You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-04-27 05:49:28 No. 32285469
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>Emerald makes a deal with Ann to keep her should Joyride win. If Bibisi wins however, Emerald will be her plaything.
>Larimar takes a turn, and he decides to leave the town through the destroyed Trotton city center.
>Larimar spots Uictoria, and after a brief discussion with Hope and Ruby he goes after her.
>It seems Praelia and Bellator both got hit with the goo.
>Larimar and Uictoria decide she'll go on ahead and the foal will go to warn Whiterwater what's happening.
>He checks his inventory, and then goes off to try and catch up with Hope and Ruby.
>After a short run-in with one of the brain-washed ponies he makes it to the road and finds them both.
>Joyride then turns up, and has some bad news.
>We go back to Emerald, who is watching the fight. He manages to pull away Ann to the bathroom.
>After deciding against making a dangerous decision with her, you attempt to return to the fight, and is stopped.

Continued in next post...

2018-04-27 05:55:11 No. 32285495

Emerald stares down the arcane form of the succubus currently within his cloud of darkness.

The seconds stretch on as he thinks, and after what feels like two months he forces himself to make a decision. He'll either try to slip past the guards, or he'll try to take on the succubus with Pip.

What does Emerald do?

2018-04-27 08:06:07 No. 32286062

Emerald pulls out Pip's book and opens it up. The demon slowly drifts out of the book, far to bright for Emerald to look at in his arcane vision.

"Oh~? Someone looks angry." Pip says towards Ann.

The demon stops in her tracks and grins.

"A Pyrodaemon? Odd company you keep, little one."

"You worried about her? C'mon, she can't hurt you. Wasn't that part of the agreement for the fight? I'm pretty sure I heard that."

Ann makes no acknowledgement to that one way or the other. She simply continues to grin.

"Even if that were true, I can stop him in other ways. Perhaps a guard fires in defense at the child? Perhaps you sear him to a crisp on accident? A mistake for sure, but who's to blame?"

"If you really want Emerald, I can take her while you run over to Joyride. Other than that you may just want to stay out of the way."

What does Emerald do?

2018-04-27 09:16:06 No. 32286380

(Nice to be back.)

Emerald asks if she is even sure she can take her.

"Pfft, easily. Succubi are small fry." She says.

Emerald takes the chance to shut off his Arcane Sight for a second. He tries to see Ann through the smoke, but it's too thick. Emerald notices that he can actually sort of still see Pip as a bright, blinding light.

Emerald asks her not to hurt the ponies. They are mind controlled and innocent.

A giggle comes from the bright light and it says, "You keep tryin' to up the challenge and I keep tellin' ya, I got it! If you really want to help, take out the guards yourself if you can.

The colt asks if she could restrain her somehow.

"Why leave her in a condition where she can talk? I'd rather just burn her to a crisp." Pip says, and then hums.

"You put too much stock in yourself, fool." The succubus replies.

What does Emerald do?

2018-04-28 05:31:35 No. 32291563

Emerald says that she gets Ann if Joyride wins, and he'd like it if Pip didn't destroy the succubus.

"A succubus, owned by a foal? That sounds hilarious!" Pip says giggling wildly. "She'd probably starve!"

"That's only if your master wins, foal." The succubus says. Emerald turns his Arcane Sight back on, and sees her bearing her teeth towards the pyrodaemon. "And of course, if you beat me."

"Hmmm~! I guess I could burn off her legs, then you might still get some use out of her!" Pip says outloud in a fake contemplative voice, ignoring the succubus.

The succubus lunges forward, and sprays some sort of beam not towards Pip, but towards Emerald. The colt instinctively shields himself with his hooves, but he needn't have bothered. Pip was already there, and after doing... something the spray dissipates into an incandescent light. It's hard to tell what she did since her body is burning so bright.

The succubus goes wide around the pair to get a better shot at the foal, but Pip protects him again, and after waving away another spray the friendlier of the demons charges straight towards Ann.

