You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-08-01 04:37:01 No. 32735992
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>Emerald enters the alternate Whitherwater, and walks around the town, taking in the familiar yet different sights of the town.
>After speaking with two ponies, Emerald finds Hope, who seems very important in this dimension. She has two platoon of soldiers and a "choir" made up of foals.
>The colt spots someone running around the rooftops and protects Hope from the cannon.
>During the aftermath he speaks with Hope as well as Joyride, who appears from Whiterwater Castle and appears to be with the Order of the Arrow.
>Emerald speaks to some of the choir, and then wanders off to find some more information about the dimension he's in.
>Emerald decides to summon Pip and Ann in.
>Ann seems to be a bit disposed, and Pip is holding onto odd flame balls.

Continued in next post...

2018-08-01 04:53:56 No. 32736052

Looking around quickly, The colt asks just what the heck is going on.

Pip looks to the colt in shock, and then stuffs the fireballs in her mouth and says, "Nothing!"

Emerald demands that the demon tell him what's going on.

"Hey now, I didn't do anything wrong, I swear!" Pip says indignantly and pointing to Ann. "It was all her fault!"

Emerald looks down at the charred corpse for a second. He then gives Pip an incredulous look.

"No wait, hear me out here!" Pip says, floating to the floor and taking on her disguise. "So there we were sitting outside the gate. I was hangin' with Ann and we were having fun and stuff. She says that once we are inside we'll probably need a left-hoofed hammer and asked me to go find one."

Emerald sighs.

"Yeah, most of the shopkeepers didn't even know what I was talking about, so they might be kinda rare. Some of them even laughed at me!" Pip says sighing. "Anyway, I saw Ann and two seedy looking dudes walking into the nearby forest while I searched, so of course I followed!"

Emerald raises an eyebrow at this, and let's her continue.

"This one was trying to eat their souls! Two of them! And she wouldn't even share!" She then points dramatically to the burnt demon and says, "So I punished her and took the souls for myself. If you can't share then you shouldn't get anything at all, right?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-01 06:23:27 No. 32736497

Emerald tells her to spit those souls out, but she has already swallowed loud and heavily.

"Whoops! Too late!"

Emerald glares at her and says that she isn't allowed to have any more souls while they are here.

"Aww what? I bet you'll still let the whore have souls, huh?" Pip says, sticking out her lip and pointing annoyed down at Ann.

He says that she won't get any either, and after glancing at her asks why the succubus is holding onto Pip's book so tightly.

"Well duh, She tried to stop me when I went to punish her." Pip says shrugging and chuckling.

Emerald says that this place is very dangerous for demons like her, and says that they made things just that much more scary. They need to get Ann back up and running.

"So we wait half an hour and then we are good. You really worry about the strangest things sometimes." Pip says, giggling. "Besides, if anyone causes trouble I'll just bust their heads in!"

She then a few hoof punches into the air, laughing again.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-02 05:08:32 No. 32741190

Emerald asks if she can burn Ann down to Ash so she is easier to transport.

"I mean we can try." Pip says shrugging. "I'm pretty sure that would just straight up kill her th- Wait, we should totally try it actually! I think it might work!"

Emerald sighs, and then thinks about anyway that he could make Ann heal faster, than he gets an idea. He glances quickly to Pip and asks her if sexual fluids will help her heal faster.

"That's gross! You're gross!" Pip says, sticking out her tongue.

Emerald says that he has to do this because of her, and if she can't handle it to go watch the street.

"Ugh, why do you even want to help her so much. Just a day or two ago she was trying to kill us ya know. Succubi can be pretty cunning, how do you know you aren't just playing straight into her hooves or something?" Pip says, walking around the corner and leaning up against it.

The colt comments she is luckily if he doesn't end up shutting her book and locking it up for a thousand years. Between the thoughts that Pip put in his head, and the smell and sight of burning pony corpse, the colt is having a hard time getting it up. This may be more difficult to do then he thought.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-02 08:01:32 No. 32741948

Emerald tries to think of something sexy, like Hope. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work, and then he gets another idea. He asks Pip to help him.

