You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-10-21 04:20:04 No. 31210769
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>Emerald and Joyride leave the hotel after scouting it out, and teleport to a locksmith named Bump to make keys out of the imprints Emerald got from the maid at the hotel.
>Bump and Emerald have a conversation, in which it's revealed that Bump knows Joyride, and that she essentially influenced his life in such a way that he was made into a keymaker indebted to Joyride, and that he is worried that Emerald might end up the same way, though not with keymaking obviously.
>Joyride passes out again, so Emerald takes her home in a wheelbarrow.
>Emerald puts her to be and then goes to find Ruby and Borba.
>They are in her room, and Emerald remembers that she is leaving soon.
>The colt tells Ruby an excuse to get her to leave, and then gets to work...

Continued in the next post...

2017-10-22 01:21:48 No. 31216997

Emerald wakes up on the makeshift bed after his and Borba's session. It went on for quite a while. That is a lady that has some stamina.

He looks around, and sees that she isn't here. He yawns and stretches his neck. He wonders how long he was out.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-22 03:15:56 No. 31217637

Emerald spots his clothes and puts them back on, and then wanders out into the yard. It's morning, and the colt decides to try and find Ruby.

He isn't sure where she could be, so decides to check the last place Emerald knew she would be.

He descends into the pit where Waspride's hive is.

Emerald is surprised to see that Ruby is there talking with the insect pony. As he approaches the colt asks if she has been here all night.

"Nah, went to sleep then came back. You were out for a while there." Ruby says laughing, "I actually didn't realize what time it was when I went to sleep myself though."

"Yeah! She was talking about all the stuff she did when she lived with those other pony's she knows." Waspride says waving to the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-22 06:31:33 No. 31218993

Emerald greets the Wasp Queen, and asks Ruby if she knows where Borba and Joyride went.

"She left!" Ruby says with a sigh, throwing up her hooves, "Oh well, Joyride said she'd be back soon hopefully. We tried to wake you, but Borba told us that it'd be better if you rested."

Ruby's eyes bug out and she says, "With her voice, and all."

Emerald asks what it sounded like.

"It was... Deep, but feminine?" Ruby says, tapping her chin in thought.

Eventually the colt steers the conversation to Ruby's past.

"There was this one time Barber heard about a shipment of spices from somewhere." Ruby says starting a story, "They wanted me to shimmy up a rope to get on the ship and drop a plank so they could board from a more discreet area."

Ruby shakes her head and continues, "Long story short the wind rocked the boat suddenly, and I slipped on the rope."

Waspride giggles at this, and Ruby smiles slightly and says, "I would say that I'm not the greatest swimmer, and so some of the guards dove in after me, thinking I was someone who slipped off the dock. Barber and Rat were able to sneak on and steal two full crates of the cargo."

Emerald laughs at this as well. The trio share a moment, and then the conversation lulls slightly.

What does EMerald do?

2017-10-24 09:17:10 No. 31229545

Heh, I like it. Makes me want an Emerald doll. Not like a lyra-plush one, just a regular one.


Ooo, I like this color scheme.


Emerald decides to ask the filly why she likes Borba so much.

"Because she's so cool!" Ruby says, leaning towards the colt, "I want to do something like that. I dunno, being cool and traveling around and stuff, and making money.

Ruby thinks for a second and then says, "Maybe I could be a traveling chef or something. Do those exist?"

Buzzride seconds this question, and Emerald just shrugs. He says even if it isn't that she could be the first.

Emerald then asks the wasp if Joyride comes down to visit her at all.

"Hmm? Yup!" Waspride says falling back into her honey pool, "I pretty much see her at least once when the sun is up. She may miss a day every once and a while, but she's never missing for long."

Emerald watches her swim around for a bit, and asks if it's okay to touch or eat the jelly she is in.

"I'm actually kinda curious myself." Ruby says, looking down at the goo, "We went to so much trouble to get it after all."

"Don't know!" Waspride says, sitting against one of the edges of the pool, "but Joyride said I shouldn't share, and that it's all for me so I'm not sharing!"

Ruby blows a raspberry, and Waspride sticks out her tongue, and then laughs.

Emerald decides to catch some magic, which seems to entertain the wasp, who claps as he uses his light spell.

"A powerful wizard... Just what I would expect from the future father of my kingdom!" She remarks happily.

"Oh, that was a confession. A confession!" Ruby says, smiling at Emerald.

Emerald smiles back a little nervously. The colt isn't sure how something like that is going to take place. The wasps from the jungle only wanted his seed, so Emerald imagines Joyride's milking machine will be involved somehow. After blushing slightly he pushes it out of his mind.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-24 11:05:04 No. 31229939

Emerald says that if he's the father, then he must also be the king. He doesn't particularly want to run a hive. Too much fun out in the real world.

"Hmm... A king? Does it work that way? I don't remember Joyride mentioning anything about needing a king for a hive." Waspride says, tilting her head slightly, "I would just need you for children, and being around just for company would be nice."

Emerald asks how the growing is going. She certainly looks bigger.

