You are a member of the Night Guard while civil war shatters the newborn kingdom of Equestria. Will you find a way to live through this chaos?
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!I.vKACHJsw 2016-11-20 10:03:31 No. 28911213
Six months have passed since Celestial Siblings defeated Discord and turned him into stone.

Six months have passed since first Equestrian banners rose above Canterlot,former residence of chaos god.

Six months have passed since ponies throughout the world were united under the rule of royal sisters.

But the peace has not yet come into the kingdom.Bandits and outlaws oppress local population, dragons and griffins raid border towns and terrifying monsters,spawned by Discord's ill imagination still roam the land.

It is up to you now to stop them!
You are a member of the Night Guard,fresh out of training and eager to protect your homeland
from all kinds of danger.

Now, tell me about yourself.What is your race and gender?
(You can only choose from earth/pegasi/unicorn)
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