You have honed your skills on your parents plants. Your aim is impeccable, your weapon is wet. You'll defeat all that stand in your way. As long as you don't get grounded first.
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!TGSGcUDDLE 2015-12-27 02:32:13 No. 25903838
>For some reason you applied to join one of the mercenary bands that was passing through the area you live in. Right now, you are standing in a line, together with other candidates that want to join. In front of you stands a tall, muscular earth pony stallion with a white coat and a gray mane. On his back, you can see a long feathered bat. A terrible weapon, that lets you tickle many ponies at once!
>“So, you little ponies, you want to become a part of our group , huh?! You think that you have what it takes to fight on the fields of battles around Equestria?! “ You takes a step back because of his mildly raised voice. It causes him to turn his gaze to you, and in his eyes, you see the look of a pony that got cuddled against his will one time too many “You! How will your talents, which I’m sure are something unique and amazing, help our group?”
>And so, to join the mercenaries, you need to impress them with your skills. As a pony, you obviously have the talent related to your cutie mark. Something else that you’re good at could be a talent related to fighting in some way. Are you a master of pillow combat? Do you know how to use a slingshot to knock a Pegasus out of the sky with a water balloon? Are you perhaps an expert at Close Quarters Cuddling? Or maybe you have the rare talent of knowing how to treat ponies, incapacitated on the battlefield, with friendly hugs, colorful band-aids and lollipops? >Or maybe there are other skills that you poses, not ones that help in a fight but would still be useful to the group? Maybe you’re an amazing chef? Maybe you can joke, sing or play an instrument or maybe you can do something else that helps ‘raise the spirits~’.
>So, who are you (race, gender), and why would this group accept you as one of them? And finally what is the name of this fearsome band of mercenaries that you want to join?
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