You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-05-18 03:55:46 No. 32387573
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>Emerald and Pip fight off Ann and go to help Joyride.
>While doing so, Emerald gets sucked into the big magical ball between the Joyride and Bibisi.
>He wakes up in in some sort of Dimensional Void.
>He manages to call Ann to him, which he takes to mean that Joyride won.

Continued in next post...

2018-05-18 03:58:00 No. 32387581

Emerald looks at the two demons. Ann is sulking on one end of the bubble, while Pip is floating quite at her ease at the other, and no one is really talking.

Emerald wonders what he should do next.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-18 05:40:02 No. 32387916

The colt attempts to swim over to Ann, but he can't move too well. He isn't sure of the physics of this place, but he seems to be able to breathe. He rubs his hooves together and they seem to create friction from heat.

Since he can't move, Emerald says to Ann that they need to work together to find a way out, so they should probably try to get along. He asks if she has any questions for him.

"Yeah, can you set me free?" She asks rolling her eyes.

"Ooo, wait until we find a way out, and then set her free and strand her here! That'd be hilarious!" Pip says, joining in.

Emerald gives a nervous chuckle, and asks if there is anything else she wanted to ask.

"Yeah, did you have to toast me to a crisp? Or have her do it I guess I should say." Ann says, pointing to Pip, who gives a faux innocent look.

He apologizes, but is rather firm in saying that he didn't want to fight, and that she sort of forced his hoof on the matter. She gives an annoyed noise and turns away, looking out into void. Ann doesn't seem to want to speak too much more.

Emerald lifts his amulet up near his face and asks if the Chronodaemon can get him back to Joyride.

Much to his surprise, he hears it answer back.

"Hmm... I suppose I can't leave you here can I? Would you like me to return you to Joyride?" It booms in response.

He looks around to see if the other demons are listening, but they don't even seem to have heard it.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-18 07:19:37 No. 32388281

Emerald chastises Pip, and says that they need to all get along together, and that includes her.

"I guess I could try~!" She says with a snorting laugh. Emerald says that he is serious, but Pip doesn't seem to care too much.

Emerald turns back to his amulet and asks what the catch is.

"No catch. It would just be more interesting than being stuck here, wouldn't it?"

The amulet let's out a creepy giggle.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-19 05:14:06 No. 32393102

Emerald asks how it is going to do that, and asks when exactly it's going to drop them off.

"I shall return you to Joyride's dimension from where you were pulled out of it, and I will not tamper with the time in any way. It has been exactly ten minutes and thirty two seconds since you were sucked in here by that spell. I have not and will not alter that in any way." The amulet says.

Emerald says alright, but says he should probably resolve the other two demon's problem first, and asks if there is a way he can think of to do it.

"Huh? Where are we?" Pip says confused.

Emerald looks up, and finds that he is laying on the ground in a cave. It is completely unlit, and if if Pip wasn't here he wouldn't be able to see. Her incandescence shows nothing but rock, stalagmites, stalactites, and the occasional drip of water from above. Other than the sounds of the water, there is muffled thumping coming from around you.

"I like to imagine myself more as a problem causers than a problem solver." the amulet says, snickering again.

Emerald whispers down angrily at the amulet, saying that he knew he was making it too easy.

"I did exactly what I said I was going to do. Now, off to find Joyride correct? You'll certainly be needing her."

After this the amulet says nothing, no matter how much the colt curses at it.

"Wait..." Ann says curiously, walking around the large opening. She takes particular time around the large stone pillar in the middle. "This is the throne but... This is how it looked before Bibisi had it all dug and chiseled out. Are we in the past?"

The Succubi's head snaps to the Pyrodaemon. She points a hoof at says, "Did you do something, you ash for brains?"

Pip sidles up slowly next to Emerald, and whispering purposefully loud asks, "Psssst. Do you know what's going on? I wanna make fun of this bimbo, but I didn't actually do anything!"

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-19 08:06:26 No. 32393929

Emerald takes off his necklace and promptly sits on it, just to punish it. He then turns to Pip, and asks what she would do if she was an omnipotent daemon what she would do if someone like him, or perhaps Ann, asked to be brought back to their home dimension.

"Home dimension? Hmm, well I'd try to make sure they weren't that specific. Maybe get them to ask for a person or a place."

The foal asks why that is.

"Because there are lot's of different places with the same names, same as people. If I was omnipotent and I hated them, I could teleport them anywhere I wanted almost!" She says giggling.