"W-what? I'm not gonna just-" Pip starts.

Emerald then mentions that once again it's kind of her fault that this whole thing is happening anyway.

"Can't we just wait for her? I mean, half an hour isn't anything right? Ruby, back me up here!" Pip says, looking over Emerald's shoulder.

Emerald does a double take, looking over his shoulder.

There isn't anything there, and he asks what she is talking about.

"What are YOU talking about? Ruby is right there! Didn't you know? I figured she was with you since, you know, it's Ruby. She even has a subtlety enchanted item on her, just like your knife!"

Emerald looks over his shoulder again and this time sees a very familiar filly wearing a green cloak.

"Oh uh... You can see me?" she says.

There is a pretty awkward silence.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-03 05:02:04 No. 32746437

Emerald asks how long she's been watching him, making sure he has his focus within hoof reach.

Ruby stares for a second, and then ducks back behind the wall.

"Hey now!" Pip says, flying over the wall in her more ghost-like form. She reappears a second later, carrying the filly by her forelegs. "Stay a while! Let's talk!"

Ruby grumbles as she is put down in front of Emerald. She glances down at the charred body and back to the colt.

"Since you left Saint Hope basically." Ruby says bluntly.

The colt has a little trouble believing this, and he thinks it shows on his face because Ruby says proudly, "Heh, yeah. I'm pretty sneaky."

He says that it's safe here, and that he is not with the Order. He introduces himself as Sapphire, and asks her name even though he knows it.

"Ruby..." She says, looking at Pip again, how has floated down and taken on legs again. "So, is she a demon then?"

Emerald thinks about the answer for this, and then nods.

"Cool..." Ruby says. Pip giggles at this and then gives Ruby a noogie.

Emerald asks if there is maybe a place they could hide the body.

"Erm... Did you kill that pony?"

Emerald says that he didn't, and that she isn't actually dead. She just needs a little bit to heal up.

Ruby thinks for a second, and then says, "...Why should I help you? You messed up what I was doing back there. You say you aren't with the Order and if you are summoning demons then you obviously aren't, and yet you got in my way. Why?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-03 06:45:20 No. 32747495

Emerald is a bit surprised how Ruby doesn't seem to care that Pip is a demon. The colt then says he just saw her running across the rooftops and aiming a cannon at Hope. It seemed dangerous, and he was just trying to help. The saint looks like someone he knows.

"I see... You are that kind of person." Ruby says, crossing her forelegs and giving Emerald an appraising look.

"Yeah, he's-!" Pip starts, but Emerald glares at her, and perhaps feeling that she's caused enough trouble, just sort of stands around the alleyway, making sure no one comes this direction.

He feels that it's probably alright to reveal a bit to Ruby, and says that he is trying to find his way home, and that he was looking for Joyride since she is the only one who can help.

"Joyride? Like, head of the Order Joyride?" She says raising an eyebrow. "Uh, I'm not sure she would help someone with demons. Why do you need her help specifically?"

Emerald isn't sure how he can word this without sounding crazy. He decides to just be honest and says he is from another dimension.

"Oh." Ruby says pointing at Pip again. "Like her? Are you from Tartarus too?"

Emerald shakes his head. He says it's a lot like this one, but slightly different.

"Hmm... Well..." Ruby says, sighing and scratching the back of her head. Emerald gets the feeling she doesn't believe him quite yet. "I probably shouldn't tell you what I was doing, but I will say this. I wasn't trying to hurt Saint Hope, or anyone for that matter."

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-04 04:59:19 No. 32752872

The colt apologizes for messing whatever she did up, and asks about Joyride. He thought she was just a steward for the Order.

"Oh uh... Maybe? I guess I don't really know what they do up there." She says, pointing over her shoulder at the castle.

Emerald asks if she was trying to steal something with her stunt.

