You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2019-02-27 05:46:39 No. 33560565
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>Emerald stores a few more things away and says goodbye to everyone, and then leaves the barracks.
>He is led back to the Alternate Whitherwater, and then decides to head to #304 Coursewalk.
>While there, he is accosted by a dragon masked individual by the name of Hydrus, who is an Accuser with the Order of the Arrow.
>Fearing his questions, Emerald uses his keys to retreat inside #304 Coursewalk. The first room he enters has a child-like demon, while the other key he uses contains a cursed book.
>Emerald eventually has to return outside. He is shackled by Hydrus and led to the Order of the Arrow HQ.
>Being scared that Hydrus might torture information out of him, he looks around and spots the alternate Larimar and the three speak.
>Larimar and Emerald end up being able to speak privately, and now the colt must convince the choir member to let him see Joyride.

Continued in next post...

2019-02-27 06:03:17 No. 33560618

Emerald says that Joyride's special talent isn't magic but travel. This has allowed the unicorn to travel to other dimensions, and has actually used that ability to create spatial anomalies in her house, which is why her door can lead to other rooms that it shouldn't.

The colt then says that's how he got here in the first place. Joyride was trying to send an alternate demon-aligned version of herself away and Emerald got caught in the crossfire.

"...You do know this sounds a bit outlandish, don't you? Do you have any solid proof that you know Joyride? Or I guess, a Joyride?" Larimar says, squinting at the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2019-02-27 08:11:18 No. 33560955

Emerald says that he has several items that may prove that, if he can get his saddlebag back.

Larimar and Hydrus discuss this with the guards in whispers, and the bag is brought forward. The guards are allowed to return to their duties, but Hydrus sticks around. Emerald is not allowed to search his bag himself, but he asks Larimar to pull out the keys to #304 Coursewalk, the compass, and the dragonfire lantern.

"A Dragonfire lantern, huh? That is a rather rare gift. Hmm." Larimar says, examining the item. "And these are the keys you used in the house?"

Hydrus examines the compass and says, "Well it is definitely pointing in the general direction of Joyride's house, for what that's worth."

Emerald isn't sure it'll help, but he mentions the magic missile he used on Hope's attacker, and says that his Joyride taught him how to do that.

Larimar rubs his chin for a second, looking off in the distance in thought. Hydrus just stares down at both of them.

"I'm still not convinced, but there is at least enough evidence to look into this. Hydrus, do you mind if I take him up to Hope until we can speak with Joyride? Our Lady has shown a bit of interest in him.

"Hmph. Alright. But if he doesn't talk he is mine to interrogate." Hydrus says shrugging.

Once he is out of earshot Emerald comments dryly that Hydrus seems like quite a nice fellow.

"Don't mind him. Accusers are all that way. They have to be suspicious of everyone. It's one of the reasons Accusers have the authority to investigate Order members no matter the rank. Technically they could even look to our Saint herself's activities." Larimar says.

What does Emerald do?

2019-02-28 05:11:58 No. 33563588

Gimme faster and FASTEST.


Emerald asks why Hope would have to worry about anything to do with Accusers. She is a Saint after all. Wouldn't the Order ponies answer to her?

"Mmmm... The point of the Accusers to make sure no one is above suspicion. They are allowed to investigate anyone from peasants to kings, even the Head of the Order. That being said, Hope has spear-headed battles against the Order's greatest foes and rooted out deep demonic conspiracies. None of them doubt the Saint's resolve or loyalty to ponykind." Larimar says as they walk, passing through a hall and taking a right through a huge gate into another busy hallway.

He then asks if anyone investigates Accusers.

"Of course, by both the regular Order investigators and even other Accusers." Larimar replies.

Emerald then asks if he can get his shackles off.

"No, though I suspect Hope will Order them off once we get to her so it shouldn't be long." The choir pony says as they do their best to walk through the heavy hoof traffic. "I imagine you'll have a pleasant chat. She and a few of the other choir members were wondering what you might be up to."

The light green colt then asks why he joined the Order, and what the choir well ultimately let him end up.

"I was an orphan. The farmhouse I was born in was destroyed during a sudden battle breaking out. My parents died, but I survived. She thought me worthy of saving, and now here I am. Once I grow older, I think she intends the choir to be her personal bodyguard, which I am perfectly fine with. I can think of no better honor." Larimar says with a solemn nod.

What does Emerald do?

2019-02-28 07:51:54 No. 33564078

Emerald has to admit that he is excited to speak with Hope. The Hope in his dimension rescued him from the ruins of a city. She was the one that originally led her to the Joyride from his dimension. In his dimension, she is with Ponycare.

"Ha! Unsurprising that she is a kind-hearted angel even in other planes of existence." Larimar says proudly.

Emerald asks about the choir, and asks if he'll get to meet them.

"Yeah they'll probably be around. Some might be out on errands, or training."

Emerald asks about the wars, and the battles he has seen. He asks how long the wars have been going on.

"The wars have been going longer than I've been alive certainly. As for battles I've seen, not that many. We aren't allowed that close yet. We were there protecting her once when we were attacked by bandits. We shielded her from arrows as she struck down the brigands." Larimar says smiling.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-01 04:45:17 No. 33567257

Emerald comments that Larimar is a demon hunter of sorts in his dimension, though doesn't go as far as to explain who he travels with. He gets the feeling he might not like Uictoria very much.

Emerald then asks what the deer hope to gain by joining up with the demons.

"I couldn't fathom the reason for them to do so. The only thing down that path is ruin.

At this point they reach Hope's office, no one is there, but Larimar tells him to sit and wait.

