You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-02-20 02:54:21 No. 31922288
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>Joyride and Bibisi continue to work out the deal they will have for their "Fuck Off"
>Emerald manages to get some hair from the Succubus, and gets tickled for his efforts.
>Joyride takes off her clothes and gives it to Emerald. Pip's book was hidden within the folded wardrobe.
>Emerald asks for one of the succubi if Joyride wins, and they agree, and Emerald tries to decide who to pick.

Continued in next post...

2018-02-20 03:16:16 No. 31922372

Emerald decides on Ann.

"Okay, sounds good. You okay with that?" Bibisi, asking for her opinion but obviously writing his decision down.

"Yeah! It's not like you'll lose anyway." Ann says, laughing.

The two Joyrides read over the contract carefully, one last time, and then they both sign.

"Well... Time to get at it then, wouldn't you say?" Joyride says.

"Yes. I think so." Bibisi says.

They both look at each other briefly, and then stand at once.

Emerald whats going to happen next...

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-20 04:41:06 No. 31922786

Hope and Larimar dart behind a rock, just barely escaping the eye of a group of mind-controlled ponies. He tells Hope to rest for a second and begins to weight his options.

Ruby appears behind him soon after. She really was quite good at slipping between the ruined houses of the town. He has no doubt she could make it out of here no problem by herself. The problem was sort of the same one he had. It was Hope.

Hope is a strong person, but strong in different ways. Stealth and strength were not her forte. While himself and Ruby had weapons and weren't averse to violence.

"So what now?" Ruby whispers to Hope and the colt.

Larimar considers the path they go down. The road out of town would be the fastest, and walking straight through the town center would be the fastest way to the road. However most of the mind controlled ponies are funneling up through the city center. If they were going to get spotted, it would probably be through this path. They could walk around the mountain and get out of town that way, but it has it's own set of obvious dangers. Finally they could go down the east side of the town and down to the road, or even into the southern part of the forest. It would be the safest, but probably the longest.

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-20 08:04:19 No. 31924104

They decide to go down the east, but safer side. Indeed, the few bands of mind controlled thralls they come across are easy to sneak around.

All the thralls seem to be heading back up towards the mine. He wonders what's going on. Did that Joyride character do something?

Larimar and the rest stop when he notices something heading towards the city center.

He isn't sure exactly what he saw but... It looked to him like Bellator and Praelia ducking behind some ruins. Could it possibly be them...?

Larimar watches the area for a while, but then a whisper from a filly comes from behind him and says seething, "C'mon, we gotta go!"

Should Larimar head towards the City Center, or continue down towards the street and make their way west either in the forest or on the road?

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-21 05:40:34 No. 31928067

Larimar says to Ruby that he thinks he saw his compatriots . The more he thinks on it the more he is sure. That Order armor is pretty distinctive after all.

"Yeah, and?" Ruby says, raising an eyebrow, "I'm not too keen on them. You know your master kidnapped me and tied me up, right?"

Larimar says he's thinking of going after them, and asks Ruby to take Hope and get out of here.

"Are you sure that's such a great idea?" Hope asks worried, putting a hoof on Ruby's shoulder as she looks like she was about to argue.

Larimar considers this. What would Uictoria do? Hope is technically a prisoner after all. If they were attempting escape getting to Uictoria would probably be the best idea. Larimar is quite sure she would know what to do in this situation. She's in the Order of the Arrow after all! On the other hoof, would Uictoria want him to stay with Hope?

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-21 07:50:19 No. 31928668

Larimar makes a mental note to ask Ruby about her exact relation with Joyride and his master. For now quick decision making is key.

He decides that finding Uictoria is the best option. It might for instance, be a good idea to tell her that Joyride is here. She does have a bit of a thing of trying to catch her, as he understands it.

"So what, you are just going to go and abandon Hope then?" Ruby says, as angrily as she could with a whisper.

"If you really think it's for the best..." Hope says, tightening her grip on Ruby slightly.

The filly looks around confused, but Hope continues, "Tell Uictoria that I'll return to my place in Whiterwater, and that she can pick me up at her convenience."

Larimar thanks Hope, and dashes stealthily off before Ruby can make a retort. The going is slow however, as ponies appear every few seconds that he has to hide from. During these waiting times he hears little snippets of conversation. It seems no one really knows why, but they are being called back up to the mine entrance and are to wait for further instructions. Did Joyride and Emerald get caught already? All the more reason to find Uictoria...

