You've been invited by an old 'friend' out for a business opportunity. The opportunity came with a lot more than you had in mind.
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>No matter the extent of the Princess's power, the burgeoning border of Equestria is a dangerous, risky place to live.
>The arid southern lands are mostly flat and dry or craggy and dangerous, not much able to be grown fast even with Earth pony know-how and what Pegasi that make it down this way.
>More than that, there are Buffalo tribes to be wary of along with plenty other dangers.
>Yet, some ponies head that way for several reasons.
>Some are tired of the over-swelling population in Canterlot and other eastern cities, heading south for the wide open spaces and untapped potentials.
>Some go out here to try and make their own claim in the world through various ways (from settling new towns, mining gems, or even other more sordid methods).
>And some have a calling to go here, whether by cutie mark or otherwise.

>You are Hay Wain, an Earth Pony mare with a rusty red coat, a peach mane and tail - both with a lighter line down their middles (and currently sort of gussied up for travel), light blue eyes, and a haybale tied in a green ribbon cutiemark.
>You own a small hay farm a short distance from the newly settled Dodge Junction.
>It's a growing business, but still humble considering both the yield and the amount of ponies to sell to in these parts.
>You manage to make payments for the land and other supplies when they come due, but it often gets tight.

>That's why you're on the stage heading even farther south right now.
>A... 'friend' sent you a letter recently saying how he had found an 'Once in a lifetime deal' and to come down to Gemsfield with as many bits as you can.
>While your 'friend' isn't the straightest shooter around, he does have good luck when the bits are down and stakes are high.
>So, you're on your way after setting up the farm for a time with the workers running it, as many bits as you could spare and a dream it'll turn into something far bigger.

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