Ruby pauses for a second and then says, "No. How would I even have had time to steal anything?"

The colt then asks if it was an elaborate prank.

"C'mon man, I said I can't tell you." Ruby says, crossing her forelegs and looking away.

Emerald changes the subject, and says that the Joyride in his world is against the Order and is a powerful magic-user, and he hopes that this Joyride is the same. The colt asks about Ruby's safe house, and if the other people there are okay with demons. He wonders if he could visit.

Ruby chuckles and then says, "Yeah, they are okay with it. I suppose we could see if you could come. Not sure where your friends would stay otherwise. There is a meeting point I'm going to nearby. We can head up there after your friend uh... Gets better."

Emerald asks if she saw anyone else following him. She was watching him after all.

"Not that I saw. As long as you are in the city the Order won't have to try hard to find someone like you." She says flatly.

Emerald thinks of having some fun, and comments that being a stranger he'd probably get caught fast. Ruby on the other hand, well HE moves quite quick and fast. Emerald asks how a GUY like HIM got so cool.

"Argh!" She yells, putting a hoof to her face. "I'm a filly. A filly alright? Sorry for yelling, but just imagine everyone call YOU a colt."

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-05 09:07:18 No. 32761500

Emerald points out that he is a colt, and turns around, displaying himself and shaking his flank a bit.

"Whoa! Yeah, okay. I believe you. Jeez." Ruby says turning away embarrassed. "I suppose I deserve that for mistaking you a filly right after telling you I hate being mistaken for a colt."

Emerald asks if she enjoys cooking.

Ruby turns back, raising an eyebrow and says, "Uh, yeah. I cook for the people I stay with. Well, i help cook I guess would be a better way to put it."

The colt then compliments her on her earring.

"Thanks, it was my parent's. I'm not sure which one though. Been a 'streetrat' as long as I can remember. She says, giving the "streetrat" air quotes.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-06 02:34:11 No. 32764717

Emerald asks what happened to her parents, and if she's lived here her whole life.

"I dunno, I barely remember anything from that time..." Ruby says, turning away slightly and letting out a huff. It's clear she is uncomfortable talking about this.

Changing subjects, Emerald asks who she's staying with.

"Mmm... I'm not sure I'm allowed to tell you that either. Hopefully you'll find out soon." She says, chuckling.

The colt then asks if he can try some of Ruby's cooking. Assuming of course, her friends let Emerald stay.

"Sure! I cant' promise it'll taste that good though." Ruby says shrugging. "I'll make my special. Corn on the cob!"

Emerald asks if she likes to read.

"I've been learnin' a bit for fun, but I can't do much. My friends been teaching me." She says, smiling.

Emerald asks if she has any questions for him.

"You said you are from another dimension? How'd exactly you get here? Did they do something?" Ruby asks, pointing to Pip, and to Ann.

The burned body is starting to twitch slightly. Hopefully it won't be much longer until she gets up.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-07 04:06:50 No. 32769221

Emerald explains vaguely what happened. He mentions that his Joyride was in the processing of banishing a powerful demon and got caught in the spell during a fight. He was pulled into a gap between dimensions, and saved by demonic intervention. Usually ponies can't survive there, so he doubts that his compatriots in his dimension will search for him. He doubts they'll even find him if they did search. He doesn't really even know how he got here. He needs to get back to his dimension as soon as possible.

"That does sound rather unfortunate." Ruby says, her head tilted slightly. Emerald thinks that she maybe didn't follow the whole explanation.

Emerald asks if she knows someone named Barber.

"Can't say that I do, why?" She asks.

the pair then jump as a voice beside them groans.

Ann sits up, rubbing the side of head. She is still slightly charred, but she at least has skin now. She's currently in her demonic looking pony form, and Emerald asks if she's alright.

"Yeah, yeah... No thanks to sparky over there." Ann says, pointing to Pip, who is still looking down both sides of the alleyway for anyone passing by.

"So um... You are a demon too?" Alternate Ruby asks the succubi.

