You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-11-23 02:56:36 No. 33211039
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>Emerald asks a bit about Tourmaline's past, and finds out it was pretty similar to his.
>A few differences being that Papillon and Tourmaline seem to get along much better in this dimension. Joyride being much 'purer' in this dimension, and that Sepulcher was killed some time ago.
>Perhaps most importantly of all is that Sunshine Sea is still alive in this dimension.
>After a night of lovin', Emerald wakes up the next day to find Ann and Ruby polishing weapons.
>Emerald speaks with Ann briefly, running a few situations by her for future planning of their attack on the Order.
>Emerald then goes to the kitchen and speaks briefly with Alfalfa and Eda, asking Eda if he can speak with her later.
>They then have breakfast, where both Rat and Uictoria eventually show up.
>Emerald gets some headpats from Uictoria, and then asks her about the "straight as an arrow" spell.

Continued in next post...

2018-11-23 03:02:04 No. 33211064

Emerald asks how many times Uictoria has cast the spell.

"Seven times." She says dryly. "And Ever single time was a dire and unfortunate circumstance, and the recipients of the spell didn't come out unscathed."

Emerald asks what part of the city they are in.

Tourmaline answers this and says, "Well... I'm not very comfortable revealing that quite yet. Let's just say we are in the Castle District somewhere."

Uictoria yawns loudly as she eats, and Emerald asks if he can speak with her after she gets some sleep.

"Sure, little one." She says, nodding and yawning again.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-23 05:45:22 No. 33211785

Emerald decides to start doing the dishes while the others finish their food. Before Emerald can get through a few plates Eda decides to join him silently. She stands there silently. She cleans the dishes while handing them to Emerald, who soaks and dries.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-23 08:34:14 No. 33212406

Emerald asks what her favorite weapon is.

"Knives, though I collect a bit of everything. Variety is the spice of life after all." she replies.

The colt asks if there are dishwasher demons.

"Well, I mean... There are slaves that demons that wash dishes." She says shrugging.

Emerald ask how to get rid of demonic taint.

"A demon like myself could fashion something to cloak Ann, but you seem like you have some powerful magic on you already." She says.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-24 04:13:38 No. 33215710

Emerald asks why this place hasn't been found yet, since there are all sorts of demons here now.

"It took me some time, but I've put up plenty of totems and enchantments to protect us. Unfortunately there are only a few more hideouts we have that are this protected." She says and then finishes with. "Sensoria has been particularly useful in alerting us when someone is nearby."

Emerald says Ann figured it out pretty quick that he had some demonic taint. He asks if an accuser will be able to feel it as well.

"Hmm... Who's energy was she feeling? Was it my sister? Are you sure they were even trying to hide?" Eda says, tilting her head.

Emerald asks if Pip's demonic taint is hidden well while she is in her book.

"Yes, but she would be able to hide it well anyway." She says, looking a bit angry. "Isn't it funny? Pyrodaemons can mask their auras well, but they disguise themselves incredibly poorly, and most don't know how to act like ponies. An accuser would probably take them in from just how odd they are."

Eda grumbles about her sister under her breath, cleaning the dishes a little bit more aggressively than probably necessary.

Emerald asks what her least favorite weapon is, and maybe if she can show him how to use a dagger.

"Well, there is a difference between someone fighting with a dagger and assassinating people with daggers. I suppose I could show you some sweet spots to hit on ponies." She says giggling creepily. "As for my least favorite weapon it's probably hammers. Too brutal. Too messy."

Emerald says he's a bit confused about this whole dimension thing. If he gave her an order, or if Tourmaline gave Ann an order, would they have to follow it?

"Nope. Even if you are the same people from two different dimensions, you are still different ponies. After all, you've both had different lives and experiences, even if they share some similarities.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-24 05:34:34 No. 33215974

Emerald nods. It's good to know he is himself, and Tourmaline is his own person. The colt asks if he can boop her horns.

