You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-01-23 04:08:05 No. 31773503
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>The group makes it's way to Trotton.
>They come to find that the enemy has an... Interesting weapon.
>It seems to use semen as a projectile, and the semen seems to
>Soon after they find Hope and Larimar is a cave.
>Larimar attacks Joyride at first, though she fends him off quite easily.
>Interestingly, Larimar was able to crack Joyride's shield.
>They all introduce themselves, and come up with a plan to question some nearby mind controlled ponies.
>Emerald acts as a distraction, and they manage to capture all three and tie them up.

Continued in next post...

2018-01-23 04:29:52 No. 31773622

Joyride manages to get all three tied up and their weapons removed. Emerald notes that she shoves the devices down her mantle. The group pulls the captives back to the caves, and after Joyride sets up her muffling spell they decide to interrogate the mind controlled ponies before them.

They decide to wake the civilian, since he'll likely be easier to question. Larimar slaps him awake, and the colt notices that the civilians eyes are still glazed over.

He looks around a little, but says nothing.

"Hey there." Joyride says, walking up, "We got a few questions for you."

He closes his eyes resolutely, but still doesn't say anything.

"I guess I'm most curious about this... Your leader. You know, the succubus? Where is she?" Joyride says with a grin.

"In the mines." He says, looking at the unicorn, "In the deepest part of her sanctum."

"Well now. I wasn't expecting it to be quite that easy." She says, giving the civilian a shrewd smile.

"It matters not whether I bring you there or you get there yourself. Either way, you will soon be kneeling before her." The pony says calmly.

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-23 05:30:16 No. 31774002

Emerald asks what the pony's name is, and who he was before he was mind controlled.

"Who was I? I was a nobody. But now I am a proud soldier in our queen's army. ", The pony says.

"Did the Succubus create those... Those guns that you use?" Larimar asks, moving past Emerald and glaring at the captive.

"Yes. Weapons for our conquest, created by the queen herself." The pony says bombastically. "And there are many more."

Emerald points at the pony's... Growth and asks him if the succubus queen did that as well.

"Yes." The pony says, looking down at his own genitals and smiling proudly, "A blessing from our mistress."

Emerald asks about the landslide, and why these weapons.

"I do not know. I was told to search for the stragglers. You two." He says motioning with his head towards Larimar and Hope.

"Stargazer? Yes. A priestess to our queen." The pony says with a nod, "Very powerful, and one of many."

Emerald asks what this queen's name is.

"Ruler of the Succubi, Soon to be Liege of this plane, Queen Bibisi!" The pony says, glaring.

"Enough of this!" Larimar says pushing past Emerald, "The Order of the Arrow members that were here. Where are they? Were the captured?"

"I do not know. I was just told to search for stragglers." he says, and then repeats after Larimar lays a strong uppercut to his stomach.

"Larimar!" Hope says, pulling the colt back, "Dont' do that! What's gotten into you?"

"It works for Uictoria." Larimar says, getting free of Hope.

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-23 08:39:08 No. 31774889

Emerald says that hitting probably isn't going to do anything if he's mind controlled. He then steps back a bit, and grabs Pip book, asking her if she knows anything about Queen Bibisi.

"Hmm... Never heard of her!" Pip says, "Not like I pay much attention to their kind though. Honestly, you should just let me take care of this. For just onnnne of their souls I could-"

Emerald shuts the book and then comes back to the conversation. Larimar is in the middle of asking, "So what else have you been 'blessed' with?"

"Nothing." The pony smiles, "But we strive ever towards the privilege of receiving even greater gifts."

Emerald isn't even sure he wants to know what that means. He asks how many of them there are, and what they did with the others they captured.

"There are many, and everyone we come across joins our ranks. There are many more than I know of. The other towns people and the guards gathered at least." He says, once again proud, "And that's just ponies. The queen has consorts of her own I've been told. Powerful, strange, and loyal to the end."

"Yeah? Like what exactly?" Ruby says, tilting her head and glaring.

"I do not know the full extent." He says grinning, "She attracts the smaller demons. They come to her like flies. Some even look a bit like flies. Though most of them do not resemble each other."

