You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2017-11-04 03:00:17 No. 31303525
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>Emerald and Borba spend a night together.
>Emerald wakes up the next day and speaks with Ruby and Waspride for a while.
>He then goes to check on Joyride and ask about the deer horn heist.
>He then speaks with his amulet for a while, asking to see more of Hope or Larimar.
>Eventually he and Ruby end up walking to the fountain plaza, and Emerald admits what he did to get rid of Ruby.

Continued in the next post...

2017-11-04 03:24:48 No. 31303751

Emerald asks if there is anything he can do to make it up to her. He offers to let her punch him.

She lays one on his right shoulder and then after a moment says, "That did make me feel a little bit better. I can't say I'm too happy about it, but it's not something I can stay mad about. I mean come on man, we fought a giant zombie octopus together."

The colt rubs his foreleg and says that he really is sorry. A moment later she say, "I know."

They sit in quiet until their ice creams are finished, and then Ruby gets to her hooves.

"Welp." Ruby says, patting her stomach, "Buy some lunch sometime. Some place cool. Remember this is an 'I'm sorry!' meal."

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-04 05:18:15 No. 31304495

Emerald thanks her for being a great friend, and then hugs her.

"Jeez, jeez alright." Ruby says rolling her eyes, and gingerly returning the hug,

The pair of you pal around for a little while, and thinks about taking Ruby and Borba to Sushi's the next time the giraffe comes around.

Emerald asks if she could show him the cool pickpocketing and thieving skills she has.

"Well not out in the open like this, sheesh." Ruby says looking around to see if anyone heard.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-04 09:00:14 No. 31305914

Well yeah, i COULD...


Emerald pulls Ruby towards an alley and says they can do it over there.

"Okay okay, jeez. But just a little." Ruby says with a chuckle.

She has Emerald stand in front of her and says, "Well, most ponies carry money in bags around their waist, or otherwise in their mouths or a bag. Bags and wallets in the mouth may be too difficult for you to steal at first. Bags hanging from their sides though you just need a knife and a distraction and preferably a large crowd."

Ruby teaches him a little about what she knows about thievery skills!

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-05 02:04:47 No. 31310960

Emerald asks how Ruby hasn't been caught yet if she's been slashing purses. He then begins to contemplate if using his knife of subtlety would make it easier for him.

"Well I mean, you need to be able to run pretty fast too. It's like any other crime really. You may not be caught once, but you do it enough and you will be." Ruby says with a shrug.

Emerald asks if she can show him some pickpocketing.

"I mean, yeah." Ruby says scratching the back of her head, "But it might not look very good if someone sees us. Maybe we can do it back at Joyride's or something."

Emerald asks what Ruby thinks of his new mane style and color.

"Oh, it's fine I guess? Not a big fan of the weird silver-white hair whatever it's called. Makes you look a bit like a ghost." Ruby says, tilting her head.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-05 05:56:56 No. 31312630

Hey, don't reveal my secret shitposting.


Emerald decides to go and try to pick some locks, and suggests they ask Joyride.

The pair return to #304 Coursewalk, and as Emerald goes to knock and ask for Joyride Ruby says, "Oh! Why don't we just use this door?"

Emerald starts to say something, but Ruby has already pulled out her tools and stuck them in.

"Okay so first you want to-" She then looks at her hooves, and pulls on them. They seem firmly held onto the tools, which seem to be stuck in the door.

"Ah, I-I can't-" Ruby starts, but the door opens, from which a loud, annoying horn is blaring.

Joyride squints at the sunlight, and then says, "I thought it'd be more amusing when you figured out the door was trapped."

Her horn lights up , and Ruby suddenly falls backwards, letting go of the tools. The second the filly let go the alarm stopped.

Emerald apologizes and says that he wanted Ruby to teach him some lockpicking.

"Oh, sounds like a useful thing to know." Joyride says with a yawn, "Oh hey, I think I can help you out with that.

Joyride floats her key ring over and flips over to a wood grain key and hands it to him. She then shuts the door behind her.

Ruby and Emerald shrug to each other, and then open the door. The first thing they notice is the fragrance of freshly cut wood. Inside are various unfinished wooden projects, as well as several different kind of saws and woodworking tools.

Around the side of the room is a door with a bunch of different locks on it.

"Oh hey, this must be what she meant." Ruby says, walking around the whole thing.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-06 03:36:09 No. 31318007

Emerald has to admit that it's kind of silly it has so many locks on it. In fact, he questions why there are. He thought at first the door was made specifically to be used to practice lockpicking, but a lot of the locks are just deadbolts and chains.

He walks around the whole thing, and as far as he can tell it's just a door frame set into a base on the floor. He tries the door, and of course it doesn't open. The pair begin to open the deadbolts and unchaining the door until just the door lock is left.

"Here, watch me and I'll try to explain what I'm doing." Ruby says, pulling out her tools.

Emerald pulls out a quill and pen, and then follows along, taking notes. Ruby snickers at this, and after a few minutes she pops the door open.

She stands up and says, "Huh, I was hoping something would happen if we opened it. With all the freaky stuff in Joy's house I would have thought it would have opened to like... I dunno. Somewhere in the sky or something."

Ruby hands Emerald her tools and tells him to do it now, and locks the door again.

