You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2019-04-10 02:56:32 No. 33726417
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>Emerald is brought to Hope, and they have a brief conversation about the alternate Joyride as well as the colt's home dimension. Hope believes him, and decides to let him stay the night until her Joyride comes back.
>He is let into Hope and the Choir's chamber, where he meets the other choir members.
>Scout, a brash and wild looking earth pony.
>Bristle, a pegasus.
>Rocky, the youngest of the lot with a stone doll he can control.
>They are Prince, an earth pony who is good with magic and is friends with Rocky.
>And of course, Larimar.
>They all hang out for a bit, and Emerald teaches them a spell while he learns the one that let's a pony check what magic was cast out of a focus last.
>He then learns a bit of history of this dimension, as well as the object known as an Arrowfix.
>They play for a bit, then eat dinner. During the meal, Emerald and Prince decide to have a sparring match.
>They go to some magically protected sparring rings and get ready to duel.

Continued in next post...

2019-04-10 03:11:00 No. 33726482

Emerald decides not to wear the amulet for the fight. If the magic Prince casts on him acts oddly it might draw unwanted attention to him.

"Alright, we all ready?" Hope says, and after both foals confirm she points a hoof at the weird poles on the ring, and they light up, creating a dome-like shield around them.

Emerald wastes no time and throws a smoke cloud down and casts arcane sight. He prepares to rush forward to smack Prince with his fake knife, but has to jump to the side and is almost caught off guard by something whizzing by him.

To him, it almost looked like a small, glowing blue hoof. It travels until it hits the dome and then disperses.

Emerald looks to Prince, and see that he too has arcane sight cast.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-10 05:11:40 No. 33726830

Emerald compliments him on his use of arcane sight. The colt wonders if he can get Prince to waste mana by turning the arcane sight on and off, but the smoke in the dome isn't dispersing, so if he tries to do that he'll lose sight of his opponent.

"Oh-ho! A simple spell. Lot's of assassins like to try and blind bodyguards before going after their target." Prince says smiling.

Prince punches his hoof forward, and the same blue hoof looking projectile flies at Emerald. He dodges away, and then fires a magical missile sideways, knowing it will wrap back around and aim for Prince.

Prince throws up a shield, and the double projectile slams against it. The foal seems unharmed.

"Going to have to try better than that~!" Prince says with another chuckle. "What bodyguard wouldn't know how to cast a shield spell?"

He drops the shield, and then throws something that looks a bit like a floating ball of static electricity Emerald. This spell is quite a bit faster, so Emerald has to throw up a shield himself to deflect it.

"Ah, well I suppose that's to be expected." Prince says, watching Emerald cast the spell.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-10 06:46:00 No. 33727210

Emerald drops the shield while saying he's enjoying this fight. He smiles, and Prince s miles back. Emerald then tries to get behind him, but Prince doesn't seem to want to move, and keeps the shield dome to his back.

The green colt decides to try to use a major illusion to trick Prince. He casts the spell, creating a second version of himself that looks like it's casting a spell.

Prince seems confused by this, and Emerald manages to launch a magic missile at him.

It flies through the air, smacking him in the chest and knocking him over.

"One point for Emerald." Hope says.

Prince collect himself and stands, a little red faced. He then says, "Hmph! I bet you think you are so clever..."

He waves his scepter in the air, and Emerald prepares to put up another shield.

"Alright, why don't we stop for now?" Emerald hears Hope say from behind him.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-11 06:46:40 No. 33730641



Emerald is about to turn to Hope and thank her for coming, and maybe even give Prince a bow or a respectable hoof shake, but then he realizes something... Maybe that wasn't Hope? The timing seems too perfect.

The colt waits for a second, watching what Prince does.

His opponent, who still has his wand up, lowers it slightly with a huff. "W-well, I guess you were smart enough not to fall for that, but I almost got you didn't I? I didn't even have to use a higher level spell like you did. You sure you want to keep going? I bet you are feeling pretty tired."