The colt ponders this worryingly, and begins to look around for a way out. He then explains, mostly to Ann, that he is possessed by a pretty powerful demon, and that maybe that's just what he did.

"Well, then I hope you find this cave comfortable, because unless you can travel across dimensions we may be stuck here a while." Ann says, throwing up her hooves in annoyance.

Emerald looks up into the ceiling. He can't see any source for the water dripping from the ceiling. At least not a source big enough for him to climb through.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-20 04:22:08 No. 32397833

Emerald wonders if they aren't in a different time, but perhaps a different place. The chronodaemon did say he was returning him to Joyride, but it might not necessarily be HIS Joyride...

He starts to worry that maybe he'll run out of oxygen, and begins to look for a way out. He doesn't see anything obvious, and so Emerald asks Ann if there was a tunnel out of the throne room when she first arrived.

"No, we broke in from a mineshaft that was nearby." She says, wandering around the outer wall. "I think it was around here somewhere?"

Emerald gets close to the hole. He thinks he can feel a slight draft, and the thumping, clanking sound gets louder from around here, but there doesn't seem to be any cracks or anything else he can look through.

The colt asks Pip or Ann if they could carve through the wall.

"I could burn through it pretty easy if you want! You may want to get away though, I can't promise that things won't get hot!"

Emerald forestalls her for a second, and asks Ann if maybe she can do it with her other form. He notes that she seemed to be firing acid or something out of her tentacles.

"That wasn't acid, honey." She says laughing. Behind the succubus' back Pip makes an over-exaggerated disgusted face. "And I could, but I bet flame brains could do it faster."

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-20 06:27:17 No. 32398377

Emerald asks nicely if Pip can burn through.

"Won't take me long at all!" She says, licking her lips and looking at the wall.

While she prepares, Emerald asks Ann if she can transform into other things.

"Like, with illusions and stuff yeah." Ann says, raising an eyebrow at the colt.

He asks if Zazz was her sister.

"Not really no. What, because we are both succubi we must be related? That's pretty racist, pony." She says with a joking laugh.

"Done!" Pip says, only about thirty seconds later. "Oh hey, other ponies!"

Emeralds eyes go wide and he runs to the hole, but the passage is still red-hot from Pip's tunneling, and he dares not step on it lest he gets burnt.

"W-who are you? What the heck, are you floating?" A stallion out of sight says.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-20 08:35:37 No. 32398950

Emerald scrambles to grab Pip's book. It's already shut, so he quickly opens it and slams it shut. Pip poofs from sight, and he hears a muffled "hey!" from the tome.

The colt turns to Ann and tells her to disguise herself as a pony, but much to his surprise she has already done so. Ann's horns and wings are gone, and she is wearing a white hat with an artsy black decoration that looks a bit like a fancy knot. Below that is a red cocktail dress, and the foal has to admit she looks more ready for an evening party than spelunking.

Emerald whispers down to Pip, telling her to disguise herself like she did when they were walking around in Whitherwater before. He opens the book and she is wearing her wide brimmed hat and cloak.

"Who is that? Show yourself!" the stallion yells, appearing at entrance to the hole and looking around. Emerald moves to speak, but Ann steps in front of him.

"T-thank goodness!" Ann says, throwing herself at the stallion, hugging him tightly. "We're so frightened... My friend's teleportation spell failed, and we ended up in this deep, dark cave. We couldn't find a way out so we just started to burn a hole through the wall!"

Emerald tries his best to keep from giggling as he sees the stallions face light up red.

"U-uh... Yeah! Um, don't worry I'll... We'll make sure you get out of here Ma'am!" he says nervously.

"Thank goodness... A big, strong miner like yourself will certainly keep me safe!" Ann says, letting herself slowly and seductively off the stallion.

"I can burn them all up you know." Pip whispers to the colt. Emerald turns to Pip to see her puffing out her cheeks and looking at the flirty succubus. "Just sayin'. You know, if you need me to."

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-21 09:09:59 No. 32401200

Emerald chuckles a bit and says that he likes her straightforward approach, but perhaps now would not be the best time to go around blasting people with fire. She seems a little annoyed by this, not helped by the fact that as they are walking out many of the miners stop to look and occasionally wolf whistle. The succubus' response to these being a cute giggle, or a flutter of eyelashes.

"Seriously... Any time. Just say the word." Pip says, irritated.