"I see. Please, do go on." Joyride says with a sigh, leaning against a wall.

"And some bigger ones as well. The only one I've seen appeared slightly bi-pedal, like a monkey, but far more insect-like. It's body was covered in thick armor like plates. Each plate was covered in spikes." The pony says, and then laughs loudly and continues, "You have no idea what you are getting yourselves into."

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-24 05:42:45 No. 31779290

Emerald asks how she is summoning the smaller demons.

"I don't know." The civilian says, looking to the colt.

"Do you have any other weapons like... Like the one you had?" Larimar says, his lip curling in disgust.

"Yes, many kinds. Bigger ones. Ones that fire rapidly. Some that can fire from relative to the weapon I was using, rather far. There are even bombs! You stand no chance!" He says, laughing loudly.

Emerald rubs his chin, and then gets an idea. Maybe he can dispel the enchantment using his amulet. Even just by touching him maybe.

Emerald gives him a boop, but the civilian doesn't seem any different. He then takes his amulet it and rubs it on the pony.

"Uh..." Larimar says, looking at Emerald questioningly. This gives the trappy colt an idea, and he asks Larimar to borrow his knife.

"No, you can't. And what happened to not hurting the prisoner?" Larimar says, raising an eyebrow.

Emerald asks Larimar to touch the flat end of the blade to the civilian to see if anything happens. He does so, but it doesn't seem to affect him at all.

Emerald asks Joyride what they should do. It sounds like this Queen Bibisi is raising a whole army.

"Hmm..." Joyride says, clearly not listening to the colt. Recently she seems like she's been distracted, and the colt wonders why.

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-24 08:34:30 No. 31779927

Emerald gives Joyride a boop and asks what the matter is.

"Hmm... Just wondering who this leader is." Joyride says, "Must admit, I'm very curious."

She then turns to the prisoner and says, "One more question. How many succubus are there?"

The tied up pony contemplates this and then says, "I'm not actually sure. The queen, and then one or two more I believe."

Larimar says, "So what's the purpose of this. All of this. What's your queen's endgame?"

"Taking this whole plane for herself. It's only a matter of time." He says.

"Well, guess we should head out." Joyride says grinning, "You ready, lil' perv?"

"But... But what about these three?" Hope says.

"I'll just knock'em out until we are finished. Like I said, it'll take some research to figure out what exactly is wrong."

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-25 10:17:21 No. 31782375



Emerald asks if they should dump the prisoners at Techrides.

"Not even sure how to get to Techride's from here. In the other dimension we are probably still in Whitherwater, but quite a ways from #304 Coursewalk." Joyride says shaking her head, "She probably wouldn't be to into it anyway."

Emerald asks if there is some sort of resistance to the strange liquid that they could give themselves.

"Hmm... Some sort of barrier I guess. Like I said, I wouldnt' be able to know exactly without extensive research on the semen." Joyride says with a shrug.

Emerald asks where they are going to go.

"Down the mineshaft I guess. Unless you guys have a side tunnel you want to tell me about." Joyride says to the civilian.

He doesn't say anything.

Emerald asks to know more about the Queen.

"I have not seen her in person, but I know enough about her from the legends I have been told." He says.

"Like what?" Larimar says, crossing his forearms.

The civilian grins, but doesn't say anything.

Emerald looks around. He realizes that Ruby hasn't really said anything. He sees her sitting near the cave entrance, looking through the foggy, audio-dampening barrier.

The colt asks if everything is alright.

"Yeah... It's just..." Ruby says sighing, "It's just kinda gross you know? Gross."

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-25 01:24:38 No. 31783144

Emerald says he understands, he certainly wouldn't want any of that gunk on him.

"Exactly!" Ruby says with a sigh.

Emerald says he knows it's gross.That's why they are trying to stop it. The colt then leans in closer and asks what Ruby thinks of Larimar.

"He seems alright, I guess." Ruby says with a shrug, "Doesn't like us much does he? Makes sense though. If I was in his position I suppose I wouldn't trust people walking around with a criminal and a demon."

Emerald nods, and then goes back to the group. Joyride has already knocked out the civilian again, and Emerald asks if they should remove the armor of the soldier ponies.