Emerald practices for a while, trying to pop the door open, failing, and watching Ruby do it again. After a few hours Emerald thinks he gets it.

Ruby lets out a yawn, and Emerald checks the time. It's near night now.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-06 05:54:30 No. 31319148

"Well, that took longer than I thought. We had to stop so many times so you could look over your notes... I guess we'll try the deadbolts and stuff tomorrow. Besides, I don't have the right tools on me for those anyway." Ruby says with a sigh and a shrug.

They both walk up to Emerald's flat, and after brushing their teeth the two head to bed. As Emerald closes his eyes, he starts to hear some tittering laughter come from somewhere...


Uictoria said they were ordered to the city of Trotton, but Larimar would have never thought it would be anything like this.

He glances around at the city before him and sighs. Nearly all the buildings have collapsed beneath what appears to be a massive landslide. Though set up among the rubble are some tents from the Whitherwater Guard and... Some other group he doesn't recognize.

Bellator says they are from the "Jewel" family, whoever they are. His sister made a joke about family jewels after that, so Larimar can guess that he doesn't like them very much.

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-07 09:55:24 No. 31323084

Larimar wonders what they are doing here. He wasn't told too much abotu the exact Orders they were sent here to fulfill. Even odder is that it seems like leaving this to the Whitherwater guard and the mysterious group would be the wiser option.

He decides to go ask Bellator and Praelia what they are doing here. They've basically been sitting around for half a day while Uictoria has been off somewhere, presumably talking to the other soldiers.

Larimar takes off his backpack and checks his inventory for that gem he found at the zebra temple.

It sparkles with a nice, bright green. He gives it a rub with th eback of his foreleg to shine it even more. It feels like it almost sparkles. Uictoria said, much to his travel companion's surprise, to care for it until they get back to the Order of the Arrow base.

He decides to go back to their tents. Bellator and Prealie are sitting outside the tent. Praelia is sitting on a rock eating some food, and Bellator is sitting on a broken, overturned cart, holding his hammer.

After asking if Uictoria has returned Bellator responds, "Nah, she is still gone doing whatever. Just relax for a while, shrimp. We'll be in the action soon enough."

Larimar asks if they are just relaxing.

"Technically we are 'guarding the prisoner'." Prealia says, grinning, "Not like she is interested in trying to escape or anything."

Larimar remembers the mare they picked up at the refugee camp in the Zebralands. Apparently she is some important person's daughter who lives in Whitherwater. She hasn't been very talky, but she seems like a nice lady, and she is very pretty.

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-07 12:36:30 No. 31323772

Larimar knows they pull their weapons out of the jewels on their sides, and asks how they manage to do that.

"I dunno. I didn't make'em." Bellator says with a shrug.

"We just use'em and they work. Kind of like how you use your backpack, but if you had to go and make one you probably couldn't do it. At least not well, right?"

Larimar shrugs at that, and asks if maybe they could train later.

"Hmm... Maybe. Let's wait until uictoria gets back. She's gonna be mad if we are needed for something and we are all tuckered out." Praelia says.

The colt asks if he can go in and talk to the prisoner.

"Pfft, I'm not gonna stop ya." Bellator says with a shrug.

Larimar walks inside and sees the mare laying on her sleeping bag. She appears to have been reading a book, she looks up from it and smiles, and then goes back to reading.

Larimar asks if they can talk, and she looks up again.

"Oh, of course!" Hope says, putting her book away and sitting up a little straighter, "Is everything okay?"

Larimar smiles back. He can't help it. She always puts him in a good mood. The mare is more openly friendly than his other traveling companions, and he finds himself at ease around her.

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-07 06:18:43 No. 31325972

Larimar says it's nothing really, he's mostly just bored. He also mentions that the town looks a lot worse than he thought it would.

"Yeah... The first time I came here it looked like this too. I wonder why the clean up hasn't started..." Hope says, looking worried.

The colt plops down next to her and asks how she is.

"I'm fine. I know I am a prisoner, but I feel like I am being escorted more than anything. I do wish I could return home though. I used to live in Whitherwater, and we are very close." Hope says, smiling sadly.

Larimar asks what her family is like.

"They are... They are good people who have strayed down a bad path. I hope they see the error of their ways someday." Hope says, nodding.

The colt can see that this line of questioning saddens her, so decides to show her something cool.

"Oh! What a beautiful gem!" Hope says as the colt pulls out the jewel he got from the zebra temple. He tells the story of how he got it, and says that Uictoria let him keep it.

"My goodness, aren't you lucky?" Hope says giggling.

Larimar asks what she was reading.

"It's a book I got from Uictoria. It's funny, all I said to her was that I was a little bored and she offered me a book from the few she had on her. It's things like that that make me feel like I'm not a prisoner." Hope says, showing the title of the book, which is 'The Love of a Heretic'.

She puts the book back down and says, "It seems like it's a love story but it's... Oddly dark? It's between a pony and a demon. And it's pretty dry. More of a case study than anything else. I'm not really sure what to make of it yet. Hopefully it'll get better."

Larimar asks if she needs anything else.

"Hmm? No, but thank you for the offer, Larimar. I am quite content."

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-07 08:16:16 No. 31326698

Larimar asks if there is anything she wants to knwo about him.

She giggles again, and Larimar blushes slightly.