When the stallion gets to the top Ann pecks him on the cheek in thanks. The stallion laughs in a sort of faux confident way, but ruins the effect as he trips over one of the minecart rails while returning to the mine.

Emerald is quite shocked to see that Trotton looks nothing like the one he was in before. Instead of mud and debris leading down to the road below there are brick and wood buildings topped with wedge-like roofs. Most are no more than a floor or two high, though there is an ornate looking one sticking out the top of them all, and based on it's looks the colt guesses that this is probably a government building of some kind. Perhaps a city hall, or the mayor's abode.

There are people passing by on their business, stopping occasionally to speak to a friend or to a shopkeeper. Children running by pushing wheels or throwing balls to one another. While they wait they hear a whistle blow, and a small contingent of miners walk out of a nearby building, while a few more walk from the streets below up towards them. They all seem in good spirits, and are carrying tools such as mattocks and shovels. Most also have helmets.

"So, what's the plan now, boss?" Ann says with a sigh, winking at some of the stallions as they pass.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-21 05:32:07 No. 32403061

Emerald stops a pony walking by and asking the date and time. From what he says, it doesn't sound like the date and time are about right. They apparently aren't in the past.

Emerald asks if this is what Trotton looked like before she and Bibisi got to it.

"Yeah... Are you sure we didn't go back in time? Like, you guys aren't trying to make fun of me right?" leaning against a rock and looking around.

He assures her that he isn't joking, and asks how the succubus infiltrated the town.

"It's not hard looking like I do and getting stallions to sleep with you. Once a succubus does that, any resistance crumbles away easily." She says, smiling at the colt.

Emerald pulls out the compass that Joyride gave him, and watches as the needle points west. The direction Whiterwater would normally be. He takes out his lantern and writes Joyride a letter. He sends it off, but it flutters in the air and then reforms right above Emerald, plopping on his head.

"Told ya writing Joyride wouldn't work across dimensions!" Pip says giggling.

Emerald gives her a confused look, and then says he was trying to send one to this dimension's Joyride.

"Hmm, well you don't know this world's Joyride right? That might cause a problem. I suppose she could have herself protected herself from receiving letters like these." Ann says, rubbing her chin and looking at nothing in particular. "Bibisi did. In fact, that's part of the reason she made take that name."

Emerald wonders if this world is like Techride's and doesn't have much magic.

"Well, I used a teleportation spell as an excuse for ending up in the cave, and the stallion didn't seem too confused about that. I'd say magic is at least common knowledge." Ann says again, waving to a nearby gaggle of young mares, who titter and walk past.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-22 04:39:41 No. 32407033

Emerald asks Ann if this is Bibisi's dimension.

"Nope, at least, not that I'm aware of." She says shrugging.

Ann chuckles and then says, "Should we find a place to stay for the day? Perhaps we can even hire a wagon to the city so we won't have to walk."

The colt then says they should probably get some provisions, at which point his stomach starts to rumble.

She chuckles, and then says, "Perhaps lunch first?"

They choose a nearby restaurant, and after seeing that it's kind of nice, Emerald decides to change into his black dress. They take a seat outside underneath some grape vine decorations. The table has a sheet of clean white linen, atop which is a braided wood candle holder full of wax fruits. The sun feels nice, and Emerald must admit this is the first time he's felt safe since he entered Trotton.

The waiter arrives, and he asks if he can be of service.

"Hmm..." Pip says, scratching her chin, and then asks, "What do you got with meat in it?"

"Ah ha, forgive her. She grew up among the Gryphon. I think we'll look over the menu a little longer." Ann says to the waiter.

After he walks away Ann turns and says scathingly, "Are you stupid, or what? We gotta blend in!"

"What'd I do?" Pip says shrugging confused.

Ann sighs, and murmurs angrily at the menu as she looks it over. "Order something normal for a pony, even if it's gross leaves and stuff."

"Hrmph, I'll order what I want, thank you very much." Pip says, sticking out his tongue.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-22 06:12:50 No. 32407500

Emerald is starting to realize now that Ann is more capable among ponies, even if she isn't as powerful as Pip. Interestingly and perhaps terrifyingly, f the two worked together they may be nearly unstoppable.

He tells Pip that she's right, and that it's a good idea to try and fit in the best they can for now.

"Yeah yeah... Fine... But if there is something with meat on it I'm ordering it.

