You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-10-18 05:20:58 No. 33065492
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>Emerald waits for the rest of the gang to arrive, and then the leader appears.
>Emerald and "Tourmaline" converse for a bit, before he reveals that he is in fact the Emerald of this dimension.
>Tourmaline claims to trust Emerald, but wants him to stay in the barracks for the time being, until they can figure out what to do.
>Tourmaline introduces Emerald to his own demon, a Sicariusdaemon named "Eda".
>Tourmaline reveals he is trying to overthrow the Order in Whitherrwater because they took over his step parent's castle.
>The Uictoria and Rat of this dimension are revealed under some of the clown masks, as is this dimension's Sensoria.
> Apparently the cannon that Ruby shot was meant as a distraction so that the gang could steal a teleportation beacon, though for what purpose they wanted the beacon is unclear.
>After more conversation they decide to make dinner where it is revealed that Eda is one of Pip's sisters.
>More importantly however, it seems that Eda met Tourmaline's mother and stepfather. The mother sounds like it could have been Sunshine Sea.
>After dinner Emerald teaches the two foals the true sight spell for fun.
>Everyone decides it's time for sleep, and Emerald is invited to Tourmaline's room for the night...

Continued in next post...

2018-10-18 05:32:21 No. 33065529

Emerald flops onto the makeshift bed, letting out a bit of an oomph as he lands. He then turns towards the papers and the chest and asks what it all is.

"Oh, future possible plans, notes, hopes, dreams... You know, the usual." He says. He then hops over Emerald and points to the chest saying, "And this baby is treasure! Treasure has to go in a treasure chest after all. Some of it is from home, some of it from here, but all of it is our war fund."

Emerald asks what's in the bottle.

"Emergency escape measures." He says putting a hoof over his lips and winking jovially. "One time use only unfortunately."

Emerald asks how he got here initially.

"Well, after the Order came and conquered my castle I decided to come here. It is the heart of evil, after all. I had Eda with me at that point, and we met Uictoria on the way here. Shortly after we found Rat, who got us in touch with most of the others. We've been recruiting and scouting safehouses pretty much sense then. That and causing trouble." He says with a smug grin.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-18 07:48:28 No. 33066050

Emerald asks how he escaped the Order. Well, I was lone gone once I knew the Order was going to win. I mean, they were more concerned with my step-dad after all.

Emerald asks what sort of things have happened to the Order since he's been here.

"Mmm... Not too much yet. Still gathering people, power, equipment, making our presence known. You know, guerilla stuff." He says.

The dimension hopping colt asks what he plans to do once he gets his castle back.

"Uh, rule it in luxury of course." He says. "I am the rightful owner after all, why shouldn't I?"

Emerald asks if he only had a stepfather, and not a step mother.

"Hmm? Yeah, it was only step-poop." he says, tapping his chest annoyed.

Emerald asks what he thinks of Ruby.

"She's great. Helps pass the time. She's pretty useful." Tourmaline says.

Emerald asks if he knows Papillon.

"I do... How do you know her in your world?" He asks curiously, raising an eyebrow.

Emerald explains his relationship with him.

"I see... Our relationship is a bit better than that, though I haven't had a chance to speak to her since I've gotten here..." He says, tapping the chest.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-19 04:40:04 No. 33068566

Emerald props himself up on his forelegs and asks what their relationship is.

"We are to be wed. Some might say 'were', but I'm not giving up that easy, and I hope that she shall not either." Tourmaline says. Emerald notices he blushes slightly.

He goes kind of quiet after this, seemingly in thought. Emerald clears his throat, and asks what happened with his step-dad. He heard someone say he was there when he was killed.

"Yes. He had known that for a while that the Order was on it's way over. He had gotten reports of a bunch of soldiers coming our way. What he hadn't expected however was a kill squad busting in through our guards and trying to fill him full of arrows." He shakes his head and then says. "I don't really want to talk about what exactly happened too much. I ran to a secret exit under the castle. I'm sure it's the same for you? Big room with a summoning circle? Leads to some caves and then out into a forest?"