"Hmm, I guess I kind of want to know why you'd leave your family. I think I heard you say something about being at a farm or something." Hope says, smiling.

Larimar frowns. He explains that both his older brother and his younger sister took to farm work pretty well, but that he never did. One day there was an accident at the farm. He got in a fight with his parents, and then took the opportunity to leave.

"Oh... You left because of a fight?" Hope says, putting a hoof on the colt's shoulder and rubs it.

Larimar says that it's fine. He can always go back to the place if he needs to. Maybe. He just doesn't want too. The colt is starting to feel uncomfortable himself. He tries to change the subject, and asks about Ponycare.

"They are probably best known for their projects in war-torn regions and disaster zones." Hope says, happily, "Usually health care, food, and water."

The colt asks if she knows why they are holding her as a prisoner.

"Uictoria explained it the best she could but... I guess there was a lot of stuff she couldn't say." Hope sighs, and then says, "But I can tell there is a good reason. She doesn't seem like the kind of mare who would do this without a good reason."

Larimar says that if she needs anything to let him know.

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-08 05:39:33 No. 31332653

The colt asks Hope what she knows about the Whitherwater guard and Jewel familiy are here.

Hope looks a little worried, and then says, "I'm... Not sure exactly."

Larimar can tell she isn't quite telling the truth, but she doesn't want to press her on it if she doesn't want to talk about it.

Larimar exits the tent and looks to the two siblings sitting outside. He asks them why they joined the Order of the Arrow.

"Uictoria found us after our parents died. We were both pretty young at the time, but Uictoria said there was some sort of battle in our village and it was pretty much decimated." Bellator says, sighing.

"We've been with her ever since, except for one time we decided to go and visit the ruins of our village." Praelia says, finishing up her soup.

Larimar asks what they found there.

"Nothing really. Like I said, the place was blown to hell by demons." Praelia says with a shrug.

What does Lairmar do?

2017-11-08 09:02:23 No. 31333919

(Just thought I'd make one if you guys needed it.)

The colt gives his condolences for the loss of their family, and asks about Uictoria. He wonders if she was always so... Strict.

The pair break out into laughter and say, "Yes she's always been like that. Don't worry though, she'll start to warm up to you. She already has a little bit."

Larimar asks about how the Order was founded.

"Oh uh..." Bellator says, looking to his sister.

"There was a battle? A big one with demons?" Prealia says, looking back to her brother.

"Yeah and uh... Afterwards they made it? Or something?" Bellator says scratching the back of his head and laughing nervously.

"Uictoria told us the story once, you should probably ask her." Praelia says, "We aren't much into ancient history. All that matters to us is that we are getting revenge by kicking demon flank and getting paid to do it!"

The colt asks if they'll have to face any demons here.

"Dunno, but it's always a possibility when it comes to Order business. Stay frosty, shrimp." Bellator says grinning.

Larimar asks who else they have worked with.

"Hmm... I'm not sure we are allowed to tell you that." Praelia says, "Once again, might have to ask Uictoria. Might be on a need-to-know basis."

Larimar asks when they'll be able to see the Order base.

"What, like, the main one? Probably not for a while." Praelia says with a shrug, "We haven't even been there yet. We just stop by one of the branches whenever we are nearby one to report our progress and get orders."

The colt looks out at the landslide, and asks them what could have caused it.

"Do I look like a geologist to you, shrimp?" Bellator says shrugging.

Larimar didn't really hear him however. He just noticed something. Sitting upslope from the slide is a pony just... Standing there. It's pretty hard to see the pony, but he seems to be holding something in his hoof.

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-09 09:30:24 No. 31336323

The colt continues to stare at the figure, who remains unmoving. While contemplating what to do, Larimar asks why the place hasn't started reconstruction yet.

"Huh... Ya know..." Bellator says, looking to his sister, "That's a good question. This place has been like this for a while now hasn't it?"

"That's what I heard." Praelia says with a shrug, "I mean, I heard they haven't found any survivors or even bodies, so maybe there is no one to rebuild? I dunno."

The colt has to admit to being a little cross with how little these two seem to know. It's like they don't care what's going on around them unless it has to do with smashing demons.

Larimar decides to point out the figure, and when he does, the pair look around. They grab at their gems and a small flash of light later they both have spyglasses. The colt takes off his bag to do the same, but by the time he does the figure has disappeared.

"Huh, that was an interesting... Err... Weapon he had." Bellator says, looking confused at his sister.

Larimar asks what he saw.

"Yeah..." Praelia says as if she is contemplating each letter in the word, "If that was a weapon. I don't know whether to hope that it was one or not."

Larimar asks again what they saw.

"Think that was a survivor?" the brother asks.

"Dunno. If he was why did he hide when we spotted him?" the sister responds.

Larimar shouts to get himself to be heard, and the two look down at the colt. His cheeks slightly puffed in annoyance that they aren't responding to him, especially since he was the one who saw the mystery pony in the first place. He asks what they saw.

The look at each other as if hoping the other would say something, and then Praelia responds, "I-I'm not sure we should say. Would you mind running a message to Uictoria? Tell her we may have spotted an enemy of some kind."

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-09 11:24:27 No. 31336771

Larimar asks why they can't go.

