Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the EWE?
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>Before you can fill out the contract, another thought pops in your head, an important one.

>Wrestling breaks down into numerous things, but one of the most important is popularity. Popularity isn't if the crowd supports you or not, it's if they react to you. The louder the reaction, the more in demand that certain superstar is. You seem to remember an absurd reaction to Chrysalis chokeslamming Celestia through a table on an earlier EWE show, yet also recall a loud booing reaction for a lot of times when Spike comes out. He's supposed to be a face, a good guy. That's normally not good for a face to be booed.

>You think to yourself a moment, isn't Spike in Developmental now? You might get sent down there too, who knows at this point. The contract you have is only a piece of the full contract, the chairman, why isn't he called a chairstallion, has the rest. When thinking about Developmental, you think about all the ponies down there. A lot of them seem to have changed names. Like how Cheerilee is now being referred as 'The Teacher' and she carries around a yard stick with which she usually cracks over some pony's head. However, Developmental can give you a taste of what popularity and winning is sooner than the alternative.

>Though, if you were on the main roster, you'd probably have to deal with opening the show a lot, if you were even wresting that week. You'd probably be told to go wrestle Twilight or some other top talent and she'd pin you in three minutes or something. You would get a lot more exposure there in terms of the amount of ponies watching. It would be a harder ascent starting out though.
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