Welcome to the Center for Genetic Advancements and Technologies! Your job is to take care of a growing cell and appeasing our investors.
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!wMHG65mofE 2016-12-09 11:35:30 No. 29031493
>The machine lights up and a robotic mare voice greets you eagerly.

>>”Welcome to the Center for Genetic Advancement and Technology!”
>>”Here, we pride ourselves on personal and professional security!”
>>”Please present your identification card!”

“Card? I don’t have a- …Oh geeze.”

>A finely dressed mare with a nameplate on her lapel reading “Subsidy” approaches you
>”Problem doctor?”
“Ooh, I’m not a doctor, but I – Well I mean”
>”Ah, you must be the ‘Developmental Counselor’ we’ve been hearing about! Glad to have you aboard! I’m Annual Subsidy, but you can call me ‘Annie~’”

“Well, I – Nice to meet you?“
>The two of you stand awkwardly at the machine

>Annie cocks her head curiously.
>”Something wrong?”
“I… Uh, don’t have a card.”
>”Right, right, your card is probably still getting processed. Here, let me help you out.”

>She taps the ‘Manual Login’ button on the touchscreen, and the machine loads up the welcome message again.
>>”Welcome to the Center for Genetic Advancement and Testing!”
>>”Here, we pride ourselves on personal and professional security!”
>>”Please input your login credentials to proceed.”

“Login? Password? Oh geeze…”
>”What, don’t remember your credentials, either?”
>She chuckles
>”...Heck of a first day, huh?”
>You nervously tap your hooves together and awkward avoid eye contact
“Well… I mean, I’m from Ponyville, and we don’t have… these. I remember filling out the form you guys gave me but, uh…”

>”Heh heh, yeah, I guess that information will probably get a little fuzzy after a few months. Tell you what – You try to put in what you last remember, and we’ll see if it checks out.”
“I don’t think I used anything really weird… Or maybe I did? Gosh, I’m still a bit winded from the trip up here.”
>”Well, assuming you haven’t changed it since orientation, it’s probably your first and last name. Go ahead, give it a shot!”
>”And if you make a mistake, security will savagely beat you to a pulp!”
>”Just kidding!”

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