"Just go, shrimp." Praelia says. Much to the colt's surprise the mare has her crossbow out. He didn't even see her draw it.

Larimar nods slowly, and asks where she is.

"She's speaking with the leaders of both groups of soldiers. They should be somewhere in one of the bigger tents." Bellator says, standing up and patroling the immediate area.

Larimar removes his sword from his backpack, and takes off towards the tents.

"Whoa there sonny, you alright?" A guard says bemused as the colt appears from two tents.

Larimar asks where Uictoria and the other leaders are, and he is quickly pointed to a tent that is indeed bigger than the rest. There are guards and several members of the soldier's entourages there. As he tries to enter he is stopped, and so he yells into the tent that he needs to speak with his Master.

"Let him in." A voice says that isn't Uictoria's. The guards immediately give up stopping him, and he trots at a respective pace inside.

There are three ponies inside. One is a pony wearing the same armor as the Jewel Soldiers, but with a mark of rank on his helmet. He looks a little annoyed. The other pony he doesn't recognize is a tall pegasus wearing very strange piecemeal armor.

The final is Uictoria.

"I certainly hope this is important, Larimar." Uictoria says in a very strict manner, though ruining the effect slightly by smiling.

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-09 03:16:58 No. 31337971

(Surprised you remember that.)


Larimar apologizes for interrupting, and then tells the event of seeing the pony in the distance. Afterwards the colt was told to come find Uictoria, and now he is here.

"I see... They were probably curious who we were since we just got here. Hopefully that doesn't scare them off." Uictoria says to the group at large.

The tall pegasus says, "I'm more worried that they'd attack us."

"That would help us figure out who they are at the very least." Uictoria responds, "And attacking us would be a short term solution for whoever this is. They'd have to vacate before any Accusers got here."

The Jewel soldier looks between the two's conversation, but doesn't add anything to it. Larimar can't help but feel a little suspicious of the Jewel soldier. It's not just the rudeness either, but the siblings didn't trust them.

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-09 04:51:39 No. 31338504

Larimar asks if there is anything to do to help.

The three stop and look at him, and then Uictoria says, "Report back to Bellator and Praelia. Tell them that the message was received, and that they should keep a close eye for anything else."

he is then shooed out, and Larimar steps back into the middle of the camp.

The colt hopes that everything will turn out okay.

What does Larimar do?

2017-11-09 08:24:25 No. 31339714

Larimar hurries back and tells Bellator and Praelia what Uictoria said. As he runs, he starts to here a strange voice.

"-rald... Em... Emerald!"

The colt wakes up from his slumber and looks around everywhere. He needs to get to... to Uictoria.

Emerald looks around and sees he is in his own flat. His eyes eventually focus on Ruby, who seems to be cooking something on the stove.

"Hey check it out, I made round pancakes with peanut butter and jelly in them. Awesome, right?" She says, pointing at a tall plate of pancake balls sitting on the dining room table.

Emerald yawns and gets up, sitting at said table. He stares down at his amulet, a little angry. What did it just show him? Was that in the past or was that the present? Why did it have to end so suddenly like that.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-10 05:06:16 No. 31344561

Emerald gives the pancakes a shot. They are pretty interesting, but also pretty filling. He can't eat more than two or three. Maybe they should give some to Joyride? Shame Borba isn't here, this would probably be a small snack for her!

Emerald explains that he now knows the visions he's been having are because of his amulet. He also mentions how he saw Hope and a colt named Larimar, as well as the Order ponies.

"Well, at least we know Hope is alright..." Ruby says, shutting off the burner and sitting next to Emerald while popping a few of the pancake balls in her mouth, "Think we should tell Joyride?"

Emerald nods and says that is a good idea. He then asks if she is ready for the deer heist. It is today after all.

"Yeah, I mean, doesn't sound like I'm a big player in it or anything. You get to be turned into a deer right? Tell me how it feels." She says grinning.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-10 06:30:11 No. 31345073

Emerald smiles and says that he'll try and have fun. The colt says that if she plays her cards right she might be able to get Joyride to make her one sometime as well.

"Nah, if I was going to get a potion like that I would want one that would make me a giraffe." Ruby says, smiling in a triumphant way for some reason, "I wanna be super tall like Borba is."

Emerald asks if she has seen Joyride or Pip this morning.

"Nope. Haven't looked yet either though. I'm sure she is around." Ruby says, shrugging.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-10 09:02:16 No. 31346007

Emerald takes some of the stuffed pancake balls and says that he's going to go and try to find Joyride, and that she can come with if she wants.

Ruby agrees to come, and they step outside the door.

"You know, I wonder if Joyride ever gets lost in her own house. She seems to have a ton of rooms in here." Ruby says, knocking on the door and asking for the unicorn.

The door cracks open and they hear Joyride say, "Come in, I'm almost finished!"

Emerald and Ruby look at each other in confusion and then step in.

The room appears like some sort of fancy salon, complete with many pairs of scissors, dyes, shampoos, and conditioners. Nearly all the walls are mirrors, and in the back is a closet with tons of clothes inside, and nearby there are mannequins wearing an odd assortment of clothes.

Joyride is standing near one of the mirror walls looking at herself. She is dressed quite nicely in a frilly, earthy green dress complete with a ivy-like tiara. She seems to have extended her mane quite a bit, and it's nearly dragging on the floor despite the fact that it's also somewhat put into a beehive hairstyle.

