A small petite mare goes into an abnormally strong Estrus.
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>As slow as you're unwilling to leave your bed, you get up and sit by the side of the monstrosity. Who ordered you to get a bed this size? You're a petite mare, for princess sakes. At least it is as comfy as it looks.
>With the curtains of your bedroom closed, only a thin line of daylight crosses into the floor, staining the carpet with cheerful colors. You must have slept late, the sun already up in the sky. Living in Canterlot, you usually have a neat schedule for when the princesses do their thing, and rarely have missed it.
"Ugh... where are my glasses" straining a bit to see due to morning lack of focus, your eyes scout the room. Besides the bed, there's only the doors to the living room and your wardrobe, and the study where you spend most of the time. From the other side, you spot your lovely chic lamp with something stuck on it, a series of papers in the center and a pile of books by the corner. "Well... I'm not in a hurry, am I?"
>You could technically go to bed, after all, you've been doing a lot of studying for your upcoming exams, and you feel well prepared. However, maybe something is slipping out of your mind, something important... besides, your mane's a mess, your tummy growls in protest, and there's a rather uncomfortable itch in your lower half. What should you do now?
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