While he waits he looks around the office. It's far more decorative than the rest of the building. The desk and walls have carvings on them, and beneath her desk is a blue carpet with gold trim. The windows have silk drapes, and in one corner of the room is a chest as well as a large globe.

There is another door on the back wall where Larimar went, and next to that is large ebony bookcase.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-01 07:50:25 No. 33568029

The colt struggles in his bonds a bit.They are snug and the leather is strong. They don't have much give. The chains are made of iron and thicker than a pencil. He couldn't pull these apart with his strength.

Emerald looks around the room intending to snoop, but then he realizes something. Hope had a blindfold on when he saw her last, yet she didn't seem in any way hampered by it. Was it anything like Sensoria's vision? Emerald gets the idea of using his arcane vision to see where everyone is. He instinctively reaches for his saddlebag before remembering that Larimar had it. He sighes, and then feels around his neck, but no amulet on it yet. That means his bag can't be that far away.

The colt needed to make a good impression on Hope, and wasn't even sure if she could see him right now. Emerald thought it best to stay planted on the chair and just look around the room. The window looked out onto the center part of the castle. Not much to see there except brick. The colt does find it a bit surprising that it actually provides a decent amount of light considering it's position.

He then stares back at the globe. From his angle he could see Equestria. In this dimension it looks much the same as it does in his. The colt is glad at least that much hasn't changed.

Emerald looks at the bookshelf. The books seem to be historical battle reports from various wars that the colt has never heard of. Emerald begins to wonder if Hope could read even with a blindfold on.

Soon after this Larimar steps out of the back and after clearing his throat says, "Hope will be out shortly. Be on your best behavior."

Emerald nods.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-02 05:58:15 No. 33573125

Emerald asks if he can have his stuff back.

"Not yet. I imagine you'll get it back soon though" Larimar says with a nod, holding up his saddlebag.

Emerald asks if he's going to stay in the room while he and Hope chat.

"Yup. It's tradition for one of us to always be by her side. You know, just in case." Larimar says with a chuckle.

Emerald asks how Hope is doing, but before he can finish the back door opens and the mare floats in.

She isn't wearing the armor decorations from before, or her spear. Instead she is wearing what looks to be a habit with an Arrowfix shaped necklace. Instead of her weapon, she is carrying a staff. He isn't sure what the symbol is, but it does look familiar, and the colt guesses that it's probably a badge of office.

She stops behind her desk and says, "So it is you! I've heard you've been quite busy since you've been in Whitherwater.

She smirks, and then motions to Larimar. Larimar approaches Emerald and removes his bindings. He doesn't drop off his stuff though.

"So I hear you may actually have some connection to Joyride, and you wish to speak with her?"

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-02 08:57:14 No. 33573814

Emerald explains that he is looking for Joyride, and that he knows where she is because of his compass, which the Joyride from his dimension gave him. He ended up here when they were fighting demons. Emerald asks if she knows what her special talent is.

"No, I don't suppose I do. She doesn't really like to talk about herself much." Hope says with a cute chuckle. "It's a horseshoe with a star in the center correct? I'm honestly not sure what the could mean."

Emerald asks what her cutie mark is.

"A laurel with a cross inside it." The Saint says. "But we are getting off topic now. Joyride can help you get back to your dimension? Perhaps there is some way I can help? Do you know how the spell works? I am a rather powerful mage myself, perhaps I can conjure the spell."

Emerald says he has no idea how it works, and looks at the staff she is carrying. He asks if that's the focus she uses to cast spells.

"Oh this? No, just a representation of my office, and my connection to show my origins with Ponycare. Oh that's a charity organization we have here. Not sure if it exists in your dimension." Hope says graciously. "I don't require a focus to cast spells, actually."

Emerald contemplates how this is possible, and while he does he asks if she always floats.

"Oh yes, ever since my ascension to a Saint I've been unable to touch the floor. It can be a little annoying at times honestly." She says, laughing again.

Emerald says he is glad to meet her. He was afraid he'd be stuck with Hydrus.

"Ah yes, I heard you were captured by him. You are very lucky young one. Most people don't have as pleasant a time with Accusers as you did." She says a bit grimly. "But Larimar tells me you actually went to Joyride's and didn't run into her, and that you actually entered her home? What'd you see inside?"

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-03 06:11:50 No. 33580286

Emerald asks if she has ever been in #304 Coursewalk.

"Unfortunately not. Joyride is rather protective of her home. Only her personal guard comes and goes regularly."

The colt says he found a creature in a jail cell as well as some sort of cursed book. Hope asks more about the creature, and Emerald describes it to the best of his ability.

"Hrm, sounds like a Vulnadaemon." Hope says, raising a hoof, causing one of the history books to float to her. As she flips through it Emerald does his best to ignore how silly it looks for a blindfolded mare to be reading a book.

As she does this Emerald asks how she can bath or sleep if she is floating the whole time.

"I rest on something that looks a bit like a net, except made of much softer material. The air is actually rather soft itself, so I don't really need it. As for washing myself I have to use showers. I can bath, but it requires a rather deep body of water." She says giggling again. "Did the book say anything? Did you get to read any of it?"

Emerald says the book was very obviously bad news so he didn't want to touch it. He then asks if there is a way to get her to stop floating.

"Not that we have figured out. We've tried weighing me down, but I'm not that strong myself, and the weight I can hold isn't enough to ground me."

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-03 08:56:48 No. 33581042

Emerald comments that he is sure Joyride had a good reason to keep them locked up. He mentions that the Joyride in his dimension has things like that.

The colt asks what a Vulnadaemon is.