"Wow, you look great Joyride!" Ruby says, walking up to her.

"Yeah, I know I'm beautiful." Joyride says with a snicker, "Still though, i actually hate wearing these deer dresses. A bit too frilly for me, plus keeping a dress like this alive is hard."

"Alive...?" Ruby says, looking at the dress, "Wait, you mean the flowers?"

"Yeah. Like I said, it's annoying. I have to water the dress every once and a while. I'd just rent or whatever, but no one around here has Deer dresses. Heck, I got this one last time I went to the deer lands... Jeez, how long ago would that have been...?" She says, looking up at the ceiling wistfully, and finally says, "Well, it's been a while."

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-11 03:08:32 No. 31350936

Emerald says she looks pretty and offers her a pancake ball. She thanks the Colt and quickly chows it down. The colt then asks if he'll be dressing up too.

"Yeah, but not to disappoint you it won't be in a dress."

Joyride floats out a nice cotton shirt as well as
a vest made of the same leaf cloth as her dress.

"As you can see yours is a bit more modern than mine is. I'm kinda jealous." She says, fixing her hair a bit, "These old traditional things are a bit too flowing for my tastes."

"I dunno, I think it's nice..." Ruby says, looking at the dress, "But if you don't want to wear it why don't you just wear something else?"

"Deers like to keep up appearances. They also really like old, traditional stuff. Things like this dress." Joyride says.

"Do I get to wear something too?" Ruby asks hopefully.

"Nah. I need you to be inconspicuous. You are our look out remember?" Joyride says.

"Aww..." Ruby says, kicking the ground.

Joyride looks at Ruby for a second, rolls her eyes, and then says, "If you do a good job I'll let you try some stuff on, okay?"

Ruby nods enthusiastically.

Emerald asks how often she has to water the clothes.

"I have a watering system set up down here for them. I still gotta check on it every once and a while to make sure it doesn't break."

Emerald decides to tell Joyride about his visions.

"Hmm... Guess we are heading to Trotton after getting those horns..." she says with a sigh.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-11 05:26:57 No. 31351777

Joyride nods and says, "Yeah, no problemo. Anyway, let's get going."

The trio start to walk towards the Castle District in the center of Whitherwater. Having not traveled in the normal way to the hotel last time Joyride led the way.

As they approach the hotel the deer are staying at they find crowds are gathering. It almost appears like a festival combined with a farmer's market.

"What's all this?" Ruby says as they get close.

"Well a White Deer doesn't come down to Whiterwater very often. Probably every deer the could that lives in the city made their way here. And where there is crowds there are people who'll want to sell'em stuff!"

"Hey uh, I don't suppose we could look around a bit before we head over there?" Ruby says, looking at all the stalls.

"Hrm... Well I wouldn't mind scoping the place out for a minute or two if you want to do something quick." Joyride says, looking towards the hotel where the crowd is the largest.

Emerald looks around and thinks he spies some food places, and they are standing next to something that looks a bit like a target shooting game with small bows and blunt arrows. But perhaps they should just keep going.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-11 07:49:31 No. 31352775

Emerald and Ruby decide to try out the stalls and stands. Emerald can't help but feel he should focus at the task at hand, and though he has fun he tries to get it over quickly.

The arrow game was pretty fun, but neither Ruby nor Emerald win anything. As for the food, they decide to grab some sort of sweet, sticky rice dessert wrapped in a savory sort of leaf.

"Alright, I think we're good. C'mere Emerald." Joyride says walking up to them. They find a nearby alleyway and the unicorn takes out a small vial with a piece a tape with "DEER" written on it

"Take this." Joyride says, looking around.

Emerald uncorks the bottle and asks what sort of cover story he should have.

"Just keep things all the same except that you were a deer the entire time. The less lies you have to remember the better." She says as he drinks it.

Emerald's head starts to swim and he has to sit down. His vision blurs and he can't seem to keep his balance. His hearing seems to be fine though.

"And you take this. If you notice any sort of commotion outside just give this a twist and both of our sticks will light up. Here, give it a try now." He hears Joyride say.

The colt jolts slightly as he sees a small, bright red light flare up. And just as suddenly as it came the sickness went away. The colt goes to wipe his forehead and notices his hoof is far leaner and the hoof is cloven. In addition to that his fur has turned brownish orange.

Looking down at his body he sees that it is now completely deer. He feels atop his head and he can feel small horns that have sprouted. Emerald looks at Joyride and Ruby to see them holding red, glowing sticks. The stick has a section in the middle that Emerald guesses is the part that turns to produce the light.

The transformed colt stands up and asks how he looks.

"Lookin' good!" Ruby says nodding, "I wouldn't have guessed that was you!"

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-12 03:16:11 No. 31358761

Emerald gives his little tail a flick. He then thanks Ruby for her compliment, and then asks Joyride if he should know any deer customs.

"Huh? I thought you were all well read and junk." Joyride says raising an eyebrow, "Well, just act you normally do. You are a goody two-shoes as well so you guys should get along fine. If they start talking about the environment or trees or whatever just agree with them. That'll probably be good enough."

Joyride reaches down into her dress and then says, "Oh yeah, I should probably give you one of these."

