You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2020-02-25 04:31:21 No. 35026249
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> Emerald, Ann, Ruby, and Pip escape the trio of Accusers and decide to hunker down in a derelict building.
>After spending the night there, they awake to find themselves surrounded by Order officers, as well as the three Accusers from the previous night.
>Luckily they escape with the aid of Joyride, who they had messaged the previous night.
>They return to #304 Coursewalk, and after some brief conversation they decide to go on a vacation to the
deer lands. Emerald figures out pretty quick that it isn't so much a vacation and more a reason to get away from Whitherwater since the Order of the Arrow is probably looking for them.
>Currently, they are talking about the only permanent deer city, Thaola Venali, and what it's like.

Continued in next post...

2020-02-25 04:48:27 No. 35026321
Emerald comments that he's a bit short on money, and asks if maybe he could have a vacation allowance of some kind. He then looks at Joyride and says that it's not like he can go out and get money right now anyway.

"Hey, can I get one too?" Ruby asks, looking to Joyride hopefully.

"Well I know something you can do for some quick cash, Emerald. We can discuss it later." She says, grinning. "But yeah, it'd probably be best if you guys stay inside until we leave."

"Won't we need to like, buy supplies and stuff? The deer lands are pretty far north right?" Ruby asks confused.

"They are, but we'll be teleporting part way. We'll land pretty much right before the forest so it should be alright. I have enough supplies to carry us to Thaola Venali, and we can stock up there for the return trip if need be." and then shrugging lazily Joyride continues, "Just pack what you can and we'll leave... I dunno, tomorrow morning bright and early."

Emerald asks if she has warm coats or anything for them. He knows that the north can be quite cold.

"Oh, I might. I'll have to look around a bit. I can always shrink something with magic if I really need too." Joyride says shrugging again.

What does Emerald do?

2020-02-25 07:28:34 No. 35027010

The colt jokes a bit saying he's surprised she has more concealing clothing.

"Well, I mean I don't need cold weather gear personally, but people are into some weird things. You know, sexually." She says, walking to the door. She motions to Ruby and Emerald saying, "Follow me you two."

She walks them into a room further down the hall, and after placing the green piece of wood on the door she let's the pair inside. The room is large, tall, and rectangular. The room is stuffed full of ward robes, and Joyride wanders in, stopping in front of one made of pine. She opens it and, rustles around a bit.

"Ah see? Like I said. Just let me give it a quick one of these..." Joyride says, pulling out some coats and zapping them, causing them to shrink to colt and filly size.

The pair of foals put them on. They are pretty comfy, though a bit too warm to wear in a climate this mild.

Emerald asks if there is anything freaky in the deer forests, and also asks if they should get some camping gear and stuff.

"Freaky? What, like monsters? Yeah, of course. Pretty scary ones, but we'll be fine with me along... Also if we stay on the roads." Joyride says shrugging. "As for camping gear, I have my travel house. Remember? We'll just take that. It's even enchanted and stuff so hopefully nothing will bother us."

What does Emerald do?

2020-02-26 10:39:01 No. 35028808

Emerald remembers what Joyride said about the jacket's origins and decides to give it a quick sniff.

Perhaps because of the wardrobe it's in, but it smells pine fresh!

"So do demons needs coats and stuff too?" Ruby asks, pulling the thick winter coat over her head.

Joyride shakes her head and says, "Nah, the temperatures here are way less extreme than in Tartarus. Besides they can just form their own clothes. I know you've seen them do that."

Emerald asks if she has any maps or books on deer.

"Maps? No. Books? Yes." Joyride says. "You know where they are. Same place I keep all my other books."

"Hey, can Waspride come? I bet she could use a vacation too." Ruby asks.

"Well, if you want to take her on a permanent vacation from her life, then yeah we could take her. Giant Jungle Wasps don't do well in the cold, even if you give them nice coats." Joyride says, patting Ruby on the head. "Plus I don't want her moving around around too much until she finishes off that royal jelly bath."

Emerald asks if she can enlarge things, and if she can if she's ever tried to do it to a bit, after which she breaks it down to make more bits.

"Nah, I haven't been able to find a minting machine." Joyride says. "Plus it's illegal."

"Because you have a big problem doing illegal things, right?" Ruby says frowning.

Joyride pulls the strings on Ruby's coat, causing the hood to pull tight around her snout. As Ruby tries to fix it. The mare continues, "Plus things that are shrunk or enlarged aren't quite the same as the prime material. For instance, if you take those coats through an anti-magic field they are gonna blow back up to their original size."

What does Emerald do?

2020-02-26 04:47:11 No. 35030026

Emerald grins despite Ruby's distress. He's glad that despite being black out drunk since the colt has been gone Joyride has jumped right back onto her hooves now that he's back. Emerald asks if anything would happen should the coats return to their original size.

"What, like crush you or something when it expands back to normal? You know it's a coat right?" Joyride says, confused.