"I am, and who are you?" Ann says, attempting not to sound annoyed but not quite pulling it off.

Emerald says she may help them hide while they are here.

"Ah, good." Ann says, laying back down. "Give me another minute or two and then I'll get a proper disguise up."

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-07 07:28:09 No. 32769952

Emerald wonders why Ruby seems so comfortable around demons. He wants to ask about it, but he's already asked about her companions several times already and given the same answer each time. He doesn't want her to be suspicious of him.

Emerald quickly introduces Ruby and Ann, and then quickly moves on to ask about what happened.

"O-oh, you know." She says, shrugging. "Trying to get information out of people and Pip just decided to come up and roast us!"

The colt asks if she was after their souls.

"Well, you know. Information mostly, but the souls would have been a nice addition, you know?"

Emerald sighs, and closes Pip's book, who gives some muffled words of confusion before Emerald stuffs her book in the bag.

The colt says Pip ate the souls, and then asks if he can get them back, and also what she learned from the two ponies.

"She did what?" Ann says angrily. She then collects herself and says, "Well, once she has eaten them there is no getting them back. As for what I learned, I didn't get much time with them before I was roasted."

Emerald sighs, and then says to get up and get disguised. They have a meeting that they have to attend.

"Ah, so ready to go?" Ruby says, looking between the two.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-08 09:58:01 No. 32771980

Emerald asks for one more moment, and then turns to the succubi and tells her to be truthful with him always and asks if she ever had the souls from the pair of dead ponies, and if she killed them.

"Nope to both. Never had the chance to do either. We were talking maybe thirty seconds before I was toasted." Ann says shrugging.

Emerald has to admit to being disappointed in both Ann and Pip. Perhaps it was folly to trust demons, but he still expected better from both of them considering the position they are in now. He'll have to have a talk with both of them later.

Emerald turns back to Ruby and asks her to lead the way. The filly nods, and the trio begin to walk down roads and alleyways, taking shortcuts over fences and under causeways. Even if this was his dimension, he isn't sure he'd know where he was. It appears to be on the outskirts of the Central Castle District.

"C'mon, in here. This is the meeting point." Ruby says as she jumps a wall and opens a warehouse door. Ruby goes first, followed by Ann. Emerald looks inside as he wanders in. The place is full of boxes and sacks full of things. It's incredibly dusty, and the colt is pretty sure no one has been here for a while.

"Who are we waiting for?" Ann asks, looking around.

I'm not sure yet. You'll recognize them though. They'll be wearing a weird clown mask." Ruby says.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-08 02:20:55 No. 32772739

The colt asks if it's the same clown gang from the wanted poster.

She chuckles and says, "Yeah, that's them. Don't worry though, they are cool."

Despite the fact he knows not everyone on a wanted poster is bad, Emerald starts to feel a little nervous. He wonders if Ruby might betray him. He lights up his arcane vision and looks around.

He doesn't see anything other than Ann and Ruby nearby. He runs a hoof down the spine of Pip's book, wondering if he should release her. He asks if Ruby is angry he interrupted her.

"I guess so, but I don't blame you for anything." Ruby says shrugging.

Emerald asks if she has a clown mask too.

"No. Perhaps when she is older." A stallion's voice says, from above. "Who is this?"

The trio look up to see a pony climbing down from a hatch to the roof. The pony is wearing a cape similar to Ruby's but is a more dull purple color. It goes well with his orange mane and pink fur. He's wearing a clown mask with a toothy grin missing a tooth. The eyes of the mask are wide and friendly looking, but with the stallion's demeanor it comes off kind of terrifying.

"His name is Sapphire. He has some demons with him, so I figured he may be kind of useful. Plus, he needs a place to stay." Ruby replies. "He has pretty good control over them. He put one in a book, and the other seems a bit frightened of him.

Ann turns her nose up at Ruby, but doesn't say anything.