Emerald nods. He certainly does remember that area.

Emerald asks what the deal with the keyhole on that chest.

"It opens with a special key. Why you asking? Trying to steal my goods?" He says, chuckling.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-19 06:19:38 No. 33068912

Emerald asks if the scepter is the key.

"Oh." He says frowning. "Yeah. It is. You figured it out pretty quick, heh."

The colt says that his papillon is a stubborn one, so she probably won't give up anytime soon.

"Yeah, she's the same here. She's got the fire in her soul, you know what I mean?" He says chuckling, and then after a moment says again. "The fire."

The colt asks if there were any demons in the cave, and what the summoning circle looked like.

"I don't really remember specifically what the circle looked like. I was in a bit of a rush you know." He says grinning. "The cave was empty though."

Emerald asks what he knows about Saint Hope. She seems to really like foals.

"Yes. Yes she does." He says with a laugh. "It's one of her well known and worst kept secrets, though good luck going around trying to talk about it with anyone."

The colt then asks Tourmaline if he ran into Venator or Alacris.

"I don't know anything about an Alacris, but I have heard of Venator. A salty, tough ol' bastard apparently." He says.

Emerald tells Tourmaline about his Sensoria, Uictoria, Joyride, Hope, and Ruby. Speaking about the differences between them.

"Wow, weird... So familiar but completely different. It's kind of hard to imagine an incredibly lewd and confident Joyride to be honest." He says, laughing hard again. "Too bad our Sensoria doesn't work in the castle, would have made things a lot easier..."

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-20 03:23:29 No. 33071792

(this is on mobile so sorry if there are mistakes.)

Emerald explains how he escaped his step parents, using the same story he told Ruby.

"Interesting..." he says, without saying more.

Emerald asks why he thinks Joyride has little confidence. If she is immortal and powerful you'd think she'd be like his Hoyride.

"She's immortal? Well that would explain a lot..." he says thinking. "To be honest I don't know her too well. Maybe something different happened here that changed her?"

Emerald says that it's a shame that he didn't know Joyride. She taught him a lot. The colt then says that maybe he can show Tourmaline what he learned. Be then waggles his eyebrows.

"Heh, yeah, but not now. Let's talk a little first. Call it... Foreplay I guess." Tourmaline says wiggling back.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-20 05:17:35 No. 33072293

Emerald comments that in his dimension Sepulcher never went through with his invasion, and maybe that has something to do with it since Joyride was part of his army.

"Hmm... Maybe she felt guilty in this dimension? Maybe she never joined the zombie hordes at all? I wouldn't really know. Sepulcher was killed long before I was even born." He says with a shrug. He then plops right next to Emerald on the makeshift bed. He doesn't take off any of his clothes.

Emerald asks how often Hope recruits for her choir, and how she goes about doing that.

"She finds a colts she's particularly interested in and 'trains' him, if you know what I mean. In all seriousness when a foal shows promise she takes them in and trains them to become loyal dogs to the Order." He thinks for a second and then says. "Usually they display some sort of strength. Like strength, magical ability, bravery, or all of the above."

Emerald asks what he wants to speak about.

"Did you... Did you say you might know who your mother was? I actually don't care that much or anything." He says trying to be dismissive, and then finishes. "But you know, since I had the chance I was wondering if you knew."

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-21 04:56:03 No. 33075799

Emerald explains about how he is currently looking for that answer to that himself. And that he suspects a mare by the name of Sunshine Sea.

"Sunshine Sea? Well that can't be right..." Tourmaline says, raising an eyebrow incredulously.

Emerald asks how he knows her, and what he means.

"Well I've never talked to her or anything, but she's Joyride's assistant or bodyguard or something..." He say, leaning back slightly. Emerald hadn't realized it, but he was leaning in towards him. "She's super strong too apparently, though not as much as Joyride is."

It had never crossed his mind that Tourmaline would know who she was. Emerald quickly asks if Eda knows Sunshine Sea. After all, she gave a good description of her.