Emerald smiles and says he wants to keep going, but in the back of his mind he realizes something. He's been using a lot of magic. So far he has casted the smoke spell, the arcane sight (which he is still using), two magic missiles, the shield spell, and the major illusion spell. Prince has casted the arcane sight, the spell to make Hope's voice, two shields, the small electric ball, and the two hoof spells.

He isn't sure how powerful those spells are, but Prince doesn't seem tired in anyway.

"How about we end this as soon as possible? Who needs more than one round? Let's go all out." Prince says, smirking again.

From the way he is talking, Emerald thinks his opponent might have a plan.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-11 09:31:53 No. 33731237

There's my girl.


Emerald asks if this is another illusion, and then says it doesn't matter if it is because he's coming for Prince.

Prince fires off another blue hoof-bolt thing, but Emerald sprints low and forward to avoid it, drawing back his dagger hoof.

"If that's the way you want it~!" He says. He then casts another spell. This one is on himself however, or to be more precise his focus.

It grows into a gnarled looking club thing, and he immediately swings it out at Emerald.

Emerald's attack strikes true, but he wasn't expecting his opponent to swing back at the same time. It connects, and though it doesn't hurt it does have a rather odd effect.

The green colt is forced back a good 10 feet by the blow, and it takes him a second to break out of the confusion over what just happened. He gets back to his hooves, and throws up another shield right away as another jolt of electricity lashes out at him.

"That's two for Emerald, and one for Prince." Hope says helpfully.

What does Emearld do?

2019-04-12 04:51:08 No. 33733830

Emerald asks how he turned his focus into a weapon.

"Well, technically it's just magical energy around my focus. You can't actually cast directly onto them after all. I can show you how to make it, you know, after this match." Prince says smiling.

Emerald comments on how fabulous his sort of weird gnarled club thing is while trying to think of what to do next. He kinda wants to bean him with the knife, but then he wouldn't have it anymore.

Either way he'd still need a distraction. He wonders if he should cast another illusion. It worked last time, and it got him a point. It is a lot of mana though, so it might be a bit of trouble.

The colt tries to think of ways to get under his skin a bit to throw him off balance, but he doesn't know Prince well enough to do that. Maybe he can try to distract him in... Other ways? He is Joyride's protege after all.

It would be pretty embarrassing to do in front of the others though.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-12 07:02:12 No. 33734339

Emerald shakes his head. Better not do anything too suspicious like being lewd.

Emerald fires another bolt, not to actually hit but to see if he'll try to shield while using the club. He does indeed throw one up.

He then casts a glamour spell. He intended to give Prince large eyebrows and maybe a goatee, but he somehow ended up turning his robes a rainbow hue.

He then uses a freezing bolt on the ground in front of them, creating a slippery area. Now, for the final part...

"What is-oww!" Prince says as a practice knife bounces off his shoulder. Prince makes to rush forward, but spots the frozen area and stops. This gives Emerald the chance to lunge for his knife.

"Heh, okay that one got me." Prince says grinning.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-13 03:19:53 No. 33739121

Emerald asks how many points they are at now.

"Four points for Emerald, one for Prince." Hope says.

"Four?!" Prince asks shocked.

"Yes, one for the glamour spell and another for the knife." Hope replies.

While they speak, Emerald tries to think of one last way to get a hit in. That slippery spot on the floor is still there, maybe he could push him into it? The colt would need to get behind Prince first, which would be something difficult to do considering that would mean him getting around or over the slippery area himself. Maybe he could just freeze a spot behind him and then push?

"Tch... Looks like you'll win this one, but heck if I won't get one more point!" Prince says. "Watch as I give it my all!"

Prince then holds his staff aloft, and a brilliant light comes from it. It's bright. Very bright. Emerald can see it through the smoke. In fact, it's so blinding that it seems to extend even into his arcane sight.

"Whaddya... What do you think... Of that?" Prince says, breathing heavily from a direction that Emerald can't quite pinpoint.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-13 05:25:45 No. 33739853

Emerald points his focus out to where he thinks Prince is and casts a freezing ray. He then feels something hit him in the chest. He stumbles backwards, and just as he is standing back up he hears.

