You're a neurotic erf mare and you owe the mob a big debt. What will you do to pay them back?
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>So in the grand scheme of extricating yourself from this rut you’ve fallen into, you’ve done jack-shit.
>Well, that was up until today.
>A few hours after lunch, while Tally and you were following your daily routine of mutual moping, you’d received an unusual knock at the door.
>Rye and Willow would have both been at work, so you were puzzled at the idea of who could have been calling.
>Curious, you opened the door to a small white mare with a clipboard, her sky blue mane and golden eyes darting up and down your features.
>She proceeded to invite herself in and pull you aside, and while you normally would have asked her to leave, you were a little too flustered to do anything about it.
>After asking Tally for a little privacy and your roomie having retreated to the bedroom, the mare sat you down on the couch and began to speak.
>Her name was Kismet, Kis she liked to be called, and she supposedly worked for the ponies you’d been indebted to, The Gilded Hooves.
>With her mention of that name the thump of your heart picked up pace, your weeks of inaction finally catching up to you.
>But to your surprise, the mare quickly assured you that she wasn't a debt collector, her main job was in fact running a bar.
>Today she was merely here to help you out, offering a way to pay off the burden hanging over your head, as well as make some extra money on the side for rent and food.
>Still feeling a little skeptical, you decided to listen to her, repressing your anxiety for the moment.
>After making sure she'd assuaged your fears, she explained that her employer Drachma, a higher up in the Gilded, knew you'd been having some money trouble and understood that it was hard to get back on your hooves after such an ordeal.
>His offer was that through Kismet he'd deliver jobs for you to complete, and while on the sketchy side of legal, wouldn't require anything too nasty.
>And so, in a bit of a blind panic, you accepted.
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