As he thinks this, he sees his mentor dash between hiding spots. This is a good sign. She would have no reason to hide if she were already mind controlled. The colt almost instinctively calls out to her, but catches himself. Lucky he did as well, as a lone, silent thrall was walking past him at that very moment.

The colt decides it would be a bad time to call out to Uictoria, but if he wants to catch her he'll have to be much faster. Something that is a bit dangerous considering the circumstances.

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-22 11:38:41 No. 31931542

Larimar decides to wait it out and see if he can get up to her slowly and carefully.

It takes some time, but after about a half an hour and retracing most of his way back up the City Center he manages to catch up to his master.

Larimar isn't sure how to approach her, and so whispers as quitely as he can when he gets near. Uictoria motions to come up to her, and he quickly scrambles and presses up against the wall next to the unicorn.

"Good to see you alright, little one." Uictoria says, smiling, "Where is Hope? Did she get caught?"

Larimar relays Hope's message, and tells her about Joyride, and how a filly that was with her is getting her to safety. He also asks where Praelia and Bellator are.

"They got hit with that goo. I"m sure you know what it is by now, and what it does." She says grimly, "They shielded me from a blast. I must admit, I barely made it out unscathed with those two attacking me as well."

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-22 03:55:56 No. 31933046

The colt keeps a watchful eye at his surroundings and says that Emerald, the colt that was with Joyride, suggested that they get Hope out of the city and send warnings to Whiterwater.

"Not a bad idea considering the situation you were in." She says, looking around still.

Larimar asks what they can do for Praelia and Bellator.

"I'm not sure yet. I'll need to research a sample of their... Liquids to find out for sure." Uictoria responds.

Larimar asks if she has any weapons on her.

"My hoof crossbow and my knife." She says, holding them up, "You know that I quite prefer to use my magic when possible."

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-22 07:50:25 No. 31934381

Larimar asks if she is worried.

"A little. Mostly for the other two." She says.

The colt asks if she has anything to keep them safe from the goo.

"No, but..." Uictoria says, with a small frown, "Well I didn't want to say this, but it is very unlikely that it would have effected me. It's actually why I feel partially guilty about Praelia and Bellator. They did what they were supposed to, but it was probably not needed."

Larimar asks what she has planned.

"I plan to fall back and send for reinforcements. There are far too many people here for me to deal with, especially without killing them." Uictoria says, putting her weapons away, "I just want to gather a bit more information first... Especially if Joyride is here as well."

Larimar nods, and then decides to check his inventory.

-Dry Rations (3 days)
-Entrenching Spade
-Lantern & Oil
-Rope (20ft) (w/Grappling Hook)
-Small Notebook (w/pen)
-Sword (w/gem)
-Winter Clothing (Heavy Coat, Shoes, and a Hat)

What does Emerald do?

2018-02-23 05:15:05 No. 31940166

Larimar asks if there is anything he can do to help.

"Mmm..." She says thinking, "Go back to Hope and keep an eye on her and the filly. I feel as if Joyride shall return to them, and if she does you need to tell me where they end up."

Larimar asks why she is so set on capturing her.

"Now is not the time for that discussion, but if you are curious I will tell you next time we meet." Uictoria says.

Larimar chooses this time to see that Joyride didn't seem all that strong. He then tells her how he broke her shield with just his sword.

"...Did you now?" The unicorn says, in an odd curious tone.

Larimar asks if she could use some help gathering information.

"No. I mean no offense by this little one, but I think you would be a bit more of a liability to me." She says.

The colt remembers about the tied up ponies in the cave, and makes sure to tell her about that. Further, that memory reminded him of the demon that Joyride had, and makes sure to tell Uictoria.

His master glares at him and says, "That is good to know. Tell me all you know of this demon."

After describing it the best he could, she says, "I see... I hope that she does indeed intend to fight the mind controller and not join her."

Larimar asks if Praelia and Bellator had there stuff engorged yet.

"Not that I'm aware of, no." She says.

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-23 07:58:03 No. 31941017

The colt asks if she needs anything from his path. She looks and then shakes her head. Larimar gives her a firm hoofshake, and he is off.

He turns quickly and asks how she knows she'll be resistant to the goo, but she is already gone.