Ann tells Pip to eat something with a lot of tomatoes in it, because of something called "Umami", which apparently means it tastes good to demons. Pip looks like shes about to argue, but Emerald asks her to at least try it first. The waiter returns, and Ann orders some sort of pasta dish for herself and Pip while Emerald gets a salad with tomatoes and strawberries.

While they wait, Emerald asks how long Ann has been among the ponies. Perhaps they have some experiences they could share.

"I have plenty of experience with ponies." She says, licking her lips. "But it's probably not the best idea to talk about my demonic exploits in the open like this."

Emerald thinks for a second, and then asks the pair what their hobbies and interests are.

"I'm a bit of a social butterfly. I've always liked parties, for more than the reason you are thinking. I just find myself energized when I socialize, ya know? Other than that I read mostly." Ann says, smiling.

"Souls! I like souls. Alot." Pip says happily.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-22 08:43:36 No. 32408208

Emerald asks Pip to not say that quite so loud. Ponies don't normally talk about souls in that way. The colt can't help but to smirk at her one track mind.

Speaking of souls however, Emerald asks what Ann sees in his soul. He wants to make sure what Pip saw is what was really there.

"Hmm... Well looking closer..." Ann says after staring at him for a few moments. "Your souls is rather tarnished. Kind of odd for someone your age. Had a bad childhood, did we?"

Emerald grimaces, and then decides to change the subject. He asks how she met Bibisi and, what Tartarus is like.

"Like I said, not out in the open like this, child." Ann says, rolling her eyes.

The colt decides to ask about chartering a carriage or something for their journey.

"Well, it would be faster probably, and frankly I'm not looking forward walking all that way. It might cost a few bits though." She says.

what does Emerald do?

2018-05-23 10:01:49 No. 32409884

The colt says they can check the prices on that later, and says if it's more than a few hundred they may have to pass on getting a ride there.

"Well, I can think of some ways we may be able to get a reduced price." the succubus says, licking her lips again.

"Ugh..." Pip says. "That's always the first thing you succubi try, isn't it?"

"What, should I use force instead like you would?" Ann says in a cool manner to the pyrodaemon.

"Why not? It's faster, and it's not like we'll be in this dimension long. If they try anything we can just blast'em away! Even Emerald could probably take on a coach driver." She says, leaning over and slapping the foal on the shoulder.

Emerald comments that he's surprised Pip didn't mention anything about destruction and burning for her hobbies.

"Well, I mean I like those things too, but especially as a means of getting souls. Wait, are you saying that I can-" She starts excitedly, but the colt quickly shuts her down.

The pass the time talking about books they like. It seems Ann is, unsurprisingly, fond of romance novels. She seems to also get a kick out of pony spellbooks, remarking that they are "adorably childish."

They finish up, and since Emerald is the only one with any money he pays the bill of 18 bits.

The colt wonders briefly if he should be worried about his stepfather in this dimension looking for him. The demons don't seem to have any opinion on this one way or the other. Ann mentions they might be able to get another disguise if they think that'll help, but that will bite into their finances a bit.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-23 04:39:20 No. 32411291

He looks around for wanted posters. As far as he can see though there aren't any for him. There are some mentioning a group of criminals called the 'Merrymakers'. There are no pictures, but they are described as wearing clown masks and flashy capes. Emerald considers changing his mane again. He thinks he's good on clothes for now, so there isn't much more he can do than that. As the colt ponders his coiffure, he asks Ann if she's had any pony friends.

"My people don't have friends, kid. It's not in our nature." Ann say like it's a matter of fact.

"I'll be your friend!" Pip says, snickering and making kissy-faces at the succubus.

Emerald looks around to see if he recognizes anyone who was turned into the thrall in his world. At least immediately he doesn't see anyone. He understands why people were surprised they found no bodies in the landslide. This place is decently populated. He asks a local where they could find transport to Whiterwater. He's an older gentlemen wearing a nice but worn hat and coat. He's walking with a cane, and his progress is a bit slow. He sits down slowly with a smile and points them towards the south east side of town. He says, "Them carriages run every... Six hours? It's 'round what, 5pm? Still got 'nother hour 'til the next one leaves. Plenty o' time."

"Your carriages run this late at night?" Ann says, raising an eyebrow. "What of bandits or forest creatures?"

"Nahhh... We ain't had problems like that fer... Hrm...! A long time!" He says with a chuckle, looking Ann and Pip over. He then tips his hat to them both.

"Heh, if anything attacks us, I'll just bust their heads in!" Pip says, making cute jabbing motions with her hooves.