Emerald asks if it'll release magical energy or something and burn him.

"Well it'll release energy music yes, but I wouldn't worry about it hurting you. It'd need to be something way more enchanted than a shrunk coat." Joyride says grinning.

Ruby finally gets the hood off from around her snout and says, "So speaking of illegals things, we aren't going to do anything bad in the deer lands right? This is really just a vacation right?"

"Yeah, I just figured we could get away for a while you know?" Joyride says, grinning to Ruby, and pulling the cords again.

With Ruby occupied again, Emerald asks if she can do anything to change his looks, maybe some make-up or magic or something. He doesn't want to get found by the Order after all.

"I wouldn't worry about it. If you haven't figured it out, the Order aren't really well liked in any place other than pony lands." Joyride says. She then shuts the pine wardrobe and ushers the pair out the door. "Anyway, get packing. Like I said we are leaving early tomorrow."

Ruby takes off her jacket and folds up in, placing it on her back saying, "Welp, it's not like I got much to pack. You need any help with yours?"

What does Emerald do?

2020-02-26 09:10:07 No. 35030915

Emerald says he'd appreciate her help. He's gonna stop by the library first and find some books.

"Oh? I figured you'd be buying a bunch of books when we got there. That seemed like your kind of thing." Ruby says.

Emerald hadn't thought of that, but buying some actual deer written books might be interesting. He then talks about seeing Maple again, and asks if she's excited to meet back up.

"I wasn't there when you saw him before, remember?" Ruby says. "So it'll be nice to meet him, yeah."

Emerald says that she could probably learn some new cooking recipes while there.

"Oh! Yeah, I never thought about what new stuff they could have up there... Hopefully they don't just eat pine needles or something." Ruby says in thought. They trot a few more feet and then Ruby says, "So uh, which way is the library?"

Emerald usually goes in from the front door, but the way the house is now he probably can't use that method. He hadn't realized it until now, but all of the doors look like the one on the front of #304 Coursewalk. Gazing up and down the hall they spot Ann's marker hung on one of the knobs, and the colt open it.

The succubus looks up from a nearby couch, and Emerald asks if she could stay put for a second.

Ann shrugs and nods, "Sure. If you need me you know what to do. I got Pip on me if need be."

Emerald then notices she is sitting on Pip's book. He closes the door and steps to the left.

The fire room, not the library.
The next contains what appear to be linens and cleaning supplies.
The next is full of what appear to be normal rocks, though they vary in size from huge boulders to good hoof-sized stones.

The last is finally the library. Emerald asks for books on deer history, for a start. Just to check, he also asks for any maps the library might have.

The pair dive under a table as some books coming flying at them. One is called "A Comprehensive Book on Cervines."

What does Emerald do?

2020-02-27 06:18:29 No. 35033536

Emerald shoves the book in his backpack and then thinks on another book he might want. The colt thinks of asking for a book on deer customs, and conveniently a book called "Deer Customs" nearly beans him in the back of the head.

He reads the intro quickly, and comes to find that it was written by ponies working as diplomats to the deer. He then flips through the book and stops at a random article. It looked interesting because it looks like the deer are running down a hill chasing balls or barrels or something.


"While visiting The White Citadel, we came across a rather odd festival. Annually, the deer take large wheels of their cheese and roll it down hills to race it. Often they finish up the races with a small luncheon of the winning cheese."


He stuffs this book into his backpack as well.

The colt then asks for any books on diabolism, or dealing with demons.

However, nothing seems to happen.

What does Emerald do?

2020-02-27 07:45:01 No. 35033947

Emerald doesn't believe for a second that there isn't anything on diabolism in this library, and decides to look around. He turns to tell Ruby, and sees her reading something. He asks what it is.

"Oh I dunno. I just picked out one that looked easy. It's really not though." She says turning it towards him. It looks like a book to teach children deer language. He can see why she can't learn anything about about the language through this book. It involves knowing how to speak deer in order to sound out letters in much the same way a pony book might say "A is for Apple".

She seems fine trying to figure out, and tells her he's going to look for some other books and he'll be right back. She nods, and he wanders the library. The books don't seem to follow any sort of decimal system he knows about, and so he tries his best to find books on magic, or maybe alphabetically, or possibly under magical creatures? He starts to wonder what books he might summon in the mean time. Perhaps something on Qaab Belqane, or maybe on smut just to see the tidal wave of books that will come at him.

While he's thinking he spots a glowing spot a few bookcases back. Turning the corner he finds a sort of hexagon door made of a grayish wood. It's being lit by two decorative wooden lamps with magical flames. On this impressive door is a noted taped to it that reads...




The Sunshine Sea part however, has been crossed over.

What does Emerald do?

2020-02-28 04:41:43 No. 35036935

Emerald examines the area a little more thoroughly, casting his arcane sight. Nothing invisible to the naked eye that he can see, though the door and the lights are glowing softly. He tries pushing on the door, but it doesn't budge. The lock on the door looks like it requires a key, but not a key like anything he's seen. It's almost like a ring of concentric circles, though a few are actually crossing. The lock even seems to be rotating slightly as he watches.

