A gay moth, effeminate edgy bat, and tough changeling walk into a bar.
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!2ZFRaXbOng 2016-02-27 05:11:56 No. 26594231
A Bat+Moth+Changeling CYOA experience

>Nocturnum, your home town, has a bit of a shaky history to say the least.
>It all started 1000 years ago. Following Nightmare Moon's banishment, ponies began to try and root out 'traitors'.
>The Batponies were totally guilty. They comprised most of the Nightguard, so of course they were traitors! But poor innocent Mothponies were lumped in with those traitors as well...
>Or at least that's what the textbooks you managed to find in your master's library said.
>Despite Celestia's best effort to sway public opinion, many Moths and Bats journeyed off into the unsettled Southern Frontier of Equestria in order to escape persecution. The biggest and most successful of these expeditions settled into the enchanted forests where Nocturnum was born.
>At first Moths and Bats got along. But that was a pipe dream anyway, Moths and Bats are natural enemies! They wouldn't put it in a book if it was wrong!
>Then 400 years ago, a Changeling Hive arrived in town. Surprisingly, despite being known to destroy entire kingdoms, they simply wished to live in peace. They even agreed to having their Queen neutered. Now, all the changelings currently living in Nocturnum are clones of the 'Old 1000'. All of them are female as a result.
>Jumping forward to the modern day, Equestria has finally begun to settle it's frontier. Increased communication with the outside world has brought much change and industrialization to the little city state that was once stuck in time. Just recently they've completed a railroad that connects the Nocturnum to other towns nearby!
>Today, you've been able to get a job working as a tailor! It's always been your passion to be one, so this is kind of a huge deal for you.
>You just have to wake up first...
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