"Emerald takes this round, 5 to 2." Hope says.

The colts eyes start to clear a bit, and he sees the ray he shot out ended up grazing Prince in the back left leg. He shakes it off and says, "Ha ha... Well I did say I'd get at least one more point. Had to steal your trick though."

The dome shield falls and the smoke starts to dissipate. Prince points at the ground, and Emerald sees the focus staff laying near him. Prince must have thrown it at him."

"Hmm, you were doing well at conserving your mana until the end there, Prince." Hope says chuckling, "I don't think I've seen you get so worked up."

"Yeah, I think it was pretty clear how things were going, so I thought I would try something new." Prince says, embarrassed. "Got a bit frustrated."

"Nice! Didn't know you were that good at magic!" Scout says coming up and slapping him on the back.

"Aww, sorry you didn't win." Rocky says, coming over to Prince.

"It's fine." Prince says convincingly, though looking a bit dejected.

"I think we'll stop there for today." Hope says clapping. "Good job to you both."

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-15 04:13:01 No. 33747579

Heh, noice.


Emerald thanks both of them for a match, and says that he had a good teacher of magic, even if she did do it a bit half-assed. He even says he has a bit he wants to learn from Prince.

"As I have some things I wish to learn from you." Prince says, bowing, and then leaning over says. "That smoke spell might be useful, though I guess I could only use it in confined spaces."

Emerald says he's surprised how well he managed to combine or counter his spells, though his mind games could use some work.

Hope pipes up at this point and says, "Yes... Well people tend to think that magical battles are just firing the biggest spells at each other, but very rarely is that the case. To win against another mage, you need to think quick and cast even quicker. Having an iron will and focus certainly helps as well."

Hope then gathers everyone and says, "Much like how everyone has their own personality, many people have certain ways they cast and spells they like to throw. You've seen Prince and Emerald's. Scout fights similar to Emerald though more reserved, and Scout throws himself head on, and is fond of conjuring weapons or enchanting them."

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-16 05:07:17 No. 33750932

Emerald admits to being interested in sparring others, but asks when Joyride will be around.

"Probably early tomorrow. Now that Hope is back she apparently had some stuff she had to take care of." Hope says. "Her office is in this building, so it won't be far of a walk once she arrives."

Emerald takes out his compass and looks where it points. It's certainly pointing in the direction of #304 Coursewalk, but that doesn't mean she is necessarily there.

Hope shepherds them all back up to their quarters, and they spend more time talking. They have another session of teaching each other spells, and Emerald shows them how to use the smoke spell. They learn it pretty quick and it's a good thing they do, because the room might have started to fill with smoke had they not.

After openning some windows Emerald asks about the spell he cast around his focus.

"It's a pretty simple transmutation spell. You need something sort of this shaped to really make it work well though." He says, holding up his focus. "It's called 'Shillelagh' and it uses the strength of your magic rather than your muscles to make some forceful blows."

They try to teach him to cast it on his focus, but it doesn't seem to want to hold on it. It just makes the book look like it's wrapped loosely in ethereal branches. The colt does end up managing to learn it though after they grab a broom for him to practice on.

>Emerald learned the spell, Shillelagh!

Emerald asks them what they thought of they duel between him and Prince.

"It was pretty fun! I wish it could have gone for all three rounds though..." Scout says, casting a spell on his staff to light the room slightly. It's starting to get dark. The others seem to share this sentiment.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-16 07:43:07 No. 33751488

Emerald realizes that the Shillelagh spell might work well with his "other" focus, but he puts that out of his mind for now. Taking the opportunity to get to his things, he places his amulet back on.

He asks if the royal family ever visits often.

"Not them directly, but we have representatives that come and look around the Order every once and a while." Bristle says. "I don't know why they visit. They don't really seem to ever do anything."

Emerald then asks if they think Hope was studying his abilities during the fight and beforehand.

The colt then asks if he can walk around the castle.

"Not without permission." Larimar says to the greenish colt. "There are lot's of dangerous people and things around the Order HQ."

Emerald asks when they sing. He wants to here the choir do their thing.