Emerald remembers what that Ruby's gem can let her phase through walls, and considers asking for her help to get in the door. After all, there may be more than just diabolism books in there!

However Joyride has made it pretty clear by her note that she doesn't want anyone getting inside. Perhaps she's keeping these books hidden for a good reason.

What does Emerald do?

2020-02-29 06:16:44 No. 35040932

The colt isn't sure he wants to enter the forbidden area... At least quite yet. He would like to get an idea of what's inside though.

Emerald goes back to find Ruby sitting on a table still trying to decipher the book. The colt asks if she can help him get through a door, and explains the "RESTRICTED" area he found.

"Restricted huh? Gotta admit, I'm curious!" Ruby says, putting down the language book.

When they get to the entrance the filly examines the door closely. Snickering at the note taped to the door.

"What a weird lock. Does this even open with a key? Hmm... Knowing Joyride there is probably some sort of trap on the other side." Ruby says. She tries to push her face through the door and then says, "Huh. Weird."

Emerald asks what's wrong.

"I can't seem to get through. Oh, one sec!" Ruby says, her ear twitching slightly. "Oh, the gem says that he could get me in, but he won't give me that much power without a contract."

What does Emerald do?

2020-02-29 09:22:28 No. 35041576

Emerald shrugs and says that it's ultimately up to her, but in his opinion it's probably not a good idea. Especially not without putting some serious thought into the contract.

"Yeah. Dang, I bet she keeps all sorts of good stuff in there." Ruby says, kicking the door. "Well, what next?"

Emerald isn't sure if there was anything else he wanted to pack if Joyride was providing the essentials for the trip.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-01 06:22:15 No. 35044145

Before Emerald leaves the library, he asks out loud for a book on Qaab Belqane. No books come at the pair of foals.

"What's a Qaab Belqane?" Ruby asks, and after Emerald explains that it's apparently a deer god or something, and that it's actually Joyride she continues. "Pfft. Joyride a goddess? No way she wouldn't have books on that... Hey, you don't think she hid those in the restricted section too do you?"

Emerald ponders it for a second. He can only think of a few options. Either she really doesn't have any books on herself here, she keeps those particular books somewhere else, or they are locked away. But he decides not to worry on that for now. That section isn't going anywhere after all. As they return to the front Emerald asks if Ruby is going to take any books with her.

The filly considers for a second, and then clears her throat. She then addresses the library at large, "Erm... Could I get a story book? Like an easier to read fiction one with lot's of adventure and stuff?"

A book comes zooming from around the corner, and Emerald ducks, but Ruby catches it quite deftly.

It's an old book, but is very clearly meant for younger adults. There is a eary pony filly standing on a cliff edge, triumphantly looking out at the wilderness before her. She's wearing a backpack and has a bow and quiver strapped to her sides.

"Filly of the Bow: A Fortune of History" Ruby says as she slowly reads it. "Eh, library seems to know what it's talking about. Guess I'll trust it."

The colt thinks of some other things he wants to pack. He takes his books as well as a hammer, and also makes sure to pack his gun as well as his homework for Olam.

The colt then remembers he was going to help earn some money with Joyride. Or he supposes he could just sleep.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-03 03:16:07 No. 35050676

Emerald decides to go check up on Joyride. He returns to the hall of doors and finds the mare's green wooden marker on a door nearby. He knocks, and then enters.

The colt expected to find Joyride in her room packing, but this place looks more like an office complete with filing cabinets, a desk, a single lamp, and many stacks of papers. Joyride turns towards the colt and asks,

"So, what's up lil' Perv? All done packing?"

Emerald asks what she had in mind to make some money.

"Easy! I got a whole bunch of letters to write. Help me stuff them in envelopes, and then toss them into this." Joyride says, pushing over a stack of paper, revealing some sort of metal slot on the wall near her desk that says 'Outgoing Letters'.

Emerald frowns and asks if that's it, and Joyride grins and replies, "Yup. Sorry lil' perv but not all the things I give you can be sexy. C'mon, the sooner we get this done the sooner both of us can go to bed."

The colt plops down next to Joyride, and the unicorn levitates a box of envelopes to him. As he goes about writing the names of the letters on the envelopes and sealing them he asks what she is writing to all these people.

"Ya know, business and such. Gotta tell everyone I'm going on vacation and all."

The colt asks about his gun, wondering if they could possibly purchase some bullets for it some time.

"Maybe? If you can find any that is. Maybe you'll get lucky and find some among the deer merchants? They tend to get their hands on some weird stuff."

The pair work until all the letters get sent, and the colt sleepily returns to his room for the night...


...And awakens the next day!

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-04 08:50:13 No. 35055212

Emerald rubs his face on his warm pillow a few more times.Emerald gets up, and sees that Ann is already awake and reading again.