"As far as I know she hasn't met her either. Thank goodness too. I doubt that she could stand up to Joyride, much less her retainer or whatever she is."

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-21 08:33:58 No. 33076490

(Probably won't be able to update much if at all tomorrow.)

Emerald is a bit confused. Why would she stay around Joyride in this world, but not in his dimension? Maybe it's a different pony altogether? Emerald asks Tourmaline to describe her.

"Mare. Rather pretty, with a blue coat. Her mane is white and ... Well it sorta looks like mine, actually." Tourmaline says thinking. "I haven't really been able to see her close. Hope you understand."

That does sound like her...

Emerald buries his face in the pillow in front of him. Now he's just confused. He wants to see this Sunshine. But this Sunshine isn't the one from his universe, so really it's just possibly Tourmaline's mom. He's technically not related to her in any way. On top of that she's part of the Order, so probably not a particularly nice person. One way or another though she might run into her. He has to get to Joyride after all.

Emerald lifts his head and offers to infiltrate the Order.

"Honestly, now that you've put it in my head that Sunshine could be my mother it makes me want to infiltrate it myself." He says shrugging and sighing. "It sounds like you are planning something dangerous there though. Are you sure you are up for it?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-23 04:52:17 No. 33082712



Emerald says he's willing to take the risk. He needs to get to Joyride so he can return to his dimension. If that means he has to infiltrate the Order, than he'll have to take that risk and do it.

"I mean, really though? Are you sure?" Tourmaline asks.

Emerald points out that they are basically the same person, and asks what he would do if he was in this situation.

"Heh! You know, I like your zeal!" He says, standing up. "Lemme know if I can help. You know, as long as I don't have to do too much."

Emerald smiles, and asks if the Order knows who Tourmaline is, or if they've ever seen him.

"Hrm, I've never visited the castle before no, but they'd my name for sure. The only person I know there directly is Papillon, and she would also come to visit me. It's possibly some of the higher-ups may know who I am though."

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-23 07:08:13 No. 33083113

Emerald grins despite himself. He never realized how cute he was until he saw himself just now. Emerald asks how he can contact him.

"Well... I still don't want you leaving yet, so it should be pretty easy to find me!" Tourmaline says, posing.

Emerald asks how he would infiltrate the Order.

"Hey, if I knew how to do it 100% I would ahve done so already." He says smirking.

Emerald asks what he has on the bookshelves.

"A lot of history books, mostly about the Order and Whitherwater. Also lot's of notes and stuff too." He says shrugging.

Emerald asks if he wears anything else.

"Nah, all I got are capes. Capes and crowns. Why would I need anything else?"

Emerald asks if he can at least use some of his eyeshadow.

"Yeah sure. I dont' got much of it so i'll let you use some tomorrow."

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-23 09:10:26 No. 33083503

Emerald asks if the Order controls the flow of information.

"Yup, that's why I have all these books. I have to parse out what's true and what isn't. Also trying to see if I can catch them in a lie and expose it to embarrass them." Tourmaline says smiling smugly.

Emerald decides to check out the books tomorrow, for now though he asks how he handles Eda, and asks what he does if she disobeys.

"Well I mean, you just need to choose your words carefully. If you are their master, they have to listen to you." He says. "They are pretty good at finding loopholes though. It just takes experience."

Emerald asks why Papillon still lives in the castle.

"Because technically the royal family is still the leader of Whitherwater. It's in name only though really. I'm sure when they can they will get rid of them." Tourmaline says shrugging.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-24 11:42:19 No. 33085212

Emerald hopes that his Papillon stays safe, and asks Tourmaline what his plans are for tomorrow.

"More planning probably. Like I said, I don't want to spend too much time outside the barracks. It could be a bit dangerous."

Emerald asks if there are any other higher ups he should know about.

"Hmm... Well you know about the Hope, Joyride, and the royal family... I suppose there are the Order Accusers. Basically they have carte blanche to investigate anyone and anything that they may consider dangerously demonic or evil. In the city itself there are currently around... Hmm... I think twelve or so agents? But they'll go off on quests for the Order on occasion, and get restationed and shuffled around constantly." Tourmaline thinks for a moment and then says. "You'll recognize them easily. They all have weird masks on."