Ann takes another opportunity to spray Emerald, but he's prepared for it this time, and runs sideways out of her line of fire. This act causes him to leave the cloud, and he finds himself nearly bumping into a guard, who seems as shocked by this the foal is.

What does Emerald do?

2018-04-28 06:45:12 No. 32291862

Emerald's first thought is to kick them in the nuts. However this particular gun seems to cover his junk in it's entirety. The foal gets another idea however, and pulls the gun towards the smoke cloud and fires into it, attempting to hit Ann.

"Hey!" The soldier says, backhanding Emerald, who staggers backwards.

Before the guard can aim at the foal Emerald casts his pushing spell at the soldiers backlegs.

This causes the soldier to slip and fall forward. He let's out a loud "oof!" and then struggles to get back standing. It seems the heavy metal between his legs is making difficult.

What does Emerald do?

2018-04-29 05:20:06 No. 32295852

Emerald tried to think of a way to knock his opponent out, but between his armor and not wanting to harm the pony permanently Emerald can't think of many options.

He fumbles with his bag and pulls out a slippery potion and hurls it as hard as he can at the guard just as they manage to rises to their hooves.

He reacts like he was suddenly standing on ice, and slips back down to the floor. He can't get any leverage, and it's almost like he is trying to both swim and climb a pole sideways.

Emerald turns back to the demons. The smokescreen has started to disperse, mostly because of the two large creatures fighting within it.

The first and most familiar is too bright to see clearly, and is likely Pip.

The second is an almost indescribable. It has pale, rubbery skin all along it's body, with very little hair otherwise. It has a large, mushroom shaped head with two feminine snake-like eyes. Between there there are a large gaping mouth filled with fangs and drooling a thick, transparent goo. Mouths like these go all the way down the front of the creatures neck, though because of the smoke Emerald can't see if they continue down it's chest. From it's neck downwards it appears equine but with tentacle-like appendages coming off the side.

...And unfortunately the creature is right in the middle of the easiest path to the door with the fighting Joyride's.

Emerald supposes he could go down either of the sides, though the soldiers will very likely spot him much easier than the first did.

What does Emerald do?

2018-04-29 07:42:25 No. 32296249

Emerald decides to not go through the monsters, and instead goes around the outside of the room.

As he does a guard spots him and points him out to one of his compatriots.

The foal throws out another smoke screen and then hits the deck. The guards fire blindly above him for a second, and then start barking orders and response to each other.

He gets up and keeps walking with his arcane sight on.

He's safe, but he's using a lot of magic. He isn't sure how much longer he can do this.

There is a crack of stone and a bright flash, and Emerald throws himself down and covers his head. He then looks around to see it was an errant shot from Pip. The two continue to fight in the center of the room, and a spray from Ann flies over his head.

It collides with the wall, and though he can't see it with his arcane sight, he can hear something bubbling. Is it eating away at the wall?

He ends up near the door, and between him and it are a single guard.

What does Emerald do?

2018-04-30 09:46:45 No. 32298885

Emerald thinks he may be able to sneak past the guard, but he'll have to get pretty close to get to the door where Joyride and Bibisi are. Even with the smoke he still might be spotted. An invisibility potion would certainly help.

He wouldn't mind having one of those helmets the guards are wearing. They are strapped onto the soldiers though, so he'll either need to be very sneaky or the guard will need to be knocked out.

Then there is the fact that he isn't sure he even wants to get into the fight room. Roxy is there after all, and she's probably a giant penis monster just like Ann. Perhaps it's better to stay out here and stop the other succubus? Then again, maybe Joyride should be alerted to what is going on out here.

What does Emerald do?

2018-04-30 07:14:55 No. 32300916

Emerald sneaks by the guard and creeps his way into the room where the Joyride's are fighting.

Much to his shock, he sees the pair of them struggling with each other above the ground near the middle of the room, seemingly kept aloft magically.