"G'morning, we off then?" She says, grabbing Pip's book as well.

Emerald nods and gathers up his potion and goat-magic pieces, just in case they may come in handy and places them into his backpack. He then shakes Ruby until she wakes up. He then goes to the room where they ate before. Joyride is already up, drinking coffee and looking at a sheet of paper.

"Oh hey, a map!" Ruby says, pulling up a set and some pancakes.

"Yeah, of the deer lands." Joyride says, peaking Emerald's interest.

The colt sidles up to see an oddly shaped, heavily forested peninsula. Sorta looks like a drooling beak or a sweating bird or something.

"Seems kind of sparse. It only has two markers." Ruby says.

"Deer are rather nomadic, and have a half-seasonal half-traditional family route they take through their forests. The only permanent residence they have is the place we are going." She says, pointing to the big white mark on the middle of the map named Thaola Venali.

"I guess if you only have two things on your map, a big city and 'Necromancer's Ruins' would be the most awesome." Ruby says, pointing at a larger island near the top of the peninsula.

"How about this then? Most of this northwest is an icy wastes. Apparently it's been cursed or something. I dunno, we can ask when we get there." Joyride remarks.

"I like it's shape though, looks like a scythe dripping blood." Ruby says, referring to the peninsula's odd topography.

"I always thought it looked like one of those drinking bird toys." Joyride says grinning. "Anyway, we'll be teleporting to an old shack between here and the deerlands and then walking up."

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-05 05:27:08 No. 35058268

Emerald asks if she's been to the Necromancer's Ruins, or knew him.

"That necromancer is ancient history, kid. Even the oldest deer don't remember the Necromancer." She says. "Also yeah I have been to that island. That place has been looted so many times it's not much more than a pile of rocks."

They finish up their food, and after packing up a nice little picnic basket for later they make their way out. The group grabs their things and the unicorn takes them to a familiar looking room with a rod in the center. Atop the rod is an orb seemingly burning with power. Joyride tells everyone to touch it.

"Alrighty, vacation starts... Now!" Joyride says with a grin.

Emerald is pulled forward in a bright flash of white light, and when the colors go back to normal he finds himself in a sort of rundown shack next to different etheric beacon.

"Whoa. What a dump." Ruby says looking around the nearly derelict building.

"Hey, the living situation ain't so good, but the view is gorgeous!" Joyride says, walking outside.

They all follow and find they are atop a high cliff with the sea stretching far in front of them. The air is quite clean and crisp, and the wind blows hard into their faces.

"Brr. Glad we got these coats." Ruby says, rubbing her legs to warm them up.

"Now's my time to shine!" Pip says, flying from out of the book and glowing slightly, sitting near the filly.

"Hey I could get used to this. Ann, mind if I hold the book?" Ruby asks.

Emerald glances north up the road, and spies the top of a windmill, as well as some smoke from camp fires. He leans over and to Joyride and asks if that is Forest's End over there.

"Yup." She says, grinning. "Straight shot north to the deer. I can't really remember how long, but it's only a few days if we make a good pace."

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-06 06:44:53 No. 35062309

Emerald says he isn't in a rush. This is a vacation after all, and they should enjoy the trip.

"Yeah man, the journey is the destination." Joyride says smiling.

The colt asks Joyride if she's ever time traveled.

"Well I know it's possible with magic in theory, but no one has figured out how to do it yet." She says.

Emerald thinks he hears a giggle come from somewhere, though looking around spots nothing. The colt scratches his ears and then asks what they are going to do for entertainment if the Order isn't coming after them.

"I dunno. Sing songs?" Joyride says shrugging.

"Songs!" Pip says, "I know lot's of songs!"

Pip then raises slightly into the air and starts doing a sort of jig. At least that's what Emerald thinks she is doing. It's hard to tell since she doesn't have any legs.

"Tartarus is certain and I'll pray that you'll be burnin'~!"

Ann interrupts with a loud sigh, and Pip huffs, "Got a problem with my singing?"

"Yes, but I'm more curious to know how much of this song is about killing and conquering." The succubus asks.

"All of it, duh." She says clearing her throat. Ann and Pip begin to argue, and Emerald turns back to Joyride and asks about Sepulcher. He wonders if this is the same person.

"No. Sepulcher was a pony for sure." Joyride says shaking her head.

Emerald asks what Thaola Venali means, and when the last time she visited the White Citadel was.

"I thought you knew deer? Well I guess it's pretty ancient language... Pretty much the equivalent of old pony 'thou' and 'art' times... It's some deer's name plus a title. It's sort of like 'Knight' or maybe 'Lord'. Thaola is an old plant. I think. I dunno." Joyride says shrugging.

Emerald then asks why they named mostly nomadic.

"I dunno, we'll run into some on our way to the Citadel. You can ask'em. Probably a culture thing."

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-08 09:24:41 No. 35070427

Emerald asks if Sepulcher knew the deer necormancer.