Emerald asks how long he is going to keep him in the barracks.

"Mmm... A few days I suppose. If you are really planning on trying to infiltrate the Order, than maybe a bit sooner."

Emerald asks if he can see Tourmaline's mother's amulet.

"You show me yours, and I'll show you mine." He says, grinning smugly.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-24 04:45:15 No. 33086083

He says he's definitely breaking into the Order, one way or another. He needs to return to his dimension.

"Okay okay, jeez." Tourmaline says.

Emerald asks what accuser masks look like.

"They are all different. Uh, let's see..." He says, pushing aside notes. Picking some up, reading them for a second, putting it down, and then grabbing others. Eventually he says, "Currently I know there are three actively moving around the city during the night. One sorta looks like a lamp shade with air holes. Don't know what that one's name is. Another has something that looks like a welding mask. He's from out of town, but we don't know much more than that. The last has one like an elephant. The mask's name is 'Ebur'. A big fellow wearing thick plates of armor."

Emerald removes his bandanna and shows off his amulet.

Tourmaline whistles and says, "Look at the size of that jewel. A little jealous, I gotta say. My amulet has cooler carvings though."

He removes his cape, revealing an amulet with an intricate spider web inlaid on it's surface.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-24 08:09:50 No. 33086669

Emerald says it's pretty neat. He asks if it does anything cool since it's bound to Eda. He isn't sure if she should tell Tourmaline about the power of his amulet.

"Yeah, it sticks to me. Like if I toss it away it comes back. Eda also always knows where it is, so if I call her she can come. It's pretty cool to see her teleport. She like, walks through the shadows."

Emerald asks how mad they are at Tourmaline. Is he in immediate danger if he is recognized?

"Immediate danger? No, probably not. But they'll definitely stop and detain you. What happens after that is beyond me." He says shrugging and bringing Emerald close, tapping amulets.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-25 06:20:39 No. 33089295

Emerald helps the colt undress himself, pecking him with kisses all the while.

Tourmaline gives a snorting laugh, and pointing down he asks. "Wow, what's that. A bit of a freak, are we?"

Emerald looks down to see what he's talking about, and then remembers he has a piece of equipment on that he forgot he put on.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-30 03:03:25 No. 33109664

The pair plop into the bed. Tourmaline spoons him closely, wrapping his forelegs around. Emerald asks how he was.

"You were grea-Zzzzz..." He says, suddenly falling asleep.

Emerald chuckles, and then closes his eyes.


The colt hears some rustling, and Emerald wakes up sleepily the next day, looking around. He sees Tourmaline standing up, fixing his cloak into place.

"Ah, you awake? Feel free to laze around a bit. It's not like I have not much for you to do other than keep out of trouble. Breakfast should be pretty soon, and if you want a bath the bathroom is next to the barracks area."

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-30 05:42:28 No. 33110250

The colt checks the ring that is on him. There is one filled orb.

"Glad I could help out." Tourmaline says with a smirk.

Emerald asks if he was his first. He says he was pretty good.

"Well of course not. I thought it was clear we sorta had the same kind of childhood." He says, tilting his head.

Emerald stretches and he asks how he can help out around here. Maybe he can teach her some things. Like magic or writing or whatever.

"Yeah sure. If you are keeping her busy then both of you will be out of my mane, and I'll have more time for planning mischief." He says with a smug, bratty smile.

Emerald sticks his tongue out playfully at him, and asks if he can use some eyeliner. He says he can, and Tourmaline helps him put some on, telling him how to do it, and doing one eye for him while Emerald does another.

Tourmaline nods approvingly and then leaves the room.

What does Emerald do?

2018-10-31 01:30:17 No. 33113376

Whew, nice!


Emerald wants to see how the eye shadow looks, but there doesn't seem to be any mirror in the room, so he gets up and ties on his bandanna. He decides to check the blow he got from the jizz gun, and though it's still a little sore it seems to be healing nicely. After making the bed he leaves the room to see Ann and Ruby sitting at the table.