"A terrible creature I dare not speak about. Even standing near it can cause the greatest of men to quiver. She can affect her visibility, all the way up to turning completely invisible. She can also summon demons that are little more than floating orbs of gnashing teeth." Hope says sighing.

The colt asks if he can get his things back, and what she plans to do now.

"Well, I don't think Joyride will be back until tomorrow, and I have no idea how to contact her while she is in her house. You can stay here for the night and I'll see if I can get Joyride to speak with you in the morning."

He then asks about Joyride's personal guard.

"Her name is Sunshine Sea, and is also a powerful mage." She say.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-04 01:34:57 No. 33583455



Now that the subject about Sunshine from this dimension, Emerald pounces on the subject. He asks her what Sunshine Sea is like.

"She's... Interesting. Urm, like I said she's a powerful mage. A bit of a... A mischevious joker would be the best way to put it. She is very brash and open."

"...and sometimes I wonder if she lacks a filter between her mouth and brain." Larimar says frankly. Hope frowns to Larimar, doesn't say that he is wrong.

There is a bit of an awkward silence after this, so Emerald comments he'll happily take her up on her offer to spend the night, wiggling her eyebrows at the mare. She chuckles softly again with a nod, and then motions to Larimar again and says, "Can you get things arranged later? See if we can get some proper bedding on one of the empty bunks."

Emerald asks the mare if she has any questions for him.

"Well I must admit the subject is rather fascinating. Please tell me all about your dimension." She says, folding her hooves on her lap and turning her blindfolded face to the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-05 02:43:36 No. 33587357

Emerald starts telling her about the things he likes in his dimension. About Ruby, Joyride, Hope, and all the wonderful people he's met on the way. He does avoid a few subjects though, such as Lord Sepulcher and Lady Elegance. Emerald feels like Hope probably wouldn't like how friendly he was with them.

The colt then pauses. This train of thought reminds him of all the bad people he has met. The zebra sex trafficking ring, the various criminals and killers he's met, The Order, and perhaps worst of all his own step parents.

"Is something wrong, my dear child?" Hope says concerned.

Emerald shakes his head. He decides to change the subject, instead decides to talk about the dimension in general.

The colt says how there is a war against the zebra, and that the deer are actually on good terms with the rest of ponykind. He goes on to say that they have a population problem caused by a curse laid by the same deer that may be plaguing this dimension to this very day. He also mentions that the Order isn't nearly as powerful in his dimension, though still respected.

Because of all of this, almost everyone he's ever met was living in some kind of blind spot to the law. He was learning about potions from a guy who was running an organisation filled with criminals who were too valuable to lock up. It's basically low-key forced labor in place of a proper jail sentence.

In a word, corrupt. The whole dimension teeters on the brink of annihilation, and it does it quietly and calmly and ignorantly, not with fields of brimstone and cults, but with bright forests and institutions.

"I see... You certainly have been through a lot, haven't you?" Hope says, floating over to the colt and resting a hoof on his head. "If you'd like we can stop for now. Would you like to meet the rest of the choir? You've already met Larimar of course."

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-05 06:53:14 No. 33588252

Emearld says he'd like to meet everyone, and so Hope escorts him to the back room, which seems to be sleeping quarters. On the sides of the room are four bunk beds, two on each side. On the back wall is a large bed. It looks rather similar to Joyride's except more round than heart shaped. Nearby that are rooms which the colt thinks may be bathrooms.

Resting on some of the beds are four colts, all about as old as them. Two earth ponies, a pegasus, and a unicorn. The unicorn Larimar walks towards them and holds out a forehoof.

"This is Bristle." He says, motioning to a pegasus looking at him from the edge of the bed. The pegasus waves at him from behind one of the bunk's pillars.

"Heya, you are that colt that shot the cannon person." Bristle comments to Emerald.

"That is Rocky." Larimar says while pointing at the unicorn laying on the bed. He's a bit younger than the rest of them. He's holding some sort of bipedal doll.

"Hi..." He responds quietly.

Larimar then points to the only other pony he doesn't recognize, a rather cheerful looking earth pony. "And that's Prince."

"Nice to meet you." He says with a bow.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-06 04:33:35 No. 33591785



Emerald greets them all warmly, bowing to each of them in turn, and asks what each of them does for fun here.

"Training, mostly." Larimar says.

"He said 'fun', Larimar." Scout says, reaching from the top bunk and trying to ruffle Larimar's hair, but the colt is too far away. "I like it when we get to swing around our club things."

"They aren't clubs they are-" Larimar starts, but Scout blows a raspberry. Larimar smirks and rolls his eyes.

"I like the flying practice." Bristle says proudly. "I'm the only one of us that can do that, at least right now."

"Yeah, you get to fly. Everyone else has to jog. I prefer the magic personally. It's much more... Refined." Prince says haughtily. "I think that's your favorite too, right Rocky?"

Rocky hops off the bed and walks over to Prince. He then says to Emerald, "Yeah... It's fun. It means I get to play with Johnathan.

"Johnathan is the doll." Prince says, seeing Emerald's confused face.

Emerald hadn't noticed it at first, but the doll is made of some sort of stone. It looks a lot like some of the statues in his step parent's castle, and those were made of Alabaster. Emerald asks where they are all from.

There is a short silence, and then Prince says, "...Most of us are from farms to the west. Usually because their towns were over run by rogue undead before the Order could destroy them. Rocky and I are from the north, though not from the same place. Deer got our..."

"Here, you can use the top bunk above mine." Larimar says changing the subject, motioning to the bed next to the one Rocky was sitting on.