The two are in some sort of magical grapple, as there is a large, purple and blue swirling and pulsating mass of energy near their horns. The energy seems to have some sort of suction power, as dust kicked up from the fight as well as banners and small rocks are being pulled into it. In addition to this the pair are struggling with their hooves and considering how close their lower ends are to each other, likely with other body parts as well.

The attention of the dog-like guards and the other succubus are fixed onto the fight. They take steps around the Joyride's, raise spears, lower them, bark orders, and generally appear to have no idea what is going on or what to do in this situation.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-01 04:43:53 No. 32305010

(Yes, Zazz is there.)

If one has an advantage over the other the foal can't tell. Emerald isn't even really sure if it's a contest of magic power, strength, or sexual endurance. Heck, it could be some combo of them, or all three!

Is this why Joyride wanted Emerald to have Pip? Maybe to interrupt this? Or maybe Pip was supposed to keep all the guards and the succubi off her?

He sort of wishes she had some better instructions for him. Was this a spur of a moment thing? Perhaps she was letting him where the best place to release her was.

Emerald looks into the magical sphere again. The objects being sucked in seem disappear, perhaps vaporized by the magical energies within. All in all, it doesn't look like a safe place to be near.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-01 06:49:46 No. 32305658

Emerald decides to leave Joyride to her fight, and turns back to Ann. Now that the smoke has cleared a bit the soldiers are firing at the demons. Pip dodges or otherwise slaps the liquid out of the way. Ann however just takes the blasts, at most wincing at the hits.

The two's fight hasn't abated. They are still thrashing around, shooting fire and sprays of liquid everywhere.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-01 08:36:41 No. 32306103

Emerald takes out his retractable baton and sneaks up behind the guard behind the rest, and the one closest to him.

He gives him a good thump on the head, and the guard falls backwards, knocked out. He now has posession of the guard's jizzgun. He can't remove it however, because it's attached to him by some mechanism it'd take him a while to figure out.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-02 11:29:36 No. 32308468

Emerald takes off the helmet and straps it on himself, and then attempts to aim the cannon attached to the knocked out pony. The soldier is far to heavy for him to move effectively and it's at a bit of an odd angle since he's laying straight back, but since he was facing Ann and Pip he can get an okay arc of fire if he turns the guard slightly one way or the other.

The weapon seems pretty easy to operate. There is a switch on the right handle, and Emerald assumes that's what makes it fire.

The colt looks out at the fight still occurring, and tries to decide how to use the weapon.

(Green dot on right is Emerald with the gun, other green dot is Pip, and the red dots are enemies. His possible arc of fire he can spray is on the lower left.)

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-02 05:56:07 No. 32310128

Emerald flips the guard right slightly and squeezes the trigger, and holds on the best he can as the recoil of the gun causes it to vibrate violently. Projectiles fly from the barrel faster than the colt can see, and there is a rather odd squelching sound accompanying it.

He hits several of the guards, but only the first two are bowled over by the blast. The shots buffet the third and farthest away. He shields himself with his armor the best he can and turns to start firing at Emerald. Some of the others spot this as well, and turn to fire.

The colt has to abandon his makeshift cum turret and run. He dives behind the walls of the throne room, but not before getting struck in the side by a bullet from the concentrated fire. Causing him to buckle slightly as he leaps.

When he fully shields himself he wipes away the goo takes a look at where he was hit. Even at this distance it left a large, stinging welt. It'll definitely bruise up soon.

The other guards continue to fire on his position, but then Ann yells, "At us, fools! Forget the small one!"

Confused briefly, they turn back and begin to fire upon Ann and Pip.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-04 05:43:54 No. 32318918

Emerald contemplates going back out and taking out more guards. He thinks he'd need to use a invisibility potion.

The reason for this is that the remaining guards are much farther into the room than the guard he knocked out before. If he gets caught out that far he'll definitely be turned into swiss cheese.

The colt watches for a second later, and thinks he can see that Pip has the upper hand. As he watches, she blows off several of Ann's tentacles. They grow back rather quickly afterwards, but she does seem to be struggling slightly more.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-04 07:56:10 No. 32319386

Emerald is pretty sure even at his sneakiest he woudln't be able to escape if he knocked another guard out without his potion. He'd be peppered with shots pretty quick. He wonders if he should perhaps save it though. He may need it to escape.