"C-can you not?" Eda says, leaning away from him slightly.

Emerald asks if he could be shown some cool assassination techniques. He also asks if he could get a cool cloak of subtlety.

"Yeah. It'll be mostly tendons and arteries, but there is other stuf I can show you as well. As for the cloak you'll have to ask Tourmaline for that. He said he doesn't want any that he doesn't know about."

Emerald nods, and then the go back to washing dishes silently while thinking. He's got a lot of good information. He wonders if could use it to plan out his next moves.

What's Emerald do?

2018-11-25 03:53:18 No. 33219170

Emerald asks if there is anything he should know since he may be walking around with demons.

"Honestly, you probably shouldn't walk around together if you can avoid it. Ann seems like she has it together enough to be able to hide, but with you along with her you'll just both endanger each other." She says, thinking. "You should be alright by yourself as long as you stay on the main roads. I don't know about where you come from, but here it isn't very usual for foals to go down dangerous side roads and alleys."

Emerald asks if she is concerned for her sisters safety here in the city at all.

"Not really. She'd probably torch a good portion of the city, and a chunk of the Order personnel along with it. They have their own ways of handling powerful demons though."

Emerald asks if demons have problems covering up their horns. It seems like a lot of them have weird ones.

"Not really, but it can be a little difficult to manifest powerful magic if we don't have our horns out." The demon says shrugging. "Most would rather just hide the horns under clothing."

Emerald says he's never killed a pony before, and hopes that he never has to. It would be useful to know how though. He then asks how many ponies she has killed.

"A few. It's been mostly other demons though." She says shrugging.

Emerald asks if she has heard of the pony who became a demon down in Tartarus.

"I have hard those stories before, but I wonder if it's just a way to inspire hope in the mortal slaves down there. You know. As a way to keep them in line." Eda says shrugging.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-25 07:50:56 No. 33220163

Emerald asks if she specifically means ponies or just their souls.

"Both, but mostly the latter." Eda says.

Emerald asks what she finds different between himself and her Emerald.

"Well, your hair color is a pretty obvious one, plus it's length. You both have a different way you hold yourselves as well. You are a bit less boisterous for instance.. These all come from the different experiences you two have had." She explains.

The colt asks if it's just "a few" she has killed.

"Yes. I've lived much longer in Tartarus than I have in your pony lands, after all. Don't really mind the pony assassinations. Easy prey, and most of the time I get to keep the meat, and sometimes even the souls."

Emerald asks how she kept so much stuff under her cloak.

"My kind is quite good at hiding weapons, both ethereally and physically. You've seen someone with a cloak like mine have you? Knowledge of my kind may have aided in the creation of their cloak."

The colt asks if she knows someone named Aldehyde.

"Hrm. I believe I've heard Tourmaline mention something about and Aldehyde. I'd ask him." Eda replies.

Emerald asks what she knows about Sunshine Sea, specifically what she looks like, and if she resembles Tourmaline's mother.

"Hmm, I think I have heard them described as having similar colors, but I can't know for sure." She says, thinking.

Emerald asks if she has any questions for him.

"Well, you plan to find Joyride correct? Can I ask you to think over something for me? If you can get that close to our Joyride, perhaps you can help us in our cause after you've gotten the information you needed." Eda says, finishing up the dishes and walking back towards the front room. She giggles and says, "Just wondering, you said you wanted me to show you some places to strike ponies to ensure a clean kill right?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-26 11:25:16 No. 33222340

Emerald says that he doesn't want to kill her, but if she wants something else then maybe they can discuss it.

"Hey now, just think on it. Anyway, let's work on those assassination moves, shall we?" She says, giggling creepily as she leaves the kitchen.

Emerald returns to the main room. Alfalfa wants them to be quiet since Rat and Uictoria are sleeping, so she starts off with some slower practice at first. Ruby joins in, and the demon shows the pair where the best tendons and arteries are to strike. Emerald did'n't realize it, but there are a lot of spots on both the front and back legs that he can be slashed and bleed out pretty easily.