"Hey, bed neighbors." Scout says, reaching over and patting the bed mentioned.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-06 07:12:36 No. 33592339

Emerald says he'll chat more in a second, he just wants to make sure there's a place he can put his things.

"Oh yeah, I'll just throw them in the wardrobe here." Larimar says, pointing to what appears to be a communal wardrobe. Emerald walks over with the other colt, and sees the thing is only full of more of their robes.

The colt returns and hops up onto the top bunk. It's pretty comfy. Emerald asks what Scout means by "club".

"Oh, this thing!" Scout says, reaching under his pillow and pulling out the stick with the Ponycare emblem on the end. "It's nice for thumping, but I also use it to cast magic.

"Yeah, we all have something like that." the pegasi colt says flying up to sit next to Scout. "I think they call them Focuses. We all have one except Rocky since he is a unicorn. He pretty much uses his doll like one though."

Emerald says that it's pretty cool they are learning magic. He is learning magic to, and says his focus is a book. In fact all the colt does is travel and learn magic basically.

"Nice! What sort of spells do you know? Teach us something!"

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-07 04:16:24 No. 33595613

Emerald says he'll teach a spell, as long as they teach him one in return.

"Deal! You first!." Scout says, jumping down from the bed.. Emerald comes down, and they all gather to see what he'll do.

Emerald considers what he knows. Perhaps one of the goat spells? Or maybe Arcane sight? They may not know any goat spells, so that might work. The necromancy spell he knows is definitely out. The colt decides to start practical, and asks if they know Dwemeric Shield.

"Of course. We are bodyguards, after all." Larimar says.

Emerald thinks for a few more seconds, and they want to see a goat spell, which they seem interested in. Using some small rocks and a feather (donated from Bristle) he casts the levitate rocks spell.

They don't seem particularly impressed by it, but the fact that it uses spell components seems to interest them, and asks about the other goat spells he knows and what they use.

"Hmm... Well I can levitate rocks already. Crystallize sounds like it would be absolutely fabulous." Prince says, tapping his chin in thought with a grin.

"Got anything else? Something that is pony magic?" Bristle asks.

"Heh, mud tsunami? Sounds like what happens to me after I eat some-" Scout starts, but Larimar interrupts him and says. "What sort of spell were you interested in?"

Emerald asks if they know any heal spells. That'd be useful to him, and they are clerics of a sort.

"Unfortunately no. That's high level magic, and we aren't powerful enough yet." Bristle says sighing.

The colt then asks if he can learn that spell that Larimar used to identify the spell he casted last.

"Oh! That's easy." Scout says, asking for Emerald's focus, which he gives. "It goes like this."

He then demonstrates the spell and mentions each of the necessary motions, which looks like him little more than tapping the book.

"I know it doesn't look like much, but it's useful."

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-07 07:52:22 No. 33596346

Emerald hasn't tried casting the spells, but he knows the theory behind them.


Emerald decides to show them the Glamour spell. Scout volunteers once the colt explains what it does.

"Okay, make me look super cool!" He says.

Emerald casts the spell and... Well, gives him rather large, adorable eyes.

"Me next, me next!" Prince says instantly, hopping up.

Emerald shows them how it works, and the colts have fun trying to work the spell effectively. Emerald instead practices the identification spell with each of them in turn.

Emerald asks about Scout's fangs.

"I dunno. They've always been like this for me. Maybe I'm part wolf?" He says, grinning, showing that he has a sharp canine on each side.

The colt then asks how long they've all been together.

"Hmm... Well I met Larimar, who was the only other Choir member before me. That was about two years ago."

Scout then pipes up and says "I came a bit after that I think? And then Prince and Rocky came together about half a year ago."

"Mmm, eight months or so yes." Prince responds smiling.

Emerald mentions the zebralands and other kinds of places he has visited, and asked how it was.

"We've been to the Zebralands too! Sort of. It was at the borders when we were discussing reinforcements for the north." Bristle replies.

"There were assassins there. Zebras with twin blades and scary potions." Rocky says.

"...We've also been up North, and very briefly on the sea." Larimar says, clearing trying to speed through the subject.

"There were assassins there too..." Rocky says.

"Yeah, but zebralands food was awesome! Those old goat preserves were pretty good too." Scout says interjecting.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-09 03:14:28 No. 33603894

I see! Alright, we'll say he knows the ingredients and not how to cast the actual spell itself then.


Everyone continues to practice, and as they do Emerald asks what sort of food they like, and how the preserves were in Zebralands.

"Speaking of Zebralands. Remember those peanut tasting things? The ones that had lot's of spice? I think it was made of something called "seitan" or something." Bristle says.

"You mean Suya? That grilled stuff on a stick we bought from that street vendor? Don't even mention it, I want it again so bad..." Prince says sighing with a dreamy look in his eyes.

"...Remember the chin-chin stuff? That was good! So crunchy and sweet..." Rocky says, putting the same look on his face.

Emerald asks how they managed to fight off the assassins.

"Well, it wasn't so much us fighting off the assassins as us protecting Hope while she did all the offensive work. It kinda sucks." Scout says shrugging and sighing.

"She doesn't want us fighting if we can avoid it. If Hope says we aren't ready then we aren't ready yet." Larimar says to the wild looking colt.

"Speak for yourself, I've taken down full grown stallions before in fights." Scout replies, puffing out his chest. "Remember that one time I did that wolf thing? That was awesome."

"It was kinda cool..." Rocky says, having broken is food reverie.

Emerald asks how often they are attacked, and why zebras would want to attack Hope.

"I dunno. Probably the same reason some ponies want to, and nearly all deer. They think she is a threat for some reason. She is a pretty important pony to the Order of the Arrow after all." Bristle says.

