Your father has disappeared and you're on the hunt to find him.
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>The alarm of your MP3 goes off. Almost every nerve in your body relents as you listlessly throw the sheets off of you.
>With a stretch of your arms and a yawn, you attempt to blink out the residual sleep from your darkened eyes.
>Your peepers adjust to the dark of your pungent room. A mixture of musk, incense, and a smidge of half-empty beer bottles, you take in this scent that is the accumilation of you.
>Checking the backlight on the devilishly bright screen on your portable device, it flashes the numbers '3:17 AM' in your face.
>You can't help but feel a lump in your throat as you read it. With a sigh, you run your fingers through the tangled mess of hair as your hooves softly tread on the carpeted floor.
>About a week ago your mother had finally told you about the disappearance of your father and gave you his last belongings: an array of small, weird objects and sculptures, and his photojournal.
>When you asked about his last known whereabouts, your mother just shook her head and answered "Someplace west."
>You are Emery Errant.
>You are a satyr.
>And you are going to find your father.
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