"Not today. We have practice tomorrow though!" Scout says, grinning.

"Yeah probably. That's the sort of thing she likes to do with colts, especially ones that can cast magic." Scout says, nudging Emerald in the chest. "Maybe she wants to recruit you? That'd be cool, I feel like you'd fit right in!"

"It is a shame, isn't it? Since he's waiting for Joyride to go home or something." Prince says with a sad sigh.

Chat breaks out, and Emerald decides to talk with Rocky for a bit. Rocky is sitting on his bunk, swinging his doll around. Emerald finds it a bit dangerous for him to be swinging something made of stone like that, but no one else seems to be particularly perturbed.

"Oh, hey... What's up?" Rocky says, turning to Emerald with a friendly smile.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-17 06:07:12 No. 33754775

Emerald ask how his little friend is doing.

"Johnathan? He's doing well." Rocky says happily, making the stone doll dance. "We had a lot of fun today. We even made you, a new friend!"

The colt asks how he gets Johnathan to move like that.

"I'm not sure... Practice I guess? I just sort of have always been able to do it. It's certainly easier for me than other kinds of spells thanks to Hope..." Rocky says. "I mostly know spells that can affect Johnathan."

Emerald asks what he means by that.

"Like... Like spells to make Johnathan stronger or faster or... You know, that kind of thing?" the small unicorn says, a bit unsure.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-17 07:51:32 No. 33755084

Emerald admits to being intrigued by this, and asks if his buffs can be cast on ponies.

"Nope... Just Johnathan..." Rocky says, making the stone doll pose.

Emerald asks if he can cast a spell to make Johnathan bigger.

"That'd be pretty cool, but no... Hope says that when I get older I can use bigger dolls though. I mean she calls them golems but... It still seems pretty cool." He says happily.

The colt asks if he can play with Johnathan.

"Um... I don't really like people touching Johnathan. I don't even really let Prince or Hope do it much..." He says, a little embarrassed.

Emerald asks where he came up with the name "Johnathan". It's certainly not a name he's heard before.

"I read it in a book in the library. Err, the library from my old town." Rocky explains. "Hope says they are names from another world, and I thought that was pretty cool."

The colt asks what sort of games he likes to play.

"Um... We have some card games we like to play. Go fish is pretty fun. I like thirteen as well!" Rocky says.

Emerald asks why there isn't any fillies in the choir.

"Hope is the one who says who can be in the choir." He says with a shrug. "Maybe fillies are no good at being choir members? I dunno..."

Emerald asks what the choir is up too next.

"Free time until dinner, and then bed. Then tomorrow more learning and training!" Rocky says happily.

The colt asks if it ever gets boring doing all that.

"Nope, and it's not always the same. Whenever Hope goes out we get to come too! And hey... It's a lot better than being... You know, outside the city walls." he says, watching Johnathan dance.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-18 05:35:08 No. 33757872

Emerald asks if Hope has been to other worlds, since she seems to know the names are from there.

"Oh... You know, I guess she has if she knows that." Rocky says with a thoughtful look on his face. "I kinda want to ask her about it now."

Emerald asks what town he is from.

"Um... It was a place called Brambleburg..." Rocky says, looking down at the dancing doll. "I don't really want to talk about it."

Emerald remembers that he and Prince only came here less than a year ago. Whatever happened in his town is probably still pretty fresh in his mind. The colt decides to change the subject, and asks if Rocky has any clothes for Johnathan.

"Clothes? Hmm. I never thought of dressing him up... I don't really have anything small enough to put on him." Rocky says, picking up the bit of stone and looking it over. "Maybe I can get him a nice fancy bow? I'm sure I can find some string somewhere."

Emerald remember his bandanna, and takes it out. The colt says Johnathan can borrow it for as long as he is here.

Rocky sort of wraps it around his neck. It's a bit big for the doll.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-18 08:15:41 No. 33758427

Emerald asks what he thinks.

"Hmm... Oh! How about we do this instead?" Rocky says, turning the bandanna into a sort of cape for the stone doll.

Emerald has to admit that he does look better that way, but Rocky doesn't seem satisfied.