"Ho ho ho..." The old man guffaws, shaking his head. "It's perfectly safe. I visit Whiterwater every two weeks or and visit friends. Never had a problem personally."

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-23 08:16:53 No. 32412312

They ask the fellow how much a ticket is, and find out that it's going to be 20 bits one way. They thank him, and continue to walk towards the direction he pointed.

"Well, he said an hour, that is if we want to leave today. Did you want to grab anything? You said something about wanting provisions."

Emerald supposes they should buy some rations here, and he's still considering the change of mane. There are certainly many shops and carts on the walk there. It isn't the largest selection he's seen, but it'll do.

"So, what's the plan boss? Wanna stay the night here or just go now?" Pip says, catching up to the pair.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-24 06:18:47 No. 32416644

Emerald buys three days worth of dry rations off a vendor, costing him 5 bits.

While he passes by another barber shop he ponders out loud where they should stay for the night.

"Uggghhh... Boring! Let's go now!" Pip says looking bored. "You can sleep on the wagon ride over!"

"I'm not sure I want to be traveling the road at night. The man said it was safe, but I'd rather not take chances." Ann says frowning.

"I'll just blast them away, sounds more fun than just staring at each other! Heck, I bet even you could take on some bandits, Ann! It's not like we need sleep anyway, only the runt. We can guard him all night!" Pip argues back.

Emerald suggests they could get to know each other better.

"Nooot interested~!" Pip says, hopping by, and turning around with her tongue sticking out.

"She says that, but I bet she'll talk my ear off when she gets bored." Ann says to Emerald rolling her eyes. She then responds to the pyrodaemon by saying, "It still sounds like an unnecessary risk when we can wait until daytime."

"Ugggghhh... On a carriage it'll take us what, a little over half a day? If we leave now it'll be sometime around mid-day when we hit Whiterwater right? If we leave in the morning we won't get there until well into the night!" Pip says, "Boooring!"

"Hmm... Well kiddo, it looks like you'll be the tie breaker here." Ann says, shrugging.

What does Emerald do?


2018-05-26 03:45:56 No. 32426118

The three get down to station and Emerald pays for everyone's tickets. 20 bits per pony coming to 60 bits altogether.

After a short stint in a waiting room they are led to a large, nicely painted red carriage with gold colored trim. It's being pulled by two burly stallions, who are wearing uniforms with the same red and gold color scheme. Ann gives them a wink, and they give a smiling nod back.

They climb up, and after everyone is secured the coach ponies start trotting. Despite the weight of the three passengers and the carriage they are going quite quickly. In less than half an hour they are away from the city.

"So what now? Twenty questions? I spy?" Pip says, clapping.

"How about the quiet game?" Ann offers snidely.

"Keep up with that and I'll give you a thump!" Pip says, waggling her hoof and giving a giggling snort. Pip then takes off her hat and puts it next to her.

"You know, you should keep that on. We might be spotted." Ann says.

"You worry too much! I'll put it back on in a second. Just gotta let my horn hang out there for a bit ya know? Let it breathe." Pip says.

Ann rolls her eyes.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-26 06:00:10 No. 32426729

Emerald asks Pip to not keep it off too long. He then rests his head on her shoulders. She makes a pretty good pillow.

He asks Ann what Tartarus is like, and where she met Bibisi.

"Actually met her in Tartarus, funnily enough. When a Joyride comes to Tartarus it's always a fun time, and Zazz and I got in her good graces first."

"Yeah, I got all excited when I saw a Joyride among Lord Sepulcher's Army, but barely ended up doing anything!" Pip says, sighing longingly. "Souls came by so easy those days."

"...Anyway, Tartarus isn't so bad for a demon like myself. And for Pip as well, though for different reasons."

"The reason being I can do almost whatever I want and you are super jealous?" Pip says with a shrug.

Emerald interrupts them and says that Joyride has a big library and she might like it. He'll show her when they get back to Joyride's.

"That sounds nice." Ann says with a smile and a nod.

Emerald asks what kind of backup possibilities they have. Could he go through Tartarus and back to his dimension?

"Mmm... Demons aren't really allowed to go from Tartarus to other dimensions under our own power. We are free to go back to Tartarus as long as nothing is holding us here, such as a contract your kind so love to try and perform. I wouldn't recommend we take you there however. You'd be eaten alive in Tartarus, in some cases almost literally."