She shows them self defensive moves, and the colt is a little surprised she can snake around the small practice area in both her pony and pip-like ghost form. She even seems to jump through their shadows occasionally so she can reposition their movements for more efficiency.

While they practice, Emerald asks about her favorite assassination and her least favorite one.

"There was a pony up here in your world that I was paid by Emerald's stepfather to take down. I waited in his bedroom at night, and when I pounced on him he had a heart attack. I almost burst out laughing while I escaped. Ponies are such frail things sometimes..."

"And your least favorite?"

"Corprodaemons... Ugh..." She says, sticking out her tongue and not saying anything else.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-27 04:40:24 No. 33226600

Emerald asks if there is anything to help him should an assassin try to get him.

"Hope that you see them first, honestly." the demon says tittering. "While this isn't true for everyone, most assassins are unseen killers before they are competent fighters. If you catch them out you may be able to kill or subdue them."

The colt says that they tend to wear pretty heavy armor, and asks if there are any good weakspots if they have their armor on.

"Ideally you catch them when they are most vulnerable. Most armor like that only has weaknesses at the joints, such as the neck, knee, and shoulder lines. An amateur like you probably won't be able to hit them in the right spot though. Better for you to just try to avoid such fights if possible."

Emerald then asks what to do if he fights a non-pony.

"Once again, at your skill level it's probably best just to avoid it. Most trained guard animals will probably subdue you quickly, or make a lot of noise and draw attention to you."

Emerald asks if she has more non-lethal takedowns she could show them.

"Whoops! Looks like we are out of time!" She says nearly interrupting him and leaping towards the door. "Have some work I have to do, I'll be back later and maybe I can show you more."

Emerald is about to say something, but Eda has already left. He gets a sudden shock in his side as he is poked with the rod that Ruby was holding.

"Found an opening! Hey, wanna keep practicing? This is kinda fun.!"

Emerald smirks and nods, and they practice for another half-an-hour or so before resting.

The colt asks if both she and Tourmaline have had training in fighting.

"A little. I haven't had a chance to use a real weapon or anything yet though. Tourmaline is more focused on his magic though." She says sighing.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-27 06:11:50 No. 33227035

After the break they spar a bit more. Emerald attempts to boop her, but she gives his foreleg a light smack to keep it away. Emerald eventually gets tired, and so Ruby takes up his practice stick and begins to two hand them, making giant, dramatic looking swings. He isn't sure how practical they are, but it's fun to watch.

Emerald asks if there are any cool secrets about this hideout.

"Not really. It's kinda boring. Oh uh, there is an escape route that goes up to the street in the bathroom. I'm not to crawl through it, but apparently there is a wall at the end you have to break down, so you need to be pretty strong to break it. Or maybe just have a hammer, i dunno." She replies.

Emerald asks if Ruby wants to know anything about his world.

"Hmm... You said I'm in your dimension too? What am I like?" She asks.

Emerald responds honestly that she is mostly the same.

"Really? Well that's a bit boring. Hmm." She says.

Emerald asks if she wants to learn another spell.

"Ooo, like what?" She asks.

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-28 06:11:07 No. 33231221

Emerald asks Uictoria if she could show him a spell.

"I heard you were planning your own infiltration of the Order. Does it have something to do with that? What sort of spell did you have in mind?" Uictoria asks, amused. "didn't you have something you wanted to speak to me about?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-30 03:38:54 No. 33238777

Emerald asks if she has any useful spells he could learn.

"Hmm... I suppose I could teach you one important spell. It's called 'Holy Ward'." She says. "It's useful for keeping some kinds of demons and the undead out of a small area. The size of the seal determines how much power you need to put into it and how much it protects."

Emerald nods, and then says it sounds interesting.