"Nope. What you trying to say? All Necromancers knew each other? Magicist." Joyride says grinning.

Emerald asks if there is anything dangerous in the deer forest.

"Well of course there is, but the deer police the forest and protect it. It's sort of their thing. Sure some deer are bandits but... You know what, forget it. Just relax! I promise it'll probably be alright." Joyride says, trailing off, rolling her eyes.

Emerald says that she never said the last time she was here.

"It was a while ago, who knows for sure right? I'm sure nothing much as changed. Deer don't really 'change' that much. " Joyride adds.

"...Was beating on her like a drum! And she knew right then her end had come~!" Pip says posing.

"Lovely." Ann says, glaring at the pyroodaemon.

"That last verse wasn't originally part of the song." Pip says, staring at Ann. "I did it live, just for you."

"A-ah ha, well do you know any songs, Ann?" Ruby asks, trying to deflect the tension.

"Yes, many. Demons... Even the more vulgar and rude of our kind... All like merryment. Songs, poems... All of the arts really." Ann says smiling. "It's helpful when dealing with clientele."

Pip opens her mouth to say something and points, but her form suddenly poofs away. Emerald turns to see Ruby holding Pip's closed book.

"Hey! I was only going to tell her how I was going to drive a metal rod through her and cook her from the inside out!"

There is a slight pause, and then Emerald boops Ruby and says that she is "It". After playing tag while walking for a few minutes, they return to Joyride and Ann's side. Ruby takes Pip's book from the succubus, who had been holding it.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-10 06:53:25 No. 35078022

Joyride leads the way, and the rest of the party follows behind. Emerald asks Pip what it's like inside the book.

Pip thinks on it a moment and says, "Hmm... Have you ever wrapped yourself tightly in a blanket? Like, so you are in a cocoon of cloth that you can't see out of and can only sort of barely move... But it's like comfy you know, and sometimes people will come by and you can hear them talk. Anyway imagine being trapped in it at pretty much anyone's mercy based on if they close a book or not."

Emerald asks Ann what sort of songs she knows. Preferably ones not about death and destruction.

"How about something thematic? Do you know any deer songs? Demon deer songs?" Ruby asks the succubus.

"I haven't really spent that much time around Deer. There aren't that many in Tartarus." She says shrugging. "Most go off to their own sort of afterlife I think. Any that I've interacted with just want one sort of thing."

Emerald asks what she means.

Ann then goes up in a puff of smoke, and when the dust settles there is a white doe wearing some deer themed traveling gear. Earth toned robes and a necklace like the one Maple had, but the barrel is instead shaped like a heart. She also has some small horns, but probably most prominent of all is that she is completely white.

"Yeah, it's always the white deer they want me to pretend to be." She says chuckling before the color darkens to a more normal brownish color. "I suppose that I can go like this as a disguise."

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-11 07:05:12 No. 35081647

(Yeah, I haven't wanted to draw lewds for a while. I might have to commission some for future lewds, or start they way earlier to get them done in time.)

Emerald says that Ann looks very pretty as a deer, but she needs to fix her eyes. He's pretty sure they don't have snake-like slits.

"Thank you, lil' charmer." Ann says fixing her iris.

"That's lil' perv." Joyride says, nudging the succubus.

Emerald asks what the necklace the deer have even do, and if there are female white deer.

"They keep potions in it. Usually something naturey, like growing trees or vines. I doubt Ann actually has anything in hers though" Joyride says as Ann shakes her head and straightening the heart shaped bottle. "And yeah, there are white does. Heck, I think the first 'white one' was a doe. The males are more important of course, since they have to stop when they get preggers."

Emerald asks about other afterlifes, and how that even works.

"I dunno. I've never seen any others, just denizens from them. Succubi generally don't leave Tartarus much other than to come to the living world." Ann says shrugging.

The time passes, and soon they have to stop for the night. Joyride finds a clearing and places down her portable dome house thing, and while she does the others gather firewood and some logs to sit on.

After dining Pip decides to sits on logs, making a little campfire for the foals to roast marshmallows on. After a moment he realizes that Joyride and Ann aren't around. He gets up and checks inside.

"-gotta ask you know. I'm sure the kid will ask about it too. How much did you know about Bibisi? You aren't still in contact with her or that other succubus. Zazz or something right?"

What does Emerald do?


2020-03-12 05:42:43 No. 35084680

Emerald crouches near the door, listening in on the conversation.

"Nope, I have no way of contacting either." Ann answers back to Joyride. "Bibisi and Zazz are probably back in the dimension they've already conquered. I imagine after a day or two of angry fucking she'll get back on her hooves."

"And how long had you known that other me?" Joyride asks again.

"For a while now, though she wasn't really big on talking about herself." Ann says shrugging.

"Yeah, we are kinda like that." Joyride says chuckling.