"Just because he has demons doesn't mean he's on our side, Ruby. Not all summoners are bad, but a lot of them are." He says, walking up to the colt and looking at him. At least Emerald thinks he is looking at him. He doesn't see any eyeholes in the mask.

"What is your purpose in Whitherwater, little summoner?" He says.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-09 04:14:25 No. 32777171

Emerald says that he is trying to find his way back home. He was brought here by powerful magics, and he is guessing he'll need powerful magics to return. For that, he needs to speak to Joyride.

He mentions that speaking with Joyride may be difficult, so he's looking for some help or perhaps a place to stay while he figures out a way to get to her.

"And I'm assuming you haven't gone straight to the Order because of your friends." The masked pony says, nodding to Ann.

Emerald agrees that is the truth, and mentions that he did end up speaking with Hope and her choir. He then apologizes, mentioning how he interrupted Ruby's job.

"Even interrupted, she did manage to finish it. We'll worry about the consequences of that later." The masked pony says, tilting his head. "You said you spoke with the Saint? Did she examine or otherwise remove any items from you?"

A bit of a peculiar question, but Emerald says that the book he has, his focus, was searched.

"Let me see it, if you please."

Emerald hands the book over. The masked pony opens it upside down and shakes it. From inside, a small scarp of paper falls from the book. It looks a bit like a scarlet red bookmark.

The masked pony picks it up and says, "Hmm... Important enough to track, were you? We'll need to dispose of this. Ruby, if you know someone has been in contact with the Order, make sure to ask them if the Order took anything."

"Uh, right." Ruby says, sheepishly. She takes the bookmark and says, "I'll go see if I can find a storm drain or something nearby."

"Good girl." he says nodding, watching the filly leave.

The room goes silent as the pair stare at each other. Ann is sitting nearby, not saying anything.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-09 07:51:57 No. 32778109



Emerald mentally kicks himself for not thinking to check for some sort of tracking spell. He asks what they know.

"They'll know the current position of that slip of paper, and also everywhere it's been. Luckily they won't know how long you were ever in one place, unless they've been actively trying to sense your movements."

The colt asks if summoning demons leaves any signs behind that they might spot. The masked pony asks for some clarification on whether they were summoned or just called from elsewhere. He also asks what exactly the demons did after they came. He mentions Ann's injuries, but he isn't sure he should mention how they got them exactly.

After Emerald responds the stallion says, "Hmm... You should be fine. As long as they didn't use any actual demonic powers they shouldn't know what you did."

There is another silence, and then Emerald asks his name. And what's with the clown masks. They seem pretty inconvenient.

"Both those questions will be answered once you speak with our leader." The pony says as Ruby returns from her task.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-10 06:36:46 No. 32782193

Emerald asks if he'll need to do anything when they meet.

"Answer the bosses questions. If he says you're trustworthy you'll be fine. If not, we'll probably lead you back out and tell you not to return and to never speak of what happened. Unlike some in this city, we don't punish foals with death." The clown says. "Ms. Demon. If you would please stay here, or somewhere safe and hidden. We'll have Sapphire summon you once it's safe to do so. I'm sorry to insist on this."

Ann looks to Emerald, who nods, and also tells her to stay in the room and hide from anyone who might enter.

The masked pony then puts his cape hood up, and Ruby does as well. He follows them, and they walk to a nearby sewer maintenance grate. Ruby and the masked pony remove it and they all enter.

He then hooves the colt a sash of some kind. It takes Emerald a second to realize what he wants him to do.

He ties the blindfold on, and after that he is led down the tunnels. He tries his best to remember where he is taken, but he thinks they may have doubled back once or twice, and he gets confused. After about half an hour he hears a knock on a door.

"Masks on." A stallion says. He waits a few seconds, and then there is a clink of keys. He is led in, and then he hears the door close behind him. "Boss, you here? You can take off the sash now by the way."