"Hmm, for instance this one I drew will probably protect a ten foot bubble around it." Uictoria replies as she draws some sort of familiar looking wavy sun onto the ground. She then casts the spell on it and continues. "Eda? Can you join me for a second?"

Emerald says that Eda left a little while ago, and Uictoria says. "Oh, well. I wanted to show it works, but it's fine. Anyway, you want to try?"

As he practices, he asks how she lost her eye.

"Like I sad before, I was betrayed by the Order because I disapproved of the Order's direction. I was sent to a farm to the west with a small contingent of soldiers who were loyal to me. When we got there we were surrounded by some other Order soldiers. They accused us of being tainted by demonic power, and then tried to kill us. As far as I know I'm the only one who survived." Uictoria responds.

Emerald asks the best way to join the Order, and if trying to join Hope's choir would be the best way.

"Yes, if you could get in with her you'd be set. The Martyr is quite important to the Order.

Emerald asks what Joyride is like, and if she can be reasoned with.

"Well, as far as Order members go she is definitely the easiest to speak too. She's quite friendly, actually."

What does Emerald do?

2018-11-30 06:00:40 No. 33239308

Emerald asks what the best way to get Hope to recruit him would be.

"Uh..." She says, looking away. "Well I'm not sure how ethical it would be to say. If you are going to go that route just be careful, alright?"

Emerald asks if Joyride generally grants audiences to people.

"Yes, but I doubt she would have the time for you. You'd probably just get shuffled around. Joyride is pretty important you know." Uictoria remarks.

Emerald asks what Sunshine Sea is like.

"She's... Erm, interesting. I would prefer you wouldn't speak with her either. She'd probably be a bad influence." Uictoria says, sighing.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-01 04:32:34 No. 33243465

(Yes, it's Celestia's QT mark.)


Emerald says he may run into Sunshine, so it's best to know as much as possible about her. She needn't worry too much about bad influences around her.

"Fair point I suppose. Hrm, Sunshine Sea likes to..." Uictoria says before pausing for a second. "Tease, I suppose would be the best way to put it. Hopefully being a child she'll be less crass, but she does like to speak her mind."

Emerald asks if there is anything he could say to his version of Uictoria to put the past aside and hear us out.

"No, probably not. If the me in your dimension is anything like myself, then I likely wouldn't change my view on things without a particularly traumatic event."

(Did we want to time skip ahead at all? Also pic unrelated)

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-02 08:49:05 No. 33248579

Emerald asks Ann to enter the room and walk over to them. Emerald notices that Uictoria steps on top of the seal out of the corner of his eye.

Ann walks into the room and towards the pair, but seems to smack right into a wall part way. "Agh, what? Is there a seal here? Do you not want me to leave that badly?"

Emerald apologizes, and says that he was just testing it out.

"Oh." Ann says rubbing her snout. She puts her hoof in the air until she feels what seems to be an invisible wall. She then puts a hoof about that, and starts to feel around it. She then taps her hoof against it. It actually makes a bit of a knocking noise."Well, please don't leave any up."

Emerald assures her they won't, and asks if maybe she could teach him something that would help him with the Order.

"Hmm. Well I'm not sure any particular spell would be useful over any other. They have pretty high security and don't generally let any suspicious enchantments stick around. I suppose I would suggest leaving any suspicious items here with us. I don't mean just suspiciously magical either. How did you say you got in here? They might check your story."

Emerald asks if they have any maps of the Order grounds, or maybe security anything about the security detail.

"Yes, but mostly from me. The Castle's floor plan is a strictly guarded secret. As for the guard detail I doubt it has changed much since I was there. It's not like we are the only subversive group in this city after all." She says.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-04 03:45:47 No. 33255673

Emerald scratches away at the holy ward and asks Uictoria what other subversive groups are in the city.

"Well, the actual demon worshippers for one." Uictoria says smirking. "There are spies from the zebralands as well, as well as some from Equestria as well. The scope of their operations isn't clear however."

