It's hard to survive in a desert, but with your friends at your side and a terrible history at your back you'll do your best to find a happy ending.
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!!JDi3b7b+nWX 2015-05-17 12:14:54 No. 23084360
>you’re lying facedown in what you think is sand
>you blearily open your eyes and sit up
>you use your hoof to brush sand out of your eyes and look around
>you’re at the bottom of a dune, the sun hitting the apex of the sky and beating down on your back
>the heat makes you wipe your brow a little, and you shield your eyes from the harsh light
>you brush yourself off and stand up, the fine sand sticking a little to your pastel yellow-orange fur
>next to you lies a strange bottle, sealed with a cap of some kind
>it’s clear, and inside is what you think is water
>you pick it up with magic and shake it a little, and it sloshes around inside
>the sky is a deep, deep blue, and you lie in a canyon of dunes
>what do you do?
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