"It was nice being around her. Most demons are like Pip and don't think too highly of succubi, but Bibisi embraced it." Ann says sighing. "In fact a lot of her first supporters were succubi. If I remember correctly she's even one of the owners of RR."

"Hmm... So I imagine if you were to leave, you'd go back to Rutters to try and find Bibisi?" Joyride asks.

"I have to wait for Emerald to die or release me. That's as long as my contract goes, right?" Ann asks back.

"So really the kid is in your way huh?" Joyride says grinning. "I won't have to worry about him while he's under your care will I?"

"Hmph, well it sucks that I gotta wait a pony life span to get back to Bibisi... But really in the scheme of things that's not much time at all. It's even kind of nice actually. Sort of like a vacation that still has a bit of bite to it." Ann says chuckling. "And let's be honest. The way the kid does things he may find himself in an early grave without any help from me."

"Hey!" Ruby whispers from beside the fire. "What're we listen for?"

"Why are we whispering? Can't we talk normal?" the Pip fire asks.

"No." Ruby says, throwing some wood and marshmallows to the pyrodaemon. Emerald notices that she isn't eating them, but incinerating them while they are in her mouth.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-13 05:16:28 No. 35087879

Emerald says that Joyride is interrogating Ann in an almost patriarchal manner. It's kind of sweet really. He admits to being a bit of a snoop, and wants to hear more. The colt leans in closer, but as he does so he notices the pair have gone further into the dome-like house.

The colt shrugs. He makes a note to ask what "RR" is, and thend picks up some pine cones and returns to Pip and Ruby.. He tosses them in the fire, and Pip giggles as the seeds crackle and pop in her mouth.

Emerald thinks for a moment, and then asks Pip what she thinks a good master would be like.

"Hmm... One that'll let me free of course!" Pip says grinning. "I know what you mean though. I guess one that would let me eat a bunch of souls! Sepulcher was pretty cool like that for a while. Until he stuck me in a bookcase for years of course."

The colt asks Ruby what she thinks of Ann.

"I dunno. She seems nice I guess? Kind of quiet. I guess I'm sort of used to dealing with Pip. I sorta thought all demons were that way." Ruby says shrugging.

Emerald asks if she has been practicing or anything with her gem.

"Nah... He keeps talking about contracts and stuff so it makes me a bit nervous. I'd like to though. Being able to just walk through any wall would make... Some things easier for sure!" Ruby says.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-13 08:42:16 No. 35088684

Emerald asks Pip why other demons disrespect succubi and incubi so much.

"Well it's not them personally. They are just some of the weaker demons. Like, not the weakest I guess, but they aren't much of a threat to the other demons." Pip says giving her flaming form the best shrug she can. "What are they gonna do? Try to charm a powerful demon? Maybe drain all it's life away? Us higher caste demons are immune to that sort of thing."

"Well what if she like, gathers a bunch of people around her like Bibisi did?" Ruby asks. "They did a number on Trotton after all."

"Pfft, well a succubus is more than a match for a pony, or even a group of them. But that's not what we are talking about really, is it?" Pip says laughing. "Even a whole nation of succubi couldn't take out a single pyrodaemon."

"Didn't Emerald say you fought Ann though? Sounds like you didn't have that easy of a time with her." Ruby remarks.

"Well that's because if I went full force I would have turned everything in that mine into glass and smoldering rock just by standing around." Pip says snorting and laughing again. "And I know that kind of thing isn't good for ponies."

The colt then asks if Pip really would just be fine with souls or freedom. There must be something Joyride or Emerald could do that she would find distasteful.

"Well yeah I guess so." Pip says dismissively. "But if you keep me happy why would I care what you do to anyone else?"

Emerald then remembers "RR", and asks Pip if she knows what it means.

"Never heard of'em, is it a demon or a pony?" Pip asks. "Remember I've been in a book for about one or two of your kind's lifetimes. so my knowledge on mortals might be a bit lacking."

"It's me, Ruby Rouge!" Ruby says grinning. "But in serious, maybe it's a demon? Or a place?"

Pip gives a firey shrug.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-14 07:27:14 No. 35092110

Emerald asks if every different version of a person has a different soul.

"Well duh, you aren't the same people even if you look similar." Pip says licking her lips. "That works for me, just more souls to go around!"

Emerald says he spotted a world that look like it worship Pyrodaemons, and mentions the symbol he showed her before. He also asks where Pip is on power level versus other pyrodaemons.

"Well I mean, all demons in my caste have around the same power level. There are some that are older and more important I guess? The more you fight the better you get at it." Pip says in a very erudite manner.

Emerald asks if she could teach him how to read demonic languages.

"I mean I could, but what's in it for me?" Pip says.

Emerald says that he can't get her any souls, but maybe he could hunt a little.

"You sure? I mean I don't know anything about hunting really. We just sorta followed that one zebra lady." Ruby says.

