Your father has disappeared and you're on the hunt to find him.
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>>24150172 (OP)
>But can't help but shake the feeling that you ought to take a bath.
>Sure, grand adventures are great, and you're all but ready to leave this shit stain of a town; however as the odorous stench of your pits wafts in your nose, you're reminded of the fact that you've been stewing in your juices for the past couple of days.
>The only reason your mother didn't complain was because the bedroom door was always closed and that she didn't want to be a bother.
>She felt that you needed some time alone with your thoughts to process the information, occasionaly leaving water bottles and small meals with encouraging post-it notes on the bottom of the plates.
>Otherwise you know for sure she would've beaten you down with a showerbrush and shove you in the tub herself if she had to.
>Also, you were sort of stopping by the house of a mate of yours a few blocks away. Though you're not really one to care about impressions, it wouldn't hurt to make sure you were freshened up a bit considering all you've been through.
>On the other hand, you wouldn't want to confront your Mom on the off chance she wakes up. After that stint you pulled at the party with the smuggled fireworks, she isn't really known to be a heavy sleeper.
>Should you...
-Take a shower []
-Immediately start preparing to leave[]
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