Larimar weight his options. He knows Ruby and Hope are trying to get back towards Whitherwater, so they'll be heading west. He could try to go straight to the road and follow it out of town while staying out of sight.

He could also go even farther south into the forest and then west, which will take more time.

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-24 07:01:55 No. 31947113

Thanks Amm.


Larimar decides to go towards the road. He needs to hurry a bit, and it looks like most of the ponies are evacuating the town for the mine. He sneaks his way down the hill, and as he does he comes to a courtyard like area with a half buried wall with a doorway beneath it. Unfortunately a thrall pony just happens to walk through around the same time and sees him.

Larimar leaps behind the only piece of cover near him, some boulders that probably came rolling down during the slide. As he does he hears some wet splats hit the rocks in front of him.

Larimar finds himself a bit stuck. If he tries to run he'll probably be shot. Is there a way he can get away from this thrall?

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-24 08:52:37 No. 31947625

(Update image by Wookiee, who you might recognize from the Lewd Wizard CYOA!

Check it out.)

Larimar spies a nearby wooden pillar propping up some dirt from the landslide and it gives him an idea. He takes off his backpack and removes his grappling hook. He then starts spinning it and quickly jumps up and throws it to the support. He then ducks down as another few rounds from the gun come out. He then braces himself against his cover and pulls.

With a loud crash and a surprised yell from the thrall, the pillar falls and debris and dirt spill into the courtyard. Using the dust cloud and the commotion as a cover, Larimar darts to a collapsed piece of walkway left of the door. He waits there, and eventually he hears some hoof steps, and chancing a glance through a crack he sees the thrall push himself through the debris around the door, look around, and then charge the way that Larimar came, probably looking for the young foal.

When he leaves eyesight, the colt goes through the walkway, and after a few minutes he is hiding beside the road. The place seems deserted, and he doesn't hear any voices or footsteps.

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-25 02:25:56 No. 31952658

Larimar carries on west, keeping an eye and an ear open. He gets about 5 minutes out of town when he hears a loud sound above him.

"Psssst!" something whispers from the treeline, "Psst! Larimar over here!"

Larimar crouches and walks towards the sound. He recognizes the slightly feminine voice as Ruby's.

Eventually the filly slides down one of the trees and beckons him to follow her. She leads him to a place with a large tree sitting on top of a ledge. Beneath the ledge there are roots creating a cave. In the cave he sees Hope's face looking out at them.

The two foals enter and they all sit, and wait. This doesn't seem like a bad place to hide. Larimar wonders if they should stay here or move on. Maybe even farther way.

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-25 06:17:14 No. 31954737

Larimar asks if this place is safe.

"We're pretty far from the road, and we haven't seen or heard anyone walk by." Ruby says as they enter the hole.

Just in case, Larimar finds a huge tree branch and covers the entrance. Because of the dense leaves it's nearly impossible to look in from the outside, but easy enough to look out through the small, thin holes between leaves.

Larimar mentions to Hope that he saw Uictoria and that he gave her the message she wanted. He also says that Uictoria is going to go investigate longer. He isn't sure he should say anything else about the orders he was given though.

Larimar asks if they sent any letter yet. No, I was still in the middle of writing it." Hope says, pulling out a piece of parchment, "Uictoria gave me a little glass ball full of Dragonfire, so we can send a message out when we need too."

Larimar watches in silence as she writes. She seems to be writing to the King directly, and Larimar must admit to shock that she knows such a person.

"My family is pretty important, especially with the Zebra war going on and all..." Hope says with a frown.

Larimar asks Ruby how she met Joyride.

"What's it any of your business?" She says, still watching out the opening.

"Ruby..." Hope says, in a disappointed tone, "Well, I can tell you how I met her I suppose, though it's not much of a story. She's a friend of my father. I've known her a good portion of my life, though she comes in and out of it."

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-25 08:27:09 No. 31955336

Larimar asks Ruby how she met Emerald.

"In Whiterwater. He sorta found me, to be honest." She mumbles, still looking out the door.

Larimar asks if Joyride and her are friends. That may be something Uictoria needs to know, especially if Joyride has access to the king of Whitherwater.

"Mmm... I'd say more like a cool aunt." Hope says with a giggle that Larimar finds adorable.

Larimar asks what the king is like.

"He's... Stern, and very proud, and also a good person. You can tell he cares about his family and his kingdom. He has a younger daughter, and she seems nice as well." Hope says smiling.