They speak on it a little, but decide at the very least that it's too late for tonight to be walking around in the forest looking for things to kill. They decide to call it a night. The trio go inside, and it seems pretty quiet. Ann and Joyride aren't there, but the foals find beds, and because of all the walking they did find falling asleep quite easy.


Emerald wakes up the next day to the sound of frying eggs in the small kitchenette the dome has. Ruby is next to him, holding Pip's book. He decides to let her sleep and finds Joyride drinking coffee bleary eyed and scrambling the food with a spatula held by magic.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-15 06:07:07 No. 35095490

Emerald says good morning, and takes the spatula from the air so he can help cook.

Joyride sips her coffee and thanks the colt. Emerald then asks where Ann is, and comments that she seems a bit tired.

"I think I tuckered out Ann yesterday. Not to say that I didn't get a little tired myself. Not that I should be surprised. She weas with an alternate version of me until just recently." Joyride says snickering.

The colt wiggles his eyebrows and expressing his sadness that he could not join in. He then asks why she didn't just sleep in a little longer. It's a vacation after all.

"Gotta walk while we have the daylight. Day and night gets kinda funny in the higher altitudes lil' perv." Joyride says. "If we went even farther north than the White Citadel there would be months between day and night sometimes."

Emerald nods, then asks what sort of creatures they could catch for Pip around here. He promised her some food in exchange for being taught demonic languages.

"I can only imagine good things coming from that." Joyride says rolling her eyes. "I think there are rabbits and pigs? I dunno. Squirrels I guess?"

The colt kind of wants to ask what RR is, but it doesn't seem like Joyride knew he was listening on her conversation with Ann.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-17 03:50:24 No. 35101945

The colt asks how being farther north could effect the amount of daylight there is.

"I'm a wizard, not a scientist, lil' perv. I feel like you'd probably know that one better than me if anything." She says shrugging. "Uh... Something about the spin and angle of something or other. It doesn't matter that much really."

Emerald asks if he has time to practice magic or potionmaking before they go.

"I kinda wanted to get going as soon as everyone is awake. I suppose you could throw around magic if you want, but potions might be a bit too messy to clean up quickly." Joyride says.

The colt hugs Joyride, and thanks her for not just brewing her potion and leaving Emerald behind.

"I'm not that kind of pony." She says, thinking on it. "Okay maybe I am, but you've grown on me a bit, lil' perv."

Emerald asks if she found anything about Ann last night. This question is probably safe since she might not know he was dropping eaves.

"She's very experienced. Very." She says waggling her eyebrows back to the colt.

Emerald then asks what she thinks makes a good master to a demon.

"Well, if you get a good enough contract going you don't have to worry about being nice. I mean you realize you are a slave owner now right? Even if it's a demon, Ann is your slave. You can make her do what ever you want really." She says shrugging. "You are kind of a goodie four-hooves, so you'd know how to treat her better than me probably."

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-17 08:46:01 No. 35102775

Emerald nods, he'll make sure to treat Ann right.

Emerald mentions that he knows he's nice, and that she is nicer than Joyride gives herself credit for, but he gets the feeling she thinks the colt is collecting information right now idly, for curiosity, like he always seems to do.

Emerald gets the feeling Joyride thinks he's being flippant, that this is the same as wanting to learn demon language or time-physics or electronics. Well, it isn't, even if he loses his head in the clouds and forgets to be serious about it. Being as she is an immortal dimension hopper, it is probably the most consequential thing he will do in my life.

"I'm not sure what you want me to say, lil' perv. Just say your please and thank yous and don't send her to die in some Celestia stinkin' hole. Demons are pretty much the same as ponies, just bigger assholes." Joyride says. "And there isn't anything wrong with a kid being flippant. Kids are still trying to figure out who they are. If I tell you too much then you won't think for yourself and that'll become a problem later in your life."

Emerald goes to open his mouth, but Ruby comes trotting in and sitting at the table. He notices that she has Pip's book strapped to her side. She says, "Good morning! Man, I slept like a log last night, what's for breakfast?"

A second later a deer comes walking in, and Emerald forgets for a moment that it's Ann transformed. He says good morning to her.

"Good morning. Oh!" Ann says, seeing Joyride. "Can I get some of that coffee?"

"Sure thing babe." Joyride says, grinning and pouring her a cup while Emerald finishes up the eggs.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-18 03:57:43 No. 35105326

Emerald says he's glad he's traveling with the mare, and that he's learned a lot. The colt and Joyride then share an eyebrow waggle for fun, and then Emerald takes the eggs over to the others. He says good morning to everyone, even Pip who seems to be snoring.

Ruby eats the eggs quite happily, but Ann declines with a thank you.

Emerald says he's glad she and Joyride are getting along.

"Well it shouldn't be that big of a surprise. Bibisi and her are basically the same person, though Joyride isn't quite as... 'Fanatical' about the male member." Ann says tittering.

The colt asks if she has done some weird mind control thing to her. He knows that succubi can do something like that, and says that he'd appreciate if she didn't use those abilities on people he knows.