"Probably demon worshipping scum." Larimar adds. "They all deserve whats coming to them."

All the other choir members nod or give agreeable noises to the colt's words.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-09 06:56:43 No. 33604884

Emerald asks what he means by "deserve what's coming to them."

"Usually death." Larimar responds.

Emerald asks what the wolf thing is.

"I got turned into a werepony for like, a week." Scout says.

Shocked, Emerald asks what happened.

"I got bit by a werepony or something once when were traveling west towards the zebralands. I got lose during a bandit attack and took a chunk out of someone's behind." Scout says, proudly. "There is a cure for it though so I just had to wait for them to brew it."

"Yeah, I guess they had problems with whole cults of the things. The recipe took forever to figure out." Larimar says.

Emerald asks if they have been to Equestria yet.

"No, but Hope wants to visit some day when it's a little more peaceful." Bristle says.

The colt then asks about Clown Gang he saw wanted posters of.

"They are just as bad as all the rest of them." Scout says, rolling his eyes.

Emerald then asks what they think of Hope.

"She's... She's the best." They all say, blushing slightly.

"Y-yeah..." They all say.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-10 06:24:16 No. 33608492

Emerald taunts them a little, saying it seems like they have a bit of a crush.

There is a little bit of an embarrassed pause.

"Hmph, w-well even if that was true, could you blame us?" Scout retorts.

Emerald says that he doesn't blame them in the slightest, that even in his dimension she is pretty awesome. The colt then asks what else they do beside guard here.

"We act as her assistants." Larimar says. "You know, running letters around, cooking, cleaning..."

The colt trails off, and Emerald feels like he left some things out.

Emerald asks who the "rest of them" Larimar was referring to when he was mentioning the Clown Gang.

"Anyone against the Order, of course. I'm not going to say it's us versus the world, but sometimes it feels that way." Larimar replies.

Emerald asks if Scout still turns into a wolf on occassion, and asks if they cure everyone who gets turned into wereponies.

"We cure those who deserve it. You know, the ones that DON'T go around spreading the disease." Scout says sighing. "Usually it's pretty easy to tell, because the ones that don't deserve the cure don't really want it."

Emerald asks if they ever sing since they are a choir.

"Of course!" They all say, some indignantly to Emerald, and others happily outloud.

Emerald then asks if they have a library, or even a potion making area. He wouldn't mind visiting both sort of places.

"Yes to both, but not here in the sleeping quarters, and you need special permission to use them." Larimar responds.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-10 09:00:36 No. 33609121

Emerald asks if he can have permission to use either the alchemy table or the library.

"Well... You'd need to put in a request, and that would take two or three days, longer than you are staying I imagine." Larimar says.

"Oh, going somewhere?" Prince says, looking to the colt.

Emerald isn't sure how much he should say, so mentions that he has business with Joyride, and after that he is probably leaving. The colt then asks if he can hear them sing sometime.

"Sure, we have choir practice later, after study." Larimar says.

Scout sighs, and then says, "We have a special guest today, can't we skip study lesson? All that stuff is boring."

"It's important, Scout." Larimar says glaring.

"Yeah yeah, I know... But it being important doesn't make it any less boring." He replies shrugging.

Emerald asks what it was like being a werepony.

"A lot like being a pony, except you have moer hair and you eat meat." Scout says. "Doesn't taste so bad, actually."

"Gross..." Rocky says.

Emerald then asks if they have any friends outside the choir.

"Well... No one who is our age. A lot of the people in the Order are nice though." Bristle says, chuckling.

Emerald asks if he could wear one of the choir robes.

"Hmm... You know, you look to be about my size, I bet you could fit into one of mine." Prince says, walking around the colt, examining his proportions. A few seconds later, and the colt is sitting in some nice, warm, white robes. Since this brings them over to the wardrobe, Emerald checks to see if his stuff is still there. As far as he can tell nothing was taken. Even better, it doesn't look like Larimar snuck one of those red bookmark tracking things in.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-11 04:30:02 No. 33611737

Emerald asks if the robe makes his butt look big.

"Uh, no? I think?" Bristle says, cocking his head confused.

The colt then asks how Hope fights.

"It's a bit of a combination of some cool looking floating polearm fighting and magic. I'm not sure where she learned to do it." Larimar says.

"It's pretty cool looking..." Rocky says.

Emerald asks if Larimar is their leader. He seems like the one that is in charge a lot.

"I wouldn't say in charge, but he is about as old as Bristle and has been here longer, so everyone tends to listen to him." Prince says, putting a forearm on Larimar's shoulder.

Scout does the same, smiling wide and giving him a little shake.

The door that Emerald came through opens again, and Hope steps through.

Everyone greets her immediately, and after she greets them back she says, "Alright my choir, it's 2pm. Time for lessons. Will you be joining them, little one?"

She then looks to the small colt currently wearing robes.

Emerald asks what they will be studying.

"Art, History, Math, Writing... You know, the fundamentals." She responds.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-12 04:04:20 No. 33615329

Emerald enthusiastically says he'll join them. The choir and Emerald follow Hope like baby ducks until they get out to the barracks on the bottom floor. There on covered piece of the field some desks have been placed, and everyone takes a seat. Emerald of course does not have the textbooks, so has to borrow others.

Emerald is ahead of the curve on most of the subjects, which makes him rather proud, and seems to surprise Hope as well since he volunteers to answer many questions.

The only one he has to pay particular attention to is history since it's different from his own, and he didn't know much about Whitherwater in the first place.

Today they seem to be speaking about a place to the south called Golden Oats.