He checks behind him as well. The big magical ball above the Joyride's heads is getting bigger. Zazz and the dog-like soldiers are mostly still just standing around at the ready in case they need to do anything.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-06 06:36:09 No. 32330376

Emerald downs the potion and after he is transparent he makes his way over to the next nearest guard, bashing him several times in the back of the head with the baton. One of his friends turns to him as he does this and says,

"Hey! What's wrong? C'mon man!"

He starts to make his way over while firing.

Emerald helps the heavy soldier down easily, or at least the best he can considering the differences in their sizes.

Emerald hears some weird cries from behind him. He sees the dog guards running out of the room where the Joyride fight is. He notices that the smoke still left is slowly swirling into the room as well.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-06 09:44:47 No. 32331341

Emerald turns back to warn Pip, but he sees her coming towards him rather calmly. She isn't burning nearly as bright as for.

The colt looks to where they were fighting, and sees scorched earth and a burnt up body.

Emerald asks what happened to her, and if she's dead.

"She'll be fine~!" Pip says unconcerned. "Even scum like that will heal pretty quick."

Emerald then remembers the magic that Joyride is doing and points it out to Pip.

"Ooo..." Pip says looking in wonder at the other room. "I wonder what they are trying to do? Kind of hard to tell from here. Wanna get closer and check?"

The colt then realizes something. He asks if all demons can see invisible people.

"Just depends on the type of demon really. Most of the powerful ones can, and the ones that can't usually get a way to do so. I've heard that the scum like 'Ann' over there take some sort of stupid pride in it."

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-07 09:51:30 No. 32333498

Emerald asks if their guns were healing Ann.

"Yeah, and making her stronger." Pip says, giving an open mouth frowned with her tongue sticking out. "Gross huh? Nothing a pyrodaemon can't handle though!"

The colt says it looked like she was having a hard time.

"Well let me put it this way." Pip says, starting to float towards the room with the Joyrides. "How about I ask you to take on a stray dog without using your magic. With it you could probably overpower the mutt before it has a chance to even bark at you, but what about without it?"

Emerald walks over to Ann to check on her. She is nearly unrecognizable and Emerald finds it hard to believe she could be alive. She looks like little more than a corpse burnt down to bones and skin. Rather creepily, he does see it twitch once or twice. Emerald fishes into Joyride's mantle in hopes of finding something he can use to transport her, but nothing seems to want to come out of it. One day he'll have to ask Joyride how this thing works.

He turns back to Pip, who's pretty much right at the throne room door. The foal is about to warn the demon, but then he notices something odd. Even though small pebbles, smoke, and dust are being drawn into the room Pip isn't. In fact, neither her hair nor cloak seem to care about the suction at all.

Emerald asks what the pyrodaemon sees.

Pip looks in interest into the room for a few seconds and then replies, "I think they are both trying to open a path for dimensional travel. Ponies are so weird, wouldn't it just be easier to blast the other away?"

The colt asks which is winning.

"Who knows?" Pip says with a shrug, turning towards the colt and shrugging with a giggle. "It seems pretty deadlocked for the moment. Did she tell you what she was planning? I'm assuming you want to help her right?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-07 04:21:08 No. 32334883

Emerald starts to walk over to the room with the Joyride's as well, and congratulates and thanks Pip for defeating Ann without killing her. The colt says he doesn't know what Joyride wanted him to do with the demon's book.

He says that part of the contract for the "fuck-off" was whoever lost would have to leave the dimension. Perhaps they both had the same idea and were trying to speed up the process.

Emerald begins to speak again, but all of a sudden he finds himself lifted off his hooves. He's sent spinning, and he can't keep track of where he is. He bumps against the ground, then against something else, and then hears from somewhere far off "Hey! That's not safe you know!"