The colt asks if they'll go through his stuff if they leave it here.

"Well I won't for sure, and I can't imagine anyone else will do anything either. I suppose you could leave it with Ann or Pip, since I doubt you'll be taking them with you to the Order HQ." She replies.

Emerald asks if she could draw a map of the floor plan or anything.

"A rough one, sure." She says, grabbing some paper and drawing it up.

She starts with the first floor and then hands it to Emerald. While he looks over it, she begins on what appears to be the second floor.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-04 06:05:24 No. 33256107

Emerald asks where Joyride is located on this map.

"Sorry, one sec. Still working on the second floor." Uictoria says, focusing on her map of the second floor.

Emerald asks about the barracks.

"It's in the upper east part of the compound. That's where all the guards for the Order HQ are stationed.

Emerald says he is surprised all the Order soldiers can fit in there.

"That's not ALL the soldiers. Just the ones protecting the headquarters. They are very experienced and talented. The best of the best." He says.

Emerald asks where the Royal Family stays.

"Not anywhere near the Order HQ. Too risky to put them both too close together. They are more towards the center of the castle. The Order is sort of southeast of the center. See the big door to the northwest I drew? That's the one that goes to the castle. I never really went over to those areas often so I can't remember the layout well. It's mostly administration involving the governing of Whitherwater anyway. The department of transportation and the board of health... You know, that kind of stuff." Uictoria responds.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-04 07:29:53 No. 33256382

Uictoria finishes the second floor and hands it to the colt. Emerald stares down at the second piece of parchment and says it sounds very organized. Looking at the pair of maps, he also compliments her on her map skills.

"Thank you, and yes it is very organized. Efficiency is a point of pride for the Order. It's sort of necessary for the empire they are attempting to build." Uictoria says with a sigh.

Emerald asks where the choir stays at.

"In Hope's quarters. They are her defenders, and are always at her side." Uictoria says.

Emerald asks where Joyride's office is.

"She was probably using Hope's until she returned. Now she's probably back in the Officer's quarters. She usually doesn't spend much time there though. She's either off on missions or speaking with the heads of the other Order departments." Uictoria says with a nod.

Emerald looks at the map, and realizes they have offices for "Paladins" and "Warders", but he doesn't see one for Accusers.

"It's in the basement." She says, and then continues. "Stay away from the basement. All the most dangerous relics are locked down there. It has the highest security of the entire HQ, matched only by the ones around Hope's room."

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-05 06:38:59 No. 33259438

Emerald asks what the gunnery is.

"We keep some artillery up there. You know, just in case something tries to attack the Order HQ." the eyepatch wearing mare says.

Emerald wonders what sort of situation they would need artillery for, but doesn't question it at the moment. Instead he asks if the dungeon is in the basement.

"Yes, though we don't keep prisoners there long. It's mostly for people that they won't to keep an especially discerning eye on. Most are either meant for death or for interrogation before being sent to a proper prison facility." Uictoria replies.

Emerald asks when she thinks Tourmaline will let him go.

"I'm not sure. You'll have to ask him. You seem alright, even if you ask a lot of suspicious questions." She says with a wry smirk. "If you are anything like our Emerald, I'm sure him not wanting to leave will stop you."

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-06 05:01:32 No. 33262405

Emerald chuckles and agrees. Hopefully he'll see reason soon. He then asks what sort of tracking magic the Order uses.

"They've dabbled in all sorts of scrying and clairvoyance magic. They usually don't apply that sort of magic directly to people though. Too easy to sense or dispel. Better to leave some sort of beacon, or lead them somewhere you can observe them easily." Uictoria says.

Emerald thinks he may be done speaking with Uictoria. It's getting close to dinner now. He was so focused with Eda's training and practicing the ward he wasn't paying attention to the time and he missed lunch.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-06 07:21:06 No. 33262889

Emerald asks where the best way to enter would be.

