Help Daring Do on her adventure to find the lost Temple of Tzitzimitl!
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2015-03-21 07:43:47 No. 22297708
So are we actually going to do anything tonight?

!lLgai.dPso 2015-03-21 08:40:39 No. 22298569

It won't be much, but I guess we can at least get started.

My OCD is upset that I'm using the shitty old train background instead of making a more accurate one.

You are Daring Do - adventurer, explorer, and all-around globetrotter extraordinaire! A few days ago, you received a tip from one of your colleagues from the Vanhoover Society of Gentlecolts about a potentially groundbreaking new discovery. At his behest, you are currently aboard a train en route to El Pace: a small town that acts as the last bastion of civilization before the San Palomino Desert. According to your colleague, there was once a Naighvajo settlement here, and whispers of ancient treasure can still be heard in the seedy corners and dark alleyways of town.

HP: 100%
Bits: 50
Inventory: 1 notebook, 1 lucky totem, 1 magnifying glass, 1 hoof brush, 1 bump key, 1 kukri

This is where your quest begins.
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