The demon and the foal are rubbing down bladed weapons with rags. Ruby has some sort of thin, thrusting sword while Ann has something more akin to a longsword. There are a number of bottles and jars on the table, each seeming to be some sort of oil or cleaner.

Ann spots the colt and wishes him a good morning, which he returns. Ruby pipes up next and says, "Hey check it out! Didn't I do a good job?"

She turns the side of the sword near Emerald. She polished it so well that he can actually see his reflection in it. The eyeliner looks quite nice.

"Hey you got some of our Emerald's make up on. If I didn't see him leave the room just now I would have thought you were trying to play a trick on me. Or wait, maybe you are?" Ruby says, suspiciously.

Ann chuckles. It's pretty clear she knows it's Emerald. If he had to guess, it's probably because of the pact they have with each other.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-01 05:27:01 No. 33118435

Emerald winks at Ruby and asks her if she wants to guess which he is.

Ruby squints at Emerald for a second, and then her eyes go wide and grins.

"Wait one sec!" She says, hopping up and running to the beds and then returning quickly with her focus. She closes her eyes, and casts the arcane sight spell.

"You are the other Emerald!" She says, quite proud of her self.

Emerald nods, and asks what they are doing.

"Cleanin' Eda's weapons! She has a ton of them. Can you believe she won't even let me have one of them?" Ruby says, picking up the sword she was working on and taking a fighting stance for a second. She then sits back down and begins polishing the weapon again.

Emerald asks if she can show him how to use a sword.

"I'm not really allowed to use real weapons... But I can show you what I know later if you want!." She says grinning.

Emerald asks Ann how she slept.

"Good. Everyone here is pretty nice ya know? Eda and I hung out for a while. We connected because we both have twerps for masters." She says, sticking her tongue out and grinning. "How'd you sleep last night?"

She makes sure to enunciate the word "sleep".

Emerald smiles and says he slept quite well. He then asks if he can speak with her quickly.

Ann tilts her head, but gets up and follows him to a lonely corner of the small area. Emerald tells Ann about his ring, and asks if there is a way she can get it off.

"Not unless you know the safe word, or please another four people." She says.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-01 09:45:52 No. 33119274

Emerald asks if there is a way they could copulate in order to get the ring off. He also asks Ann if she has a way to sense the desire in others in order to make getting the ring off easier.

"Yes to both, Ah-ha..." Ann says, rubbing the back of her head and then crossing her arms. "I know this is sort of ironic coming from me but I feel like we kinda have a bigger situation on our hooves here. Shouldn't you be working on a way out? I'd rather not be killed by these nut jobs running the city."

Emerald nods, and then tells Ann that sometime in the near future he is going to try to infiltrate the order of the arrow to get close to their Joyride. He says that Ann may have to stay here while he does that. For both their safeties. He asks if she can shield any demonic taint or presence on me from their prying eyes.

"Not others, no." She says a bit disdainfully before brightening up. "That is a power beyond that of a succubus but... Hey you know, I bet Eda could help you with that. Assassins are pretty good at the kind of thing, and the demon kind especially so."

The colt asks how the hierarchy of power for demons even works.

"It's a chaotic system of power upheaval, winding schemes, and wars... At least politically." She says shrugging. "If you mean in the way in matters, the pyrodaemons are on top. Why do you think Tartarus is always on fire? That's the way they like it. Behind them is the cryodaemons, who own a deep part of it... They sort of eternally war with each other. Below that are a few others, and then the rest of us, where the politics I mentioned starts to kick in."

Emerald says that asks how long she can hold her shape changing ability for.

"As long as I need to." She says, tilting her head again.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-02 06:47:33 No. 33122600

The colt says she may need to turn into somepony for a while.

"Well, sounds more fun than doing nothing. It's not like I can refuse your orders anyway." She says shrugging.

Emerald then mentions that he finds it funny she is concerned about him trying to get his ring off when she did worse by luring two stallions into the woods.