"I'm not sure there is a real ideal entrance. They all have disadvantages. You could come in from the castle or the front door, but those are some of the most heavily guarded areas. You could try to scale the fence to the training yard, but the barracks is right there and you are pretty visible from the field."

Emerald excuses himself from Uictoria and thanks the mare for her time. He then checks the kitchen to see what's being cooked.

It looks like Rat and Sensoria are making soup composed of vegetable broth, noodles, and what looks like parsnips, radishes, and carrots. Emerald has to admit at being surprised that Sensoria handles cooking so well. He feels that the blind mare has a distinct disadvantage around knives and stoves.

"Nah, the problem isn't her sight, it's her cooking ability in general." Rat says, nudging Sensoria. "You are getting better though."

Sensoria nods vigorously.

He asks if they've seen Ann or Eda.

"Ann is lounging around on one of the beds." Sensoria says looking towards the area. "I don't see Eda, so she might not be around."

Emerald asks what she means by "might not"

"She can hide from my sight when she wants to." Sensoria says with a shrug.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-07 07:01:31 No. 33266094

(Pic related)


Emerald asks how Rat and Ruby became part of the theiving group before the incident happened.

"We were gathered together by a mare who called herself Barber. I'm not sure where Ruby was before, but I was just a normal thug on the streets. Eventually the Order found us, and only the two of us escaped. We eventually joined up with Emerald and here we are." He says, shrugging.

Emerald thanks them for their time, and then excuses himself. He goes to the barracks area and spots Ann lounging on the bottom of a bunk bed. Eda is atop it. They seem to be playing some sort of rhyming game. Seeing Emerald Ann greets him.

"Hee-hee... How is your assassin training going? Need more help?" Eda asks grinning.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-08 05:34:34 No. 33268706

Emerald says that he wouldn't mind learning more, but he isn't a murderer. Why does she want to kill Joyride so bad anyway. Is she really that bad?

"Well she's willingly with the Order, and therefore complicit in their awful actions. I'm sure she even ordered some of them herself." She says, and then looking down at Emerald. "Are you sure you aren't a murderer? You'd be such a cute little killer!"

Emerald rolls his eyes, and then asks if he could speak with Ann for a moment. Eda giggles, and then smoothly hops from the bed and trots to the other room.

Ann raises an eyebrow and says, "What's up?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-09 04:48:47 No. 33271976

Emerald asks how Ann is doing.

"Good. A little bored since we're sort of stuck here. How are your plans to sneak in and speak with Joyride going?"

Emerald says he has some ideas, but that he may need to be quick. He isn't sure if Joyride is going to stick around now that Hope is back, and asks if maybe he could seduce Tourmaline into letting him leave, or maybe pose as him while he sneaks away.

"Hmm... Well both involve tricking the other Emerald, so we should probably go with the one that he'll forgive us for easier. In my mind it's' the one where I pretend to be you since at least then I'm mildly tricking everyone over directly tricking their boss, but really I'm up for either." Ann says with a shrug.

Emerald asks if she can shapeshift into a person by description alone.

"Nope. I have to have an idea in my mind of who I'm trying to turn into to morph into them exactly. I suppose I could shift each part of my individually, but it would probably look off." She says.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-09 06:31:27 No. 33272307

Emerald says that he'll speak with Tourmaline tonight, and if it doesn't end up working out she can pose as him tomorrow for the time being. The colt then asks if there is anything else she notices about the place that might be useful. Emerald also asks Ann if she has any clue where they might be.

"Nope, probably even less than you since I was teleported down here when you summoned me. I've tried asking a little bit, but all I've heard is that we are somewhere around the Castle District." Ann says.

Emerald asks what she thinks of Eda. She seems to have taken a strong liking to the colt after all.