She hands Emerald a normal handsaw. Emerald, a little worried, asks what the plan is next.

"I'll get us in and then we'll go and try to get to the White Deer. If I can get us in it shouldn't be too much of a problem, especially if someone recognizes me." Joyride says.

"Huh? What are you going to do?" Ruby says, looking at the unicorn.

"It's more fun for me if Emerald doesn't know. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure it'll work." Joyride says with a grin.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-12 05:49:30 No. 31360158

Emerald looks down at the serrated handsaw and gulps. Hopefully he want have to use it.

Emerald asks how this potion would work on something that was non-pony.

"Hmm, well the potion can change non-equine drinkers but it wasn't really meant to. They keep their same dietary restrictions, and the potion's effects aren't usually complete and don't last as long." Joyride says, listing things off, "But zebras have known how to modify most kinds of transformations for different species. I think it was because they wanted to turn animals into zebra fuck slaves, but what do I know. That's just a theory."

Emerald follows the mare as she returns to the street. He looks back to say something to Ruby to find that she is already gone. She seems to be taking this relatively seriously. The colt turns back to Joyride and asks if she ever got around to getting those keys from the blacksmith.

"Hmm? Yes. I picked them up late yesterday. Or early today, if you want to think about it that way." She says, patting the front of her dress, "I'll hold onto them for now though."

Emerald questions why she is going to sneak the keys in that way but she game him the handsaw.

"You'll see."

The hotel door has been blocked by a cubeish sort of makeshift wood checkpoint. The whole things looks as if it was woven together on the spot, and is nearly ten inches thick in some spots.

Inside this are several deer standing guard. From what Emerald has seen and read from deer he knew that they were usually gaunter than ponies, but all of these deer were well built. One of them even rivals in size to some of the hugest stallions he has seen. All of them also wear thick, white metal armor and carry long, curved blades that appear to also be made of wood.

Emerald is getting second thoughts about having the handsaw.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-12 09:22:05 No. 31361592

Joyride strolls over to the barrier. All the deer give her a stare, and the biggest one approaches her.

"Greetings. Is there something I can help you with?" He says with respect.

"I came here to see the White Deer. Could you take me up to him?" Joyride asks nicely, and nefore the deer has a chance to decline she says, "Could you ask Lily for me? Tell her it's Joyride."

The deer looks a little cross, and then starts to whisper to one of his compatriots The other deer rushes inside. As they are talking the colt notices Joyride fiddling with something on the her dress.

"Search them." The bigger buck says.

Two moredeer appear, and they give Joyride and Emerald a pat down. The handsaw on Emerald is immediately found.

"What does this child need this for." The deer says with a raised eyebrow.

"Ah it is unfortunate." Joyride says with a sigh, motioning at her dress, "This thing is so old it has trouble holding it's magic together."

Suddenly, from one of the flowers on the front of the dress starts to grow and bursts out in to a lush, leafy tree branch. It has a rich, dark, black bark and green foliage that reminds Emerald of the skin of an avocado

"Oh dear, Emerald, if you wouldn't mind could you...?" Joyride says, holding the branch up the best she can and turning towards the colt turned deer.

Completely confused, Emerald takes the tool and starts sawing away at the branch.

"That color... Those leaves..." The guard says, astonished, "Where did you manage to find living oak?"

"I bought it from your country when I visited there last." Joyride says, looking at ease as she possibly could considering Emerald was hacking away at a branch in front of her.

"Impossible. Who would ever part with something like this?" the deer says, even more shocked.

"Well at the time I bought this it wasn't so rare. This was years and years back." Joyride says chuckling.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-14 11:37:23 No. 31370901

Emerald continues to saw away at the branch. It's surprisingly tough, so it's taking him a while to make and headway. He decides to stay silent other than a small whistle while he works. Joyride seems to know what she is doing and he doesn't want to mess that up.

The deer continues to speak with Joyride for a bit, commenting on how she looks, which she returns with compliments to the deer. Eventually the armored deer that got sent away returns, escorting another deer towards them.

It is a doe, and she is wearing a tiara made of flowers, as well as a headband that holds her mane in a roll shaped bun behind her head. She is wearing a dress made of some very fancy looking silky material. That being said however, it doesn't look nearly as nice as Joyride's. She also has a necklace that reminds him of his amulet. Except instead of a gem there is an odd, etched red bottle hanging from it.

"Joyride." She says with an inscrutable look, "To think you would come to us on our humble journey. Or perhaps because we are journeying is why you came? How may I be of service?"

"You have a young buck with you correct? The white one who you are protecting." Joyride says, looking around, "At least I assume that's why you and a small contingent of the Whiteguard are here."

"Maple is sleeping at the moment. He has always been a sickly, and the journey has tired him." The one named Lily sighs, "Come, you can wait inside with the others."

Emerald and Joyride walk through the barrier, and as they do Lily says, "Ah, and who do we have here?"

"His name is Emerald. For a lack of a better word, he is my servant." She says grinning.

Emerald isn't sure using his real name is the right thing to do here, but he'll trust Joyride for the moment.

"What a curious name for a deer. It is a pleasure to meet you, Emerald. My name is Lily of the Valley. But you can call me Lily for short." She says nodding.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-14 03:18:03 No. 31371900

Heh, nice.