"Should be fine, they are essentially in stasis. If you really want though I suppose we could remove their armor." She says. Unsure of how close they should get to the tainted semen, the group let's Joyride magically remove their armor and clothes, and ties them around a stalagmite. She then hovers the clothes and armor to one of the other corners of the cave.

As he does this Emerald contemplates a plan. Perhaps they can put some cum on Joyride and have her fake be possessed. That way she can sneak in. In addition, Emerald may be able to do that as well, if he is as anti-magic as he seems.

"Well it's an idea I suppose. Might work." Joyride says with a shrug, "That'd mean you'd have to touch the semen. You okay with that?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-26 04:13:47 No. 31789236

"I-I dunno Emerald. This seems a bit dangerous..." Hope says, frowning.

The colt says it's worth the risk, and Emerald takes some of the fluid out of the bottle from earlier and let's it plop onto his hoof.

"Ewww..." Ruby says, making a scrunched face and letting out a noise of disgust.

Larimar for his part pulled his sword out again, and says, "...So how do you feel?"

The colt shrugs and says he doesn't feel any different. I guess it really doesn't work on him.

"Welp, that solves that." Joyride says, "Sneakin' in might not be so bad if I have my lil' perv with me."

She then punches Emerald in his shoulder.

"And just what are we supposed to do?" Larimar says, sheathing his sword.

"I dunno. Whatever. I can knock you out too if you'd like." Joyride replies, "Or Hope can watch you while we go. Heck, maybe it might be better if you guys just tried to get away."

"I'm not leaving. I need to find Uictoria." Larimar says crossing his forelegs.

"What about you?" Joyride says to Hope, rolling her eyes, "You were a prisoner and all."

"Exactly. It wouldn't look good to the Order if I ran. I couldn't possibly tarnish my family's name like that. Plus, I'm worried for you all..." Hope says.

"And you?" Joyride says, "You okay with staying put?"

Ruby scrunches her nose and looks at the fluid in Emerald's hoof and says, "I... Guess. It's probably better than fighting a whole army. Is there at least something we could do while we wait?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-26 06:57:09 No. 31789959

Well, Ruby doesn't have a gem does she?


Emerald suggests that maybe he go in first and maybe look around.

"Absolutely not." Joyride says, looking over to the colt, "Plus what if you run into the succubus? It's not like you can catch it alone."

Emerald shrugs, and says that maybe they could go and get back to Whiterwater and call for help. It's pretty far away, but the faster they alert people the better.

"Well, let's try a dragonfire letter first." Joyride says, pulling out her lantern.

She writes a test letter, and sends it off. The letter swirls above their heads, and then pops back to the unicorn, turning to ash.

They decide to head out and hope that if they can get far enough they can write a letter.

The colt wants to hug Hope, but... Emerald looks down at his hoof, and asks Joyride if she has anything to wash it off with.

The unicorn takes the opportunity to slap his hoof up, causing the liquid to splat against his face.

"There, better?" She says with a grin.

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-27 05:33:26 No. 31794937

Emerald sticks out his tongue and says he sure can hug Hope now. Some of it gets on his tongue.

It tastes normal.

He scoops some off his face and throws it into Joyride's.

"Hey, good idea. That way it looks like we got hit!" The unicorn says, nodding sagely.

He hugs the air and wishes Hope good luck. They leave the cave and part, and Joyride and the colt head towards the mine entrance while the other three sneak away.

Joyride seems quite at her leisure, so Emerald tries not to worry too much. He uses his sight spell again, and notices that up ahead there is a pony behind some rocks.

Joyride's horn alights as they walk, and she suddenly jerks her head right.

A pony with a jizzgun comes flying out, and before he scrambles to his feet she says, "We need to get to Queen Bibisi. Which way?" Joyride says calmly.

The pony looks both of them over and then points down a mineshaft. They are given a password and then work their way down. As they go activity starts to pick up, and everything starts to become louder and a bit better lit. Ponies are walking around here. Most have swollen genitals, but very few have the actual jizzguns. Emerald has to check himself from yelling out when he spots the smaller demons skulking around.