"It's missing something..."

Rocky then gets an idea, and grabs a piece of paper. He folds it into a hat, and puts it on Johnathan's head.

The stone doll does look quite cute. Emerald asks if Johnathan has a last name.

"Nope! He's just Johnathan." Rocky says smiling.

Emerald asks what the doll can do other than let Rocky channel spells through it.

"I mean, not much I guess... I can see through his eyes if I focus, so sometimes Hope has me use it to spy on people." Rocky says.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-19 05:40:14 No. 33761357

Emerald says that seeing through the doll's eyes is pretty cool. He asks if he's ever seen anything interesting.

"Yeah... There are things people will say or do when they think we aren't around. For instance hiding surveillance or scrying equipment in the rooms we are staying in, or planning things behind our back... Some people really don't like Hope." Rocky says sadly.

Emerald asks for another piece of paper, and tries to think of a way to fold it to make it look like a sword, though Rocky isn't sure either, so they just sort of keep trying while talking. Emerald asks how far away Rocky can go.

"48 feet." He says, and after the colt mentions how that's rather specific he explains. "Hope has me practice seeing how far away it can go. Johnathan can actually go a little farther than that, but if he stays more than a second or two out of 48 feet he'll just collapse. Apparently when I get stronger he'll be able to go even farther!"

Emerald asks if the foal if he can make Johnathan do a cool trick.

"A cool trick? Like what?" Rocky asks, tilting his head.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-19 08:53:03 No. 33762212

Emerald asks what sort of people hate Hope.

"Lot's of ponies not outside of Sanctuary... Pretty much all the deer, and some of the zebra..." Rocky says sighing.

Deciding to do something a little more entertaining, Emerald asks if Rocky can do a backflip.

"Oh, I'm not sure. Let's see!" Rocky says.

They both then look down at the doll as it squats down, springs up, and falls onto it's back. They try this twice more before dinner is called.

This time it's spaghetti. It's passable. While he eats he checks what everyone else is doing.

Scout is eating quite voraciously, talking with Larimar about the deer to the north.

Bristle and Prince are actually speaking about Joyride. Rocky is listening into the conversation as he feeds himself. Between bites he picks up spaghetti and squishes it against where the mouth on the doll would be, puts down his fork, wipes Johnathan off, and then repeats by taking a bite himself.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-20 05:04:08 No. 33766721

Emerald listens in on the conversation about Joyride Bristle and Prince are having.

"-was she going anyway? Why would Joyride need to work from home?" Bristle says.

"I'm not sure. If it were anything particularly dangerous or even Arrow related she should probably be keeping it at the HQ." Prince says, thinking as he twirls his fork in the spaghetti.

Emerald asks about Joyride.

"Hmm? Oh, she's really nice. A lot more gentle and kind than most of the people you see in the Order." Bristle says. "She reports to Hope when she's in Whitherwater, but I don't think any of us have really interacted with her a lot."

Emerald smirks a little. This universe's Joyride seems a lot different from his. The colt asks what she does in the Order of the Arrow.

"Erm... Hey Larimar, what is Joyride's job again?" Bristle asks, turning to Larimar.

Scout and Larimar stop speaking about the deer, and Scout takes the opportunity to stuff his face with food. Larimar rolls his eyes at the red colt and then says, "She handles special missions for the Order, and when not doing that she acts as a Steward for the Order."

"Yeah that makes sense. I saw her walking around with a few of the Accusers and I think they were talking about some possessed sword this and enchanted weapons that." Scout says as he puts down his fork on his now empty plate.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-20 06:27:08 No. 33767066

Emerald asks what sort of possessed sword or whatever she was talking about.

"Oh, I dunno. I just sort of heard it in passing. She's always talking about something like that though." Scout says shrugging.

"It's always something like that isn't it?" Bristle says shrugging.

"Her special missions tend to be dealing with particularly cursed or powerful objects or people." Larimar says. "Most of the time she destroys the objects, but sometimes they can't be destroyed, or for some other reason they need to be stored away, and she handles that as well."

Emerald asks what a Steward does.