Emerald gives a polite bow and says that he apologizes for his odd name. He was raised in the pony lands so he might not know all the normal customs.

"It's alright, little one." She says smiling, "You are doing fine so far."

Emerald asks if the White deer is going to be okay, and asks what he is sick with.

"Don't worry, he'll be fine." Lily says smiling warmly and not answering the second part of his question.

"Ma'am, I don't mean to question your judgement, but I must admit to being uncomfortable with this." The largest stag says, approaching the trio, "Why are you so easily letting her see Maple? Whos is this?"

"Her name is Joyride, but she also has another name, Cottonwood." She says chuckling, "Qaab Belqane."

"Qaab Belqane...? But... She's a pony!" The one named Cottonwood says.

"Yes, right now she is." Lily says as the trio begin to walk towards the hotel door.

They are let inside, and find that there is something of a party going on the main floor. It's mostly other deer, but Emerald spots a few ponies and even a zebra or two as he looks around briefly.

"Please, enjoy yourself." She says, motioning out to the crowd, "I must return to my duties, and I'll go check to see how Maple is doing. Is there is something else you require?"

"Hmm.. Maybe we can sneak up the stairs to the top floor and get in..." Joyride says absentmindely to Emerald as she walks away.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-14 06:24:23 No. 31372860
Emerald asks if there is anyway he can make himself useful. He says he can scout ahead, or gather information.

"Sounds good, lil' perv." They say as the walk to a table full of food. There is an interesting assortment of food here, including ingredients such as bark, berries, pine needles, and moss, "We want to stick around for a little bit though. Talk and schmooze and all that, so that we can have an alibi."

Emerald has to admit, they are quite tasty.

He asks what the deal with 'Qaab Belqane' is. He remembers that name from when the dragon attacked them.

"In old Deer language, 'Qaab Belqane' means 'The ones/ They who travel'. Apparently it's one of their pantheon of gods. Pretty good description of a certain dimension hopping immortal pony, doesn't it?" Joyride says, giving a very proud grin, "It's kind of funny though. Qaab Belqane is actually a dragon god with the same name. Makes you wonder how the dragons and the deer are connected, huh?"

Emerald looks at Joyride again. Deer live to be pretty old, as do dragons. How could she be old enough to fool an elder species like that? Emerald asks jut how old she is.

"Not as old as you think I am. A certain undead war culled the population of deer when I just happened to be in the area. My legend spread, and some somewhere along the line I was proclaimed the same flesh as this god." Joyride continues to nudge the colt and says, "How could I possibly tell them I wasn't? It's not like it was hard for me to bring some influential people to other dimensions, and that I was one of the few at the time who knew how to do that."

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-15 06:18:56 No. 31379065

Emerald spots the leaf-wrapped food he bought from the deer outside. This one is quite a bit tastier however.

Emerald praises the Joygod, and asks how she managed to remain so humble despite being a god apparently, and why she didn't just ride out life as a god.

"Uh, because I'm not actually a god? I just was kinda in the write place at the right time. I mean I can fake it for a while but eventually they would have figured it out. Deer and dragons aren't stupid people and I'm sure I would have messed it up by being lazy or something." Joyride says, "But as long as I don't push too far I can get some pretty sweet favors. All I have to do is show up every once and a while and do something awesome, like take one of them into another dimension for five minutes."

Emerald decides to go around and listen to conversations. Maybe he can find something useful out.

The first few he eavesdrops on are just talking business, but he comes upon two well dressed does. One is rather stout, and the other is tall and lean. Almost too thin really.

"-heard that he is a little cutie. I mean I've never personally see a white deer myself, but when my husband and I heard we knew we had to come. This could be our chance for a child after all, and one with a fine lineage!" The larger one says.

"Oh, you told your husband? I just sorta... Didn't!" The lean one says.

The two then titter to each other.

"I do hope we get to... 'Meet' with him tonight. I heard he won't be in town very long." The stouter one says with a sigh.

"I hope he'll still be able to get it up by the time we get a chance. Can you imagine how many deer want a meeting with that white deer?" The taller one responds.

They laugh again.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-15 09:21:01 No. 31379908

...Emerald thinks he understands why Maple is tired and "sick", and starts to feel a bit of empathy for the deer upstairs.

The colt goes back for more food from the table. He reached for a goblet at first, but he was reprimanded by a nearby armored deer. Apparently there was something alcoholic in it. Trying to remain inconspicuous, he apologizes and takes some berry juice.

He continues to listen in on conversations, and gathers a few more bits of information. Apparently the whole hotel was given to the Whiteguard for the duration of their stay, and while a lot of the rooms are taken by staff and the armored ponies, only the top few floors and the roof are being patrolled. He also finds Maple is in the room they thought he would be in.

"Hey lil' perv. What's shakin'?" Joyride says, walking up the the colt and shoveling some food in her mouth.

Emerald says what he heard about the White Deer.

"Hm? Yeah, but you knew that already didn't you? I'm almost certain someone told you about deer fecundity." She says, unsurprised by this insight, "The situation is a bit different for deer though."

Emerald frowns and asks how so.

