You're a big Celestian mare, you've kidnapped a changeling and work with a hobbit. What will you do next on your path to glorifying your god?
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>Equestrian - Descended from the original establishing race of Equestria. The most widespread race of ponies around. They're fucking everywhere and as such they're basically as generic as you can get. Everybody knows who they are and what they look like because they can never fucking seem to get away from them.

Crystal - Hailing from the lands of the Crystal Empire crystal ponies sparkle and glow like...well crystals in the light. Not as widespread as their Equestrian Cousins as they tend to stay in their owns lands however a traveling crystal pony is not unheard of. Their flesh has the ability to deflect light based magic on occasion.

Arabian - From the hot sandy deserts of Saddle Arabia, Arabian ponies are a bit taller than the other races as well as having a resistance to heat and heat basic magic due to their homeland. Saddle Arabian ponies are not quite trusted when it comes to trading as a fair bit of them are scammers and swindlers. Fucking racists.

Northern - Hailing from the cold icy north, their coats usually very pale or nearly white northern ponies are not usually seen outside of their frozen lands to the north though it is not entirely unlikely for one to get tired of ice and snow. Has a resistance to cold and cold based magic.

Umbrum - A race that is quite mysterious to say the least, apparently originating from the original King Sombra though how his lineage had managed to expand into an entire race is unknown by scholars. Usually shunned and scorned by other races. Crystal ponies especially due to their heritage and tendency to be drawn to the darker things in life. Becomes stronger in the dark and at night as well as having access to shadow magic by default. However becomes weaker during the day or in direct light and is very susceptible to light magic.

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