Larimar mentions something that he has wondered about. There is a definite... Similiarity between the two. The first time he saw Joyride the colt actually thought it was his mentor for a second.

"You know, I was wondering about that too. M-maybe it's a coincedence?" Hope says, a little confused.

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-26 06:43:31 No. 31960629

(How many times have I drawn her without her horn? I know it's not the first, heh.)

Larimar raises an eyebrow and says Joyride being considered an "aunt" is not what he thought Hope would say.

"Ah-ha... Well, that's Joyride for you. She isn't exactly what you would expect, now is she?"

Larimar would have to agree to that. He asks what Joyride did for her father.

"She did some consultation, and R&D. She does know a lot about magic after all." Hope says.

Larimar grimaces a little. He asks if she thinks the King will send aid.

"If not, he'll pass the message along, hopefully to more of the Order of the Arrow." Hope says nodding.

Larimar asks how good she is with that knife.

"Pretty good. I've been practicing." She says, giving a determined smile and still looking out the door.

The colt asks what she thinks of Emerald.

"He's pretty smart and brave, and he knows a lot of magic." Ruby says, and then adds, "And Joyride trusts him to do a lot of stuff for her."

Larimar turns to Hope and asks the same question.

"Hmm? Oh h-he's..." She says, and Larimar sees a slight blush on her face, "He's very nice."

What does Larimar do?

2018-02-26 09:40:43 No. 31961728

Larimar scrunches at this reaction. He did certainly seem smart, but was he really that great? Larimar asks what she thinks of him.

"Oh! You are very confident and resourceful. Also very tough for a colt your age." She says happily. There is a small blush there as well!

Larimar says that if Joyride is doing anything to keep her there than the Order can help her out.

"Lil' miss one-eye.. KIDNAPPED... Me..." Ruby says through clenched teeth.

Larimar asks if anyone wants some food, and as he does he hears the clop of hooves hit the ground. Ruby tenses up, and then the branch is pushed aside revealing a dour, slightly battered...

"Joyride!" Hope says, "You're okay! What happened to the demon?" Hope says gladly.

"Gone, for now." She says, with a slight smile.

"Where's Emerald?" Ruby says sharply, looking around outside.

"I'm... Not sure." She responds, quitely.


"So, wanna retire to somewhere more comfortable or...?" Bibisi says, rolling up the completed contract.

"Nah, right here works. It's nice and spacey." Joyride says, looking around at the Queen's chamber.

The two Succubi were ordered to stand near Emerald, who is anticipating the battle ahead, holding tightly onto the bundle of clothes containing Pip's book.

What does Emerald do?

2018-02-27 12:50:39 No. 31964308

Emerald asks the pair if they've ever seen a fuck-off before.

"Nope! Though Bibisi has talked about them before." Zazz says.

Emerald is about to ask another question but there is a sudden crack and whooshing sound. The colt looks around to see flashes of light as the two... For the lack of a better word, "begin".

The colt can barely follow the action. They appear in one place in one position, and then in a flash of light they are somewhere else, in a different one. The sight is spellbinding, and the succubi let out cheers and claps.

Emerald notices that no one is really paying attention to him. It might be possible for him to change positions, or even sneak away.

What does Emerald do?

2018-02-27 04:54:35 No. 31965242

Emerald attempts to follow the action, but it's very difficult, instead he does his best to cheer whenever the succubi do. He doesn't feel so bad though, as the diamond demon dog creatures seem to be just as confused. They've started to gather around a bit closer to watch the event. Some have even begun to pleasure themselves to the sight.

Seeing that all eyes are focused on the spectacle, Emerald decides to try and sneak away, and starts to step backwards away from the fight.

"Oh? Where you going, lil' buddy?" Ann asks with a grin, landing suddenly from above right in front of the colt and showing her rather sharp fangs.

Emerald says the bathroom.

"Eh? Do you even know where it is? And so young too... Are you sure you can go to the bathroom by yourself? Need someone to shake it clean for you?" Ann teases.

He then gets an idea. It doesn't look like anyone else noticed that Ann and him stepped away. Maybe he can get away with the succubus? Maybe get Pip to capture her?

What does Emerald do?

2018-02-27 08:14:23 No. 31966354

Emerald says that she doesn't have to shake it clean, but she can suck it dry.

