You one of a number of hunters of dangerous and rare artifacts. Can you complete your missions?
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"Things that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands are already in mine."

The First Collector


>Another late night adventure, and boy is it a quiet one!
>Again, the late night trains are never full, but tonight is especially rare.
>You think you may have boarded the wrong train, what with how empty the train is.
>Seriously, you should have brought a teddy bear with you, this pace is like a ghost town.
>On a train. Ghost town train. Hm.

>The cold cabin air brushes against you, eliciting a shiver, but you shake it off quickly
>You weren't the only one doing this collection business
>There were several of your coworkers all around the land
>Students, mercenaries, monsters
>They all had a reason for looking for these magical things
>But you?
>You had one goal.

>To get to the bathroom as quick as possible, holy shit.
>You ignore your ticket for now and rush to the end of the train car for the lavatory.
>It's going to be a photo finish at this rate!
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