"It means she's ultimately responsible for financial and legal matters for the Order. Pretty much all of that sort of thing gets funneled to her, and she then reports to Hope." Larimar explains.

Emerald asks if Joyride and Hope get along.

"Yeah. They were friends before she even joined the Order I hear." Prince says, leaning in closer to everyone. "I hear she was even friends with her father when he was younger. But that can't be right. She'd have to be way older than she is, right?"

Emerald sees that Scout's plate is empty, and asks if he always eats that much.

"Nah, I just like spaghetti." Scout says grinning.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-22 07:55:21 No. 33774974

Emerald asks how Hope's father is.

"Blood? He's fine. He is the owner of one of the Arrow's more prestigious weapon makers." Larimar says. "The two get along fine, but they have some disagreements."

Emerald asks about what.

"Mmm... Usually about how ethical some of the weapons are. Blood can be difficult to convince of the brutality necessary, but usually gives in to Hope and the R&D's ideas." Bristle says shrugging.

Emerald asks how the war with the Deer is going.

"It's pretty much a stalemate. They are well protected in the forest, but can't match us outside of it. There was an idea to burn through it, but they are no ordinary trees." Larimar replies.

The colt asks where the other choir members are, as he remembers someone mentioning others.

"On occasion we are lent out to other parts of the Order based on our specialties. For instance one of us who's not here, Cotton, is pretty good with metal working and not much else. In fact it's funny you should mention Blood, because he is probably apprenticing there now that we've returned."

The colt briefly wonders what Joyride has to worry about if she is immortal here as well. She seemed pretty jumpy. He asks what sort of things Joyride is known for publicly.

"Well, she was a great warrior and wizard before she even joined the Order. Essentially a mercenary demon hunter. A job you really have to be good at to survive." Larimar says.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-23 03:45:05 No. 33777282

Emerald asks if Hope has any other family.

"As far as I know Blood and Hope are the only ones in the Blossom family still alive." Larimar says.

The colt asks what they know about Sunshine Sea.

"She's super nice. If I had a big sis I'd want it to be like her. Plus she always has candy!" Scout says, licking his lips happily.

"She's pretty friendly, though I don't think any of us have spent much time around her. She's pretty much always around Joyride so they must be pretty close." Bristle says with a shrug.

"Yes, I think I heard that one of the conditions for her hiring was that Sunshine be allowed as her security. Not sure how they met though." Prince says, thinking out loud.

Emerald asks what she does for the Order.

"I think she just acts her bodyguard, and assists her on her special assignments." Larimar replies.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-23 07:46:34 No. 33777912

Emerald asks what happened to the rest of Hope's family.

"The mom you mean? I'm not sure. Probably died." Larimar says.

Emerald asks about the deer's trees, and if they are special in some way.

"They are enchanted to be sentient among other things, plus they can hold other types of creatures and plants on them." Larimar says.

"I've even heard they have cuts of other trees transplanted to them. One of the guards was talking about finding a branch of Hangman's tree." Prince remarks.

"The ones we saw just sorta swung around provided cover for the deer to move in. They are also harder to burn." Scouts says.

"Still, they can get going when they actually do catch on fire." Bristle adds.

Emerald asks if there are any allied deer.

"Huh? Of course not. Why would we ever trust one of them?" Scout says waving away Emerald's words.

Emerald asks if Hope plans to destroy every deer on the planet.

"Hopefully it won't come to that, but if necessary yes. As long as they worship demons they are our enemies." The others let Larimar say.

The colt asks what they plan to do when the war with the deer is over. Surely the Order isn't as big during peace time.

"We are pretty much never at peace." Larimar says. "There are always villians and demons coming for the Order and for pony-kind in general."

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-24 04:39:23 No. 33780495

Emerald says that sounds tough, and asks if they ever get a moment of peace.

"Well of course, we just spent a rather pleasant day relaxing with a new friend after all." Prince says, gesturing to the colt. "We get to travel too. Yes, we may be on alert, but that doesn't mean we don't get little moments of peace."

Emerald asks what sort of demons the deer worship.