"Yeah! Well I think!" the wasp says, swimming up to the edge near them, "That's what Joyride says anyway."

Emerald asks what Joyride wanted Ruby to do during the antler heist.

"Not sure... Haven't heard anything about it. Maybe she doesn't want me there?"

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-24 12:34:21 No. 31230358

The colt asks if she is okay with doing something with the heist. He is quick to make clear that she doesn't have to come if she doesn't want to.

Emerald's stomach rumbles, and he asks if there is any breakfast left.

"Uh... Maybe? I tried a recipe in a book for some cinnammon apple slices. I left them in the pan upstairs, but I don't know how much was left." Ruby says, "I did alright with them, I think."
Ruby shrugs unconcernedly and says, "Eh. I know you don't hear it much, but Joyride likes to comment how I give her a place to stay and stuff so I should help out more. Plus it sounds kinda fun."

Emerald realizes that the wasp society is going to need some serious structuring once the hive gets started. The colt attempts to tell Waspride this, but he forestalls him and says, "Joyride has a plan for it. Sometimes she teaches me about it when she comes down."

Emerald frowns slightly at this, but then asks if there is anything she wants. He quickly says that he's still working on the "letting her go outside at least once" plan.

"Hmm... Well just some company would be nice." The wasp says.

Emerald smiles, and gives her a pat on the head.

She seems to enjoy that.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-24 04:35:12 No. 31231728

Emerald says that he'll try to be a good father, and then goes to rub her cheeks affectionately.

Much to his surprise, her face doesn't feel normal, nor does it feel chitinous like a bee might. Instead it's more scaly and lizard-like. it's surprisingly pliable, and Emerald finds himself molding her face slightly.

"Hey, quit it!" she laughs, "That tickles!"

Emerald asks if she wants to come up for some food as well, and she says, "Nah, I'm good. I'll stick with Joyride here a little longer. Come back down when your done and we can go do... I dunno, whatever Joyride wants us too, I guess?"

She shrugs questioningly at Emerald, who shrugs back. He isn't sure what exactly he wants to do yet.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-24 08:26:08 No. 31233046

Emerald heads upstairs and decides to check for food. There is a skillet on the oven that contains some sliced apples covered in a thick sweet sauce. He quickly puts these on a plate and takes them to the nearby table.

Ruby's cooking is getting better, along with her reading apparently. Perhaps she could be the first traveling cook!

As he eats, Emerald decides to go and bug Joyride after this, but for now maybe he'll try and ask the Chronodaemon some questions. First he asks if it's possible for him to pass his power or traits onto another pony. Next he asks about the colt with the other gem. Larimar was his name, the colt says thinking hard. He also asks if he could see Hope.

To Emerald's surprise it answers. The whole world seems to grow a bit dimmer, and time and sounds seem to blur and stop.

"For the first, yes. I could. Easily. But I won't." It says tittering. After a moment of silence he says, "As for the other questions. i could do that, yeah. It might be fun."

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-25 05:07:16 No. 31238181

Emerald asks if he can see Hope and Larimar, and asks who he can see first.

The amulet simply chuckles.

The world starts to slowly speed back up to normal. Emerald looks around, and then begins quick firing questions at the chronodaemon, however it doesn't say anything else.

Well, that's disappointed.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-26 12:18:25 No. 31242725

Emerald washes up and after reading a chapter or two from a book decides to go and check on Joyride.

He leaves his room, and turns around to knock on the door and asks for Joyride. There isn't any noise for a few moments, and then a heavy thump hits the door, causing the colt to jump. Emerald knocks again, and after a second another thump hits the door.

Emerald thinks he hears the click of a lock, and opens the door. It's Joyride's door and she is laying in her scarlet colored bed. Near the door are two horseshoes. She must have thrown them.

He carefully approaches, and peering over her bed asks how she is.

The unicorn mare sits up, and after giving a long stretch she yawns with a sigh and says, "What's with all the knocking on the door? Tryin' to give me a hangover headache?"

Emerald asks about the horn heist they have planned for tomorrow, and tells her what happened with Borba. He also sheepishly asks what should be done about lying to Ruby to get her out of the room.

Joyride laughs and says, "Nicely done my lil' perv! Gonna have to go into more detail for me later. Anyway, what are you worried so much about Ruby for? Did she find out what you did? Sounds to me like you got a pretty good lie going."

Emerald shrugs and says it still doesn't feel right.

Joyride rolls her eyes and then says, "As for the horn heist, I'm going to get us in, and then i'll distract the guards while you go find the deer and... I dunno, maybe i'll grab a saw or something so you can get the horns."

Emerald frowns and says that doesn't seem like the greatest plan. Plus, what is Ruby going to do?

"Ruby is going to play lookout sort of. You might see. Maybe, if things go bad." She says with a shrug, "Plus, I have a potion for you that will turn you into a deer temporarily. That might help. Maybe. I dunno. I'm still a little hungover leave me alone."

Joyride plops down on the bed again and just lays there.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-26 04:58:34 No. 31244093

Emerald asks if they can just request a horn.

