You're a neurotic erf mare and you owe the mob a big debt. What will you do to pay them back?
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>What have you gotten yourself into this time?
>It’s a question you're just now asking yourself, hoping that somewhere deep inside, there’ll be a concrete answer.
>Your mind skips back a few hours, sitting on your couch with Tally.
>Both of you had been out of a job for the last few weeks, she having been fired, your store having just gone under.
>Ever since you were a filly you’d wanted to be a grocer.
>While groceries and the selling of them weren’t exactly your special talent—organization was—it lent itself quite well to the task.
>However, getting a shop in Canterlot costs money, a lot of money.
>Open retail space is hard to come by, and ponies are just looking to squeeze every bit out of you they can.
>Even the lowest deal you'd been offered, fifty thousand bits, was no small price, and at the time you were having a trouble scrounging up the funds.
>To your surprise, Canterlot’s underground was a surprisingly friendly place, at least if you contrasted it with somewhere like Los Pegasus.
>Instead of continuing to scramble for the cash, you took a risk on a loan with some less than legitimate ponies, betting that your store would make it, and that you’d be able to pay off your debt in the long run.
>Life had other plans.
>While you put your heart and soul into the little store, in the end it just couldn’t compete, drowned out in a world of rising competition.
>Move on.
>Those two words had been echoing in your head for almost a month now.
>But you couldn’t.
>You merely sat apathetic and fearful of your rising debt and steadily plummeting quality of living, just wasting away in depressed anguish with Tally, a childhood friend and roommate, in your apartment.
>Rye and Willow, a few city friends, visited when they could, and helped take your mind off the situation for a while.
>Your drive to do anything was virtually nonexistent, and while you were frightened of the future, you were too tired and jaded to do anything about it in the now.
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