He's seen the mosquito looking ones before, and all the others are aroudn the same size. Some are little more than mouths with teeth. Some are more thin and impish, while others are vaguely bipedal, but with varying numbers of mouths, legs, and appendages.

Emerald ask what the plan is.

"To blend in for now. Hope you are keeping track of where we are going. Once we bag that succubi we may need to book it out." Joyride says at a whisper.

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-27 06:44:00 No. 31795228

Emerald looks into some of the rooms to see what's going on.

The thralls are moving around. Carrying equipment or boxes, or otherwise counting or having business-like discussions with each other. Some are bedrooms. Oddly enough, they aren't just sleeping in there. Some are reading books, others are playing cards, or eating food.

Emerald sees one with a jizzgun walk by, and compliments one for it's "blessing" and asks how one gets a gun like that.

"Too young for you yet, child." He says with a chuckle, walking off.

The colt asks what are some of the demons she sees and what they do.

"Nothing special. They are pretty strong, and maybe poisonous bites or something. These guys are pretty low on the totem pole. They are only really dangerous in numbers." Joyride says.

Emerald asks if she is sure bagging the queen won't alert the whole hive.

"Oh, I dunno." Joyride says, "Like I said, we may need to get out of here quickly."

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-28 01:36:04 No. 31798884

The colt looks at the food people are eating. It's normal stuff, except for one addition. More of the same fluid's that now cover Emerald's face.

Emerald fidgets a little and decides to take out his bandanna and wraps it around his gem. He's afraid of running into Stargazer and having her recognize him.

The colt asks if she could just teleport them out once she gets the succubi.

"Hopefully. I can tell this place is currently protected from that, but that might change once we actually capture the succubus." Joyride says.

They stop to ask a pony the way to the queen's chambers. They are pointed down the hall, and as they go things start to change again.

While it is still clearly a mineshaft, the deeper they go the nicer things seem to get... As well as...

Emerald hears noises from a room and glances inside and spots more than a few ponies all going at it at once.

"Hey, that's a good sign. We must be getting close." Joyride says giving him a nudge, "Anyway, we'll have time for that later, c'mon. We need to keep moving."

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-28 03:14:48 No. 31799374

Emerald asks if there is anything he should know about succubus before they fight one.

"Well, once the fight starts she may not look so nice anymore. I think you may have seen some of that with Stargazer's transformation." Joyride says.

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-28 06:31:31 No. 31800417


"Just do your best. You always seem to find a way to entertain people." Joyride says, winking.

Emerald asks if maybe she could just cut some of her hair and not capture her completely.

"Well... I mean I could, but if we don't get rid of the succubus then this craziness won't end. You wouldn't leave the citizens of Trotton to this would you?" Joyride says, grinning.

Emerald looks around for runes or summoning circles, or anything distinctly demonic, but other than the demons themselves he's seen nothing.

Looking around though, he notices that the infernals are getting larger. There are some that look like ponies, but scaled, saw-toothed, and with an unpleasant disposition. Emerald even spots the large spiked one the prisoner mentioned.

Emerald asks if they should look for the Order members.

"Uh, I'd rather avoid them, to be honest." Joyride says with a shrug.

What does Emearald do?

2018-01-28 08:09:59 No. 31800890

(You ever walked around with a dildo in you? Not comfortable, also not very healthy.)


Emerald says of course he can't leave them. Emerald asks where all the foal thralls are.

"Oh, I see. Wanna find them so you can join in, eh?" Joyride says grinning, "I'm sure wherever they are, they are up to some lewd shit."

Much unlike the rest of the mine, the hallway coming up has an arched doorway, across the hall from which is somethign that certainly looks like a portal.

They glance at the guards around, and he notices they are better armored, and their guns look scarier as well.

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-29 04:44:11 No. 31805457

Emerald, half gathering information and half actually curious, asks how'd he get a weapon like that.

"A blessing from our queen! Her intellect is so great that- But..." The guard looks into the room and back to Joyride, and back again.

"Mind if we go in?" Joyride says with a grin.

"Y-yes of course ma'am." He says, still very confused.

Emerald follows after Joyride, and with one more glance back he asks what that was about.

