Can you stop the nightmares?
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!CammyIzMqA 2017-10-15 07:03:35 No. 31170757
I walk across a pony's dream, a long and mostly undefined beach bathed by moonlight, enjoying the feeling of sand under my hooves for now. Everything is sketchy and undefined, a clear sign that this is a simple dream that isn't likely to make ponies lucid on it's own.

After a few minutes I find my target: The dreaming pony, trashing in the water as hooves drag him down the tides. I hop twice then start floating lazily, not wanting to rush too much. floating shows ponies that I am in control of the situation, but doing it too quickly reinforces the feeling that they are in danger.

But when I approach two beings become noticeable-- two dreamscreamers, spider-like but malleable night fiends, remains of old nightmares that, while not really alive, have a sort of mind of their own. And, as all nightmares, what they want is to help the pony.

And, like all nightmares, they think the best way to help the pony is scaring him away from what's hurting him. The smaller one will just run away, but the larger one may try to attack me if I approach, which would scare the pony even more. He may even become lucid by just being close enough to me, which is bad in nightmares.

The smaller one notices me and starts turning around to tell the larger one... I don't want to hurt them, when they just want to help. Maybe I could distract them with a Want it-Need it?

Moving this to it's own thread for reasons. Will dump the posts I made so far.
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