You're a big Celestian mare, you've kidnapped a changeling and work with a hobbit. What will you do next on your path to glorifying your god?
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!!i6hdX/mLLf/ 2017-01-24 02:20:41 No. 29332165
The year is 1520 PA. Post Ascension fyi.

In this world of Equestria several gods rule over it and govern it, though some would rather watch it burn. Several factions and kingdoms have sprung up either devoted to themselves and their own goals or the will of these gods. However, not all disciples of these gods agree with eachother. Leading to conflict, as the forces of good and evil must always fight for balance. You are simply a mortal in this strange world. Though you may have the potential to become something greater should you wish for it.

Before we begin, you must decide your gender.

Next post will be race selection with a short explanation of each race.
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