"Normally I wouldn't hang around with assassin demons. Pretty creepy. Eda seems nice though, and she's certainly a welcome distraction and comrade down in this tiny hideout." She says shrugging with a smirk. "As for why she likes you... Well, you two do look a little similar. You even act similar some times. She probably senses in you the same thing she sees in the other Emerald. I mean I can see it too, and I think I even heard Pip talk about it a bit."

Emerald asks what she means.

"You guys are both focused on revenge. A bit obsessed with it I would even say. That sort of dark ambition can make you very attractive to our kind." The succubus says fluttering her eyelashes at the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-10 06:26:04 No. 33275380

Emerald asks if there is anything Ann needs to know in order to copy him better.

"Well, are you keeping any secrets about or for anyone here? That would help." She says, lounging back.

The colt asks why a demon might prefer a corrupted soul over a pure one.

"Corrupted souls are easier to... Well, corrupt, of course. They tend to have looser ethics and morals. Makes our work much easier." Ann says chuckling. "But pure souls are indeed tastier. It's a quality over quantity thing, you know? Sometimes it's nice to have an appetizer before a main course."

Emerald says that he just wants to protect others from what his father might do.

"You can say that, and maybe you even believe it." Ann says with a sigh. "But we can see the true motivation marked in the soul. Your true feelings on the subject. Just give in. Being honest with yourself will make finishing off your stepfather easier."

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-11 05:49:48 No. 33278760

Emerald acknowledges that he may be corrupted, but that doesn't mean he wants to go all the way. That aside, Emerald asks if she knows about the curfew for the city.

"Yeah, you need a pass if you are out after night. Since you don't even have real identification I doubt you have a pass for it." Ann says smirking.

Emerald asks how she senses souls. Do they have a taste or a smell or something?

"I'm not sure how to describe it. I mean, taking what you said, how do you describe taste or smell to someone who can't taste or smell?"

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-11 08:28:00 No. 33279418

Emerald says that demons should be therapists if they can look into someone's soul that easily. Emerald asks if she misinterpreted him as a demon instead of the amulet, since you know, it has a powerful demon inside it.

"Yes... Yes I did. I have been informed by Pip since then about it." Ann says grimacing. "In her normal, belitting manner she likes to take with me."

Emerald checks the day pass he got. It has certainly expired now, since he's been in the city for more than a day.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-12 04:28:17 No. 33282363

Emerald says his cover story was trying to find an aunt in three days. However he was also supposed to know where his aunt is and get a proper license pretty much right away.

He briefly entertains himself for a moment with the though of saying his aunt is Joyride and they let him see her, but considering how suspicious the Order of the Arrow are he doubts that would happen.

"Yeah. They'll probably try to vet your background, and if that happens you may be in some serious trouble." She says. "You did act a hero towards Hope. Maybe you could talk your way into at least a brief meeting using that."

Emerald thinks on it a second and thinks using that in with Hope and temporarily joining her choir is probably their best bet. It should get him into the Order building at the least. Other than that they'd have to find Joyride while not on duty. Emerald briefly wonders if Joyride even stays at the #304 Coursewalk in this world if she has such an important job at the castle and with the Order. On top of that, if he goes with Hope He isn't sure what kind of excuse he would use for not going to his aunt's house like he told the guard he was going to.

"I suppose you could just tell the truth and say it was a lie in Order to get in the city." Ann says shrugging. "You're a cute kid and Hope is in a position of power right? They might let it slide if you are willing to take the risk."

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-12 07:10:53 No. 33282984

Emerald notes down to ask where Joyride lives, and then concocts a story about how he his aunt passed away before he got there, and now he has no where else to go.

"Not bad, I like it. Just work on the delivery. See if you can get some tears going." Ann says smiling. After that he walks out and begins to set the table for dinner.

Everyone seems to be here for now, but it seems like Uictoria, Rat, Alfalfa, and Sensoria will be leaving after dinner on business.

Emerald asks outloud where Joyride lives.

"In the castle mostly. I've heard she has a house off-premise but no one really knows where that is." Uictoria says.