"Plant demons kinda... And uh, goat looking demons. Well I mean they sort of look like goats. They got the bottom half of goats and the top half of these sort of monkey-looking creatures with ram horns." Scout says, doing his best to explain.

"They are called satyrs. The plant ones I'm not so sure about. Those are just the common ones. They are particularly fond of the stealthier kinds of demons as well." Larimar corrects the wild haired colt. "They worship their Lich-like leader, who seems to be well versed in demon lore and summoning."

Emerald asks if he is so sure there are no good deer. If Hope doesn't actually want to kill them all, there must be some good ones right?

"I suppose." Bristle says. "But I haven't met one yet that doesn't seem to be at least partially fond of demons. As long as they hold that opinion they will always be opposed by the Order."

Emerald asks what sort of plans they have once they are older, but all of them seem quite fond of staying with the Order and hopefully with Hope in the choir.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-24 06:41:53 No. 33780869

Emerald asks if the Lich is named Lord Sepulcher.

"Hmm? No, Sepulcher died some time ago when he tried to take over Haunchhock to the west. Had a huge thrall army. Lucky the Order was there or there might be nothing left!" Bristle says.

Emerald asks if Joyride or Hope were there.

"I mean, possibly Joyride..." Prince says frowning. "But you'd have to ask her to be sure."

Emerald asks to the places they've traveled to.

"A little bit to the north to check out the deer war front, and also to go to one of the old goat ruins. We've been on the sea, and also to the west and to the Zebralands. One day I hope we get to go to Equestria." Prince says.

Emerald is about to ask more questions, but some of the guards say it's time for lights out, so they should be getting back to Hope. The choir gets up at this point, and Emerald follows them back to their living quarters. Their night time routine seems pretty ordinary. Removing their uniforms, brushing teeth, using the bathroom, and then they all lay down. Emerald follows suit, finds he falls asleep quite easily because of all the action he had today.


Emerald wakes up later to the sound of voices. They sound really muffled, and Emerald finds that it seems a bit too dark despite the hour. Looking around he sees that he is in some sort of bubble. The top of the bubble is pretty close to him, so the colt touches it, and his hoof passes through it quite easily. He can't quite put his head through though, as it's a bit too high for that. He'd have to get out of bed and walk out of the sides of the bubble.

Emerald leans over and looks into the beds. No one seems to be in their bunks.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-25 05:58:48 No. 33783814

Emerald wonders if the bubble was meant to block matter. He takes his pillow and tosses it into the sphere. It comes back down and lands on his chest. The colt examines the pillow and it doesn't seem harmed in any way.

Emerald wonders if maybe they don't trust him as much as they said, and out of bed. He looks in the bed one more time, and indeed no one is sleeping. He can't see too well outside the bubble, so grabs his book from his bag. He then decides to look through it quick to see if anything is missing, but everything seems in place.

Emerald casts Arcane sight and looks around the barracks.

He immediately sees a huge blob of magical energy pulsating in the direction of what appears to be Hope's bed. The magical energies are merging together there, and it's hard to tell who is who from the bright light.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-26 08:26:12 No. 33787419

Emerald steps through the bubble and...


Spots something interesting.

What does Emerald do?

2019-04-27 06:43:57 No. 33791542

The colt steps forward, making his presence known.

"Wha-?! H-hey this isn't what it looks like!" Larimar says, clearly embarrassed and removing himself from Hope quickly. Many of the others stop as well.

"Oh no, I didn't want you to see this..." Hope says, though Emerald sees a little smirk on her face. "That's why I put up the barrier."

"You can't tell anyone about this okay? Hope would-" Bristle starts, but Emerald forestalls him and says he wants to join in.

"Really now?" Prince says coming closer.

"Heh, I knew you were cool." Scout says, hoping over as well.

Emerald explains that he has a little problem that he wants to get rid of, turning around and showing them all his ring.

"What's this?" Prince asks.

"Ha ha, what the heck?" Scout says, poking the ring.

"Ah I see, well perhaps we can get that off you tonight." Hope says in a sultry manner.

What does Emerald do?
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