"In the past, the town was where many a pony from Whitherwater would go to relax and enjoy the outdoors while still having many luxuries." Hope says. "However this indulgence was ultimately the town's downfall."

She then tells them to flip to a page, where several well dressed ponies are standing in a line, all of them posing imperiously outside a nice looking cabin. In the middle is a light blue mare with a long, silky black mane and a haughty look.

"In the middle you'll see a mare by the name of Breezy Wheat. She fell to some demons and cultists of avarice and excess. In a week long companion, the place was razed, and is being rebuilt to be a proper pony city." Hope continues.

"The Mammonite demon cult was the one Breezy Wheat ultimately joined, and luckily we got to them before higher levels demons were summoned. It was mostly succubi, locust demons, stuprumdaemons, though there were a few who were there for the fun."

"What higher level demon were they trying to summon?" Larimar asks.

"A crutatudaemon. A demon of torture. A very high ranking demon, and one that you don't want to mess with." Hope says, warningly.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-12 08:22:58 No. 33616296

Emerald raises his hoof and asks what happened to the ponies in town.

"The good ones were killed off early, or used as sacrifices for their evil acts.the rest when we arrived. Breezy Wheat and some of the higher ups of her group were put on trial and died at the Arrowfix." Hope responds happily.

The colt then questions further, asking how she fell to the cult.

"The same way fools always do. Promises of power or wealth beyond their imagining. In this cause, I believe it was the promises of pleasure unknown and unheard of." Hope replies to Emerald.

"Are these Mammonite people still around?" Bristle asks.

"Yes, but they as far as we know there aren't any active groups near the Whitherwater area, and hopefully it will stay that way." Hope says gravely.

"So how do we fight these demons? The ones you mentioned? The succubi and the strump-demons or whatever. And what about the one they were trying to summon? Croo-tia demon or whatever." Scout asks.

"Succubi, Locust demon, and stuprumdaemons will die pretty easily to Order weaponry, as they are lower tier demons and have no real resistance to them. Succubi usually look like mares with bat-like wings and horns like a goat. They can charm you, so best to deal with them without speaking to them."

"Locust demons look a bit like a pony sized bi-pedal insect with a stinger. can fly and have deadly poison, and attack in swarms of six to seven. Their exoskeletons can be pretty tough vs. magic, but our general issue crossbows pierce them just fine."

"Stuprumdaemons... Well, they look a bit like the succubi i mentioned, but they can look like either gender, are huge, red, and lack wings. They don't have any particular special abilities, other than summoning more of their kind."

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-13 04:46:22 No. 33619146

Emerald makes his best poker face to ignore Hope talking about pleasures unheard and unknown. He bets he knows what that means, considering the type of demons Hope mentioned. He hadn't heard of Stuprudemons before, and wonders if they are just very direct succubi and incubi. The colt asks how the summoning of other demons works, and if the Stuprudemon can do it as much as he wants.

"Yes, Stuprudemons are odd in the fact that they can summon more of their own kind directly rather than weaker lesser intelligent demons. However they can only do it so many times a day, and in addition no one may answer their summons. You also have to remember that demons are greedy, and they won't necessarily be loyal to the one who summoned them, or may want payment before helping." Hope explains.

"Imagine how scary demons would be if they got along with each other..." Rocky says scared.

Emerald then says he think he may have seen a locust demon before, speaking about the pony-sized, stinger-mouthed things that chased him when he ran from home.

"Ah, those are Sanguitoids. They are lower class demons as well, but they are very near the bottom while locust demons are more towards the middle... Err... Middle of the low tier." She explains a little unhelpfully. "Uh, Err... Also, their poison is far less deadly. It's just meant to disarm the demon's prey while it feeds. They don't have wings, and locust demons have a heavier, more insect like exoskeleton." The teacher remarks.

Emerald asks how the arrowfix works.

"It's a sort of collapsible execution device. It has chains and restraints for the legs, and after someone is put in it and a command word is spoken it begins purging the pony of evil. This holy indignation let's off etheric energy that can be used by the Order to power their magical ability." Hope explains.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-13 09:03:19 No. 33620133

Emerald asks if it's the life force of the prisoners they are harnessing.

"No, no... The purging process simply gives off etheric energy. They have a strong demonic taint on them after all. The only way they'll pass into Celestia's grace is if it's burnt out of them by the cleansing flame." Hope says, waving away the question.

Emerald asks if it's burning away at their souls.

"Only as much as it needs too." Hope remarks. "Anyway, let's move on."

The colt then asks if they always die.

"Yes, of course they do. It's the only way to truly prove they have been cleansed." Hope says happily.

Emerald asks if she's ever used one.

"Yes of course. Didn't you see them when you were lead in? We have them all over the courtyard." She says, motioning in the direction of the entrance.

The colt asks if they can be partially purged but not all the way.

"Nope. They are completely cleansed. In fact, that's why we use them for the magical energy. If they are left on the arrowfix to themselves it could take weeks for them to die." Hope says, charitably.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-14 04:27:43 No. 33622710

Emerald still has questions about Arrowfixes, but he notices that no one is really catching his eye. Hope doesn't really seem perturbed by the conversation, though the colt is a bit concerned how easily she has the conversation.

Emerald thanks the mare for answering his questions while apologizing, and asks her to please continue with her lesson.

"It's not a problem at all my dear. I'm glad you are excited about punishing evildoers. Don't worry, in time you'll all grow up into strapping young Order soldiers."

"Will Johnathan grow up too?" Rocky asks.

"Well no, but we can make him bigger as you grow stronger." Hope says smiling.

The lessons end pretty soon after that, and Hope has to excuse herself to do Order work. She tells them to have some fun training on the field, but to be back for meal time.