Emerald removes the blindfold. The room he is in is wood paneled on the floor while the walls are rock. In the center of the room is a wooden table and stools with a rough, stained tablecloth atop it. In the corner is a cheap looking kind of throne on a small carpet. To his right he sees the door close. The stallion must have went there. There are two other openings. One in front of her looks to be a kitchen, and to the left there is a barracks-like room of beds.

Ruby sits at the table and offers Emerald a seat. She then asks, "So, whadda think? Me Kah-Sah, Sue Kah-Sah."

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-10 08:54:07 No. 32782969

Emerald wonders what the last words Ruby said were, but then realizes she is speaking in another language. The colt asks if she can speak Donkey.

"Ah no, I just learned some in passing from a friend." She says. She then checks the bottle next to her. Giving it a sniff, she sticks out her tongue in disgust and pushes the bottle and cup aside.

The colt briefly considers summoning Ann, but then realizes that these ponies may want him to wait until she can be trusted. Emerald says it's a pretty neat hideout, and asks if that's the kitchen she cooks in.

"Yeah! I mean it gets pretty cramped when there are too many people around, and there aren't any windows, but I like it." Ruby says nodding.

A little nervously, Emerald asks if it's true the Order puts foals to death sometimes.

"So I've heard from these guys. But I don't get what is going on when they talk about it, and they don't explain it to me. It sounds like it's a merciful thing in the Orders eyes, because it has to do with demons or something." Ruby says shrugging."I try not to think about it too much, you know?"

Emerald asks if there is anything he should know before meeting the boss.

"Hmm... I'm not sure I'm allowed to tell you anything."

The stallion with the mask comes out, and then says, "He was napping. He says he wants to question you when more people are around, and that some of the others will be back soon."

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-11 07:00:42 No. 32787500

Emerald asks if he can practice magic or anything while he waits.

"I'd prefer if you didn't." The clown mask pony says. After a second he says, " Erm, do you like to draw? Kids like to draw, right?"

He heads in the direction of the bedroom and Ruby rolls her eyes. The colt asks if she can do any alchemy.

"Huh? Oh uh, no. That'd be cool if I could though. It seems pretty neat." Ruby says smiling.

Emerald asks if he can be shown around.

"I guess, but it's not like there is a whole lot. To see that I can show you."

The kitchen is small but functional. There is a small pantry beside it, and it's mostly full of preserved foods such as cans and dried produce.

The door to the left of the bedroom is a washroom. Ruby says she isn't allowed in the boss' room. While checking this they pass by the clown mask pony, who is grabbing a ground down box of crayons and paper from the shelves.

The pair sit down and start to draw when there is a knock on the door. The masked pony walks up and has a whispered conversation and then the door opens.

Two more masked ponies enter, these two are mares. The shorter of them has a mask with closed eyes and a smile with a blush. The taller has X''s for eyes.

The shorter one of them does a double take in his direction. She says, "How curious... Hee-hee-hee..."

"Hmm? What is this?" The taller one says confused, looking in the colt's direction.

What does Emerald do?

2018-08-11 08:24:17 No. 32788001

The shorter mare's laugh reminds him of Sensoria, but the clown faced pony before him is too short to be her. Plus her fur and tail color are different. They are a sage green and light blue-purple respectively.

Emerald looks to the other mare though, and realizes that her coloring and height seems to be about right to be Sensoria. Thinking back on the voice he heard, it even sounded like her, though he doesn't want to say anything yet in case he is wrong.

"Is he trustworthy?" The shorter one says slinking over to him.

"Not yet, the boss wants to question him when more people come back." the original googly-eyed clown pony says. He then looks to the Sensoria look-a-like.

She seems to snap out of thought and says, "I think two more are coming back soon. I heard there mission was a success, so the boss will be happy."

Emerald introduces himself as Sapphire.

"Nice to meet you. we'd return the introduction, but I don't think that's a good idea quite yet.

Emerald asks about the clown masks, and how they can see out of them if they don't have any eyeholes.

"Eh-hee-hee... Lot's of curiosity from the curious one..." She says. "You know, I think I trust him already."

What does Emerald do?
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