"Heh, I can understand your feelings. To us it looks like some sort of state sponsored brothel, but to them it's a holy mission to save their species." Joyride says, and noticing Emerald is still frowning says, "Well, you might not realize it now but the deer population was reduced greatly a long time ago. Since then deer have been obsessed with lineage, just to make sure there isn't any inbreeding going on since they became increasingly reliant on a few number of White Deer to increase their population quickly."

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-16 10:45:15 No. 31382348

Emerald asks if the white deer have any say in this.

"It's unlikely that they'd care. White Deer are taken back to the Citadel when they are foals where they are... 'Educated' in the importance of their duties." Joyride says with a shrug.

Emerald says that is reprehensible.

"It is in our eyes. But then again, it's pretty easy for ponies to replenish it's population. Heck, some ponies have kids on accident." Joyride replies, "The deer population has only recovered within the last three hundred or so years. That could quickly change if some sort of war or natural disaster occurred."

Emerald still isn't convinced. He asks about the event that effected the deer so long ago.

"I told you sometime ago that when deer go bad, they go really bad, right?" Joyride says, raising an eyebrow, "There was one such deer in the ancient past. One that caused the biggest, most awful, most tragic event in deer history. He was a deer necromancer. The most powerful to have ever existed. Sepulcher doesn't even hold a candle to this deer."

Joyride looks around, and then they walk to a sofa and continues, "A deer by the name of Manchineel. Anyway, to make a VERY long story short. Manchineel attempted to conquer the world by turning everyone in it into undead. Luckily, the necromancer and his massive undead army was defeated by the deer before he had the chance to get too much past their ancestral lands... At cost of sixty percent of their population."

Emerald is shocked by this. He remembers reading book about how a disease called the "Sweeping Death" swept through Equestia, spread by rat fleas. It destroyed a good deal of villages and even threw the bigger cities into anarchy... And that roughly killed only thirty percent of the population!

"...On top of that, when Manchineel realized he was fighting a losing battle he developed a death curse. A curse that reduced the fecundity of the deer to it's present state." Joyride says sadly.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-16 12:23:39 No. 31382736

>You've been playing too much Danganronpa.


Emerald asks about the death curse, being a little confused about it. How could it possibly be strong enough to effect a whole population and their descendants. Further, why hasn't it been broken yet.

Joyride gives Emerald a weird expression. It's sort of a halfway judging look along with sizing him up.

"Death Curses are notoriously powerful magic. How could they not be? The emotion and power someone throws at a curse they use right before their death is likely to be incredibly powerful." Joyride says looking away, "And on top of that.. Remember when i said he developed his death curse when it was clear he was losing? It wasn't just his death he used for the spell, though it was the prime catalyst. He had thousands of deer prisoners he used as sacrifices, and funneling that magic on top of his own he created a curse that, as far as I know, hasn't been equaled to this day."

Emerald admits to being quite terrified at Manchineel's power and amount of spite.

"I'll repeat it again, lil' perv. When a deer falls, he falls hard." Joyride says, looking him straight in the eyes, "Anyway, breaking the curse or finding a way to increase their fecundity is currently the biggest challenge they face.

Emerald says that maybe Joyride could help. Give them potions or something.

"Tch..." Joyride says looking away again, some annoyance in her voice, "You think I didn't try to help?"

Emerald thinks on this whole thing a little longer, and decides that maybe they should focus on the task at hand. They got to think of a plan to get those deer horns.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-16 07:41:48 No. 31384504

Emerald asks how white deer overcome this.

"No one really knows. Perhaps they are just so overly fertile that the loss of fecundity doesn't effect them that much." Joyride says with a shrug.

Emerald asks if Techride might succeed where she has failed.

"Hmm... Maybe? I don't think she has deer in her dimension, at least not sentient ones like we do, so I'm not sure if she'd have any experience."

Emerald asks if it wouldn't be at least worth a shot.

"I guess not. Hey, maybe we could smuggle the white deer to there." Joyride says grinning.

Her eyes pop slightly and then she says, "Oh hey, that might work out. We convince them that we need to take him to another dimension for a bit, we convince Techride to knock him out. Saw off his horns, and then tell him the procedure is over!"

Emerald says that they could do the whole trying to fix deer fecundity first.

"Yeah, yeah maybe if we have the time." She says shrugging, "I gotta find Lily..."

Emerald quickly asks if taking his horns will hurt him.

"Of course not. We don't need THAT much horn. At least I don't think." She says, looking around and getting up off the couch.

Emerald says if she is really going to go through with this, maybe he should see if he can talk him out of his horns. Maybe as payment for the procedure.

"Ooo, yeah. That's a good one. When a god gives something he takes something away doesn't he? And what is a more noble cause then curing their breeding problems? I think we can make this work..." She says as she walks around.

What does Emerald do?

2017-11-17 06:36:18 No. 31389548

(Damn son, thread ded. Ah well, one more update.)

Emerald and Joyride find Lily, and Joyride starts the plan in motion. The doe needs very little convincing, and soon you are all led up the stairs and past the guards.

Lily goes in the room herself to tell Maple who's coming in, and then Joyride and the colt are allowed in.

"Maple, this is Qaab Belqane and her servant, Emerald."

The deer before him has snow white fur and antlers. He's wearing a shawl, and some nice jewelry on his antlers. He seems to have been playing with a ball made from leaves.

Maple glances at the pair and then looking sheepishly away says, "Um... Hi."

What does Emerald do?
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