"Nah, deers are pretty attached to their horns." Joyride grins at the stupid pun, and then continues, "They'd probably see it as disrespecting deer culture or something."

Emerald shrugs and sighs, and then bends over and gives Joyride a kiss on the cheek and says for her to get better, and asks if she wants anything.

Joyride levitates a pillow over to Emerald and plops it on his head, saying, "Yeah, for you to get out so I can sleep. Going around kissin' strange mares on their cheeks, this boy ain't right."

Emerald sticks his tongue out at the mare, who does it back before putting the pillow on her head and attempting to sleep.

Emerald goes to find Ruby down in the hive, and she is right where he left her. The two have been speaking about fingers. Emerald admits to being curious about her digits himself. He's never seen anythimg like them before, and they seem pretty useful.

She waves, gives a peace sign, and then falls back into her pool with a giggle.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-27 05:26:00 No. 31250221

Emerald asks if he can feel the wasps fingers, maybe through his mane, or if she can maybe bet him too.

"Of course! Come closer though. Here, sit near the edge of the pool." She says, pointing to the spot right in front of her.

Emerald approaches, and Waspride stretches two of her arms out and begins to massage and caress the colt.

It feels quite nice.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-27 06:44:53 No. 31250682

Emerald hears a cough from beside him, and sees a slightly blushing Ruby looking anywhere but at them.

Embarrassed, Emerald asks if she wants to join in.

"Uh, not thanks." Ruby says, a little shocked.

The colt then asks if he wants to come with him into town and maybe get a snack. They need to discuss the heist. Both the horn one and the gem one. He tells her what Joyride has planned for her in the horn heist.

"Oh, well standing lookout isn't so bad I guess. So we heading out now or...?" Ruby says.

Emerald says that Joyride is planning to turn him into a deer with a potion.

"Whoa really? I didn't now potions could do that..." She says in awe.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-27 09:22:14 No. 31251456

Emerald is quick to point out that potions can be used for any variety of things. From species transformation to gender switching. Emerald even jokes that Ruby could become a giraffe if she wanted to. Probably.

"Really?" Ruby says interested, "It's not like permanent though right? I kinda want to be big and huge like Borba for a day. I bet that'd be fun!"

"Hey, so..." Waspride says, "Could a potion transform me?"

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-28 03:59:34 No. 31257055

(Have a work Halloween party today later. May not be on long.)

Emerald says that those potions do exists, but he isn't sure that she could use them. They may harm her, at least until she is fully grown and doesn't have to sit in the potion.

"Are you sure? I mean, we can test that can't we? Maybe even Joyride can help!" The Wasp says, clapping her hands excitedly.

Emerald frowns slightly at this. He doesn't want Waspride doing anything dangerous.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-28 05:00:50 No. 31257535

"Can't you just get me one of those potions? One that can turn me into a pony maybe? Please? Pleeease?" Waspride says, leaning over the tub.

Ruby and Emerald exchange a worried glance and then say that they'll try their best. They leave the hive soon after, and come back out the Whitherwater. It's still morning, and people have just began to come out of their houses to start the day.

"So... What were we going to discuss? The heists or soemthing, right?" Ruby says as they begin to walk towards the marketplace.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-28 05:41:28 No. 31257892

(Last for the day. Gotta get to the party and have to run some errands beforehand.)

Emerald and Ruby decide to get some ice cream. It's still a little early, but the nice mare at the stand decides to sell it to you before she opens.

Ruby eats her chocolate ice cream and plops down on the edge of the big fountain. Emerald walks up with his mint chocolate chip, trying to think of what to talk about.

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-29 01:30:44 No. 31262913

Emerald decides to come clean about what he did to get alone with Borba for the night. He wonders if he should even mention what he did with her, or how he wants to go about this at all.

2017-10-29 02:49:14 No. 31263768
Emerald isn't sure what to say. He has a lot of conflicting things in his head.

Maybe a script would be nice?

What does Emerald do?

2017-10-29 07:40:35 No. 31266236
Well... Now I'm concerned.

It seems like we have a split opinion on whether Ruby should be told about Emerald's sexual history, or that information should be withheld.

Let's here the arguments for both sides, because I'm not convinced either way yet.

2017-10-30 04:41:52 No. 31271740

Emerald comes up with a nice speech to give Ruby to hopefully tell her everything that he has been up to, and what happened with Borba.

The filly is silent at first, and isn't looking at Emerald. The seconds tick on agonizingly. Does she hate him now? Is she disgusted with him? It makes his heart ache just thinking what is going to happen next.

Eventually Ruby says,

"You... You tricked me..." Ruby says, looking a bit angry.

The colt sees tears start to form at the corners of her eyes, and he starts apologizing profusely for everything. He says he feels very guilty and he'll never do it again and asks her to please not cry.

"I'm not crying!" Ruby says, wiping the edges of her eyes, "It's... Liquid anger."

Ruby crosses her forelegs and looks at the floor, letting her legs dangle off the side of the fountain.

What does Emerald do?
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