Emerald looks around. Prince and Rocky are speaking, and they seem to be talking about his doll. Scout is watching some nearby sparring soldiers, and Bristle is doing the same thing except he is copying the Order members in the sky.

"How are you holding up?" Larimar says, walking up to him.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-14 08:08:09 No. 33623523

Emerald thanks Larimar from saving him from torture by Hydrus. He never realized they his end might have been on the front of an arrowfix.

"Oh. Yes, of course. Your story deserved some attention since you helped Hope when she was attacked." Larimar says with a nod. "It is good tidings that the story was true, considering how odd it is."

Emerald mentions that in his dimension demons destroyed Trotton rather than Golden Oats.

"I see... That is a shame. Our Trotton is a pleasant place. A workhorse of a mining operation, yet still rather picturesque." Larimar says. Emerald can't comment on the city himself since he has never been there. He thinks he remembers someone saying it's a resort too.

Emerald asks when they'll be considered fully grown by choir standards.

"I don't know, since it hasn't happened yet. I suppose it's all up to the Saint. I'm assuming we'd need cutie marks at the very least." Larimar says thinking.

Emerald does his best not to sound worried and asks if they always talk about death so much and so casually.

"Well... It's war. It kind of comes up a lot." Larimar says motioning to the other foals. "All of us are war orphans for instance. I can assume something similar happened to you, since you were looking for your 'aunt' and not your parents. Don't worry, we all have our own stories and I won't ask."

Changing the subject, Emerald asks about Rocky's doll.

"It's not a form of magic I am familiar with. He can focus his power into the doll and it moves. Hope says when he gets older he'll be able to control multiple larger dolls all at once." Larimar says shrugging. "Imagine a doll like that but covered in nothing but thick plates of shielding. It'd be like a mobile wall. Perfect for protection."

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-15 07:01:25 No. 33626148

Emerald says he thought Rocky was just using telekinesis to make the doll to move.

"No, it's something more complicated than that apparently. You can tell in the way it moves. He's far too articulate with it I guess. I guess he has some sort of bond with the thing. Hope would know more about it." He says shrugging.

Emerald says that instead of using it for guard duty, the giant doll army could be equipped with all sorts of weapons and used as disposable troops.

"True. I suppose some of them could be repurposed for that. I would hope most would be used for the defense of the Saint though." Larimar says, frowning slightly.

Emerald asks what he languages he knows.

"Just pony. We are going to get a language tutor soon I guess. Hope says we need to start learning Deer and Zebra, as well as some more ancient dead languages since a lot of them are wrapped up in demon worship." Larimar says nodding.

Emerald asks if demons ever fight other demons.

"Of course, all the time. A lot of their goals are mutually exclusive after all." Larimar responds.

Emerald asks what he thinks his cutie mark will be.

"I'm not sure. What do you think mine will be, out of curiosity? I've noticed that ponies never see their own talents. I bet Prince's will be magic of some kind, probably light magic. Rocky's will involve his odd version of magic... Maybe it'll be his doll? Bristle, Scout, and myself though I'm not sure. That's part of the reason I'm asking." Larimar says, looking to the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-16 06:36:34 No. 33628726

Emerald says he seems like a good protector. Maybe it'll be a sword and shield. Something knightly. In his dimension he is rather similar, though much more... Alone he supposes.

"A shield, huh...?" Larimar says, smiling at a thought he seems to be having. He then thinks harder and continues. "As for you... I'm not so sure what yours would be. You seem to be a bit of an adventurer, maybe something involving that? You seem pretty smart as well, considering how lessons went."

Emerald then asks how Rocky's doll even works. Does it have a power source or runes or something?

"I'm not sure exactly. He came with it. Now that you mention it though, Hope has asked Rocky to borrow the doll for examination several times." Larimar says. "I never really asked Rocky about it though."

Emerald and Larimar get into a bit of a conversation about deer and zebra language. He teaches him a few words, and then their conversation lapses into talk about using demons to fight other demons.

"it's not wise to interact with demons at all. Just destroy them and be done with it." Larimar says, squinting suspiciously at the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-16 09:20:29 No. 33629163

Emerald asks if he's ever had to kill a demon himself yet.

"I think so. They were certainly monstrous enough to be some. We actually just protected Hope with shields while she and some other Order members killed them." He says.

"Hey Larimar! Come practice with me! I'll get ya this time!" Scout says, running up and dancing aroumd with a wooden practice sword.

"I should go spar. If I don't he won't shut up." Larimar says, patting the colt on the shoulder.

Emerald looks around to see what everyone is doing.

Bristle is still in the air flying loops.

Prince and Rocky are still talking, but Prince is casting some sort of light show.

And off towards the other practicing Order members are Scout and Larimar. The wilder looking colt is still dancing about while Larimar goes to grab a sword for himself.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-17 06:01:52 No. 33631917



Emerald decides to go check out the sparring between Scout and Larimar. He sort of wants to know what magic Prince is doing, but if he is sure that the colt will show him his light magic later if asked.

As the green colt trots over just as Scout and Larimar begin their match. He isn't the only one watching either. Some of the resting guards watch with amusement as the pair square off.

"Five bits on Larimar." One of the guard's says.

"I'll take that bet!" His friend says, giving him a hoof bump.

Larimar seems to prefer fighting reared up on his hind legs. He holds his practice sword two-hoofed, and with his stance he has a wide range and can pivot and deflect easily while being able to slash and stab. However he is also far less mobile and stable in this position, and has a larger profile.

