You have honed your skills on your parents plants. Your aim is impeccable, your weapon is wet. You'll defeat all that stand in your way. As long as you don't get grounded first.
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>It is currently the Era of Butterfly, a time for great prosperity for ponykind in their new home, Equestria. The conflict between the three tribes, which lasted for many years, ended on the now famous day that we celebrate as Hearth’s Warming Eve. As everypony knows, on that day the leaders of unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies united as friends and soon after Equestria was founded.
>But that of course did not mean that all ponies were suddenly friends, not even within the same pony race. Even though the alliance of the pony races was desired by all, animosities between equines still existed. Ponies were still mean or billies sometimes, other times they were jealous or rude, and at an even different time they were just angry because they didn’t get their waffles or ice cream. And those situation were a reason for conflict between pony and pony. Of course nopony wanted the three tribes to fight again, so working together, the leaders found an amazing solution to the problem.
>After many days of debating, and as many nights of sleepovers, they created a document, which among many other things barred the creation of ‘armies’ by anypony living in Equestria. That of course didn’t help much, since ponies still wrestled for control over the toffee mines, the greenest grass to roll around in and many other things, and this time with civilians taking part in the conflict. Since that kind of situation was inexcusable, because some ponies ended up having to come back home after dark, and because some ponies just didn’t want to get cuddled. So another edict was created.
>Now, ponies who wanted to, could get hired as mercenaries and work for ponies who needed someone who knew how to boop in the right way. But there were rules of course, the most important one being that you could only fight with other mercenaries, or you’d only get no marshmallows later
>And so, for various reasons, some ponies turned to the life of a mercenary, and YOU are one of those ponies.
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