"Joyride is strong enough to resist something like that, I assure you." Ann says nodding.

"Wait you can control people's minds?" Ruby says, looking up at the succubus with a glare.

"Males yes. I wouldn't worry about it too much little one." Ann says smiling warmly to Ruby.

Emerald asks if Ann is okay being bound to the colt.

"Well, I'm a little worried that I'm at the mercy of a child, but you seem rather more mature than I first thought. Of course I'd prefer to be free but... Well, here we are." Ann says laughing sadly. "I honestly didn't think Bibisi would lose to Joyride, so I guess it's my fault for not taking that contract serious enough."

Emerald asks if she'd be more comfortable being controlled by Joyride. Maybe they can do a trade or something for Pip or something.

"Ha, I'd be more worried if you had Pip under your control to be honest. It's up to you though. I don't really care who I'm bound to. Just that I'm bound at all." Ann sighs.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-19 03:39:22 No. 35108581

Emerald says if things had gone the other way he'd be serving Bibisi right now and Ann would probably wouldn't care that much.

"Oh, so you'd be happy with it and wouldn't complain at all, or ask to be freed?" Ann says snorting. "If you don't want me to speak my mind, you can make me not talk you know."

Emerald frowns and says he'd never do that. The colt admits to liking Ann quite a bit and would like if they enjoyed each other's company. He then asks when Ponies and Demons first met each other.

"I don't know. There are very few demons that old still alive today, and even less of them want to reveal what the old days were like." Ann says. "I assume us demosn were sitting around and your souls kind of fell into our laps. Us being how we are, we did what we wanted with them."


Shortly after breakfast Joyride packs up the house and they all get back on their way to the deer capital. Emerald notices that the path, which has been mostly flat, has started to climb in altitude. In addition, the inclines and trips back down are becoming steeper, and the area is getting cooler.

"Hey check it out!" Ruby says, exhaling out a breath that is visible in the cold. "I'm a dragon!"

Along with this he notices a change in the flora. The trees are almost completely coniferous now, consisting of tall, evergreen pine trees.

The colt notices that Ruby is craning her neck all around, and he asks what she is looking for.

"I dunno. Squirrels? Raccoon? Anything Pip might want to eat." the filly says with a shrug.

"Probably aren't going to find much prey during the day, unless you want birds." Joyride says with a grin.

"Or deer." Ann says with a chuckle.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-19 07:04:59 No. 35109200

Emerald takes a nice deep breath.

Clean and crisp. The colt feels pretty refreshed! Ann walks by him, and he asks if he can talk to her for a a second.

They fall back a little, and Emerald asks what she and Joyride were talking about yesterday.

"Well you were there, I'm surprised you didn't hear." She says smiling.

Emerald gives a guilty smile, and then asks what they talked about after they left the front room.

"Nothing really. There wasn't much talking after that if you know what I mean." Ann responds. "She was kind of curious how different Bibisi was, which of course lead to the obvious joke. Then we hit the bed."

He also asks if Joyride knows he was eavesdropping too.

"I'm not sure. Why don't you ask her?" She says, smiling again.

Emerald then asks what RR is. He is pretty sure 'Rutters' is part of it.

"Oh, Rough Rutters. A few Joyride own a brothel in Tartarus." She says shrugging. "I never had the others besides Bibisi, unless you count as clientele. It's does pretty good business. Each of the employees are hand picked by the owners."

Emerald asks if that's where she met Bibisi.

"Nope. I didn't work there." She says shrugging.

"Hey, hurry it up you two!" Joyride yells down to them.

What does Emerald do?

2020-03-20 07:15:06 No. 35112509

Emerald goes to respond to Joyride, but then he notices a shadow in the bushes behind her. It ducks out of sight quickly.

"What's the matter?" Ruby says as Emerald ducks. The colt tells her to get down because he saw a deer or something. Emerald then pulls out his book and casts his arcane sight.

Unfortunately, he doesn't spot anything beyond the unicorn mare.

As Emerald begins to wonder if he was just seeing things Joyride chimes in.

"A deer you say? Well that little spell isn't going to help. The deer are sort of notorious for being rather slippery while in their forests." Joyride says.

"So... What do we do then?" Ruby asks looking around.

"Ann, you see anything?" Joyride says turning to the Succubus.

"I bet I could see something!" Pip says, but Joyride responds quickly with, "No, don't show yourself... Yet."

"Nothing in the way Emerald is looking, but there are two stags behind us I think." She whispers.

Joyride nudges the colt and says, "You speak deer right? Maybe if they're hostile they'll go easy on you since you are a foal.

Emerald clears his throat nervously and says a greeting in deer.

A moment later a deer pops up it's head from where Emerald saw it before. It's a doe, wearing some traveling gear and carrying a bow.

"Children, and a fellow deer? Such strange horns, though I heard does with horns do have a strange look to them... Where do you hail from? Where are you all going?" She asks.

What does Emerald do?
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