wing towards the exit.

Da-ding Da-ding!

Emerald and Pip quickly found themselves outside in front of the shop. The trap colt gave a relieved sigh and slacked his shoulders for a moment. “whew…” he turned to pip. “What were you thinking?! Trying to set one on fire in there? If that blew up it would’ve destroyed this whole block! I’m so glad nothing worse happened…” he shook his head before taking notice of the Cheshire like grin Pip was sporting. “What? What is it you are smiling so much about?”

Medium explosive fireworks +2

Pip got back at shopkeeper and Emerald with some pranking +5

(Indulgence 65/99)

What does Pip say or do?

2017-10-14 04:01:12 No. 31157691
Art Cred Minus

The two enter the book store and look around. To the left all the way down to the end of the store was bookcases and shelves. There was a couple of tables in the middle of the shop and beyond that were a few aisles of more bookcases full of texts of all kinds. To the right wall was a large window, showing the street corner and vendor outside, and a desk with the shopkeeper in front of it.

“Well we’re here Emmy. Wanna pick out some books for kindling?” she gave a toothy grin as Emerald paled at the very suggestion. “Oh don’t worry~ if it’s something ‘interesting’ that won’t happen.” She gave a wink.

Emerald cantered quickly to an aisle as Pip trotted to sit down at the table. She was a little wobbly on judging the distance as after having to float around with the book in tow for so long it took some getting used to being on four hooves again. Even if those four hooves were of a little filly.

She glanced down at some magazines on the table. One was about farming and food cultivation, another was something news related about trade deals being established with Equestria and Whitherwater through the Vanhoover port, and last was some magazine on latest in fashion with a yellow, green eyed mare on the cover wearing a dress larger than her own body.

Looking up she noticed Emerald at the far end of the book store furiously looking through the pages of some book.

She was already bored.

What does Pip do?


2017-10-18 04:18:04 No. 31190315

Yep he sure does.


Art Cred Alto

Pip got up from her seat at the table. She’d see what that colt was up to. Walking towards him she forced Ruby’s body to resemble closer to how she used to look. The pony’s soul seemed to stir and act up again, futilely trying to distract Pip from her curious little trot. Emerald was so busy turning the pages in search of something he paid no notice of her approach.

"Whatcha reeaading?" Pip inquired, the possessed pony standing close to girly colt, trying to get a look at thepages. He gasped and quickly planted the open book on the shelf. “Pip, I thought you were waiting at the table.” He frowned.

“I was, but it was boooring! Can I see that book?”

Emerald moved to place himself between her and the book. “You wouldn’t like it. I thought it would be interesting for us but it’s not. It’s uh… dull and bland.”

Pip raised an eyebrow. “Dull and bland huh? Is that why you were turning the pages faster than a celeritasdemon?” She blew some smoke rings in Emerald’s face. “Since it’s so boring why not let me burn a few pages hmm?”

“No Pip, I’ll fi—“

Emerald paused as his ears flicked and stood erect. Moments later Pip heard the same thing. There was loud pops and crackles outside. Glass shattering and that sounds of a panicked crowd.

Crackle! Fizzzelll!

The fireworks shop.

Grinning from ear to ear Pip was happy to hear the sounds of chaos outside. Chaos she caused.

Thoom! Thoom!

Emerald’s frown morphed into a look of fear.

“Was this you?”

“Yup~!” she pinched his cheeks and turned around, with a wiggle of her hips she bounded down the book aisle towards the exit. “I’m going to go see!!”

“No Pip wai—“


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