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-27 04:55:33 No. 32431294



Excuse me, but how dare you spread lies like that. it was a venison BURGER. Not a venison steak. Get your facts straight.


Emerald asks if it is indeed possible to return from Tartarus to his dimension.

"Possible yes, but wildly unlikely." Ann says firmly.

Emerald asks if that means all the dimensions share the same Tartarus.

"Yeah!" Pip says, throwing up her hooves, "Isn't it great? All dimensions bow to Tartarus, and in Tartarus, all bow to the Pyrodaemons! Well, most anyway."

Emerald can tell that Ann is doing her best to hold back saying something to the giggly demon, and so the colt changes the subject and asks how often Joyrides come to Tartarus.

"Well... You have to realize that there is one Tartarus and a lot of dimensions with Joyrides. Probability suggests somewhere on Tartarus there is always a Joyride hanging out. Whether you'll be there at the right time and place to meet one is another question altogether." Ann says shrugging.

Emerald starts to feel a little tired, and he can't blame himself. I mean, just how much happened in just one day. He fought a Succubus and a Joyride. Traveled into and back out of a dimension, and is now on a long carriage ride in a place familiar to his own but not the same.

He lays his head down on Pip's lap. She's very warm and squishy. Looking to Ann, he realizes something and asks if she is purposely trying to make herself look like Joyride.

"Hey yeah... Now that you mention it..." Pip says, squinting and cocking her head.

"Whatever do you mean?" Ann says with a small smirk, pulling out a small mirror. She looks into it, and then fluffs her hair slightly.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-27 07:17:40 No. 32431913

Emerald yawns and tries his best to keep his eyes open. The colt asks if Ann what the difference between a Succubi and a Changeling is.

"Well, one is a demon and the other is a bug." Ann says smirking. "Changelings are mortals and are bound by all that entails. They have to eat love, so I understand. Plus, Changelings can also only change into ponies as far as I know. Succubi, and indeed most demons, can be whatever they want."

Emerald asks if they can turn into any pony.

There is a puff of smoke and the smell of brimstone, and when it clears Ann is lying on her side in the form of Emerald.

The colt asks about Stargazer, about how she got the power to transform and how she became partly a succubus.

She titters and says, "Stargazer is useful as a general of sorts, but nothing more. You promise ponies a bit of power and you'd be surprised what they would do."

The colt then asks about how the thralls got the bigger... packages, and asks if it was her or Bibisi who did it.

"A little from column A and a little from column B. Bibisi used some kind of potion she made along with succubi magic." She says with a shrug, keeping Emerald's appearance.

Emerald is finding it hard to keep his eyes open. He's not sure how much longer he'll be able to stay awake.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-28 10:11:33 No. 32435091

Rubbing his eyes, the colt asks sleepily if she can turn into Maple.

He thinks she says something about not knowing who that is, but he passes out from tiredness about halfway through explaining that it is a deer he knows.


Emerald wakes up to see Ann and Pip looking out the window. The succubi is back to her previous form. Pip's upper body is stretched unnaturally since the colt is resting on her lap. She is at least wearing her hat again.

"I really don't see the problem. We just bust through and find Joyride! Heck, if we make enough commotion I'm sure she'll come to us!" Pip says.

"That may work for you, but there is no way I'm agreeing to something like that." Ann says bluntly.

It's daylight now, and the sun is shining through the carriage windows.Emerald notices that there are sounds of a crowd nearby. Most of it is unintelligible, but he can hear the sound of music, and the occasional merchant hocking their wears. The smell of fast food wafts through the carriage window.

The colt sits up and looks out the window as well. They are outside the gate to Whitherwater. In fact, it looks very similar to the one in his dimension. There are many, many more ponies waiting outside the gate though. They seem to be sitting in a very large line moving very slowly towards the entrance to the city. Much like his Whitherwater, there is a checkpoint there, but this one seems much more secure.

The colt asks what they are talking about.

"You don't see it? Well, perhaps it doesn't stand out for you, but the fool here and I spotted something that may cause us a bit of trouble." She says pointing above the gate to a large banner hanging over it. The symbol seems familiar, but he can't quite place where he has seen it.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-28 03:55:26 No. 32436514

Emerald realizes that it's the Order of the Arrow but... Why are they here? What's going on? It goes without saying that the colt doesn't want the demons anywhere near them. He tries not to imagine what Pip might do.

Emerald grabs for his bag and checks the Joyride compass. It's pointed towards the city. That could of course mean that Joyride is still further west, but the colt can't be sure at the moment.

