You're Comet Streak, a racer on the Haymaker Circuit. And you're going to win it all.
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The four of them squeeze together in a tight pack, with mere feet of clearance as they push against each other to get ahead. The two middle contenders drive side by side, trapped in front and behind as the first and fourth place racers expertly block them. They bump and jostle each other, each grappling to escape the tight quarters and challenge the leader until a particularly harsh bump leads the racer to light touch against the side of the wall. The small impact at such a massive speed sends it flipping backward end over end, throwing him out of the race. The racer in the rear of the pack narrowly swerves to avoid the car as it rolls, hitting the ground twice with a cacophonous clanging each time. Ponies in the crowd take up a dismayed and empathetic cry but it's not nearly enough to kill the overall buzz.

It only gets louder as the second-place racer edges up, slowly gaining on the front racer as they speed down the final stretch at breakneck speeds. Thousands of eyes stare at the two racers and especially the frontrunner as they refuse to be edged out in spite of the aggression that the second place racer is currently directing entirely at them.

What kind of pony is this racer? What gender?

A unicorn, using their magic for precise movements and finesse?

A pegasus, whose understanding of speed and movement gives them ever so slight an edge?

An earth pony, far better adapted to the physical stress that comes with the race?

A bat pony, with their eyes letting them spot fine details even in adverse conditions?

A hippogriff, who always has the necessary touch of luck in a trying time?
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