"What, havene't figured it out yet, lil' perv?" Joyride says, grinning.

The room opens into a half dome with a throne sitting in the center. Around the walls are armored demons that look to him like demonic diamond dogs. The throne is sitting atop a stepped pyramid. lounging atop it are two very cute demonic looking ponies as well as a pony sitting on the throne itself...

It's... Joyride? But... A different one. One that feels a lot less friendly. Her eyes are slit like a snakes, and her horn is bent much like Pip's is.

"What, you've been sitting here just waitin' for someone to come?" Joyride says, tiliting her head, "Sounded to me like you had your hooves busy trying to take over the world."

"Well when I heard I was somehow both here and on the surface I found myself intrigued. I would have been insulted if I went to visit myself and didn't give them my complete attention." She says, quite at her ease, causing the demonic ponies next to her to giggle.

Emerald was prepared for anything, but he never imagined he'd have to deal with an evil version of his master.

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-29 07:31:57 No. 31806519

Emerald asks if she is Queen Bibisi.

The evil Joyride chuckles, as does his Joyride.

"C'mon man, keep up." Joyride says rolling her eyes.

"You are correct, child! I am..." The other Joyride stands and spreads her cloak wide revealing a dark, rather large male genitalia, "Queen B... B... C!"

Emerald takes a second to process this, and then asks if she's the Joyride that got captured with Stargazer.

"Hmph, yes. But things are different now, aren't they?" The evil Joyride says.

Everyone laughs except Emerald and regular Joyride.

"Why here? This is my dimension. Go find another one. There are plenty that don't have Joyrides, or had their Joyride's die." Joyride says shrugging.

"This one is fun though. Relatively peaceful. Still plenty of natural resources, lot's of cute sentient species, STDs and STIs don't exist..." Joyride says, listing things off.

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-30 06:10:21 No. 31811875

The colt has to admit that he is impressed with her... Girth. Emerald asks why she would become a demon.

The two demonic ponies and the Joyride laugh a little. The other Joyride leans on one of her arm rests and says , "Who said I was a demon? Shouldn't trust your eyes lil' one."

She pats the two ponies on her side, and they snicker again.

Emerald asks who the two beside her.

"Eh? Expect me to just give you the names of demons?" the evil looking Joyride says, sitting up a little straighter, "I can tell you their... Nicknames I guess you would call it."

She points to the one on her left and she says, "This is Zazz, quite a cutie isn't she?"

She giggles, and waves to Emerald.

"...And this one on my right is Ann." She says, pointing lazily in the other direction, "She's a demon in the sack, heh."

"Nice to meet'cha." She says, giving a kissy face.

Emerald asks why she wants to capture his world.

"I want an orgy." She says, spreading her hooves wide, "A dimension wide, all encompassing orgy. The largest orgy to ever happen ever!"

As she speaks, Emerald looks around at the guards and possible exits. There seems to be a door across from them on the other side of the room as well as the door right next to them. There are twenty three guards, and each is covered in armor and wielding a spear.

The colt asks how she invented those weapons.

"Well the only one I actually built myself was the original jizzgun." She says, crossing and uncrossing her legs, flashing Emerald either on accident or purpose, "But I had some help from others to improve and alter the design. I'm sure you saw the guards outside this room. Help from a more technologically advanced dimension."

She taps her chin for a second and then says, "Think I'll capture that one after this one."

What does Emerald do?

2018-01-30 08:35:33 No. 31812743

Emerald questions the logistics of having an orgy like that.

"Eh... You worry too much about that kind of thing." Joyride says, "It just has to last long enough to complete, and then who cares? You don't throw a party and think of the clean-up afterwards. Especially not with the kind of clean-up that'll be left out of a dimension wide orgy. I can't even imagine. Whew."

Emerald asks what she is if not a demon.

"Just a normal, everyday pony who maybe spent a bit too long among the more chaotic folks of our multi-verse." She says, shrugging and grinning.

The colt then asks where she originally came from, if not from here.

"I don't even remember anymore, and frankly does it even matter? It's not nearly as nice as here." Other Joyride says, sighing out of boredom.

What does Emerald do?
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