"Ohhh~? Is that so?" Ann says laughing in surprise, "Follow me!"

They leave the throne room and take a right. There is a door there with a red symbol that sort of resembles a stallion, kinda.

Emerald wonders if this is a good idea. Sure he could subdue her, but if Joyride wins he'll get the succubus anyway.

What does Emerald do?

2018-02-28 07:15:22 No. 31970910

Emerald enters the bathroom. There are a long rows of bathroom stalls here. There is indoor plumbing all the way down here?

Ann giggles and pushes Emerald into a stall and says, "Alright, lil' one. How should we start?"

Emerald wonders if this really is the best idea. He has the cock ring after all, and the fact that she is in fact a succubus and this is exactly what she wants.

On the other hand, the agreement that Joyride and Bibisi made said that Ann couldn't harm him.

What does Emerald do?

2018-03-01 01:57:43 No. 31974429
The succubus starts start stroking him, and while these waves of pleasure wash over him he has one final thought about the situation.

Joyride is in the other room right now fighting for the safety of this dimension, and gave him Pip's book for some reason, in order to help in that endeavor. Who knows how long their fight could last? Heck, it might be nearing it's conclusion as we speak.

Yet he is here in the bathroom about to have sex with a sex demon. Sex that, considering he is wearing his ring right now, is unilkely to end with his climax. He considers...


If this is a good idea.

What does Emerald do?

2018-03-01 08:07:05 No. 31976247

Emerald decides it's best not to risk the destruction of their dimension just because he got horny. Besides, even if he doesn't capture Ann now he can at least get her if... Err... When Joyride wins.

Emerald says that he is a little comfortable with this, and Ann pulls away and says, "Y-you sure? Come on, just go along with it, I'm sure you'll start likin' it!~"

The colt tries to get out of the bathroom stall, but Ann doesn't move. He doesn't try to stop him either, but she is being a bit difficult.

"C'mon! Relax! Have fun!" Ann says, laughing, blocking him with her body, "Let's just forget about the thing in the other room. Not like we can do anything about it!"

Emerald manages to push by, and Ann follows him still trying to get him come back. When he leaves the bathroom and walks back towards the throne room Ann says, "G-guards! Block the door!"

A bunch of the ponies with the weird penis weapons hobble in front of the door and stand there side-by-side. Emerald hesitates only for a second, and then confidentally approaches and tries to get by the guard.

In response, the guard cock slaps him with his gun.

"Hey! Don't hurt him! Just... Just keep him from getting in!" Ann says, angrily.

The guards look a bit confused, but eventually they respond with a deep, "Yes ma'am!"

What does Emerald do?

2018-03-02 06:52:51 No. 31980918

Emerald asks what is going on, and why he can't go back in.

Her frown turns into a sharp toothed grin and she says, "I think you know. We got a demon here. Two, in fact I think. You have some sort of magic protecting you, but it's there. Very vague, very faint."

She starts to strut over and continues, "And there is one bound to those clothes you are holding, "but she seems weak."

The colt reminds her that Bibisi said she couldn't hurt him.

"But I can hurt that other demon!"

Emerald quickly puts down a smokescreen. He then breathes a sigh of relief. He wasn't sure that was going to work since the dragonfire lamp didn't. He then uses his arcane sight and looks around.

The pony guards are moving away from the smoke, facing it, but clearly not able to see inside. Beyond them he can see the fight still going on. Zazz has a very distinct aura as well.

"All ya had to do was let me go down on you in the bathroom. We both could have had a little fun, the fight would be over, and we'd all team up with Bibisi. She's promised us souls you know. I'm sure she'd be willing to share with you as well."

Emerald turns to Ann, and sees the demon still coming towards him. She's like a dark purple flame with crimson eyes, vaguely bat pony shaped.

What does Emerald do?

2018-03-02 08:15:10 No. 31981310

Emerald checks the guards again. To buy some time to find a gap, he asks if Zazz knows too.

"Probably. I mean, if I sensed it then I don't see why she couldn't." She says, still approaching. Emerald sidesteps a little, and she follows. It's pretty clear that she can see him in the smoke.

Emerald asks where these souls are coming from.

"Where do ya want them from? We're gonna have the whole world, baby!" She cackles.

Emerald thinks he spots a hole in the guards that he could get through.

What does Emerald do?
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