Emerald then blindly grabs out, grasping onto a rock. The pull is much stronger now, and he hazards a glance back. He sees that the magical ball of energy is so large it's claiming part of the roof as well as some of Bibisi's throne.

"What'chu up to? Just hangin' around?" Pip says with a chuckle.

Once again, she doesn't seem to be affected by the draw towards the magical ball at all. Emerald asks her for help.

"Jeez... You always ask so much of a demon. How about this? I save you this time and you let me have one of the soul's of those brainwashed dudes. I mean, that's only fair right?" Pip says, spreading her forelegs wide.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-07 07:50:42 No. 32335919

Emerald says that this really isn't the time and place for this, and that she needs to help him now.

He then tries calling out to Joyride, but he can't tell if she has heard him or not. A stickiness potion or something like that would help, but he isn't sure he could hold himself with just one foreleg.

"Really? Why not? Seems like a great time to me. Is something wrong?" Pip says, sticking out her tongue. "I can't really tell. I mean I was just fighting a succubus so my mind is a little addled. So are my reactions, come to think of it."

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-08 05:27:07 No. 32339840

The colt doesn't like the look in her eyes.

Emerald wishes he had his hooves on her book at the moment, but he put it away when he went to pull out an invisibility potion and the baton. At least he has the tome on him.

He pleads with her to just help him.

"C'mon~! All you gotta say is that I can have one teensy tiny- hey!" She says interrupted as Emerald's grasp slips from the rock. He's thrown against something he can't see and he blacks out.


Emerald wakes up later to someone poking him right in the forehead. He brushes it away annoyed, and then his eyes snap open. The first thing he sees is Pip who is grinning down at him.

"Jeez. You'd really risk getting sucked up into a big magic ball just so I can't have any souls? You are pretty mean you know."

Emerald gives a noncommittal answer and looks around, a little bit in awe. He seems to be floating in the middle of... He doesn't now how to describe it. As far as he can see there is strong, multi-colored neon smoke swirling around. In addition there are floating bits of debris everywhere, and he thinks he sees the helmet he stole from the guard floating around there as well. The colt himself seems to be protected from everything by a spherical force field.

Emerald asks what happened.

"You got knocked the heck out!" She says with a laughing snort. "Then you got pulled into the portal. Since you had the book I kiiinda had to follow you. I can get pretty far from the book, but not that far!"

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-08 09:02:08 No. 32340810

Emerald asks Pip how long he was out.

"Not long. Maybe about thirty seconds or so." She says, floating around in the bubble.

The colt looks around to see if there are any other unfortunate souls in here. As far as he can tell there aren't. It's all inanimate objects, he thinks. The colt asks if she can float them over to his helmet.

"No? Why would I be able to do that?" Pip says, raising an eyebrow. "I can't control this force field. I didn't even make it! I think that was your friend here!"

She pokes his amulet a few times. It was the chronodaemon?

The colt checks his inventory. As far as he can tell it's all here.

Emerald asks where they are.

"The dimensional void, I think! The space between spaces... Ooo... Scary!" She says raising her forelegs and pretending to be a ghost. "immediately lethal for someone like you, but I can survive here just fine. Gotta say though, it's a pretty boring place to be."

The colt asks if she can get them out of the void.

"Nope! Demons can't travel dimensions freely. Why do you think we need summoning circles?" She says giggling. "We're stuck here for the time being. Just you, your amulet, and your ol' pal Pip!"

The colt asks what he's going to do for food, or water.

Pip looks at the colt for a few seconds and then gives a shrug.

He doesn't seem to be running out of oxygen, so there is that at least.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-09 12:25:33 No. 32343554



Emerald rubs the amulet in thanks and then tries to propel himself towards his helmet by swimming in the void, however this seems to do nothing more than make Pip laugh. She leaves the bubble, grabs the helmet, and then brings it back to him.

The colt isn't sure why, but he's quite glad he's with the demon. This is despite the fact that it's sort of her fault that he's here. He gives her a hug. It's like hugging a hot water bottle, but much less rubbery feeling.