"So you are comparing both our actions then? So you admit chasing tail right now is a bad idea? I'm glad we came to the same conclusion." She says, tittering.

Emerald asks where Eda is.

"Helping the hunky stallion with breakfast." She says giggling. "The silent one. The first guy we met? I forget his name. It was a grain of some kind."

Emerald thinks she must be thinking of Alfalfa. The colt asks how long Ann can go without souls or sex.

"Well... I mean I don't need either of those to survive but..." She says, sighing. "The longer I go without either the more I'll want them."

Emerald asks if she has a house in Tartarus. Pip made it sound like she had one down there, so he's curious if she has one.

"Well, I have a spot in a den of other succubi. We called it the satin shrine. It was pretty awesome." She says, sighing wistfully.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-02 09:08:59 No. 33122985

Emerald frowns at Ann's attempt to avoid taking responsibility, but short of literally ordering her to do it she'll probably just keep dodging.

Emerald asks if she still has Pip's book.

"Nah, I wedged it between the sidewall and a box in the barracks. It's on the shelf. Pretty easy to spot if you need her." She says.

Emerald asks if she has seen Uictoria... Or strawberry as she's known here.

"Nope. I think she's still out on a mission, or maybe left early." she replies.

Emerald boops the demon right in the horns and then decides to go check in on Eda.

Alfalfa and the assassin seem to be making some sort of rice porridge. Neither of them are talking or even looking at each other, though at the same time neither seem to dislike the others company.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-03 05:42:59 No. 33126173

Emerald stands behind them, enjoying the calm. Eventually he gets bored and starts making faces at them, but they seem to be rather preoccupied in their work. He calls out quite loudly at them, greeting them.

Eda jumps, and Alfalfa turns and raises an eyebrow.

"Eek! You scared me." Eda says, making a nervous face.

"C'mon, don't encourage him." Alfalfa says back to the demon. "I bet you heard him coming way before even I did."

"Eh-heh... C'mon, he tried..." Eda says giggling.

Emerald asks how they are doing, and if they need help with anything.

"Well, I think we are almost finished with the rice porridge..." Eda says.

"If you want to set the table you can." Alfalfa grunts out, pointing to a cabinet with some drawers. Emerald notices that there are some bags under his eyes.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-03 10:12:24 No. 33127095

Emerald asks Alfalfa if he's alright.

"Yes. I just haven't had much sleep recently. This is more like my dinner than my breakfast, little one." He says.

The colt decides to leave him be, and turns to Eda, asking if she cooks for everyone often and if rice porridge is a common food here.

"Well, it's not uncommon I guess? It's definitely cheap." She says tittering to herself. "As for cooking, we switch off. It falls to me on more occasions since sleep is as necessary for demons as it is for ponies."

Emerald asks if he can have a one-on-one talk with her later. He wants to know about assassin demons and also he wants to ask some things.

"Eh-heh-heh... Sure...?" She says, tilting her head in a questioning manner.

The table is soon set and everyone comes out for breakfast. Besides who has seen this morning, Emerald notices that Rat joins them while stifling a yawn.

Emerald greets him a good morning. He also looks like he didn't get much sleep last night.

"Hey there. Hope you had a good sleep." He says, yawning a second time before digging into his breakfast.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-04 06:39:53 No. 33131087

Emerald says that he had a good nights sleep, and shares a knowing look with Tourmaline, who is of course sitting at the head of the table. He asks if he had to stay up late.

"Yeah. We were tailing one of the newer accusers that came into town. He looks like a dude wearing a shark's head. We'll probably need to do it again tonight, because we couldn't gather too much info." He says sighing.

The colt notices that Eda isn't eating, and that Ann has far less food than anyone else. Emerald asks about this, and Ann comments that she doesn't want to be rude. He remembers that they don't really need to eat, and wonders if sleep is the same way.

"We don't really get tired in the same way, but who doesn't like a good nap? It's one of the few nice things about being up here other than the souls." She then laughs a little creepily while and continues. "It's not really a great idea to sleep in Tartarus you know. Not unless you want to sleep permanently. Eh-heh-heh..."

