You are a fresh hatchling ready to take on the world! The world just so happens to be at war and you're dropped right in the middle of it.
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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there lived a race of ponies ruled over by the royal sisters Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Since the founding of Equestria centuries ago, the ponies lived in peace and harmony. Some ponies had wings. Others had horns. Some were tall and sturdy; others were so small and fragile they needed the protection of their pony kin simply to exist. Yet in spite of their differences, the ponies were able to get along, banding together in the face of any threat and growing closer together after every hardship endured. Until now.

Today, the once peaceful land of Equestria is a dismal battlefield. Vicious parasitic creatures called "changelings" have invaded the land of the ponies. Shapeshifting magical creatures that feed on emotion and can hypnotize ponies into doing their will, the changelings were able to secure a steady hoofhold in all but the highest levels of Equestria's infrastructure before their presence was discovered. At that point, it was too late to stop the invasion being prepared. At the order of their ruthless queen, Chrysalis, the changelings swarmed town after town, capturing and converting countless hundreds of ponies.

The Royal Circle of Equestria took immediate action and dispatched every available member of the Royal Guard to retake southern Equestria. Several towns were liberated, but Equestria's finest soldiers were soon overwhelmed by the changelings' sheer numerical advantage. It was clear that a more drastic solution to the invasion was needed...

Before long, Equestria's every resource and citizen was devoted to the war effort. The once happy ponies are now dismal and weary, their home and their lives at constant threat as the endless waves of changelings continue their relentless assault. Dozens of villages have been razed, and thousands of lives have been lost. With each day that passes, ponykind prays for a hero to arise and end the war once and for all.
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