"Oh!" She says startled, and then returns the hug and says, "Awww, well aren't you a sweetie!"

He says he's glad he isn't alone here, and that he is a little scared.

"No need to be scared! There isn't much in the way of danger here in the dimensional void, but I'll protect you until you die of starvation! Or deyhydration? I forget how it works with you guys." Pip says, thinking out loud.

Emerald asks if Joyride saw him get pulled in.

"I think so? She seemed pretty angry for the brief moment I saw her. I think you may have tipped the scales for her, so good job! You helped! Yay!" Pip responds giving some claps for the colt.

Emerald asks if she feels any different after fighting Ann.

"I feel like i need a good long sit in an autoclave." She says giving a fake dry heave. "Succubi are so gross. Hey, you know if Joyride won you should get Ann in here too! I could mess with her a bunch after you are gone!"

Emerald asks how he could possibly call her if he's here.

"Why wouldn't you be able to?" Pip asks confused.

The colt says that she said demons couldn't travel dimensions without a summoning circle.

Pip seems confused by this question, and then says, "Well yeah, but I mean... She's bound to you if Joyride won right? She has to follow your orders. If you call her she has to come. She doesn't have any choice in the matter."

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-09 04:16:40 No. 32344494

Emerald asks if they can move the bubble somehow.

"Hmm... Well here, let's try this." She says, floating over to him and pulling him by the forearm. The bubble moves along with him, and either he or the amulet seems to be the center of it.

The colt starts to pull out his dragonfire lamp, and Pip giggles.

"Those lamps are won't work in the void you know. I mean, that's what I've heard." She says.

Emerald gives it a shot anyway, and sends out a letter to Joyride asking what happened and what he could do. The letter swirls in the void for a second before just scattering and floating away.

The colt then checks his injuries. The welt on his side is starting to bruise a bit now, so he does his best not to touch it. He feels his head, and though he has a few bumps nothing seems like it needs medical attention.

Emerald asks how he goes about calling for Ann.

"Just ask her to come here, or something." Pip says shrugging.

Emerald does, and after a flash of flame and a strong smell of brimstone a body appears. It's probably Ann. Even in the small time she's been away she's gotten healthier looking. She's still not all there though yet. All she does is writhe and slowly murmur.

Pip seems quite happy about this fact.

The colt asks when she'll get better.

"Hmm... Maybe about five or ten minutes based on how she looks now!"

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-09 06:21:27 No. 32345148

Ann said something about trying to feed him souls. He asks Pip why she would do that? Can he uses souls for something?

"I think some wizards can use souls for things. But it's not magic I would expect you to know. Wait... Wait, I bet she..." Pip does her best to hold back her laughter. This seems like a weird thing to do, and Emerald asks what's wrong.

She shakes her head, now tearing up slightly with her held back guffaws.

Emerald let's the demon recover. When she gets her fur and mane back she her eyes slowly open with a groan.

Ann looks around, and after seeing Pip and Emerald her eyes go wide with shock.

"No! Did Bibisi lose? How-" She then sighs, and says, "Is this the dimensional void? Why are we here? Why are we still alive?"

Pip finally explodes with laughter, and getting right in her muzzle the demon says to the other, "You thought Emerald was a demon? How pathetic are you?"

"Pathetic?" She says with a snarl, looking to Emerald and then back to Pip.

"Yeah, c'mon, really? Well, don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually. Hey now." Pip says, tutting her as the succubi makes to attack, "From the sounds of it you can't survive out of this bubble like I can. Are you sure you want to get into a fight so close to the little one there, you know, your master?"

Ann squeezes her eyes shut and starts muttering angrily.

Emerald asks if she can get a message to Joyride, or if Pip can. Could Pip teleport like Ann just did?

"Nope! I'm bound to my book in a way that keeps me from getting far from it. Ann in turn seems bound to you in a way that she can't escape you." Pip says, thoughtfully.

Ann's muttering insults become nearly audible on occasion.

What does Emerald do?
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