He looks at the front of the line, and sees each person is being questioned and their luggage searched. Asking a passerby, Emerald asks if everyone is searched so thoroughly.

"Heh, first time to Whitherwater, eh lass? Yeah. Make sure you got all yer papers and stuff in order. Oh." He traveler says, realizing something. "If you need some temporary passes to the city you can get'em from the tent over by the gate. That's a completely separate line altogether though."

Emerald thanks the stallion and then asks the others what they think.

"We should hop out of the cart here and look around a bit." Ann says. "Driver! We'd like to step out here, if you don't mind."

"Alright, Thank you for your patronage, be sure to take all your luggage!" He says in a energetic, professional way.

The three leave the carriage and stand near the merchants stalls, slightly off the road. Emerald asks Ann if her disguise will be found out.

"Yeah, if it's the Order they'll recognize succubus magic easily." She says, frowning and looking at the gate. "I could still charm a guard or two temporarily, but it won't be as easy and they'll need to be restrained for a few seconds. The Arrow have strong willpower."

Emerald suggests he find a way in and then summons them into the city.

"There might be some places that are warded, but it's probably possible." Ann says.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-28 07:22:32 No. 32437593

Emerald asks why Joyride would be in an Order controlled city.

"Knowing her it could be anything..." Ann says rubbing her temples. "We can only hope it's something that makes it easier to contact her and sympathetic to your cause."

Emerald asks if he should get into line and grab a temporary pass.

"Yes. For as long as you can. Hopefully once we are in it'll be enough. Worse comes to worse, we may need to forge one." Ann says, thinking to herself.

"I'm going to chat up some of the merchants." She then excuses herself and walks up to a stallion selling donuts. After a few moments a lively conversation breaks out.

Emerald goes to the tent for temporary passes. Pip following close after him. He hadn't thought of this, but it may not be a wise idea for her to follow him. Perhaps he should close her in the book. Maybe hand it off to Ann.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-29 05:07:14 No. 32441673

The colt enters the line and then asks Pip if she'd be okay with going into her book and being carried around by Ann while he waits for the temporary pass.

"Okay, sure!" Pip says, smiling.

Emerald squints suspiciously at this reaction and asks why she seems to be so okay with it.

"Oh, no reason~!" She says, shrugging with a smirk.

Emerald whispers his plans to call Ann when he gets inside the city, and asks if Pip's book can be brought along if the succubus is holding it.

"Huh... You know, I'm not actually sure! Maybe we can find a nice empty spot and try it out or something." Pip replies.

Emerald looks to the succubus, and sees her still speaking with the donut shop owner. He doubts that she's gotten much useful information yet. He thinks about going to interrupt her just for fun, but now is probably not the best time. The colt asks what sort of wording he should use if he hands off the book to Ann to make sure she doesn't "lose" Pip's book or destroy it or anything.

"Hmm... Well toss a few ideas, and remember to concentrate on your wording and stuff. Succubi are generally pretty good at sussing out loopholes, so be careful!"

Emerald pulls out a sheet of parchment and begins to scrawl possible statements to make to Ann, and as he does he spots an Order pony walking up the line with the tent handing out papers. Emerald rolls up the parchment as he approaches, and in a rather friendly manner the Order stallion says, "To speed things up please fill this form out before your turn comes."

It's an application that asks for the usual sorts of information. Name, age, birthday, that kind of thing... Emerald suddenly realizes that he also needs to come up with a backstory so that people handing out the temporary passes doesn't get suspicious.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-29 06:37:45 No. 32442014

As Emerald thinks of a fake identity, he asks surreptitiously asks if they could find a way to sneak past the wall and avoid the checkpoint altogether.

Pip leans in close and says, "Welll... I mean, Whitherwater is quite big. I bet we could find a place that isn't as well guarded and I could burn a hole through!"

Emerald says that might be a bit risky. He's sure that flames like that would be very noticeable.

"I mean, I suppose we could just be boring and jump the wall..." She replies back quietly.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-30 11:00:18 No. 32444426

Emerald thinks that passing through the checkpoint may still be the best option. The colt wonders if he should talk to Ann about it first though.

Looking ahead, Emerald sighs and notices that the line has hardly moved at all. He taps the mare ahead of him on the shoulder and asks how long the line will be. She is an elderly lady hauling what looks like vegetables in her saddlebags.