Emerald wonders if he should ask for a fake license straight out. He doesn't know how many of them actually know he wants to leave.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-14 04:44:12 No. 33289280


Emerald wonders if he can catch Joyride at her house. It's at least worth checking out.

The colt briefly wonders if the Sensoria in his world can cook, and then Emerald asks what sort of things the others are currently working on.

Rat looks to Uictoria and Alfalfa.

"Intelligence work." Alfalfa says bluntly.

"Yes. I think someone may have mentioned getting information on one of the new Accusers." Uictoria responds more clearly.

Emerald wonders if he can ask in a roundabout way about patrols and the like, but he isn't sure how.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-14 07:35:30 No. 33289908

Emerald says that seems dangerous. They seem pretty important, so they probably have a lot of guards around them.

"Most of the time they do have heavy guard, but even when the Accusers are alone they are still pretty dangerous." Rat says with a shrug.

The conversation wanders a bit to one about Ruby and Rat discussing food for the barracks. Emerald takes this opportunity to ask Tourmaline if he can speak to him after dinner.

"Yeah, sure." Tourmaline says with an apathetic shrug.

Emerald nods, and then returns to his food. Thinking on it, it would be good to be well rested and well fed. Emerald isn't sure when he'll be able to find the time for either again once he starts. #304 Coursewalk seems like a good first start.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-15 04:10:54 No. 33292486

Emerald decides to make out his plan now the best he can.

He figures he can get to #304 Coursewalk, but the lack of proper paperwork might be a problem if he has to run into any Order officers, particularly during the night. Also he may just try to drop his backstory altogether. Maybe he can come up with a new one? Maybe he can say he lost his licenses?

The dinner finishes, and Tourmaline takes Emerald aside and asks him what's up.

Emerald asks when he'll be able to leave.

"Antsy, aren't you? I suppose you could leave tomorrow, but you'll have to be escorted out blindfolded." He says.

Emerald asks how he'll get back into contact with them if he needs too. Especially if he is leaving his stuff behind.

"I dunno. You'll find a way I'm sure. Or maybe you won't? Who knows." Tourmaline says shrugging.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-15 06:00:15 No. 33292807

Emerald frowns slightly and jokingly says that he is glad Tourmaline doesn't want to see him go.

"Hey, if there is anything I've learned in my short life it's that hellos and goodbyes happen all the time." He says with a shrug.

Emerald thanks him for letting him leave tomorrow. He asks if he can leave some stuff with Ann while he is out.

"Yeah sure, as long as you aren't trying to take any of our stuff." Tourmaline says with a grin.

Emerald suggests having more fun tonight but Tourmaline says he has a headache, and so he declines.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-16 04:57:14 No. 33296427

Emerald thinks on his fake backstory for a second, and after running a few alternatives through his head he decides to try and drop the whole thing altogether. Without ID or knowing anyone in the city he has no way of proving anything he says. If he has to speak with a guard he'll improvise something.

Emerald thanks Tourmaline for letting him stay and trusting him, and says he hopes they'll meet again one day.

"Same." He says nodding and giving the colt a grin.

Emerald asks if he can still sleep in his bed, and Tourmaline says he can. He then decides to plop his butt down and go through his items and decide what to keep on him and what to leave with Ann.

What does Emerald do?

2018-12-16 06:44:04 No. 33296808

Magic backpack, I dunno. Within reason I didn't want to encumber you too much for carrying stuff. Obviously I'm not gonna let you carry around a giant stone statue or something.


Emerald decides to stow away anything weapon-like, or that is obviously dangerous. He also decides the bones have got to stay here. Oh, and the sex toy.

That means the Etherlock Pistol, the Curved Knife, the "other" focus, the bones, acid, and all the alchemy items, though he wonders if he should stow away all the potions. Ah well, he can think on that while he continues to sort his stuff.

What does Emerald do?
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