Emerald asks what today's plans are.

Most of them say they are going out or sleeping, but it sounds like Ruby, Tourmaline, Eda, and Ann will be hanging around today. Uictoria should be coming back soon, but she'll probably want to sleep a little when she returns.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-05 10:28:03 No. 33133201

Emerald continues eating his rice porridge. It's not exactly high cuisine, in fact it's a little bland, but he enjoys it all the same.

Emerald asks what sort of mask Ruby would get if she got the chance.

"Hrm... An intimidating one, with lot's of teeth and an evil, dangerous glare! Oh, and a flaming mane! That'd be awesome!" She says, spooning up the rest of her porridge. Ruby then suddenly remembers something and runs to the barracks and back, bringing the sword she was polishing.

"I finished this up, Eda. Did you need help with any others?" Ruby says, offering the sword to her.

"Hmm..." She says, taking the sword and putting it in her cloak. She then pulls out something that looks like a giant bone saw and says. "If you really want to you can polish this. I barely use it but it's fun every once and a while. Eh-heh-heh..."

The colt has no idea how she managed this. Maybe she has some sort of magical cloak? Emerald asks how she keeps those all hidden. He also asks how many she has.

"Well I am an assassin demon... Sneaking weapons into places is kind of a requirement, eh-heh... As for how many I have well... I take a souvenir from every target, so quite a lot." She says, cackiling evilly again.

Speaking of hidden things and masks, Emerald asks out loud why Accusers wear the weird masks.

"Hrm, that's a better question to ask Uictoria." Tourmaline says with a shrug. "She is pretty good at explaining it since she was part of the Order. Something about keeping anonymous while doing your duty or something. I dunno. She should be back pretty soon hopefully. Hopefully Sensoria as well."

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-06 04:22:08 No. 33137868

Emerald asks if they have any Etherlock pistol ammo.

"Nah, that kind of thing is military only. Hopefully we'll get access to some though. I always thought those weapons looked cool." Tourmaline says grinning.

The colt then asks if they've ever thought of enchanting their masks.

"Well, some of them are." Tourmaline says. "Rat can turn invisible temporarily. Sensoria's allows long range contact with Alfalfa, and Uictoria's let's her cast a lesser version of 'Straight as an Arrow' on herself."

Emerald decides right now would be a good time to grab Pip. After all, it's probably not a good idea to leave her unwatched, even if she is stuck in her book. Luckily Emerald finds her tome quite quickly in the barracks. There is only one shelf, and there isn't really that much on it.

Emerald hears a knock on the door of the hideout, and Alfalfa rushes quickly over to it. There is some whispered conversation, and then the door is opened, revealing a haggard looking Uictoria.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-07 10:22:56 No. 33140852

Emerald trots over to Uictoria and asks if she's okay, and if she wants some breakfast.

"Yes to both those things, little one." Uictoria says, patting the colt on the head a few times and then walking over to the table. Emerald goes to grab her some food as Tourmaline asks.

"You see Sensoria on the way back?"

"Yeah, she'll be back soon. She just wanted to double check the area to make sure no one was around." Uictoria says yawning as Emerald pushes some porridge in front of her.

Emerald asks Tourmaline about the "straight as an arrow" spell is.

It's actually Uictoria who answers and says, "It's a modified version of a berserk spell for emergency use. The mage casts a spell on someone and then names a target. The enchanted person becomes fixed on taking out the target, and their strength, fitness, reaction times, pain resistance, and especially their speed become drastically increased. Unlike other spells of their kind the enchanted person keeps their mental faculties for their most part. That is to say while they are fixated on their target, they still have a sense of self preservation and can identify friendlies."

Emerald asks if they have such a great spell why isn't it used for non-emergencies?

"Because it's rough on the target of the spell. Even if they were to take out the enemy quickly their body can become exhausted by short term use of the spell. Most require a day or two of rest afterwards, and that's the best case situation. Because of the rise in pain tolerance and their fixation on their target some fight while mortally wounded without realizing it until afterwards."

What dose Emerald do?
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