Scout on the other hoof fights in a more traditional manner, holding the sword in his mouth and dashing about on all fours. The sword doesn't always stay in his mouth, and Scout tends to put it into his hooves when he goes to make a stab. Emerald has to admit this makes a bit of sense, since stabbing with a sword held in your mouth is rather difficult. Scout's more natural stance allows the wild-looking colt to perform impressive looking run-by and jumping attacks. Even though he is far more mobile this way, his body is also more condensed and lower to the ground, making it more difficult for Larimar to hit. His fighting style looks way more tiring though.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-18 09:59:32 No. 33633628

Emerald goes over to the guards and asks them if they do this regularly.

"Yeah, every day almost. They are pretty equally matched, but Larimar has a slight lead on match wins." The soldiers says, and then noticing the colt's clothing asks. "But what's this? A new choir member who's not a colt? That's a surprise."

The soldier elbows his friend and they snicker. The colt asks if he can join in the bet.

"Nah lad, betting is a bad thing to get into at your age." He says, ruffling the colt's mane. "Just sit and watch the show.

Emerald asks if their fighting styles are normal.

"Well, I hear they get special lessons on occasion, but the basics are the same. The stance Larimar uses usually has a shield or just uses a spear. I assume he'd usually use his scepter-incense-book thingy in his other hoof for spells."

The sparring match continues on for a few minutes with the more stoic colt taking just as many hits as the more boastful one.Larimar and Scout take the occasional break to catch their breath or get some water however, and it all seems like friendly rivalry. Emerald sort of wishes he had something like that.

A bell rings from somewhere far away, and the colts stop while the guards stand up happily.

"Meal time, kid. See ya later." The guard sitting near Emerald says.

Larimar and Scout shake hooves. And Scout goes to clean up the gear.

"Come, It's time to eat." Larimar says, motioning towards the building they came from. They are soon followed by the rest of the colts.

"So who won this time...?" Rocky says, trotting up to Larimar and Emerald.

"I did by two hits, but it was a close match." Larimar says shrugging.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-18 09:37:11 No. 33635670

They get served some sort of mash. It smells nice, but seems kinda bland. As Emerald begins to eat he notices Prince shape his food into a sphere before eating. The colt asks him what the light show was earlier with that spell.

"A very low energy version of a blinding flash. I'm too weak to get the most out of the spell yet. One day though, one day~!" Prince says, holding his spoon up proudly.

Emerald asks if anyone is up for more sparring when they can do it next. He asks if they ever practice with both weapons and magic at the same time.

"Yeah, but Hope wants to be there when we do that. She says it can be kind of dangerous." Larimar says.

"Well, we could ask her I guess. I wouldn't mind seeing what he could do." Bristle says, pointing to Emerald. "You should do it Prince. You are the magic guy among us."

"Hmm... I suppose I wouldn't mind that. What do you say?" Prince asks.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-19 03:34:46 No. 33637531

Emerald accepts his challenge.

"Fantastic!" Prince says with a clap. "We'll track down Hope after our meal then."

Everyone finishes their food rather quickly, and as they do the colt asks what sort of rules and stuff will be in place.

"We can explain that later." Prince says, hopping up. "I don't think Hope wanted you wandering around too much, so feel free to wait over by the arena while I try to find Hope. It shouldn't take to long."

Scout and Rocky accompany Prince while Larimar and Bristle lead Emerald back out to the training area, and then into another room out of a north exit of the field.

It leads to a room with several round wooden platforms with cushoning in the center. On the edge of each there is a base-like pole holding a gray orb atop it. As well as an identical one on the opposite side.

Emerald asks if these are the arenas Prince was talking about.

"Yeah. They create a little field thing that contains spells. Safer for spectators that way." Bristle says, flapping around the orbs before coming back down.

Hope as well as the rest of the choir appear shortly after this.

Prince walks up on one of the platform. He is offered a practice weapon by Larimar, but he just wants his staff.

Hope leans over to Emerald and says, "So you wish to take on Prince? I must admit, I am intrigued. We'll do a match or two, then I must really be getting back to work. Anyway, stand opposite him. Would you like a practice weapon to go with your book?"

Emerald takes his position while he thinks what he might want, and as he does Hope starts give him the rules.

"No casting while the defensive barrier is down, alright? I'll tell you when you can start, and when we are done. Every successful hit with a spell is a point, whether it be a spell or an attack with a practice weapon. Please don't get overly aggressive. Remember this is just a sparring match. Any other questions?" Hope asks.

What does Emerald do?

2019-03-19 06:37:25 No. 33638034

Emerald asks Hope what sort of magic is allowed. He then turns to Larimar and asks if he could have a dagger. Larimar nods, and walks over to a nearby rack against the wall.

"You both are rather young and inexperienced, and I'm a pretty good healer, so I doubt there is much risk of permanent injury or death. When emotions run high magic can run wild and something might happen I don't expect. Just try to stay calm during your match, and if things are getting to scary just call for the match to end." Hope says, smiling.

Larimar returns and hands Emerald the dagger. It's made of wood with a decent amount of heft to it, but has no sharp edges. If anything, it's more like a club sized and shaped like a dagger.

Emerald asks what will gain him points, and how the match will end.

"First to five points or most points after one minute. A clean hit gives a point. A clean hit is a spell or physical strike that isn't deflected or shielded." Hope says, like she was reading from a book.

Emerald looks at his dagger again. He wonders if he should maybe go without it. After all, Prince isn't using a weapon other than his focus. On the other hoof, with it he could use his Smoke + Arcane sight to strike at him quickly. Another thing he considers is that he is immune to magic when he has his amulet. Perhaps he should store it somewhere?

What does Emerald do?
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