"Oh, an hour or two from this point probably. Lucky you got here so early, this line and the main one tend to fill up pretty quick!" She says, nodding.

After his conversation Pip hugs the colt from behind and says, "So, did you want me to stay in line or...?"

The colt figures that she is talking about handing her book off to Ann. The fact that she is pushing this worries Emerald. Or perhaps he should say he is worried for everyone else in the vicinity.

Emerald stalls her by saying that he needs help filling out this form.

The ones that don't matter like his physical description, date of birth, and marriage status are easy, but he wonders how he should fill out some of the other boxes such as...

Place of Birth:
Place of Residence:
Parental Information:
Travel Plans (i.e. departure and return date):

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-30 05:08:19 No. 32445910


Name: Sapphire Quartz
Place of Birth: Trotton
Place of Residence: Trotton
Parental Information: Missing, Presumed Dead
Travel Plans: 3 days. Staying with relative.


Emerald asks if she and Ann could shapeshift as guards if they need to scope the place out a bit more.

"Probably? As long as they don't ask us too many questions."

Emerald looks to Ann to see how she is doing. She's moved on from the donut shop and is talking to a zebra selling assorted Knick-knacks and gew-gaws.

The colt watches her go from booth to booth. She's talking to all of them, but it seems to have some purpose. Emerald can't really make out what is going on, but he soon finds himself about 10 minutes from the front of the line.

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-30 08:43:37 No. 32446754

Emearld speculates why the Order would be here... Perhaps something happened in Whitherwater? Are the Order some sort of conquering army? It's a bit hard to tell from here.

The colt asks the mare in front of him what happens next.

"They interview you, young one." She says smiling. "And then from there they review your application, and then give you a pass if they think you are okay."

Emerald tries to motion to Ann to come over. She isn't facing this direction however, so he's having trouble.

"Oh! I'll get her!" Pip says, walking towards her.

Emerald tries to argue this, but she says, "It's fine, it's fine!"

She goes over to the stall she is at. The two speak for a second, and then both return.

"Yes? What did you want?" Ann says, giving Pip an annoyed look and then says jokingly. "Made pretty good progress here, haven't ya?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-05-31 06:22:21 No. 32450830

Emerald asks what she's learned so far.

"Little bits and pieces of info... Sounds like someone important is visiting and everyone is going to celebrate soon. Someone by the name of Saint Blossoms." She says with a shrug. "I would suggest we try to take the most legal of means to get inside, or to avoid the guards altogether by going over the wall."

Emerald says he wants to try to just go in through the front door, so that works out. He says he has to do an interview though.

"An interview you say? Hmm... Oh, is that an application? Let me see it." Ann remarks, holding out her hoof. Emerald hands it over and after she reads it she says, "Hmm... Well this looks alright. Have you done something like this before? Do you have any questions?"

As Emerald thinks she spots his bag and says, "Oh, do you have anything in there that you wouldn't want a guard to find?"

Emerald replies that he is quite sure he does. Ann asks for the bag, and Emerald says she can look but she can't take.

"Hmm... Clothes, potions... Oh, what's this? How naughty! Oh, lot's of books too... Anything you want me to hold onto while you go in the tent?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-06-01 06:15:05 No. 32455036

Emerald gives all but the focus, the application, and the subtlety knife to Ann. If he needs the rest of it he'll just summoning back on Ann once he gets inside. If he can't for some reason, he can always just come back out. Looking across the way the colt can see that leaving is much faster.

Shortly after the transfer of inventory a guard says, "Young sir, you are next."

Emerald nods to the succubi and then enters the tent. The guard that called him follows and stands next to a stallion at a sort of podium/desk. The stallion is wearing the same armor as the guard. These particular sets are a scarlet color.

The stallion looks at Emerald's application and says, "Trotton huh... And staying with a relative for three days?"

Emerald nods, nervously.

"Hey now." He says, smiling. "I have to ask everyone these questions. Anyway, what's the purpose for the visit?"

He says he's here to meet up with a long lost Aunt.

"I see... No parents huh... Hmm... Don't worry, I understand. If she's here an adoption will be quite easy." He says nodding a little sadly. "And what's that, a book?"

The guard standing next to the table holds up his hoof. Emerald places the book on it. The guard casts some sort of spell, and a few seconds later he says, "A spell focus."

"Ah, well just so you know young one." He says a little more stern. "It's illegal for someone your age to cast spells without a guardian present. Only in emergencies understand?"

What does Emerald do?
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