Your father has disappeared and you're on the hunt to find him.
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>"This was my father's station gun, Em. He didn't have it on him during the mugging but..."
>The gun scrapes against the wood with a weighted groan. It presses against your fingers, cool and smooth as obsidian.
>"I want it to keep you safe, Emery. For when those situations to come. Now, you might get some flak around ponies if you take it, Celestia knows my pop had his fair shair of looks."
>"But it'll make me and your mother hellova lot better if we knew you were safe with it," she says, stroking your cheek with a soft expression.
"Windy, this is such an honour." Your breath almost catches in your chest. "I'm not sure I'd feel okay taking this fr-"
>You're not able to finish the sentence when your friend places her gift in your palm and closes it shut. The weight of the tool, both literal and metaphorical, drags you a little lower to the ground.
>As you stare into your friend's eyes, you know she wouldn't be devistated if you rejected her offer. Plus you're certain this'll put you in hot water if anyone sees you carrying the piece.
>But at the same time, you understand that a little protection can add tons of security, and you've sorta seen how dangerous these streets can be.
>You try and think before coming to a conclusion...
-What do? ()
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