Join Captain Long Shot aboard her ship in her race to the Federal Base before it's too late.
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!!cZiZwT/N161 2017-10-05 07:00:09 No. 31084455
This is my very first CYOA, I hope you enjoy

>Once again, the Rebel Scout ship managed to get out of combat just in time. There goes one EMP, it's not like the Federation pays billions for these things to work, let alone to fire one right in open Federalist battlefield. Well, tracking them won't be as hard as before, at least they left some pieces of TW-Cloaking Devices behind, those things can only come from one sector of the galaxy. The Federation Cruiser ''EQU-TW'' allowed you permission to get there and investigate...
>Why yes, after a month of uneventful piloting, you manage to reach your destination...the Twilight Nebula. Named after some ancient princess of some sorts who first discovered it by accident in her treehouse, or that's how the story goes if you remember correctly
>Either way, this particular sector is known for hosting billions of young, blue stars, who all glow together and look purple trough your main window. It's blue, so why it appears to look purple from a large distance goes completely beyond everyone, including you. After all, the title before your name is ''Captain'', not ''Scientist''
>Nonetheless, this Nebula is home of many great scientists, who contribute to the Federation cause by working hard on Stealth and Scouting technology. In fact, half of your ship was re-assembled here, since it was originally intended for battle, they just added less weight and fewer weapons, but kept the ludicrous speed systems online.
>Thankfully, none of your crewmembers mind this since...well, you're the only ''organic'' crewmember in this entire ship, the other guys are AI's, some come with a metallic body, some others don't. Makes sense, since this thing gives you motion sickness even after a finished career, correct eye-tech transplant, propper balance and 0G training...
>Still, you're only glad that it's well armed, otherwise you'd have to use RAMMING SPEED against these Rebels...oh, speaking of which...
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